Jack – out of the box

… a continuation to complete our canonical five: victims pt.1 & pt.2, suspects pt.1 & pt.2

Come out, come out, wherever you are and meet the young lady, who fell from a star.

Seweryn Antonowicz Klosowski was just twenty-two when he arrived in London from Poland; in all likelihood in 1888.  At the time of the murders there was no cloud of suspicion hanging over his head so he was not included in the roundup by police.

suspects#2It wasn’t until he was convicted of poisoning his third victim years later, that his knowledge of anatomy and a violent history brought him to the attention of the authorities and suspicion of having committed the Jack the Ripper murders.

Of the three deaths that hang over Klosowski’s head, his first common-law-wife was murdered in 1897 and the third, 1902; all poisoned.

There is no evidence that Klosowski alias George Chapman was in London at the time of the Whitechapel murders, however we share his bi-wheels due to the fact that there are forensic indicators present in his charts.

The suggestion that Klosowski could be Jack the Ripper has been challenged on the public record. Among other points, we note a different modus operandi for his crimes.

Why would Jack change his method from being a violent mutilator and trophy-taker of women’s body parts; women that he was not in a relationship with, to that of a poisoner of women; his wives?

When we interpret Klosowski’s natal chart, it’s the midpoints that indicate his struggles with the women in his life.

  • Mercury/Neptune=23°Aquarius – subterfuge in communication
  • ­Venus/Pluto=23°Aquarius – women and power; volatility.
  • Jupiter/Neptune=22°Aquarius –the poisoner indicator


As for the bi-wheels, we again refer to the murder of Lizzie Stride first; the forensic indicators are close but not close enough. Transiting Mars is conjunct Mars (red) and the calendar date (orange) is opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) and square Jupiter (green) and Mercury (yellow).

The biggest crime that could possibly be happening here is perhaps, a fraud.

The second bi-wheel reveals a more sinister tension.  Transiting Uranus (red) in the inner wheel intersects the natal Lunar nodal axis (red) indicating sudden changes creating a traumatic event in a public place, however it is Klosowski who is experiencing the traumatic event rather than the perpetrator of the trauma.

When we look further transiting Pluto (red) is opposite natal Venus (pink).  Venus can represent money as well as women in a chart. We suggest that these two tension aspects with forensic indications, combined could suggest that George Chapman was possibly evicted out onto the street due to inability to pay his way.  Jupiter (green) is also transiting natal Mars – inflating Klosowski/George Chapman’s reaction.

I cannot see this as a motive to murder and mutilate a prostitute on the night that Mary Kelly was killed, let alone the previous murders.

Dr Thomas Neill Cream is another poisoner in our little group; an abortionist.  Born in Scotland, his crimes for which he was convicted were in North America.  Being a medico he had access to pharmaceutical drugs and the poison cabinet.

This is man who wanted to be caught.  Following incarceration for the poisoning murder of the husband of his lover, he was released in 1891 only to kill again. Apparently there were a string of women killed earlier to which he had bragged about killing to anyone who would listen; women he had poisoned.

It took another poisoning murder after his release, that brought him face to face with the hangman.  As the noose was pulled tight in 1892, Thomas Cream is supposed to have confessed to being our Jack. He wasn’t going out without a shout.

We don’t even need to check, natal Mercury in Gemini – liar liar pants on fire; mirroring his driving need, a Moon in Sagittarius.

The media circus took over once again, despite the supposed evidence on the record that he had been incarcerated in the USA from 1881-91 and could not have been in London in 1888.

Allowing for this information to be incorrect, we must include this person of interest especially considering that forensic indicators are present in his charts. Again we use the two murders of Lizzie Stride and Mary Kelly as our perspective.


Chart #1 Those all-important angles are in the mix; in this case the Midheaven, the career sector.  Highlighted in red are the natal planet group – Uranus-Pluto conjunction ‘the Rasputin factor’ together with the grim reaper, Saturn. They straddle the MC vying to be top of the Christmas tree.

If Dr Cream was indeed in London at the time of the murder of Lizzie Stride, he would be top of the list for interrogation; of that, I am sure.

The second highly significant forensic indicator, transiting Saturn intersects the natal Lunar nodal axis. The grim reaper is in a traumatic situation with Dr Cream.

The third aspect in tension is transiting Pluto conjunct natal Sun; power and ego.

