Man in the mirror

Looking back, in time, we reflect: It started as a whine, like a puppy hungry for food, for love, for any attention from the nurturing parent, usually the mother.  When the puppy finds that this whining gets the attention he craves, he continues to pester his nurturer in a similar manner into adulthood – unless … More Man in the mirror

Allison, Sun/Moon combo

How does this read for the perfect wife and mother scenario? Allison June Baden-Clay, wife and victim has a Sun/Moon combo of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo. The common traits between these two signs of the zodiac, when in harmony, are conventionality, caution, and unpretentiousness. This particular blend focuses the emotional sensitivity of … More Allison, Sun/Moon combo

Mercury, heady stuff

How do you tell an accused murderer how to blend his head with his heart? His emotions (Moon in Sagittarius) are telling him, “It’s all cool, man” and his mind (Mercury in Virgo) is telling him, “Get the details right, don’t miss the detail, man.” It’s all hard left, right, then front and centre. The … More Mercury, heady stuff