Texas roses

Please note that astrology is a pseudo science and therefore is subjective.; interpretation is offered from classic textbooks.  Neither charts nor interpretation are accepted in a court of law and so please remain skeptical of the result of this FA enquiry.  

texas-roseThe following charts relate to persons whom are not considered to be suspects, or person of interest to LE in the case of the disappearance of Christina Morris in Plano Texas on 30th August 2014.  We offer the charts as astrology case studies only.

Christina appears to prefer her male partners to have Aries Moons and it seems to be that she likes Aries Sun-sign girl-friends as well.  Yes, these first pair are the charts of two females whom as close enough to the case to give us an emotive reaction to the event of the disappearance of Christina.  The reason that they are both Sun-sign Aries is the reason why I wish to include them for study.  All Aries are not alike.

Aries Sun-signs might have similar ego goals; have their ‘wants’ in common, however their ‘needs’ are very different.  We all know that needs override wants; well when it comes right down to the crunch, they do. So knowing someone’s Moon placement is more important at the end of the day, than their Sun-sign.  Rising signs are different again I might add, but that’s another level deeper and only included when we have a birth time.

We have an early Scorpio Moon in the first natal chart (#1) and a strong Gemini Moon in the second (#2).   As our field of study is forensic astrology, we look for the weakness in the characters; as to how they might express their emotions as a result of the planetary tension in the heavens at the time of the event.

#1  Anyone with a Scorpio moon will have intense needs.  The combination with the strong fire Sun reveals resilience and so this combination gives us someone whom is  self-contained and capable. Someone whom often fails to receive any reasonable degree of sympathy and concern from others when it might be called for. This is not a concern for #1 because, just as they are demanding on those with whom they deal with on an emotional level, they are just as hard and uncompromising with themselves.

#2 With a Gemini moon, we have a tendency for foot-in-mouth disease.  Equally uncompromising as #1, however speaking before thinking and jumping to conclusions can get them in deep trouble. That’s the problem with Gemini in charts.  The desire to be ‘quick and witty’ can also lean towards telling ‘porky pies’; off the cuff comments.  They may have good intentions, however ‘good intentions’ will not get them through life – superficiality in their character needs to be overcome.

CMcase-duoclick on chart for full size

And so to interpretation of these two charts in relation to the event of Christina’s disappearance. With the Sun placement in both charts conjunct the Lunar nodal axis reveals their intense emotional reaction to the trauma of the event.  It would be advisable for both persons to have psychological counseling if it is available, as PTSD would need to be considered as a possibility in their case.

In fact, anyone with natal planetary conjunctions to this transit of 19°Aries/Libra will be strongly affected (in the manner of the planet that is in aspect).  If you want to make a chart for yourself, go to astro.com and you can make one, for free and check.

#1  creating a bi-wheel (method)

  • tr Sun (date on the calendar) opposite natal Venus (pink) –    PLUS
  • tr Neptune(turquoise) conjunct natal Venus – feeling unrequited leads to creative ideas (suggestion – take up a creative outlet to deal with the trauma)
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Sun – traumatic effect illuminates the ego/self; puts this person into the spotlight
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – the threat of loss in an area of one’s life; reveals the powerlessness we have over life and death
  • tr Pluto is the midpoint of Uranus/Neptune = the big picture determines a certain course of action; there is no option to do otherwise when this is in the 5th house.  It would be determined as ethical and moral to do so.
  • tr Jupiter (green) square natal Mercury (yellow) – good common sense approach  PLUS
  • tr Jupiter square mid-range Moon – inflation of emotional reaction to the event
  • tr Venus opposite natal Mars – passion ignited

#2 We continue with the interpretation of the second bi-wheel; our second Texas rose.

  • tr Sun conjunct Jupiter – sense of self is inflated

Note the difference in Jupiter’s position in these two charts.  #1 was inflated BY Jupiter (Jupiter is in the inner wheel) whereas #2 ‘inflates’ as a result of the event (Jupiter is in the natal chart).

  • tr Sun opposite natal Mars – wants are driven to take action  PLUS
  • tr Neptune conjunct natal Mars – running hot and cold; indecision; time to take the back seat rather than ‘in the action’.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Neptune – potential breakdown in relationships. An opportunity for spiritual sharing plus an opening of understanding of the paranormal.  This person has a karmic opportunity before them…
  • tr Mars conjunct Pluto – persuasion/control can lead to excessive effort
  • tr Uranus conjunct Sun – intensified feeling of ego-aggrandisement
  • tr Venus square Pluto – grace is brought to power; an opportunity for grace to enter the being

Note:  With the Sun conjunct the Lunar nodal axis – this is a time; an opportunity for karmic growth.  Both of these persons will be best served to take note and act accordingly.

