The Zodiac Killer

kodiak-imageAn American serial killer whom has never been identified is the latest case to cross our desk. By the look of this faded newspaper, we know that we are winding the clock back; the late 1960’s in fact.

Much has been written and continues to be written speculating as to whom the Zodiac Killer may be. As is my want to do, I know little of the stories; limiting myself to gathering names and dates of victims and suspects.

Serial killers are extremely difficult to identify with this method we use for criminal profiling, as they are usually not extremely emotive beyond the first killing, however we can but check the astrology charts and see what comes up.

Should someone put forward a possible suspect for us to include, we will require the name and date of birth of the POI.  We’re not interested in working with anonymous suspects, as astrology is not accepted in any court of law; so there is no reason to withhold identity as far as we are concerned.

Note – this page will be for the preparation for posts to the front page. I would expect it will stretch to a series of several posts considering the amount of material we have to work with.

Persons of interest

  • Arthur Leigh ALLEN – 18 December 1933
  • Edward Wayne EDWARDS – 14 June 1933
  • Richard GAIKOWSKI – 14 March 1936
  • George Hill HODEL Jr – 10 October 1907     ……   left US 1950 returned 1990
  • Louis MYERS – 16 January 1951
  • James Douglas (Crabtree) PHILLIPS – 8 May 1944
  • Jack TARRANCE – 24 February 1928
  • Earl VAN BEST – 14 July 1934

Crime dates

  • 4 June 1963 (possibly ZK) ???time
  • 30 October 1966, 10:30pm (possibly ZK)
  • 1 May 1967, 6:45pm
  • 20 December 1968, 11pm
  • 4-5 July 1969, 12am
  • 27 September 1969, – 6:30pm
  • 11 October 1969, 9:55pm
  • 22 March 1970, 11:15pm (possibly ZK)
  • 6 September 1970, 2am+ (possibly ZK) @Lake Tahoe

Victims of interest

  • Cheryl Jo BATES – 27 September 1948 (possibly ZK)
  • Nikki Alexandra BENEDICT – 13 March 1953 (possibly Crabtree/Phillips)
  • Robert DOMINGOS – 12 May 1945 (possibly ZK)
  • Linda Faye EDWARDS 7 June 1945 (possibly ZK)
  • David Arthur FARRADAY – 2 October 1951
  • Darlene Elizabeth FERRIN – 17 March 1947
  • Bryan Calvin HARTNELL – 16 May 1949 – survived
  • Betty Lou JENSEN – 22 June 1952
  • Kathleen JOHNS ??? birth date survived – (possibly ZK)
  • Donna Ann LASS – 3 November 1944 -missing (possibly ZK)
  • Michael Renault MAGEAU  – 29 October 1949 – survived
  • Cecelia Ann SHEPARD – 1 July 1947
  • Paul Lee STINE – 18 December 1939

Note that we do not have the birth times of any individuals and so their mid-range moon is used (noon) for this enquiry.

Case #1 – 11:10pm Vallejo, California on 20th December 1968.

  • Weapon of choice: Winchester Western long rifle
  • Victims David Arthur Farraday and Betty Lou Jensen – both died in-situ.

20Dec-blogIncident chart:   When we consider that the Ascendant represents the victims and the Descendant, the perpetrator in a murder situation, these are our primary signifiers in a horary chart. At 11:10pm on the night in question, the Ascendant (victims) is 17:57°Virgo with the ruling planet for Virgo = Mercury.

Victims: We locate 7:29°Mercury in the chart – is in the 4th house plus in the zodiac sign of Capricorn (not the same sign as the cusp).  There is a red flag for us immediately as the 4th cusp is 16:21°Sagittarius; Jupiter’s realm. If the cusp had been Capricorn the victims would be in a controlled/supervised environment (Saturn’s realm), however with the cusp being Jupiter, this indicates that the victims were not where they were intended to be; i.e. in the wrong place at the right time and therefore not likely to have been personally targeted; unless they were followed.

Perpetrator: With the Descendant in the zodiac sign of 17:57°Pisces, we know that the ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune.

We locate Jupiter in 1st house at 4:39° Libra, however the 1st house cusp is 17:57°Virgo (ruled by Mercury). We also note that Jupiter is conjunct the rebellious buzz of Uranus (3:51°Libra) in the heavens; an adrenaline rush. When considering the Jupiter as the perpetrator’s signifier, we have the confirmation that the victims are in the perpetrator’s chosen territory; 4th house Sagittarius. I.e. the ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter.

