Sweet William

sweetwilliamA group of local women on their morning walk have told police that they saw a man aged about 60 and neatly dressed crossing a railway line; walking towards the highway about six to eight weeks ago.  The man was also seen by another resident of the town of Wynarka, South Australia.

It took a motorist to stop his car and open a suitcase that lay within sight of the busy highway, before bones of a young child were to be reported to the authorities. The nation holds its breath awaiting an autopsy and identification.  Is it William Tyrell whom was abducted from Kendall, NSW in September 2014?

We can turn to the stars for indications.  Until further news came in, we started with the information that the remains were found at 11am on Wednesday 15th July, 2015.  This is where we can commence an astrology enquiry.

Please take note that astrology is a pseudo-science and not accepted by authorities, or the legal system in western society.  A skeptical hat is best kept on one’s head, when reading further…

15July15-MSpeddingAs we know the female of our species are more cooperative when it comes to revealing their emotions, so I turn to the mother of a certain POI to see her reaction to the event.  We are not disappointed.  From the resulting tension between the planets.  We can suggest that if this is not young William, then this woman likely doesn’t know where his remains are located.  However let’s think positively and interpret the chart as if it is possibly the sweet lad.

The date on the calendar with 22degrees of any zodiac sign does not auger well when we are looking at a possible crime related incident.  On Wednesday 15th July 2015 the Sun was in the heavens at 22°Cancer (orange in the inner wheel).  We know that the zodiac of Cancer is the Moon’s realm and relates to security and likely heightened emotions.

I’ll not lean towards the astrology houses too greatly for interpretation.  That can be done another time.  This is a sketchy interpretation of the bi-wheel (calculation method).

  • tr Sun/Pluto= natal Neptune (turquoise) midpoint – highly impressionable.
  • tr Lunar South Node quindecile natal Neptune – a significant karmic event; what she’s put out comes back i.e. fear of the public attention most likely.
  • tr Mars opposite natal Mars (filtered through tr Pluto) – likely a desire to get out of the house/where she is to release the emotion of the news.  This is a very agitated perspective; anger likely flaring.
  • tr Venus (pink) plus Jupiter square natal mid-range Moon – a collective; family emotive reaction PLUS
  • tr Venus opposite natal Jupiter – in psychology terms the Hawk reaction (family first).
  • tr Saturn opposite natal Moon (blue) – yet another emotive reaction to the grim news on an even deeper level.

I’ll put up the bi-wheel chart for the connection between the two events – William’s time of abduction and the reporting to police of remains in SA, however please everyone don’t go shouting from the rooftops because the reaction is as much a cry of outrage by a nation that it could be William as is the little lad himself.

abductionWT-bonesThese are two incident times NOT William’s birth chart. The inner chart (our perspective) is the more reliable time – the abduction.  This chart is a snapshot in time of two events, no human births come into the equation.

With Venus at the midheaven (pink), I would suggest that this is the ‘bringing of peace’; resolution for a family of a missing child.

Update: Media report that the bones found in the Mallee of SA are that of a female child. They remain unidentified. When we consider the astrology reaction by Margaret Spedding I would suggest that she likely does not know of William’s whereabouts.

9 thoughts on “Sweet William”

  1. Can I please ask if it would make a significant difference as to when they found the bones, as I was reading an early report, it stated they found the suitcase 2 days before they notified Police?

  2. Yes Julie that is why I’ve stated – “I’ll not lean towards the astrology houses too greatly for interpretation.” The chart rotates every 24 hours.

    The first chart will be close enough to being accurate, as that is when the first news came out to the media. The woman’s reaction is to the news.

    The second chart is the more accurate, as we know what time William was abducted.

  3. Hi I’m from SA and it was def stated the remains were found tues afternoon but not reported to police until tues morning. In saying that they also believe the suitcase has been checked by as many as seven motorist who have came forward saying they checked bag thru out the 6-8 week time frame but didn’t notice the remains ?? There is so many conflicts with first reports it very scary and upsetting living 20kms away 😔

  4. I am still following this thread and the charts as always are very interesting. I have been reading DNA analysis is a sloe pain staking process. It is difficult to identify sex in very young children where there has been significant decomposition and contamination of a crime scene. There are some interesting things about the SA find such as the clothing for one. Black tutus are rare and not commonly purchased for children of that age. I think we all may be waiting some time before more information becomes available. The map was interesting too and there was an old article that disapeared from the web of a alleged siting of young William in one of the areas covering the map but was latter stated to be a hoax and maybe it was but we do live in a imperfect world. The Neptune influence as stated from the beginning is making the case very difficult to solve.

  5. Yes Sydney, I took the map down as there is no need to create more distress than necessary. The parent of every missing child around the world waits; some patiently and in others it creates distress. I checked the McCann charts and they are no different from what we would expect to see.

    Am sure Interpol and SAPOL are in close contact as we all await the DNA test results.

  6. i knew of a man called Harold Spedding whom lived in Bendigo many years ago…..he was estranged from his children. He married the mother of a boy i was seeing at the time. He committed suicide after inappropriately touching my then boyfriends much younger sister. When i saw the name Spedding in the paper, i wondered if there was a link especially considering the man of interest middle name is Harold


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