Peter Britton Tobin

By request: Can astrology indicate as to whether the Scottish serial killer Peter Tobin and Bible John could be the same person? Peter Tobin remains incarcerated in the UK – convicted for sex offenses and murder in Scotland and England.  We need not fear that he will walk the streets again. ‘Bible John’ meanwhile, remains an … More Peter Britton Tobin

Isabel Celis

On the night of Isabel Celis’ disappearance, almost ten hours of motion-activated CCTV was taken by a local business across from her home in Tucson, Arizona..  The Celis home was within range of this camera. That’s ten hours of motion-activated activity – not continual video footage, motion-activated action, folks. It shows foot traffic; many comings and goings in … More Isabel Celis

Missy Bevers Pt.2

Venus was orbiting in a malefic position in the heavens on the date that Terri Bevers was murdered.   See Part 1 for charts…  It would then follow that all of the symbolism of the planet would likely play out in the community – as above, so below. In the aftermath of the murder, social … More Missy Bevers Pt.2

Missy Bevers Pt.1

She’s my Barbie Warrior… The Greco-Roman myth of Venus and Mars is not one of interplanetary conflict, but a married woman who had affairs during her marriage.   Venus took Mars as a lover. Her husband, Vulcan, set his trap over the marital bed in order to catch the lovers in a net for all to … More Missy Bevers Pt.1