Byron Bay to Aspen Pt.2

victoria-waterlilyScorpio, as we all know, is the water element symbolized by a pond that dislikes being stagnant; stirring up the murky depths. The aquatic lotus grows in murky water quite happily and so when I read that Scorpio Sun-sign Nancy Styler was an afficionado of the Victoria water lily, I wasn’t overly surprised. Eastern philosophers would have us all rise from the muddy depths, blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.

However it was not to be the case for this ‘Sun in Scorpio’ woman. She and her husband are currently under lock and key awaiting trial for the murder of Nancy Pfister. For background, see Pt.1.

Nancy Christine Styler and William Francis Styler III; Katherine Carpenter’s alleged co-conspirators in the murder of Nancy Pfister are our next persons of interest. As we are not privy to either time of birth, we use a mid-range natal Moon in each horoscope and begin with a pair of bi-wheels; viewing through the lens of the 911-call.

By 26th February when the call was made, it was four days after the Stylers had moved out of Nancy Pfister’s chalet and some 36 hours after Nancy had been killed according to LE. Katherine Carpenter was the only person whom could make that call; report the finding of Nancy Pfister’s body. In hindsight, we can comment that no doubt she did so, unwillingly.

It would take five days of investigation by detectives, before the Stylers were arrested for murder in the first-degree. Katherine Carpenter had less than a fortnight more in freedom once the Stylers were locked up. She was arrested on 15th March, 2014.

This first pair of bi-wheels are generated to share the intensity at the time of the 911-call. A stand-alone event; point in time with the natal charts of Nancy and William Styler. We can interpret the transiting planets in another chart.

styler-duoThe most significant aspect at the time of any event is the Sun/Moon midpoint. That narrows things down to a spotlight /a laser beam of energy focused on the sensitivity to fulfillment of needs. This midpoint of Sun/Moon = 22° Aquarius in the heavens and at this time on the clock, is in the 6th house.

Transiting Mercury in Aquarius is there in that 6th house – communication via modern technology; along with the Sun and Neptune (delusion) and all in the realm of ethics – ears are immediately pricked.

The fixed star, ‘Deneb Algedi’ is in the sky at 23° Aquarius so when the luminaries midpoint is present with this star, we are made aware that final disgrace and ruin will be likely for those whom stray from the path.

When we put these two persons of interest; the Stylers, under the spotlight and see where their needs are highlighted, we note that Nancy Styler has natal Pluto and her mid-range Moon (which are in conjunction), mirrored by opposition of the transiting Moon. Both cosmic bodies are in the 12th house of the mind; hidden. Perhaps even pushed down into the unconscious, unprepared to face reality. This woman would tend to shield herself from the mirrored spotlight, if she could.

  • Transiting Moon opposite mid-range Moon and Pluto are the focus of the transiting Sun/Moon midpoint – this highlights a new perspective in the relationship with those around her as well as a wake-up call illuminating her power needs, a need to control her sudden prominence into the spotlight (as a result of this crime).  However, she is trapped; powerless to act independently.
  • Natal Mars is in the 1st house. We can suggest that Nancy Styler would likely even change her identity, if she could, however she is going to have to walk in her own shoes; face reality come the trial.
  • Natal Venus-Saturn conjunction in the second house along with Neptune – holding-on to ‘blind-trust’; in denial of any involvement.

William Styler, meanwhile, has more to share as a result of this spotlight, drawing our attention to a dangerous aspect in his natal chart. Not only does he have a Grand Trine in the element of fire, he does not wait until planets transit as a release valve, he has his natal Moon in that position; a permanent release valve/outlet directed through his (Libran air-sign Moon) – his needs:  air feeds the fire; pumps the bellows.

We know that natal Mars is the focus of the Sun/Moon midpoint of this 911-call. From this alone, we can suggest that this man struck the blows that killed Nancy Pfister. Even without profiling his character, the finger from the heavens points to this man as being likely responsible for extinguishing Nancy Pfister’s flame.

kitePutting aside the house positions in a bi-wheel for a moment, we focus on the kite aspect (in the element of fire) in a natal chart.  This invariably relates to violence in a person’s life. It can be in the chart of a pacifist, or a killer depending on the overall layout of the planets.  It certainly indicates the latter, in this case.

When we draw the connecting lines in order to expose this aspect, we can see why the aspect is referred to as ‘a kite’.

  • The ‘string’ of the kite (the tail) is the natal planet Mercury (yellow) in the zodiac sign of Aries (fire) – dominance by communication.
  • Natal Jupiter (green) – inflates what is has aspect with –  PLUS
  • Natal Mars (red) in Leo – is the taking of action. This man likely sees himself in the Leonine position of ‘leader of the pride  when in the company of women.
  • His natal Jupiter and Mars positions of the kite are the wings that allow the wind to fill the kite. So an inflated tyrannical lion ruler draws in the air and roars…
  • The top of the kite is the natal (blue) Moon, the driving needs of this individual. 
    The Kite formation is more dynamic than the Grand Trine because that normally stressful opposition aspect breaks the symmetry and focuses the “energy.” The opposition should be what we focus on, when interpreting this part of the horoscope.

