Terri Bevers Pt.1

The murder of Missy Bevers, revisited by request…

Camp Gladiator is a group-name within the fitness industry, so when a murder is committed within this family of instructors, the astrology is sure to include Greco/Roman mythological symbolism to support this tag.

As the victim, Terri Leann Bevers was female, Penthesilea immediately comes to mind; the leader of a group of Amazons (female warriors) who fought with the Greeks in the battle for Troy.  Another mythological character is Spartacus, the greatest of male gladiators.  He also had a checkered history of rebellion with the Romans.

  • On the night of 17-18 April 2016 the asteroids Penthesilea, Spartacus, and Ixion (murder flag) were transiting shoulder-to-shoulder at 24-25°Sagittarius.
    • Penthesilea is always portrayed with her axe, and Spartacus, his shield (attack, or deflect).
  • Also at this point in the heavens is the star Sargas; the red star in the tail of the Scorpion. The victim of this murderous sting is Terri/Missy Bevers.

By 5:01am in the morning in Midlothian Texas, these asteroids were in the public realm when the Midlothian Fire Dept was dispatched following 911 calls for assistance. Law enforcement officers were to follow closely on their heels.

We know that the location relates to the business at hand; the fitness industry class due to begin at 5am – the Arabian Part Business Partnerships is at the Ascendant (location) and Arabian Part Assassination is at the Midheaven (timing).

For this reason alone, we focus our research on who would benefit from the removal of Terri Bevers from a scene of business… who would be potential competitors within the fitness industry of Camp Gladiator.

By a process of elimination of those suggested to me as potential persons of interest, and following my initial astrology charting, I settled on closer scrutiny of the Tucker and Dennis families; primarily Alfred Jerome Tucker Jr and his wife Courtney Dennis Tucker. There are extensive criminal records in these families on the public record.

The following is the result of a search for an answer as to any involvement by AJ and/or Courtney Tucker, in the murder of Terri Bevers – interpretation of the tension in horoscopes; an astrology enquiry.  Please note that astrology can only be considered to be opinion,as the method is considered to be pseudo-scientific.  Nonetheless, we use textbook interpretations of the tension in the following charts

Astrology pattern in the heavens at 5:01am, 18th April 2016 in Midlothian. Texas.

  • The angles:
    • 15°Pisces-Virgo Ascendant, on the horizontal axis, is indicative of the location.
    • 21°Sagittarius-Gemini, on the vertical axis, is that of timing.
  • Potential motive:
    • 15°Pisces Ascendant=Narcissus/Venus – excessive self-interest within a peer group at a particular location.
  • Potential intent:
    • 16°Aquarius Narcissus and 15°Aries Venus are each quincunx (disregard for the consequences of one’s actions) the descendant; mirror for the ascendant.
    • Narcissus is also under direct tension from Vesta-Mercury in the 2nd house; value of self is potentially under threat.
  • The malefic planets/potential for malice:
    • 17:29°Capricorn, PlutoRx (power-control symbol) is conjunct asteroid Mjolnir; the murder weapon.
    • Together, Pluto-Mjolnir generate an Earth Grand Trine in this chart, with the Moon-North Node and Mercury-Vesta; ie practical matters/planning contained within a family (nodal axis).
    • 15:56°Sagittarius, SaturnRx (self-control) is square the horizontal axis (together with all above in relation to the ascendant).
    • Saturn is also square the Moon at 17°Virgo allowing for a distancing of emotions, strategy desires, and awareness of ambition.

Note we can confirm this by referencing the box below the chart – Cardinal-Water (emotionally driven) lacks any planetary input.

    • 8:54°Sagittarius, MarsRx (fired up internally) in the 9th house of delusion, is quincunx 7:56°Taurus, asteroid Lie (in the house of value of self) and sextile to 8th house (transformation) Juno Rx (a jealous, possessive spouse).

What was repeated of a conversation, and potential for lies told within a couple’s relationship?

From this point, we explore the horoscopes for AJ and Courtney Tucker; their individual versions of reality.

We must work with mid-range Moon placements, as birth times, and locations are unknown. Secondly, we have no angles or house placements to work with as a result, so we generate synastry charts; the relationship between a native’s version of reality, and the transiting planetary pattern at a specific place and time; a bi-wheel.

Please be aware that I interpret the behavioral weaknesses, which can generate problems, not a rounded character analysis of a birth chart for each of the following characters.

AJ Tucker – natal chart

Potential malefic indications in a horoscope.