Chart #2 As for the murder of Mary Kelly, things are pretty quiet in Dr Cream’s head.  Pluto continues to transit his Sun; an ongoing pressure that year.

Note that Pluto is the slowest moving body orbiting in our solar system and therefore any tension aspect remains ; waxing and waning over many months.

We can eliminate Dr Cream from the murder of our Mary.  Given access to the whereabouts of Dr Cream during September 1888, I have no doubt we would find that he was up to no good, even if incarcerated at the time.

James Kelly is third out of the box and a Broadmoor escapee.  If we have forensic indicators present in his chart, we know that he’d be up to no good, whether he’s in Sir Percy Blakeney’s territory across the channel, or in Whitechapel.

On this occasion we have chosen the three strongest bi-wheels to share; those of the murder of Mary Ann Nichols, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly; the three murders with the 22°Ascendant/Descendant.

#1+4+5-KellyJames Kelly’s first bi-wheel reveals considerable obsessive behaviour – there are three quindeciles in the action relating to money or the lack of it, changes in moods and masculine power.

#1 The forensic indicators are close to the action, however not quite close enough.  He would not have made good company on the night of 31st August, 1888, that’s for sure.

#2 We identify transiting Saturn nearing conjunction with natal Saturn.  This is known as a Saturn return and those familiar with astrology often fear this aspect.  It always forecasts a major growth period within oneself and an internal struggle with controlling oneself and environment.

Note that the results of this aspect are often projected outwards by those not emotionally mature enough to grow with it.

Transiting Pluto continues to pressure Kelly’s personal version of madness Uranus transit inflating natal Jupiter (green).  This is crazy stuff and I mean crazy.

#3  Saturn is full on by the time of the murder of Mary Kelly, however we can see that all this forensic indication is internalised.  James Kelly is murdering his own demons, not the prostitutes of Whitechapel.  He is not our Jack.

This leaves us with fewer contenders for the joker label.  Dr Gull together with his his cab driver John Netley and the artist, Walter Sickert.  All three have forensic indicators very much in the mix.

Dr William Withey Gull was 71 years of age at the time of the Whitechapel murders.  In Victorian times I would consider him a man of advanced years; a man who also had not previously aroused any suspicion of murderous deeds.  This one is a conspiracy theory, perhaps.

#2+4+5-GullBy now, I should imagine those following this enquiry will be interpreting the forensic indicators themselves and come to the same conclusions as us, that there isn’t enough action in the charts to implicate Dr William Withey Gull in such violence as those we are making an enquiry of.

I do wish to point out that the good doctor has natal Neptune at 22°Sagittarius; he holds many secrets that have a whiff of sulphur about them.   However today, Dr Gull is not our Jack.

As for the cab driver John Netley, despite the fact that his birth date is very close to Walter Sickert and therefore has forensic indicators in common, we cannot consider him a suspect in his own right. I would suggest a clever researcher has possibly implicated this man in the nefarious deeds for his own reasons.

RIP John Netley, we’ll not rattle your bones today.  Thanks Wedgetailegal.

Sickert-toffThat brings us down to the last cab off the rank; the jobbing actor who wasn’t good enough to play the lead at the Lyceum in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. As a vengeful act against Henry Irving and his production, we suggest that he gave us his interpretation of  ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’.

There was not going to be a mention on the entertainment pages; our Jack wanted top billing, the front page and he got it.

  • We know that his first career as an actor bombed; that Henry Irving had let him go from the company of actors.
  • We know that his specialty within the company had been disguise and makeup.
  • We know that in his second career choice, his art teacher and mentor, Whistler had recently released him as a student; moving abroad.
  • We know that he was familiar with the Whitechapel area, renting rooms as studios.
  • We know that he used prostitutes as art models.
  • It is highly likely that he learned anatomy; observed dissection of corpses, as part of his art studies.

Don’t ever slight a ‘cusp Ascendant Scorpio Moon’ individual.  You do so at your own peril.  The driving need of their personality is to seek revenge; a meal best served cold, as we know.

WS-natalMoon (blue) conjunct ascendant also tells us that we have an accomplished writer before us and with (yellow) Mercury in Gemini, fiction is his realm.  We need to challenge the ‘facts’ of anything that this man writes or communicates; he’s a natural ‘actor’.

