Phoebe Handsjuk

No parent wants to hear that their child died in a traumatic manner; that they were found at the bottom of a garbage-shute after having tumbled down 12 floors.  Not only this, Phoebe Handsjuk survived the fall, only to die in an effort to escape her situation; according to the coroner’s report. It is close … More Phoebe Handsjuk

Brandi Wells

Brandi Ellen Wells, 23, was last seen on August 2, 2006, in Tyler, Texas, as she prepared to go out to a club. According to a friend, Brandi’s mother thought she was going to a club in Tyler, but she went to Longview, Texas instead, to get money at a pawnshop then wound up at … More Brandi Wells

Sierah Joughin

… is Sierah a surrogate victim? A Saturn retrograde in a natal horoscope is usually interpreted as a lack of male mentoring at an early age, while a planet nudging the Lunar Nodal axis is equally indicative of female nurturing having been awry during early childhood development.  Sierah Joughin did not have either weakness apparent … More Sierah Joughin

Nice, Bastille Day 2016

For those who wonder why I use the asteroid Franke as representative for France in an astrology chart, allow me to explain. Firstly to the best of my knowledge, there is no asteroid with the name ‘France’, and secondly, it helps to know a smattering of German in this job.  In the germanic tongue, France … More Nice, Bastille Day 2016