  • 29°Aquarius Sun-South Node conjunct identifies a likely mother complex; attempted resolution by reflection from those around him will likely lead to a public life.
  • 21:36°Libra PlutoRx mirrors by opposition with Ceres (personal appetites) at 22°Aries. This identifies the need for physical interaction, however when we note that Juno is retrograde in his horoscope, this then also suggests a tendency to jealousy and possessiveness within his spousal relationship.
  • Juno Rx is also conjunct asteroid Nessus Rx (abuse of trust); trust issues could well be skewed from accepted cultural norms. So the public and private expressions of physicality in this man, could well be very different.
  • Malefic potential in relation to Pluto, includes a quindecile (obsessive behaviour) between Ixion and Phaeton (use of a vehicle with murderous intent) and also Ixion quincunx Eris (generating trouble and strife) – both delusional/subversive activities. Power is a two-edged sword for this male.

Note: There are further indications in this pattern that the public, and private personas are potentially in conflict.

  • SaturnRx is also square asteroid Spartacus (gladiator symbol) – portraying the gladiator is not his natural stance; not his personal version of reality when we consider the tension.
  • 8:19°Virgo Mars Rx is quincunx Narcissus and also Venus generating a midpoint of Mars=Narcissus/Venus – ie the need to take action as the focus of excessive self-interest within a peer group.
  • Asteroid Penthesilea is conjunct Lie and mirrors Nessus-Juno Rx – this connects to his spousal relationship; manipulation by deference.

With his trio of malefic planets (Pluto-Saturn-Mars) in retrograde, this suggests that AJ’s natural version of reality is as a schemer, rather than a doer. Is it he who ‘loads the gun’ for his spouse to carry out his wishes? Or would he turn to the experience of familial felons to carry out his desires?

We generate a synastry chart from the perspective of the authoritative time of 5:01am on the morning that Terri Bevers was murdered and interpret tension to support his preference…

The angles:

  • Location – 15:21°Pisces Ascendant=natal Mercury/Pallas – this aligns with the Arabian Part of Business relationships; Terri Bevers and AJ Tucker were both fitness instructors for Camp Gladiator.
  • Timing – 21:00°Sagittarius, Midheaven conjunct natal Neptune – subversive activity during this time period; a contrived alibi perhaps.
  • The malefics:
    • Transiting 17°Capricorn, Pluto-Mjolnir is in the mirror/opposite natal Juno Rx-Nessus
    • Transiting 15:56°Sagittarius, Saturn Rx is quincunx natal Juno Rx-Nessus
    • Transiting 8:54°Sagittarius, Mars Rx is quincunx natal Chiron – abandonment of responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Societal/cultural tension:
    • 13:56°Virgo, Jupiter Rx opposite natal Pallas + quincunx natal Eris. A sense of urgency builds to generate trouble…
    • 13:56°Virgo, Jupiter Rx = natal Ixion/Juno-Nessus (all Rx) – inflate spousal weakness
    • 13:56Virgo, Jupiter Rx generates an Earth Grand Trine with natal Lie-Penthesilea and natal Chiron – project
  • Personal planets:
    • 18:33°Taurus, Mercury = natal Mercury/Juno-Nessus – communication with spouse in relation to abuse of trust issues.
    • 15:42°Aries, Venus conjunct natal Eris + square natal Juno-Nessus + square natal Lie-Penthesilea – projection of personal desires onto one’s spouse.
    • 15:42°Aries, Venus = natal Lie-Penthesilea/Juno-Nessus – again a manipulative projection to conceal jealousy.
  • Desires:
    • 28:48°Aries, Sun (date on the calendar) conjunct natal Phaeton (vehicle) – need to nominate a means of transport.
    • 17:25°Virgo Moon (highlighting driving needs) opposite natal Mercury + quindecile natal mid-range Moon-Mjolnir – heightened emotional intensity; hammering home driving needs.
    • 23:39°Virgo Vertex conjunct natal BML/mean apogee – life will never be the same again.

There is always more to unpack if we were to interpret the asteroid tension in this synastry chart, however I leave that to others.  There is more than enough to indicate intent.

Astrology tension suggests that this character’s behaviour would be to conspire with his spouse. We need to seek if confirmation of this potential is also in the horoscope for Courtney Tucker.

We continue…. Part 2.

John Chardon

Living within coo-ee of a potential crime in May 2013, I published a post on this blog – ‘Peregrination at its worst‘ in relation to the disappearance of Novy Chardon from the Gold Coast, Australia.