Also of note is a peregrine Saturn 20° Leo at the top of the Christmas tree in the 10th house, the career; self-centred, the lion king.

Our Jack still stalks the London Lyceum, it seems.

phrenologyThere are no surprises really.  This man’s phrenology development reveals, through a study of a series of photos from youth to old-age; that the life-focus on imitation, fantasy, even wonder has created what is commonly referred to as a ‘swollen head’.

Walter Richard Sickert is the only person of interest in our enquiry who has consistent tension across all six bi-wheels; forensic indicators abound. One perpetrator for all the crimes; a natural progression of honing his skills, mastering his craft.

sickert-sepiaHis master plan might have got a bit out of control, but then that’s just the peregrine Saturn at work.  This man’s ego and intellect would have had a denial ready for any challenge.

What I can add from experience of interpreting charts over the years, is that someone with the following tension in their charts could not possibly have been calmly painting landscapes with his brother in the countryside; playing happy families with his mother in France.

With the angles in the action, we interpret determination and purpose; a man in turmoil.

1-2-3-Sickert-smallMartha Tabram #1

  • Transit Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Mars – identifies the perpetrator of this murderous deed; the motive – a message.
  • Transiting Uranus (red) quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) – obsessively secretive.
  • Transiting Mars opposite natal Pluto – this man’s driving need for power is behind the action; natal Moon.
  • Transit Neptune conjunct natal Mercury – fantasy element in the delivery of the message (artistic expression).
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis square by exact 5th house cusp Natal Moon (blue) – driving need, entertainment in the public arena.

Mary Ann Nichols #2

  • Angle – Ascendant conjunct natal Saturn – the grim reaper drives the action from the 12th house/mind of the assailant, pressing for action.
  • Angle – Midheaven conjunct natal Pluto  – death indicator; power uppermost, the aim.
  • Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Mercury – fantasy element in the delivery of the message (artistic expression).

Annie Chapman #3

  • Angle – Midheaven conjunct natal Sun – he’ll making the headline by now, to be sure.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) – fantasy element in the delivery of the message (artistic expression).
  • Transiting Pluto=Mercury/Uranus – this is where it starts to get out of control. Uranus brings manic action to the mix.

456-Sickert-smallElizabeth Stride #4

  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct Lunar nodal axis intersects natal Mars and Jupiter.  Unconscious childhood issues related to relationship with mother surfacing; emotional needs, drives the action.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) opposite Neptune conjunct natal Mercury (yellow)  inflated urgency in the kill with fantasy element in the career house.

Catherine Eddowes #5

This is basically a repeat performance of the murder of Lizzie Stride with the difference that one-hour later, the angles have now aligned.

  • Angle – Ascendant conjunct natal Saturn – the grim reaper is still in the 12th house/mind of the assailant, pressing for action. The scythe is doing its work; the timer sand runs out as the lifeforce leaves the body of Catherine Eddowes.
  • Angle – Midheaven conjunct natal Pluto  – death indicator; power uppermost.

Mary Kelly #6

We have the Christmas tree… Note on this bi-wheel that the Saturn return challenge has now aligned – the internal struggle with self-purpose; inner authority.

  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Moon-Ascendant – this is the Scorpio revenge as discussed previously.
  • Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Sun – inflated sense of self.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel conjunct natal Mars – emotional needs driving the action.
  • Lunar nodal axis in the heavens conjunct natal Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 10th house – highly inflated, lofty ideas about a career on the public stage.

jack-in-the-boxThe Whitechapel murders were conscious murderous acts, which allowed the madness within the mind of the perpetrator to express itself.  Mind you, the madness got out of control somewhat, judging by the acceleration of frenzied attack and I would expect there were in all likelihood, further murders elsewhere until the perpetrator regained control of his compulsion.

If there were more murders by the same hand, perhaps we can open that box another day…

PS:  a new blog is just in the process of being developed, devoted to Jack & Co, Whitechapel. we’ve called it ripperastrology.wordpress.com  Contributing authors are welcome.

Jack the Ripper – the suspects Pt.2

a continuation…

blog-newspaperWe remind those not familiar with this blog, that this enquiry into the Jack the Ripper murders is subjective, based on classic astrology and pseudo-scientific in origin.

The basis of a forensic astrology enquiry is in identifying the tension/hard aspects between planets orbiting in our solar system at various times in space.