We have more Roses to add to our vase…

…so we need to widen our peripheral vision.  When we enquire at a more subtle level more so than considering the tension between the planets, we bring in other cosmic relevant asteroids.  This chart is generated at the 3:57am; the walk into the garage.  Events are about to unfold.

357event-asteroids-texasrosesThe asteroids:

  • 628 – Chris (Christina Morris)
  • 2943 – Heinr (Enrique Arochi)
  • 11309 – Malus (Malice)
  • 638 – Moira (fate)
  • 20472 – Molly (social drugs)
  • 439 – Ohio (Ohio Drive)
  • 278 – Pauli (Paulina Petrosky as hostess)
  • 3200 – Phaet (vehicle)
  • 5145 – Pholu (shoulda/coulda; shoot self in the foot)
  • 466 – Tisip (avenger for death)
  • 3912 – Troja (hidden storage/trunk of vehicle)

The astrology houses; transiting arenas of action as CM and EA were caught on CCTV – walking into the garage.  The following gives us the general atmosphere (with the gift of hindsight).

  • House#1 – Moira, Christina, Jupiter, plus Black Moon Lilith =  fated event involving Christina that involves inflation/speed due to a weak point of interference.
  • House#2 – Venus plus the  Sun – a female, plus the date on the calendar
  • House#3 Mercury, major asteroid Pallas = communication involving the warrior archetype
  • House#4 – Lunar north node, Moon, major asteroids Ceres and Vesta plus Saturn, and Mars = a public venue/traumatic event of personal needs involving the harvest of sown seeds (plans); a confined space self-control/grim reaper and a male/action.
  • House#5 – Pholus, Tisiphone = should have; could have and the avenger of death.
  • House#6 – Pluto = power/powerlessness
  • House#7 – Molly = social drugs
  • House#8 – Neptune, Chiron = abduction/subterfuge plus psychological wounds
  • House#9 – Ohio, Uranus = a route, sudden changes
  • House#10 – Troja = trunk of a vehicle
  • House#11 – Malus, Heinr, Phaet = malice, Enrique and a vehicle
  • House#12 – Pauli, Juno = party is now a memory at 3:57am.

Note that Mars is exactly opposite Troja. Christina is not in the trunk of EA’s car yet, but that’s the plan according to the heavens. Troja is at the cusp of the 11th house friends and enemies.


Morris-night-outFive roses pose for the camera on that fateful night in August 2014:

  • Sabrina Boss
  • Christina Morris
  • Bozhena Aronina
  • Paulina Petrosky
  • Arielle Breanna Lofton

The first we astrologers heard of Sabrina Boss was when the search warrant served on Enrique Arochi was released to the media. The warrant included her name as being one of the friends whom was present with Christina Morris when the friends parked at Henry’s Tavern parking garage at 11:22pm on 29th August, 2014.

Sabrina Boss:

This is a bi-wheel of her input into our enquiry.  Sabrina’s birthdate, according to her facebook account, is 11th February 1992.  For someone whom was reputed to be present early in the evening and not involved, this is certainly a highly emotive chart.  I.e. further borne out when we refer to the classic interpretation of an Aquarian Sun – Taurus Moon combo.

An Aquarian Sun and Taurus Moon mix is the sort of friend many turn to. They don’t pester people with their personal worries and anxieties, but when others come to them, they  are usually prepared to drop everything to listen to others problems.

Their interest in people is more as an observer, maintaining a distance and not getting too involved individually.  This is normally someone whom is willing to “live and let live.” These two fixed signs together give a will that is so strong that it can become obstinate and intransigent.

357-SabrinaBossInitially I would not have expected to see such a reaction in her chart, however with the massive emotive response housed in the 6th, 7th and 8th, we know that it is a detached reaction as opposed to personal; i.e. caring for others.

This appears to be another person whom knows more about what was going on that evening than they are saying in social media.  We are not privy to their statement with LE so really we shouldn’t be surprised unduly.

  • tr Sun quindecile natal Sun-Mercury conjunction – obsessively wanting to add to the story; under the spotlight. 
  • tr Venus (pink) opposite natal Sun-Mercury – idealised notions of peer relationships.
  • tr Jupiter (green) quindecile natal Mars – obsession inflated by transiting Jupiter; hopefully wisdom rules.
  • Midpoint of Mars/Saturn = Descendant – there is every possibility of a health threat looming as a result of this intensity of involvement; running hot and cold.
  • Mid-range Moon is on the cusp of the 11th/5th house PLUS
  • Natal Pluto at the cusp of the 5th house – extreme emotional intensity.

