David Timothy Crowley

The pitch; a totalitarian foreign regime conquers the U.S. and a band of patriots form a resistance. The stuff of a movie for a student of film studies with military experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. The year was 2010. David Crowley had settled in Apple Valley, Minnesota with his wife and baby; both adults working … More David Timothy Crowley

Tania Ebert Pt.2

Continuation from Pt 1.      8th August 2017: 3:20pm, Adelaide, South Australia – a family caught on CCTV in Adelaide – 5 hours from home.  Home is Oulnina, is a sheep station in NE of South Australia. Click on charts for full-size Having a precise time gives us an opportunity to have a perspective of a … More Tania Ebert Pt.2

Tania Ebert Pt.1

What began as a romance; a young European backpacker travels to the Australian outback; meets and marries the quintessential Aussie male, ends in tragedy.  In her early 20’s, on an adventure on the other side of the world, a romantic notion would cloud any perception of what remoteness can reveal of a character once they are … More Tania Ebert Pt.1

David Lee Lykken

As if a sentence of 225 years wasn’t enough, a rather enterprising felon by the name of Aloysius Black Crow succeeded in putting David Lee Lykken in the frame for a double-murder, which as it turned out, was not a murder at all Fortunately all was revealed prior to trial, and in due course the … More David Lee Lykken