Having generated more than a hundred charts already, we continue; using the same process of elimination, bi-wheel methodology.

Checking the top shelf, we count three persons of interest from our previous post – flagged for further enquiry.  There is always room for more.

The arts:

Poet James Kenneth Stephen was considered a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders due to his association with the Duke of Clarence. Having been a tutor to the prince, Stephen was not a well young man by the time of the Whitechapel murders in 1888.

Known to suffer from a manic-depressive disorder throughout his life, he had incurred a head injury eighteen months previously, which would have shaken his mental condition. James Stephen wouldn’t make it much past thirty years of age.   Public record of his cause of death, less than three weeks after the announcement that Prince Eddy had died in the ‘flu epidemic of 1891-2, was ‘mania’.

James Stephen had been in all likelihood, put forward as a possible suspect due to his erratic behaviour and connection to the prince.  Nonetheless we generate the required six bi-wheels for our enquiry.

The lack of tension by forensic indicators clears him of any implication in the Jack the Ripper murders.

#5-DodgsonOf the other public figures put forward, we can eliminate the author, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll, although I would comment that transiting Mars (red) was conjunct his natal Mercury (yellow) during the period – he most certainly would have made comment on the murders; wrote a letter or two.

The second tension in the chart is the transiting Moon (blue) stimulating his natal Neptune (turquoise), planet of fantasy.  We could suggest that the letters he wrote likely contained some fantastical information…

red flagWalter Richard Sickert is a renowned British artist who was born in Bavaria, Southern Germany.  The family moved to the home of his mother’s birth, England when Sickert was a young lad of just seven years of age.

Post 1888, Sickert is known to have been obsessed by the Jack the Ripper murders, writing extensively on the subject both privately and to the press. For decades following his obsession continued, painting and sketching in relation to the murders.

His chart and bi-wheels are of particular interest to us and require further analysis.

The out-of-towners:

Scotsman William Henry Bury was hanged following the murder of his wife in 1889 and was put forward as a possible suspect in the Whitechapel murders, as a result. The autopsy carried out on his wife’s death revealed death by strangulation and that she had deep stab wounds to her abdomen.

#5-BuryWhen we refer to Bury’s bi-wheel we can suggest that he may have got the ‘copy-cat’ notion from the media coverage of the Whitechapel murders – transiting Mercury (yellow) opposite Venus (pink).

That aspect, together with Venus (pink) in the inner wheel quindecile natal Sun-Uranus (orange), suggests we have a window into his madness.

But this is not enough to identify Jack; we need forensic indicators. I’m inclined to agree with the police, William Bury was not involved in the Jack the Ripper murders.

Frederick Bailey Deeming was a favourite of the media at one stage as a possible perpetrator.  He had cut the throats of two of his wives and his five children during his murderous career.  That is all he had in common with our Jack though.  Despite the fact that we are told he was supposedly in the southern hemisphere at the time of the murders, we check his chart and bi-wheels.

There are no indications to suggest that he might be of any further interest to us on this occasion.

Another elusive suspect is Francis Tumblety whom police had arrested as a suspect at one stage. There is no clear evidence of his country of birth, however he made his fortune in the USA, selling herbs and potions; a dangerous quack, poisoning several women.

The reasons for his reported misogyny are most likely related to the psychological struggles within his own psyche; projected onto women. His vitriol was directed at those of the under-class; prostitutes.

So often we note in this era and others, that those who were particularly critical of women dared not attack a married woman or a woman of good stead, for fear of retribution or litigation. 

In this case we have a man whose taste in sexual partners was those of the same-sex; men.  Tumblety has a criminal record for gross indecency (Victorian term for homosexuality) and violence.

It is unlikely that Francis Tumblety would be our Jack.

Broadmoor lunatic asylum inmates:

#5-CutbushAt the time of the Whitechapel murders, Thomas Haynes Cutbush was just 23 years of age. His slashing and stabbing women in the bottom does not sound like Jack.

With natal Neptune (turquoise) close to the Lunar south node, we know we likely have a fantasist before we even compare his chart with the crimes.

Transiting Lunar nodal axis (red) in the inner wheel intersects natal Mercury-Moon opposition. Our boy is already ‘off the planet’.