‘Peregrination’ in astrology interpretation, is used to describe a planet that is not in aspect in the heavens to other planets in our solar system at a given time. The word ‘peregrine’ shares its etymological origins with ‘pilgrim’; a wanderer. When there are no boundaries in someone’s version of reality, an emotionally-stunted individual can very easily exhibit feral behaviour in their environment.

John Chardon is reported as having a foul mouth; dispensing profanities left, right and center, regardless of the presence of any adults, or children.

Supreme Court of Australia, Brisbane: John Chardon is currently on trial for the murder of his 5th wife; Indonesian born Novy Chardon.

John Chardon was born with Uranus peregrine in his horoscope. This is not an unfortunate thing in itself, as Uranus allows for embracing modern technology; being able to change on a penny; be on the move very easily.

However in our realm of criminal behaviour, we know the risks of Uranus tension – eg interaction between Uranus and the Moon can very easily identify unstable behaviour etc.

John Chardon horoscope (time of birth unknown)  click on image for full size

When we bring asteroids into the pattern of his natal chart, we note that John Chardon’s horoscope reveals Vesta (hidden matters) exact Uranus at 23°Gemini (realm of communication).  From this conjunction there is tension with Borasissi Rx (self-deception) – a quindecile aspect (obsessive-compulsive behaviour) at 7°Sagittarius (realm of opinion and respect).

So we can expect to note that this male will exhibit instability reinforced by lies that he tells himself, to the point of obsessively so, in order to retain respect from others in his environment.

Other major challenges of note here, are that Juno is Rx at 18°Sagittarius, which is indicative of jealousy in any spousal relationship, plus being in the zodiac of Sagittarius, we know that respect and opinion will be the manifestation of any potential behaviour.

  • Natal Sun (ego’s desire) is exact asteroid Narcissus (excessive self interest) at 25°Cancer. Both of which are opposite Pholus Rx in Capricorn. Whenever we note the presence of Pholus, we can expect to note that ‘shooting oneself in the foot’ will come into any exhibited behaviour. Appearances of a buffoon come to mind, however it is when we then turn to his driving needs; his natal Moon, we see Moon-Saturn-Pluto malific/malice congested in the zodiac of Leo – the tyrant.
  • Ceres (personal appetites) at 3°Taurus, mirrors by opposition to Chiron in Scorpio which will manifest in power issues and the fear associated with same. Power, sex, and money – y’all know the story…
  • Asteroid Ixion (murderous intent) is located at 11°Libra square Venus in Cancer, revealing the potential for misogynistic behaviour and objectification of women as ‘sexualised objects’.

During this trial, I have noted from witness testimony, that on the evening of Novy’s disappearance; 6February 2013, John Chardon activated cctv and alarm monitoring equipment at the place of his business for a short period of time; a quick visit – in and out in 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Initial departure at 5:15:46pm- alarm activted. John Chardon returned at 6:58:39 pm – alarm deactivated.  CCTV recording – active.  Re-set the alarm monitor for a last time that night at 6:59:59pm as he depsrted the premises.  From this information, I make a further enquiry into this case.

In astrology interpretation, time and place is everything…

7pm 6February 2013 – an incident chart

With the knowledge of some of the potential weaknesses within the character of John Chardon in mind, we then turn to the transiting pattern in the heavens that could add to the tension with this ‘version of reality’ for the accused murderer.

Our primary focus must be with the angles primarily – time and place…

  • Timing: Jupiter is exact the midheaven 6°Gemini – time to communicate ‘justice’. Jupiter is also quindecile North Node – time to deliver obsessive ‘rough justice’ with family. The North Node is also quincunx (disregard for the consequences of one’s actions) to asteroid Eris (generate trouble and strife) in the 8th house of transformation. Motivation is related to dispensing ‘rough justice’ within a family.
  • Place/location: At the cusp of the 7th house (marriage); on the horizontal axis at 25°Aquarius, asteroid Nessus (abuse of trust) is evident holding up the mirror to this act of departing a workplace and resetting of an alarm monitor. Expect an abuse of trust within a marriage.
  • AP Fortuna (destiny) is located in the 2nd house (money/personal assets). Expect a confrontation in relation to personal assets/money.
  • The risk of murderous intent is present in the 4th house (home) at 20°Sagittarius conjunct Pholus and within illumination of the Moon (heightened emotions).

