Vanessa Marcotte

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Astrology charts are maps of reality representing snapshots of the heavens at relevant places and in a particular time frame. When we refer to a victim by name, our intention is to identify the natal horoscope of the person under discussion together with the time of the Missing Person Report for this enquiry;  the victim – Vanessa Marcotte.

‘When’ and ‘where’ gives us the time and place for our first phot0 of the transiting planets above Princeton, Massachusetts at the time of the 911 call. The MPR was filed at 3:50 p.m.

The ravaged body of Vanessa was found, before we came to the enquiry and so it is with hindsight that we address a likely sexual-assault and murder of an innocent victim out for a run on a Sunday afternoon.  Vanessa was last seen jogging in Brooks Station Road.

MPR Marcotte-astro3:50pm 7th August 2016    Transiting asteroid #10313 Vanessa at 1:28ºLibra is immediately overhead (pink circle).

  • Transiting 9:48ºSaturn conjunct asteroid #508 at 8:07ºSagitarrius; Princetonia are nudging the ascendant and directly opposite asteroid #157 at 8:10ºGemini; Dejaniera.  In Greco/Roman mythology, the story of Dejaniera involves rape and so we use her named-asteroid when we are enquiring as to whether sexual-assault/rape is a possibility in a case such as this.  It appears that the threat of sexual-assault in Princeton is a probability.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) 11ºPisces conjunct Lunar South Node 12ºPisces are under direct tension by transiting Mercury (yellow) – communication by deception i.e. cause and effect.
    • This aspect is further ascerbated by being exact square the ascendant. The classic interpretation of this tension is potential reaction to others, to the point of being exploited.   As we are currently out of any context, at this point the natal chart for the victim may give us an explanation for this tension.
  • In the 11th house of open enemies, we note asteroids #Mentall#7116-Juno#3-Alekto#465 together from 3º to 5ºScorpio – a mentally challenged, male, plus in a behaviour similar to rage is looking to be nourished by asteroid #1Ceres at 3ºTaurus – desirous to be fed and pampered.  Is this tension the motivation for the confrontation, or a side issue?

When we look to the elements and modes – 15:29ºPluto is Cardinal/Earth and we know that rape is a crime of the power-powerless struggle.  So we hold all those thoughts and look to the natal horoscope (time of birth unknown) in an effort to explore any natal planetary tension that may leave her vulnerable to these transiting planets and asteroids.

Vanessa-astroVanessa Marcotte’s map of reality; a horoscope, has an obsessive aspect – Gemini Sun quindecile Saturn Rx-Neptune Rx (both exact) 11ºCapricorn – a challenge to gain self-mastery of workaholic behaviour.

The elements/modes (below the wheel) inform us that there is a lack of cardinal-air – Vanessa would be a team player, rather than entrepreneurial, I would suggest. However this is also her weakest link – asteroid Vanessa and Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee are together, plus Lunar North Node and asteroid #66652 Borasissi are Fixed/Air – i.e. locked together in the rigid belief; ‘I am protected’.

  • This is where Vanessa is extremely vulnerable, for when we turn to the wheel/natal horoscope, we can see that asteroid Borasissi at 12:09ºAquarius is quindecile 27:44ºLeo; Lunar South Node. Compulsively self-reliant, I would suggest.  This belief may look after her in a normal social situation, however not when faced by evil.
  • Vanessa has the asteroid Dejaniera (rape) and Ixion (murder) exact at 22Scorpio – as the Serbians will tell us 22degrees is the most life threatening degree of all.
  • Saturn-Neptune  (both retrograde) exact are another inherent weakness in that apart from a tendency to ‘martyrdom’ the character would tend to be in denial of any vulnerability.
  • Asteroid  19:47ºPisces; Princetonia mirrors asteroid #7066 Nessus (abuse of trust)  19:54ºVirgo – this relevance may not be known to us and remain a familial issue.

3:50pm 7th August 2016 and Vanessa Marcotte 

MPR-VanessaMarcotte-astroIt is when we put these two charts together (method) aligned by the zodiac and view through the timed event, we can see exactly that Vanessa’s greatest weakness is certainly under intense tension.

work in progress from here on…

Vanessa also has her mid-range natal Moon right in the mix at the ascendant; transiting Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) is nudging her natal Borasissi; transiting Moon conjunct natal BML/mean apogee. A little sadness is in the chart as well, with transiting Borasissi conjunct natal Princetonia in the 3rd house plus in Neptune’s realm. Enjoying her short journey/jog in Princeton – the veil settles over her guard.

3rd house (short journeys) Neptune-South Node opposite Mercury (communication)-North Node PLUS both square Saturn and all he represents nudging the ascendant. 6th house nudging descendant – Dejaniera (rape) mirrors in opposition to Saturn. 11th house Mentall -Juno (male) -Alekto (rage boiling over) all in early Scorpio. Asteroid #508 Princetonia is conjunct Saturn.

Natal asteroid Vanessa #10313 is at 2Libra – exact the midheaven of the MPR report. Transiting asteroid Vanessa is at 1Libra.