Breach of TOC

For those who may be concerned by the disappearance of astrology charts on my blog, Joshua Dewayne Wright has complained to my blog host  company (WordPress) that I have released both his, together with Noah Brandon Davis’ birth data.  As a result the astrology charts for two posts – Noah Brandon Davis Pt.1  and  Pt2 … More Breach of TOC

Noah Brandon Davis Pt.2

When two male children are born seven years apart, with one parent in-common, it does not naturally follow that their stars will be in alignment. They are kin – yes, however these two are not of the same Gotra lineage; from the same ‘cow-shed’. As adults, one is now missing and t’other is likely responsible … More Noah Brandon Davis Pt.2

Peer group behaviour

In astrology terms, interpretation of peer group behaviour involves the planet Venus together with the astrology axis of 5-11 houses. The planet Venus is always considered to be about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with others. Venus concerns itself with love and harmony in emotional attachments with others. It is therefore the natural planet for identity … More Peer group behaviour


The Greco-Roman myth of Narcissus ends with a postscript following his suicide. The pond is asked if it misses the beauty of Narcissus. It replies that it hadn’t noticed his beauty, as it was busy admiring the pond’s own reflection in his eyes. Focusing on what is right in front of you, is probably the … More Narcissus