Why me

“Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.”      Jules Renard

Ever since I discovered rooms in my head that I didn’t know existed (are you questioning my sanity? I do, on a regular basis) I’ve cleared the cobwebs, dusted the corners and started questioning how people, including myself, given the knowledge that we have, make the choices we do in life.

brisbaneAs a social anthropologist, my research on this blog is an effort to understand the human condition. The system known as astrology allows me to interact with time and events and in my opinion, crime is the perfect entree to that world.  The individual tools of astrology have been available for millennia, I’ve just put them together to reveal a story.  I trust that the method I use aids humanity; in an effort to understand the human condition.

When the main-stream media focus on the disappearance and murder of Allison Baden-Clay was top of the news day after day in Australia, my ears perked.  Brisbane is the place of my birth.  

I followed a couple of crime sleuthing threads in relation to the murder of Allison and knew that websleuths.com had previously allowed ‘forensic astrology’ discussion, however it was no longer the case.  I could see that there was room for my point of view in the overall picture of justice for other victims (not just this case) and so I started this blog.  That was back in 2012.

Seeking out what information I could glean online. I began to build a profile of the Baden-Clay family.  It didn’t take long before I realised that I had a wealth of data to set up a research project on this family dynamic; they appeared to have a lust for publicity. The dynasty is well documented and astrology seemed to be the perfect medium to use, so I began to build a psychological profile on the accused murderer, Gerard Baden-Clay.

As the project evolved, I devised a system; a methodology, which appears to be uncannily accurate in isolating a crime, locating a body, identifying a perpetrator and further possibilities I haven’t yet thought of.  There is nothing psychic in this method we’ve devised, although I do allow my knowledge and life-experience to guide my choice of interpretation on occasions. I endeavour to leave bias out of the equation.

It appears that as long as I have the basic information of a timed event and the birth data of the persons involved, I can undertake “Criminal profiling in the 21st century”.  ‘Tis bizarre really as math is not my forte and here I am measuring angles of a circle and drawing lines from one point to another.

Using the term ‘forensic’ astrology is an oxymoron as ‘forensic’ in legal terms relates to ‘usable in a court of law’ when in reality this pseudo science is not recognised by any court, or science for that matter; nonetheless the term ‘forensic astrology’ has become part of the vocabulary within astrology circles.  I have elected not to use the term wherever possible.

The workload has led to my starting an inter-national Facebook group and we undertake cases in other countries as well; mostly the USA.

age70-copyI am not a professional astrologer and the pseudonym ‘Mountain Misst’ has been created specifically for research in astrology and/or crime.  If the name appears in other realms, then it’s not me.

As for the person behind the name, apart from navigating my way through life’s mist, I play the tenor ukulele at the drop of a hat and live on a wildlife reserve in Australia.

Mountain Misst can be contacted on Facebook (Cate Callaghan) and Twitter (Mountain Misst) as well as by email: mountainmisst@hotmail.com