A bi-wheel – 1+1=2

We generate a chart from the 7pm perspective on 6February 2013, aligning John Chardon’s horoscope to the above chart’s zodiac positions.

Timing: We know that ‘rough justice’ is a strong potential according to the midheaven analysis above, so when we look to the natal chart for John Chardon, we note that his natal asteroid Borasissi Rx is exact the vertical axis, at the cusp of the 4th house and in the mirror of transiting Jupiter.

An interpretation that exhibiting rough justice would reinforce the self-deception of his version of reality as the male head of the family.

Place/Location: 25 Aquarius, transiting Nessus Rx quincunx natal Sun-Narcissus at 25 Cancer – obsessive self interest; to the exclusion of spouse is primary to any trust within a marriage – he will abuse the trust of a spouse for self-gratification.

There is plenty of tension that could be discussed in relation to this chart, however when we keep to the quincunx aspect – behaviour exhibited without any consideration for actions, the potential of resulting behaviour is evident.

  • Aquarius to Cancer – transiting 18°Aquarius Sun (date on the calendar) in the 6th house of cooperation is quincunx natal 18°Cancer Mercury (planet of communication). Interpretation: Disregard for cooperative effort and resulting consequences of communication (verbal, or physical).
  • Sagittarius to Cancer – transiting 24°Sagittarius Moon in 4th house; driving needs and heightened emotions in the home, quincunx natal Sun-Narcissus 25°Cancer. Interpretation: Disregard for respect/opinion of others by an overwhelming narcisstic ego’s desires.
  • Capricorn to Leo – transiting 10°Capricorn Pluto in 5th house (children) quincunx mid-range Moon-Saturn-Pluto in the tyrant’s realm. Interpretation: Desire for power and control of children leads to disregard for behavioural results. If we were in Alice’s realm, the red queen rules…
  • Pisces to Leo – 13-15°Pisces of the 7th house, transiting Photographica (cctv) + Borassis (self delusion) + Vertex (significant life-changing event) in the house of marriage, are quincunx natal Moon-Saturn-Pluto in Leo. Ignoring what a camera can reveal…
  • Scorpio to Gemini – 11°Scorpio transiting Saturn (self-control) in the 3rd house of communication is quincunx natal Mars 12°Gemini (acting-out of this communication). Interpretation: this is the malefic indicator for violence.

We note also that transiting Vesta (hidden matters) is at 10°Gemini = potential illegal activity will result from these actions without any consideration for behaviour. Eg a murder could lead to the hiding of a body; to interaction with others outside of the law.

  • We await the outcome of this trial.
  • 9 September 2019 – jury decision – manslaughter.  NBNP

Asteroids in post: Borasissi #66652, Ceres ##1, Chiron #2060, Eris #136199. Ixion #28978, Juno #3, Lie 26955, Mony #7782, Narcissus # 37117, Nessus #7066, Pholus #5145, Photographica #443, Vesta #4

Jennifer Farber Dulos Pt.2

Synchronicity is certainly at play in this case. In Part 1, we explored the synastry charts of Fotis Dulos, and the two women in his life; wife, and lover. We found areas in the zodiac, which are in-common to all three characters, enough for me to continue along this theme and uncover what we can from an astrology perspective.

The concept of synchronicity as intended by Carl Jung, may well indicate meaningful coincidences that occur in nature seemingly without cause. However this case is an extreme result – revealing not just one set of synchronicity in the dates of birth of all three characters, but also at the specific time of an incident (in place and time) that is also relevant to all three characters.  Double trouble all round.

Place and time is everything, as we know…

Further charting reveals a second set of synchronicity, repeated in all three horoscopes and under direct tension on the date in question.  I doubt I’ll see this again in my time under scrutiny of the heavens.

Case: Disappearance and demise of Jennifer Farber Dulos
Last seen: 24 May 2019
Location: Connecticut, USA
Estranged husband: Fotis Dulos
His lover: Michelle Troconis

Following access to Fotis Dulos phone records, and viewing of CCTV, law enforcement recovered physical evidence from a 4 mile ‘trash run’ in Hartford Connecticut by the lovers in the aftermath of Jennifer’s disappearance; evidence enough to arrest the pair for “Tampering with, or fabricating physical evidence, and Hindering prosecution in the First Degree”.

We continue with the synastry and synchronicity study of all three horoscopes, together with the time that Fotis Dulos returned to his residence after the ‘trash run’; 8:10-8:12pm, 24 May 2019.

click on charts for full size

8:10pm a a snapshot in time…. Fotis Dulos returns home to Farmington after disposal of damning evidence in Hartford.

