ISIL militia threats


Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted by any law-court  We use classic texts for interpretation plus the charts are generated by software readily available to the public.  None-the-less, please remain skeptical of all interpretation.

fanaticismThe focus of this blog is on criminal activity; the unique weaknesses in ‘characters’ in order to identify behavioural patterns. Weaknesses in victims and/or perpetrators can be predictable to a degree by that, which is considered ‘accepted’, basic human behaviour; criminal profiling.  

For this astrology enquiry of the fanaticism of ISIL, beyond the regular planetary symbolism, the basic asteroids we elect to use are:

  • Arabia#1157 (Arabian culture)
  • Atropos#273 (end of life)
  • Bomben#12834 (bomb threat)
  • Eris#136199 (trouble and strife)
  • Fanatica#1589 (radicalised fanatic)
  • Fini#795 (the end)
  • Gunn#18243 (armed)
  • Hylonome#10370 (suicide)
  • Isis#42 (radical group of terrorists)
  • Ixion#28978 (murderous trap)
  • Martir#1582 (religious martyr)
  • Moira#638 (the fates)
  • Nessus#7066 (betrayed trust)
  • Pandora#55 (releasing evils onto the world)
  • Pholus#5145 (shooting oneself in the foot; shoulda-coulda done things differently)
  • Troja#3912 (hidden threat)

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FRANCE – Paris terrorist attacks November 2015:

Abdelhamid Abaaoud – ISIL militia

Abdelhamid Abaaoud-astroThe man identified as having died during the 4:02am Saint Denis raid by French police on 18th November 2015 is Abdelhamid Abaaoud was born in Brussels, Belgium on 8th April 1987.

Note: Left is the natal chart and right a bi-wheel402-Abaaboud

  • Natal Pluto 9:18°Scorpio quindecile asteroid Arabia at 15:33°Aries
  • Gunn bombast Sun at 18:05°Aries – sees himself and his ego as a gunman for Islam
  • Bruxelles bombast Pandora 21:22°Aries – his aim is to release evil on Belgium

When we look to the bi-wheel (method) of the police raid at 4:02am, we can see that transiting Uranus-Arabia (blue) is EXACT this male’s 8:05°Aries natal Sun-Gunn bombast – a gun fight.

  • With transiting Atropos conjunct 29:33°Aquarius natal Paris in the 5th house – a death in Paris

Salah Abdeslam – ISIL militia reputed to be ‘on the run’

Abdeslam-natal copyParis-AbdeslamThe natal chart (left) is an unfortunate chart, however not totally dysfunctional as it is driven from the weak Pisces Moon (his needs; hiding behind religion).

  • 28°Gemini Ceres-Pholus bombast – shoots himself in the foot with his lies.
  • 7:56°Cancer Jupiter square Mercury and opposite Neptune 9:37Neptune – is a possible overly deluded character whom exaggerates their input in matters, so when we note…
  • Lunar South Node/Arabia = Fanatic 28:32°Leo – we have a braggart with karmic undertones.

Bi-wheel (right) allows us to compare his horoscope with the Paris bombings 9:16pm 13th November 2015.

We note that he does not appear to have taken part in the Paris bombing attacks, himself.  He has remained one-step removed from physically throwing bombs, or shooting the innocent.  He is more likely an organiser/supervisor – not by skill, more by bluff over his co-conspirators.


In November 2015, ISIL have threatened to attack New York, the White House etc, however the ability to carry through with planning is quite another thing.


Additional asteroids:

  • Manhattan #12464 asteroid (New York)
  • America #916 (USA)
  • White House #4036 (Washington DC)
  • Washington #886

Transiting Saturn will cross the USA ascendant at the end of the first week in December 2015.  This will likely bring Homeland Security onto the national agenda.   Saturn is no speedster, so it will take a couple of years to clear the 1st house.  The threat will continue…