It is this last aspect that identifies why this chart is highly emotive (natal Pluto opposite Pluto).  This girl is far too hard on herself.  When we combine the event chart we created above and combine with Sabrina Boss’ chart we can bring in the asteroids.

357-SabrinaBoss-AstrodienstThe inner wheel (blue) is the 3:57am event and the outer wheel (red) is the natal chart.  This is basically the same chart that we have generated, with the addition of the asteroids.

Interpreting the asteroids:

  • House#1 (red) Chiron (SB’s personal wounds she carried to learn in this life) is conjunct Moira (fates) = an opportunity for a life lesson about herself.
  • House#3 Vesta (red) conjunct Mercury (blue) she would have had a lot to say in the aftermath of the disappearance of Christina.
  • House#5 (red) Pluto is at the cusp of the 5th house (wants to be the power source for her friends). Also in the 5th (red) Pallas (warrior) conjunct (blue) Pholus = probably considers that she coulda/shoulda done more.
  • House#7 (red) Black Moon Lilith (weak point), Saturn (self-control) and natal Molly are all in this house however not creating tension with each other.
  • House#8 (red) Christina and Mercury are conjunct opposite to transiting (blue) Venus. Natal Sun is also in the picture = regretting a conversation not held.  (blue) Neptune conjunct natal Juno = this likely related to a current prospective relationship.
  • House#11 (red) Moon is only mid-range as we don’t have her birth time, however I’d still call the conjunction with Troja and Malus. This would reveal her outrage when discovering the EA and trunk of his car connection.

Christina Morris:

357-ChristinaMorris-astrodienstWe continue with the same theme adding to the story where necessary… blue text for the timed event in Plano and red for Christina Morris’ horoscope.We again stick to the asteroids as we are familiar with the planetary tension elsewhere.

  • House#1 The open wound  in-common with those of her age-group – Chiron (red) conjunct her natal Sun (red) = sensitive to criticism of her talents.
  • H#3 (red) Malus conjunct (blue) Pallas = verbal altercation most likely
  • House#4 (red) Molly conjunct (blue) Ceres – drugs imbibed would be due to take effect (the harvest)
  • House#5 (red) Troja conjunct (blue) Pholus and (blue) Tisip = shoulda/coulda …(fill in the dots)
  • House #6 (red) BML + Uranus conjunct (blue) Pluto = power shift from CM to EA.
  • House #11 (red) Heinr (EA) conj (blue) Malus PLUS (red) Phaeton conj (blue) Heinr (his car) = actions of a friend, reveals an enemy.

Bozhena Aronina:

357-BozhenaduoWith a natal Sun and Moon nuzzling close (born on the eve of a New Moon) we get an idea that this character’s wants and needs are similar; plus transiting Sun is in conjunction to her mid-range Moon (blue). Bozhena is approaching her birthday.

Never much of a romantic with this Sun-Moon combination, nonetheless Bozhena would remain a steadfast and faithful friend, connecting at an intellectual level. Flightiness, insincerity and frivolity, heavy emotions, or half-thought-out ideas have no place in her life.

She’s not a risk taker plus would not likely be gullible or easily convinced. I would doubt that she continued partying on into the early hours of the morning.

The 2nd house (personal assets) reveals considerable tension –  transiting Venus is conjunct natal Venus; a female friend (both pink).  Both Venus’ worryingly at 22degrees of Leo. We have two girls in danger of being ravished by a predator PLUS in quindecile aspect by transiting Neptune (turquoise) = subterfuge.

Transiting Sun and natal Moon (blue) are both opposite to transiting Neptune as well identifyiong the date on the calendar together with Bozhena’s personal needs. It appears that she put her personal needs before any friendship on this night.

Note: We know that EA ‘hit’ on Sabrina, however I’m sure that Bozhena was in danger that night as well – if not from EA then from another predator. Although the odds of two working the same scene are probably unlikely.

When we include the asteroids into the picture, we can learn of the underlying subtle aspects. Am surprised that BA even stayed out late that night 29/30Aug – because in the 4th house (home) she has transiting (blue) Vesta conjunct her (red) natal Ceres (nourishment/harvest). I would suggest that she likely went home ahead of CM and EA.

What is particularly troubling in the 4th house and could have been very dangerous, are the FA indicators – (blue) Saturn and Mars far too close to BA’s (red) natal Pluto. In fact natal Saturn is conjunct Pluto. That’s the smell of the grim reaper’s breath as well as Tartarus… Now note the red lines across to (blue and red) Venus which are in conjunction in 2nd house. I would seriously suggest that BA could well have been a target for EA that night.