Detained as a lunatic in March 1891, suffering from syphilis and paranoid delusions, Thomas Cutbush escapes further scrutiny in this enquiry.

red flagJames Kelly, however is of interest.  An upholsterer, he had murdered his wife five years earlier; was an escapee from Broadmoor and later claimed to have been in France at the time of the Whitechapel murders.

Make room on the shelf, for we will need to look more closely at this chart; forensic indicators are present.

Those close to the action

Mary Kelly’s partner, Joseph Barnett does not have a chart of any interest.  The hounding of this man as a possible murderer is foundless according to our interpretation of his astrology bi-wheel.  The most we can garner from the chart is that on the calendar date 9th November, a discussion about money, or lack of it, was had between them.

We know that after 9th November 1888, Mary Kelly had no need of money anymore.  Joseph Barnett escapes further attention from us today.

George William Topping Hutchinson, a neighbour of Mary Kelly was also a suspect due to his apparently over-zealous approach to the description of Mary’s possible killer.  With the Lunar nodal axis in the 10th house at the time of the event, the murder of Mary Kelly was to affect not just George Hutchinson, but many a person’s career.

We can suggest that with the Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Jupiter, Hutchinson had an inflated desire for public attention; his 15minutes of fame, nothing more.

His natal chart doesn’t reveal any forensic indicators and therefore this George goes back in his box; he is no Jack the Ripper.

The egotists:

While in his cups on a Friday evening in October 1888, weeks before Mary Kelly was murdered, a travelling salesman Alfred Blanchard confessed to the pub’s landlord that he was Jack the Ripper.  That sure got everyone’s attention and a media circus ensued.

Fronting the magistrate, Blanchard admitted that he’d been on an alcoholic binge when he made the confession.  What price, 15 minutes of fame? The fool cooled his heels for a few days, on remand.

Blanchard’s alibi, that he was in Manchester at the time, saved his backside and he was discharged.  We discharge him also.

Robert D’Onston Stephenson was someone who had a lot to say about the Jack the Ripper murders.  He is reputed to have known a lot of the detail that others didn’t have access to.  Who knows, he may have had inside contacts in informed places.

In astrology terms, his natal chart reveals Sun-Pluto-Moon in close proximity; a needy ego seeking power.

When we check the event bi-wheels, Stephenson has nothing to add to the conversation here.

Maybrick-toffIn 1992, a diary appeared in the public arena; James Maybrick’s reputed written confession that he was Jack the Ripper.

The diary’s author does not mention his own name, but offers enough hints and references apparently, consistent with James Maybrick’s established life and habits, that the reader is expected to believe it is Maybrick who wrote the diary.

Whether the diary was by his hand or is a forgery, matters not at this stage.  Our interest is whether James Maybrick is possibly Jack the Ripper.  We can ask the heavens; forensic indicators will either be present, or not.

#3+5-MaybrickThe first bi-wheel is the murder of Lizzie Stride, the crime where the perpetrator was disturbed and went on to kill again, murder Catherine Eddowes an hour later.

When we interpret the bi-wheel from the perspective of the event, we note that this person of interest was not oblivious to the Whitechapel murders; he read the papers of the day.

  • Transiting Uranus (red) in the inner wheel intersects natal (pink) Venus-Pluto.  We suggest that this man already has a power struggle with women.  Uranus (sudden changes) is likely creating mental tension on this already difficult aspect.
  • The larger blue highlight encompassing natal Jupiter (green) suggests an instability; passive-aggressive, uncompromising character.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) is the date on the calendar.  This is conjunct the Lunar South Node-Jupiter conjunction – the Whitechapel murders certainly pressed his buttons; inflated his ‘issues with women’.

The forensic indicators as to whether this person of interest can be implicated of the murder of Lizzie Stride are missing.

As for the second bi-wheel, Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel intersects his natal Sun-Pluto quindecile aspect, his power struggle with the feminine would lead him to obsessively read everything he can find on the Whitechapel murders.

  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis square natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel – communication of the trauma in the public arena.

Maybrick may well have written the diary as a means of psychological release for the tension, or mere fantasy, however he didn’t kill Mary Kelly.

That’s the end our elimination process of Jack the Ripper suspects as per the public recordWe shall pry open the box from the top shelf in our next post and see what the heavens can tell us.

There are five persons of particular interest.  Which one could be Jack?  Is there more than one perpetrator?

…. the conclusion –  Jack out of the box