In any chart, the midheaven is the timing relative to the location. This is the time that Fotis Dulos was caught on cctv by a neighbour – a snapshot of the heavens over Farmington, Connecticut.  This chart’s midheaven is 22°Virgo, a point in the heavens that has relevance to all three characters’ horoscopes. (See synastry charts in Part 1).

  • In the mirror of the midheaven; at the IC, is Arabian Part Fortuna at 22°Pisces = suggestive that this incident will likely be the ‘destiny’ of this case; the demise of Jennifer Dulos.
  • Midheaven is also quincunx (disregard for consequences of one’s actions) the stellium of asteroids  – Martir-Lies-Vesta-Eris at 22-24°Aries = perceived martyrdom+outright lies+concealment+trouble and strife; self-explanatory, I expect.
    • Note: this point in the heaven is highly significant in relation to each of the horoscopes.
  • Pluto Rx in 2nd house (personal assets) square Martir-Lies-Vesta-Eris – Pluto does not represent a body in astrology – Saturn is the body symbol.  Pluto is the malefic intent ie taking of a life by removing of power. So in this case it is the removal of incriminating evidence that would hold power in any investigation.
  • Ascendant (relevant to location) quincunx transiting Uranus 4°Taurus = disregard for consequences of unstable behaviour at the location ‘showtime’ revealed.  There is total disregard for being exposed (showtime), thereby exposing a lack of conscience for actions.
  • Ascendant is also quincunx 7th house Mars = disregard for the consequences of actions involving a relationship. This describes the lovers cooperative effort in the ‘trash run’.
  • Midpoint Mars/Uranus=Sun – unstable actions on the date of the calendar (Sun)
    Mars 5°Cancer is also square Chiron at 5°Aries (in 4th house) = taking responsibility for one’s actions is under tension with the already compromised Mars, which is likely ‘taking care of business’.
  • Narcissus 29°Gemini opposite Ixion 28°Sagittarius – obsessive self-interest (from the 7th house of relationships) leads to murder.
  • Note: Asteroid Photographica #443 is conjunct Neptune in the heavens and was therefore exact the IC during the time that the ‘trash run’ was taking place in Hartford during the previous half-hour.  This confirms the cctv recordings of the event; caught on camera.

Synchronicity at particular points in the heaven…   The first set are three separate birth dates which are years apart, plus the date of the disappearance of Jennifer Farber Dulos in 2019.

22-24°Aries; in-common for all birth charts, as well as with the date of 24 May 2019.  The following are in-common.

  • 24 May 2019 – transiting asteroids Martir-Lies-Vesta-Eris
  • Fotis Dulos natal chart – BML/mean apogee
  • Jennifer Dulos natal chart – Saturn Rx.
  • Michelle Troconis natal chart – Chiron

The second set…

21-23°Virgo; in-common in all three birth charts, as well as the time and place that Fotis Dulos returned to his residence following the ‘trash run’ in Hartford.  (time is as per court affidavit).

  • 8:10pm 24 May 2019 = midheaven (timing)
  • AP Fortuna in the mirror at IC
  • Fotis Dulos natal chart = Uranus
  • Jennifer Dulos natal chart = Pluto
  • Michelle Troconis natal chart = Venus

These two sets of synchronicity are in direct tension with each other in the heavens…  21-23°Virgo is quincunx (disregard for result of one’s behaviour) 22-24°Aries.

Horoscopes strip bare the basic motivating factors in anyone’s life. Without knowing a birth time, we can identify some potential basic weaknesses that have led to the conflict in this case. The following is not intended to be an unbiased profile in relation to the traits (good,or bad) in a particular character.

Astrology is not recognised in any court of law; is pseudo-scientific and can only be considered to be opinion. All interpretation is from classic astrological and mythological texts.

FOTIS DULOS horoscope

Born in Turkey 6 August 1967 on a New Moon with the Sun and Moon keeping company with Jupiter; in the heavens in the constellation of Leo; -a ‘would be if he could be’, ruler of his empire.

The choice for this Leonine Sun-Moon is to be a benign king, or tyrannical ruler. There are all indications of the latter in this horoscope.

Saturn is indicative of ambition, self-control, the father principle, and more. When Saturn is retrograde/Rx in a horoscope, this is indicative of a misinterpretation of male-female behavioural norms. The origin is believed to be related to male mentoring opportunities by observation; learned behaviour in early childhood.