When we turn to the second signifier for the perpetrator, Neptune – it is in the 3rd house and in the zodiac sign of (27:27°) Scorpio; I.e. action/fantasy/stirring up trouble, by the means of communication (3rd house). Note: a rifle is a means of communication when we are talking murder.

  • Asteroid Juno 14:05°Sagittarius is in the 3rd house at the IC – commitment/lack-of between a male and female is a potential motive here. Is this based on observation, or personal?

Note: For astrology interpretation of the first case – see  Zodiac Killer Pt.1published on the front page 

Case study #2 –  12:10am Vallejo, CA 5th July 1969

  • Weapon of choice: 9mm Luger pistol
  • Victims Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin (died) and Michael Renault Mageau (survived)

July69-event for blogIncident chart:   Primary signifiers are ascendant=victims and descendant=perpetrator.  We note the ascendant is at 27:15°Pisces with the planetary rulers being Jupiter and Neptune.

Victims: Looking for Jupiter in the chart, we note that the signifier is conjunct the descendant at 28:42°Virgo  (its detrimental sign).  Speed is not working in the victim’s favour.Was there an attempt to flee?

Neptune is 26:13°Scorpio in the 8th house. With Neptune opposite the asteroid Phaeton 27:50°Taurus, we have death in a motor vehicle.

Perpetrator: The descendant is at 27:17°Virgo with the planetary ruler being Mercury.  Looking for Mercury, we find it in the 3rd house of communication, conjunct the IC at 25°Gemini. When we see Mercury in Gemini, we know that this is a planet on home ground.  Mercury is also conjunct asteroid Minerva.  Is there a medical connection to the perp?

  • Asteroid Juno 7:46°Capricorn in the 10th house opposite 4th house asteroid Malus 6:53°Cancer.

Note: For astrology interpretation of the second case – see Zodiac Killer Pt.2 – published on the front page

Case study #3 – 6:30pm Vallejo, CA 27th September 1969

  • Victims: Cecelia Ann Shepard (died) and Bryan Calvin Hartnell (survived)
  • Weapon of choice: Knife, although used a gun at the hold-up stage (no shots fired).

Sept69-event for blogIncident chart: Primary signifiers are ascendant=victims and descendant=perpetrator.  We note the ascendant is at 24:54°Pisces with the planetary rulers being Jupiter and Neptune.   The descendant is in Virgo – Mercury.

It is not sunset – so Sun is still in the 7th house (note exact Uranus) 4°Libra. Note that we have interception going on in both houses. 1st cusp is Pisces then the 2nd cusp is Taurus so the zodiac sign – Aries is intercepted in the first house, or as I say ‘hidden’. Same rule goes for the 7th house – cusp is Virgo and 8th house cusp is Scorpio so Libra is ‘hidden’ in the assailants territory.

  • Intercepted signs and planets have difficulty expressing freely. The hidden zodiac signs will exert more influence in expression
  • Intercepted signs will naturally express according to the negative characteristics

We we look to what is intercepted in this chart relating to both victims (Jupiter) and assailant (Mercury). Both are in the 7th house and both in Libra.

We have the asteroids of the victims in the mix – Cecilia Shepard at the ascendant and Bryan Hartnell in the 1st house quindecile by the assailant. We must consider now, “Why would the assailant be obsessing about the male victim, when the female is the ‘point of attention’?” This appears to be tied in with Mars-Juno square aspect to Sun-Uranus as well.

Another point of note is that Pluto opposes Shepard’s asteroid. There was no way that she would’ve survived even if medical attention had been quicker.

The Earth grand trine isn’t as clear as I would want to take as a dominant aspect – Mars>Venus>Moon/Saturn midpoint. = indication of a strategic approach to getting ‘it’ right. i.e. starting it over again. I’d suggest that this was an effort to improve on the previous murder’s detail. I can accept that July 69 and Sept 69 are likely the same perpetrator.

Case Study #4 – San Francisco, California – 9:55pm, 11th October 1969

  • Victim Paul Lee Stine
  • Weapon of choice 9mm pistol – not a Luger

Oct69-event-blogIncident chart:  This case appears to fulfil the “desire” that Juno has been indicating in the previous charts. As for the desire, further interpretation will guide us.

