Delphi murders

Part 1; the synastry… Relationship astrology is more the realm of romantic encounters, however this case brought us the added advantage of birth times of the victims; an opportunity to view the incident chart from the perspective of each of the victims. The methodology of interpretation is similar, however our focus is on the potential … More Delphi murders

Zachary Witman

York County Common Pleas Court, Pennsylvania… On Thursday 8th February 2018, Zachary Witman was given the option to be retried for the murder of his brother, of which he had been convicted in 2003…. or, he could plead guilty to a 3rd degree murder charge. Despite having denied any guilt for 14 years, Zachary Witman … More Zachary Witman

DuPras murders

Thursday 23rd November – Thanksgiving 2017 in Fresno, California: Eighty-eight year-old Cynthia Houk’s vehicle was destroyed by fire; torched in front of her home. Her 25 year-old granddaughter, Alison DuPras posed for a photo with the burned-out body and posted it online. If that’s not enough to get my attention, then nothing is. Asteroids for … More DuPras murders

Lucas Hernandez

Emily Glass was in a relationship with Jonathan Hernandez and was sole carer for his son Lucas when the child’s father was working away from home for extended periods of time.   She phoned law enforcement, reporting Lucas missing from home.  Note: Emily Glass is an admitted smoker/user of meth-amphetamine. Location: Wichita, Kansas MPR: 6:14pm 17th … More Lucas Hernandez