  • Saturn Rx 12°Aries is quindecile asteroid Alekto = prone to sudden outburst of anger/rage in relation to ‘fairness’; obsessively so when we note a quindecile aspect.
  • Saturn Rx conjunct asteroid Eris = controls by whatever method works; making trouble/strife.
  • Saturn Rx quincunx asteroids Child-Juno-Honeycut-Venus = lack of self-control in relation to spouse, children and money; wanting a bigger slice of whatever ‘pie’ is on the table with total disregard for the consequences of his actions in order to achieve control of his surroundings.
    • This intense tension then brings Chiron (innermost fears) into the equation – Chiron at 29°Pisces at the cusp of Aries – knowing that he will have to answer for his actions, yet delusional unto the end. The fears are so deep-seated, that he likely is of the belief that he is in-control at any given opportunity.
  • Juno-Honeycutt-Venus quindecile Chiron = obsessive/compulsive tendency in relation to women/money/peer groups. He would just as easily marry for money, or enter into a polygamous relationship with this pattern in his horoscope.
  • Alekto at 27°Libra is under direct tension as the midpoint of BML/mean apogee and LNA North Node struggling in the heavens.
    • Note: BML= weaknest link in a character ans North Node = family and early childhood relationship with mother. This tension developed as the ‘behavioural norm’ of a young child would likely exhibit as tyranny within the family unit when an adult. Tantrums in public would not be out of the question.
    • The Lunar Nodal axis reveals the weakness of this tyranny; potentially becoming deadly with the South Node (outcome/effect) – Ixion (murder) at the cusp of Scorpio.

His fire is with Saturn and Eris. The need to harness Eris (trouble iand strife) exposes the weakness of this male figurehead. With the lack of Cardinal Air and Earth elements, this man is no entrepreneur.


Born in Memphis, Tennessee on 26 September 1974 Sun and Moon in air signs = primary drivers in the mental plane.

  • The Sun at 3°Libra is in a tug of war (generating a midpoint) with Mars at 9°Libra with the focus on Pluto at 6°Libra; ie Sun/Mars=Pluto. This puts the focus on all the symbolism of Pluto; power, control, big money and in the realm; of society. This would suggest that this female is potentially highly competitive in social situations with self-image important to her.
  • Pluto-Mars together are quincunx Juno-Pholus (both retrograde) at 7°Pisces = without regard for any consequences, this tension indicates jealous and possessive behaviour in potential spouses/life-partner relationships; to her detriment … Pholus= where one shoots oneself in the foot. Jupiter at 10°Pisces, takes this behaviour up another notch.
    • Then we note that there is a square/at-odds with Juno-Pholus-Jupiter to Neptune 7°Sagittarius. Neptune tends to indicate subversive/underhanded behaviour.

It is at this point in the heavens in the constellation of Sagittarius, that we note an extra focus is present with Neptune, which struggles with Lunar North Node 13°Sagittarius. The resulting focus is on Narcissus (self interest). This tension relates to early-childhood behaviour of getting what she wanted, primarily from her mother (any tension with the North Node usually relates to a mother complex).

The child, and now adult, lies to her family, as an abuse of trust. Note: Asteroids Lie 28°Gemini – Nessus 0°Cancer in her horoscope.

  • There is another asteroid indicative of lying; Borasissi – lies to support self-image. At 17°Capricorn, Borasissi mirrors natal Saturn – symbol of self-control, and ambition.
  • Mid-range Moon 10°Aquarius is close enough top BML/mean apogee to suggest that her emotions are her weakest link, and when we note that this combination is quindecile asteroid Jennifer at 25°Leo, Troconis wants to usurp the Leonine Jennifer Dulos – to the point of obsessed by the overwhelming desire to supplant the wife of Fotis Dulos.
  • Venus at 22°Virgo is quincunx Chiron Rx at 23°Aries, which in turn is under tension by opposition from asteroid – wanting a bigger slice of the pie; Honeycutt, at 22°Libra.
    • Chiron in Aries is symbolic of being fearful of taking responsibility for actions when weakened by, in this case, the greed of Honeycutt and Venus. The struggle appears to be related to social status and wealth.
  • Mercury-Uranus at 26-28°Libra generate impulsiveness in decisions opposite the asteroid Martir Rx in Aries = ‘if only’ used as a manipulation. This tension is further ascerbated when we note that asteroid indicative of a tendency to ‘rage/anger’; Alekto Rx at 25°Pisces is also under tension by quincunx Mercury-Uranus.