This is the blatant public murder of the cab driver Paul Stine, in San Francisco. Ascendant is Gemini (Mercury) plus also by nature, a 3rd house matter (short journeys/taxi). So the victim is represented by Mercury (found in the 4th house in this chart) Mercury is at home in Virgo as well as Gemini, however Virgo is a more passive role (even if it is nit-picky) whereas in Gemini, Mercury is seen as more assertive.

The descendant of the chart is in Sagittarius with the ruler Jupiter in his element when in Sagittarius. Jupiter in the chart is in the 5th house (Libra) I’ve done my Juno thing again – this time a quindecile to the ascendant.

october event simplified.This is a simplified version of the same chart from my software. It reveals the massive stellium across Virgo and Libra (4th and 5th houses) and all very much driven by 11th house Chiron.

Chiron in Aries = a sense of self. Finding ourselves on a voyage of self-discovery, or need to overcome feelings of being unlovable on this occasion; i.e. the inner child cries out for acceptance. Chiron deals with healing our inner wounds. However for all us angels here, we know that murder is not the way to do it…

Note as this is an 11th house Chiron, this is possibly related to being loveable/unloveable – I’d flag this aspect to look for a possible Sun-Moon tension in a POI’s natal chart (somewhat explains aberrant behaviours).



So why do I consider that the murder of Paul Lee STINE completes the original motive for the killing spree by ZK?

Those whom are familiar with our work will know that I repeatedly render the fat down to ‘desires’ being met, or not in the psychology of a perpetrator of a crime.  If we are lucky, sometimes the desire can be isolated, or even identified by our profiling method. Desires can be shared most clearly by the Arabic Parts (lots). Again we rely on event charts for clues rather than natal charts of persons of interest (POIs).

Note: the Arabic Part of Eros isn’t about that cute little cupid with the bow and arrow, nor is it the same thing as the asteroid Eros. Arabic Part of Eros is Venus’ energy and all things associated with Venus therefore apply – desire to be accepted by one’s peers; desire for money and material things; sexual desire (more often than not of a woman by a man although this can also reveal deviant behaviour in a perpetrator).

In criminal profiling, the Arabic Parts are the deep and dark desires that we hold within us.

astro-event-Oct69It is the ending of a spree of killings, or a serial killers oeuvre that tell us more about the killer’s motive.  The first and last murders are more likely to reveal the desire with those murders in-between, the perps efforts to seek resolution, IMO.

There is a whole story in this chart very much involved with idealism, a spiritual motive (spiritual in the mind of the killer). Mars is in the 8th house and opposite to Necessity (Saturn energy) – this reveals the constraints/impotence of the killings. Courage reveals the villainy (Mars energy) note the thickness of the blue line (working with) that idealism (Venus-Mercury-Pluto-Uranus) etc etc

The ascendant is the midpoint of two pairs of Arabic parts. I.e.

  • Fortune/Spirit=Ascendant at 22°Gemini – the human will and the spiritual will; i.e. the physical and the belief system of the perpetrator are balanced by the act of murdering Paul Lee Stine.
  • Eros/Necessity=Ascendant at 22°Gemini – desires and constraints are also balanced by the act of murdering Paul Lee Stine; even more so with transiting Mars driving  the constraints by opposition.  We could suggest that this is recognition of the futility of continuing, or even the risk of being caught.

5 thoughts on “The Zodiac Killer”

  1. I think the killer adopted the name Zodiac by virtue of having such a watch. Significance ? Not sure. Were any of the suspects divers ? I recall seeing a documentary some years ago in which the various locations of the victims, when drawn on a map, made a pentacle type image.I’ve never seen this observation repeated on any of the sites devoted to Zodiac, but I think that it is significant. I also think that Zodiac was likely more than one – the day after GAIKOWSKI died in an auto wreck a personal ad appeared in a Bay area newspaper addressed to Zodiac stating that his partner was in “deep earth”. The major sites have a lot of info. Those interested in this topic can help by pursuing same and forwarding pertinent info to MM.

  2. I have a name and birth date for you. He was interviewed twice by the cops but then released. Golden Sturgell DOB 10/16/1905…

  3. I’ve checked his charts with each of the criminal incidents of this case, and yes I can agree with you that he is a serious contender for the zodiac killer tag. I would suggest that he is part of what I term ‘the killer archetype’ – highly unstable.


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