The 5th house tells us that Bozhena knew on some level what went down that night. There is no planetary action. How would she know, if she had left early? We know that she would not be gullible to EA’s advances and so perhaps took her cue and left, but without Christina…

Turning to the asteroids, we note (blue) Tisiphone and Pholus in conjunction PLUS this conjunction is at the midpoint for (red) asteroids Christina and Troja. This is very troubling for an astrologer to see. We have a young woman pleading could’ve – should’ve and shooting herself in the foot about being furious (Tisiphone is one of the Furies in mythology)… perhaps for not warning Christina… HOWEVER Troja is on the other-side of this midpoint… she wasn’t aware; let alone imagine what would unfold.

The 6th house is loaded – transiting (blue) Pluto testing the power/powerlessness of one’s ethics etc – (red) natal Uranus, Ohio Drive, Black Moon Lilith, Neptune, Lunar north node and Juno. Again we have some highly dangerous conjunctions on a subtle level.

When we check an asteroid matching her residence (not included for privacy reasons), we note it was transiting her natal Mercuryin the 2nd house.  Would Bozhena perhaps have offered an alternative spare bed that night for Christina?

There are other troubling conjunctions of asteroids in the 11th house with Henri conjunct Henri as well as Phaet conjunct Phaeton.  That leaves me deeply troubled…

Paulina Petrosky:

With a Sun in Aries and Moon in Gemini, we know that Paulina is likely to dominate any conversation and even tends to have foot-in-mouth disease. Speaking before she thinks and jumping to conclusions can get her into deep trouble. If we put it another way, success will come easier for her once she learns and puts into practice, the art of secrecy as well as clearly thinking things through before she charges-off.

357-Paulina-duoApart from other aspects in common with the other girls, we can see that her ego; natal Sun is at the top of the chart; conjunct the MC. Paulina’s own interests are uppermost.

She has created a karmic event with a group focus her priority.  She continues with “the hostess” theme although we note that the asteroid Paulina (both natal and transiting) are in the 12th house; planning.

There is much in common again, although we note (red) Malus is caught up with Pholus and Tisiphone – coulda/shoulda; shots fired with revenge in mind. with EA as a friend this is furtherest from her mind that he might be involved. Especially when we consider the 11th house.

Mid-range natal (red) Moon identifies Paulina’s personal needs. We are led to understand that it was she whom invited EA to join the party back at her house. So when we note that (blue) Heinr plus (red) Heinr are in this house, we are not surprised.  Was she endeavouring to hook-up one of the girls with her friend? It is also of interest that (blue) Phaeton is conjunct (red) Heinr.  Did she recommend that he drive anyone anywhere?

 Arielle Breanna Lofton 

357-ABL-duoIt’s unfortunate that we don’t have ABL’s birth time as we could certainly do with it. Her natal mid-range Moon could be up to 5 degrees either side of where it is in these charts. Is she a Cancer Moon, or a Leo Moon?  Those whom know her well would be able to tell us…

A Cancer Moon sign is someone whom needs to be recognised as being reliable, whereas Leo needs recognition.  I would suggest Breanna has Cancerian needs; from what I know of the history of this photograph, together with the reactions in our bi-wheel.

Looking at the outer chart in general we can see that the fan (her natal pread) is driven from the Moon; her personal needs determine her actions and emotive reactions.  The third house reveals transiting Mercury(yellow) quindecile natal Mercury – revealing obsessional behaviour in relation to higher learning; power of prayer perhaps.

Transiting Sun (orange) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) that’s the Sun’s energy inflating her Jupiter. This can be interpreted as “one lucky girl” among other things – I haven’t highlighted the transiting Neptune opposition – subversive activity. Yes Mars square Mars is certainly a hindrance/aggression as suggested to me; observation of male aggression likely sent her home early.

What can be added to our enquiry is from House#8. Breanna is caught up with the mystery of the events. I.e. as to how they unfolded we can suggest when we see transiting (blue) Neptune together with Chiron in Pisces conjunct (red) Christina, Venus conjunct Molly, Ohio and Troja in the 8th house as well.  Breanna is also angry wanting revenge with 5th house conjunctions; similar to Paulina.

Summary:  Together, our Texas roses bring our attention to a first house Chiron in Leo conjunct Moira; reminding them all to not consider themselves greater in talent than any other; to consider holistically, rather than heirarchical when it comes to their peers.  There are many other synchronicities, however I leave that to the reader to elaborate.

Note:  All chart contents and interpretations are my intellectual property.  Take them elsewhere and they lose their integrity, as does the thief.


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