In all, a manipulative individual who is stymied from success by her very nature.

Jennifer Farber Dulos Pt.1

Born under a transiting pattern in the heavens, a planetary spread becomes a personal version of reality; our norm in behavioural terms.  A norm, which matures through modeling our behaviour on those around us; by the nurturing in childhood, and life experience.  This belief system of astrology is the backdrop for interpretation in this case of what is sure to be declared, a homicide.

The basics needed to generate astrology charts are available. A reliable clock-time is to hand (Missing Person Report extracted from court documents), so we can ‘stop the clock’ and explore the pattern in the heavens at a specific location and identify potential tension that will reveal this crime.
The second set of available information; the birth data for missing person.victim as well as that of the persons of interest are also available; albeit without birth times.

We have our basics to view individual ‘versions of reality’ through the lens of a particular point in time/MPR time, which then become our point of interest; a crime chart…

Location: New Canaan, Connecticut
Missing person/Victim: Jennifer Dulos
POI: Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis
MPR: 6:59pm 24 May 2019

Jennifer and Fotis Dulos were separated; in the midst of an acrimonious divorce; custody of children with the mother and shared access. Michelle Troconis has been domiciled with Fotis Dulos since the marriage partners separation in 2017.

Power, sex and money are the usual motives – desires not being met escalate to the point of no return – a victim goes missing of their own accord, or murder is seen as the resolution ‘according to the belief system of a perpetrator’.

This leads us to explore relationship astrology by generating synastry charts; two birth charts aligned by the zodiac and yet retained as individual horoscopes.

[ FYI – Saturn Rx phenomenonQuindecile aspect ]

SYNASTRY: Fotis Dulos & Jennifer Farber Dulos

In synastry terms, a heavenly marriage is traditionally indicated by a connection with the Lunar Nodal Axis. The astrology between Folis Dulos and Jennifer Farber Dulos is such a synastry. The primary tensions are as indicated. Note that the tension works in both directions to create a framework of interaction of behaviour.

  • Husband’s South Node (outcome of a union) conjunct his wife’s Venus (money).
  • Husband’s Mars (actions) quindecile (obsession) his wife’s Saturn Rx (childhood lack of male mentoring leads to self-control weaknesses)
  • Husband’s Uranus (instability) conjunct wife’s stellium of planets in Virgo-Libra and Pluto in particular.

With just these basics, a consulting astrologer would not have recommended that this union-by-marriage take place. However the heavens will always have their way.

SYNASTRY: Fotis Dulos & Michelle Troconis

Indicator for a match made in heaven, albeit at-odds with socially-accepted norms for a heavenly match.  Lunar Nodal axis is in direct tension within this synastry chart – star crossed lovers.

  • Male Saturn Rx (childhood lack of male mentoring – leads to self-control weaknesses) quindecile lover’s Mercury-Uranus (tendency to be impulsive). This tension would normally generate a ‘calming of the waters’ by male.
  • Male Mercury square lover’s Mercury-Uranus impulsive actions – provocative inspiration.
  • Male Mercury (communication) quindecile lover’s mid-range Moon (personal needs) fulfils her personal desires
  • Male Uranus conjunct lover’s Venus – note the connection between husband and wife (chart above) at this same point in the heavens – 22°Virgo.
  • Male Sun-Jupiter-Moon (inflated neediness drive) opposite lover’s Moon generates a happy relationship.
  • Male Venus square lover’s LNA – the pairing is likely at odds by lover’s family. This can also indicate a manipulative control move by male by isolating his lover from her family.

With just these basics, a consulting astrologer would likely describe the future of this relationship as based on a co-dependency of needs and desires.

The crime according to the heavens

Most asteroids used in this blog are drawn from Greco/Roman mythology symbolism. The asteroid Narcissus = excessive self-interest; Ixion = murder; Alekto = intense rage etc. Apart from the regular toolkit, I’ve added namesake asteroids of Jennifer #6249 and Michelle #1376.

Missing Person Report; the planetary spread of tension across the heavens – a snapshot in time and place.

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The angles traditionally take precedence in all interpretation of any chart, so we interpret from the primary locus; the ascendant; 19:46Scorpio.