    When lightning strikes this flying kite and he is certainly ‘flying a kite’, it is that natal Libran Moon in the 2nd house that takes the initial blow; his emotions (note in the 2nd house – the realm of money.) and we are re-directed to the opposite position PLUS

  • Natal Mercury in the 8th house of death and transformation (the phone-call by Katherine Carpenter). We can openly suggest that William Styler likely communicated/instructed the call be made at that time.
  • His Natal Jupiter is indoors, at home at his current address (in the 4th house)
  • Natal Mars is hidden in the 12th house; mind (as is his wife’s Pluto-Moon) likely filling his kite – mentally planning ahead.
  • Natal Moon is in the 2nd house of assets/self value along with his natal Neptune ‘having himself on in fantasy-land’ deluded about his situation.  Does this man think he is going to get away with murder?

Moving on now…   The autopsy indicates that time of Nancy Pfister’s death is likely the Tuesday morning; how early, we do not know, so we generate our charts at midnight; Monday night, 24-25th February.  This will be out view-finder revealing the tensions of the transiting planets sure to flow through to the event of the murder.  In order to avoid confusion with two women with the name of Nancy, we shall refer to the individuals as husband, wife and victim if need be.

event-pfister-trioThe most emotive chart is that of Nancy Styler, our first bi-wheel. Transiting Uranus in the 5th house, that rebellious/subject to sudden changes ‘friendship’ is opposite natal Venus-Saturn conjunction; mirroring that ‘blind trust’/ in denial aspect we saw in the above chart.

  • Transiting Sun (orange) is conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – the date on the calendar highlights a traumatic situation indoors (4th house).  Did Nancy invite the couple into her home, or did she visit them in an effort to resolve their differences?
  • Transiting Neptune is tucked up close to that transiting Sun (dangerous position as is indicative of subversion) and also conjunct the Lunar nodal axis PLUS…
  • Transiting Sun-Neptune is in quindecile aspect to natal Pluto – obsessively aiming for the power position.  This again relates to the chart above – ie. focusing her need to be the queen bee.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel is opposite Moon-Pluto in the heavens – inflating power needs generally.  However it is also conjunct this woman’s natal Uranus generating a buzz of rebellion.  We are also in the 8th house of other people’s assets.  This is an opportunity to transform this energy death and regeneration, however it’s not going to happen.
  • That transiting Jupiter opposite Moon-Pluto is also square natal Venus-Saturn – there is no way that peace can be attained by our victim, at least not with this woman and particularly not on this night.

We can suggest that for Nancy Styler, experiencing this night is very much about the hysteria/H-factor of envy and jealousy (of the victim’s assets versus her personal lack of assets),plus linked to the loss of social position this Styler couple were in (due to their current financial position).  

Nancy Styler is far too hysterical and does not reveal the forensic indicators to suggest that she actually struck the blows that killed Nancy Pfister.

The middle bi-wheel is that of William Styler.  At midnight transiting Sun (date on the calendar) is in quindecile aspect with natal Mars – obsession with taking action; tyranny.

  • Transiting Uranus indicates the insanity of ‘social position’ along with his wife. This Aries-Libra action and fanciful social position this man appears to believe that he deserves (natal Neptune is in the 11th house).
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) opposite transiting Moon-Pluto  inflates the powerlessness of their situation, however with this aspect square his natal Neptune (turquoise) – he is likely deluded into believing his own ‘fantasy’; that he retains the power.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) in the second house indicates money and is square the natal mid-range Moon – need I say more…

The third bi-wheel is that of Nancy Pfister, the victim of their meeting.  She is also experiencing a heightened sense of emotion, no doubt as the violence escalated from verbal abuse to physical trauma.

  • Transiting Sun (orange) square natal Lunar nodal axis – traumatic event in her home on this date in particular.
  • Transiting Sun-Pluto opposition with Jupiter so much the focus with the perpetrators is opposite her natal Sun – this power struggle has likely been building for 2 days (2degrees) peaking when the Moon made her conjunction with Pluto in the heavens, thereby highlighting the needs of all parties.
  • Transiting Mars is conjunct natal Neptune (in the 11th house) – deluded by the subterfuge; she did not see this action coming/believe that she was in danger.
  • Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) is already in the 1st house opposite her mid-range natal Moon at the descendant – her need for authority is about to depart.

May the trial bring peace to the Pfister family.  RIP Nancy.




Update June 2014:  Nancy Styler she has since been released by LE, with charges dropped (thanks Mary)