  • Tension radiates from the locus by quindecile to the planet Uranus in the 6th house – unstable obsession by a cooperative effort.
  • Ascendant is also quincunx (disregard for result of actions eminating from this locus) with asteroid Michelle in the 7th house at 18Gemini – this identifies Michelle Troconis as most likely being party to this crime.
    • These two aspects of tension (the quincunx and quindecile) create a midpoint; a tug of war between asteroid Michelle and Uranus in the heavens with the midpoint/focus being asteroid Alekto 26°Taurus. [Michelle + Uranus = intense rage] .
      • This point in the heavens (26°Taurus) is also the location of the fixed star Algol – aka the devil star; the gorgon, Medusa.  Commonly referred to as a pile of corpses.

Motivation – astrology houses under scrutiny; realms that contain behavioural tension of note.

  • House 2 = my money/assets and value of self; sense of worthiness. There is a stellium in Sagittarius (respect) and Capricorn (control):
    • Jupiter 21°Sagittarius – inflated desire/respect for my money is quindecile 5°Cancer Mars in the 8th house (transform of a situation by endings). (Also note house 7 below) Motivation is based on the desire to increase personal wealth by taking action.
    • Ixion 28°Sagittarius – murderous desire/respect for my money opposite (reflected in the mirror) by asteroid Narcissus in the 8th house (transform the situation by endings). Motivation is excessive self interest desire being transformed by murder.
    • Pholus 2°Capricorn – shooting oneself in the foot/making mistakes by quindecile (obsessive behaviour) Juno 6°Cancer (spouse). Expose of mistakes – who and what is not identified as yet, although the arena is of personal assets (note this may well refer to vehicles/phones).
    • South Node-Saturn Rx 20°Capricorn – traumatic release of self-control quindecile (obsessive behaviour) with Mars at 5°Cancer in the 8th house. This is the malefic indication of the crime and motivation – greed.
  • House 6 = cooperative effort is a house with a cusp of Taurus (money/assets):
    • Uranus (instability/movement) at 4°Taurus (already under tension with the ascendant) is generating tension by quindecile (obsession) with asteroid Money Rx in the 11th house. The instability/relocation of children has become an obsessive desire by a cooperative effort. This could relate to the cooperative effort of custody agreement of parents, or something more sinister as in relocation of the ‘assets’ (children) by the father and his lover).
    • Venus at 11°Taurus is quincunx (disregard for one’s actions) asteroid Pallas Rx-Child Rx in the 11th house.  This likely equates to the disregard for the court ruling as to custody/access.
      • Note that House 11 contains retrograde planets, so they relate directly back to the 5th house (children in custody dispute). I leave this for others to interpret at this stage of our enquiry.
  • House 7 = spousal/life partner relationships (this includes each of the female relationships with Fotis Dulos).
    • Alekto 26°Taurus is already interpreted above (a pile of corpses in a state of rage)
    • Sun 3°Gemini is symbolic of the date on the calendar – square Black Moon Lilith/Mean Apogee (weakest link in the chart) at 2°Pisces. The timing for this crime is working against both victim and perpetrator. A sense of urgency overruled caution in planning, perhaps.
    • Mercury and asteroid Jennifer are exact at 7°Gemini.  This point is also quindecile Jupiter in the 2nd house. Mercury is the planet for communication which is usually a verbal communication, however a weapon can also become a method of communication, as can a pair of hands if they are used for strangulation (cutting off the means to communicate/breathe).
    • Mercury-Jennifer is also mirroring Ceres Rx in the 1st house (personal appetite restricted). When Ceres is in Sagittarius and is retrograde, this inhibits the nurturing desire. This could well be interpreted as that Jennifer’s desire to communicate peacefully was denied her. Other than that, I do not know the answer to this aspect – the answer lies with the victim and details as per the investigation.
  • House 8 = transformation of situations by ending. Apart from the tension already addressed in relation to the tension apart from Mars at 5°Cancer as being square (off-sided) with asteroid Chiron at 5°Aries. When Chiron is in Aries this identifies the need to take responsibility for one’s actions.
  • House 9: Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) is at 0:53°Leo in the 9th house of hopes and wishes. The tension with this mathematical point is a quindecile with the Moon 14:36°Aquarius in the 3rd house (communication). Our hopes and wishes are that the matter be resolved by a means of communication, be it a plea deal, or confession.

It appears that as the investigation unfolds, the perpetrators are being made to take responsibility for their actions.  Both Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis are currently in-limbo; enough to hold them from flight, with charges that will become more serious as the investigation continues.

A continuation Part 2...