DeOrr Kunz Jnr Pt.2

reservoirMom, dad and toddler DeOrr Kunz travelled in their pick-up (a Dodge Ram I believe) from Idaho Falls to the Timber Creek campground near Leadore.  DeOrr’s ‘so-called’ great-grandfather meanwhile, drove the 120 miles to the campsite in his suburban; towing a trailer. Walton was accompanied by his fishing-companion Isaac Reinwand; his passenger.

It was the following afternoon that two year-old DeOrr Kunz was reported missing. In Part 1 we explored the astrology chart in relation to the Missing Person Report logged by law enforcement as 2:35pm on 10th July 2015 together with the toddler’s horoscope.

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court of law.  We generate models of reality according to data provided to us from the public record.  Accepting this information on face-value as likely correct, any interpretation is offered as per classic astrology texts.

2:35pm  – Vernal DeOrr Kunz (toddler’s father)

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Once again we generate bi-wheels (method) and having been provided with the birth time of Vernal, we note immediately that the transiting Moon (inner wheel and highlighted blue) comes between and conjunct Vernal’s midheaven and reflects; by opposition his power base; Pluto at 12:22°Scorpio and asteroid Alekto 13:47°Scorpio.  This reveals the emotive reaction of rage to a situation over-which he was likely powerless.

  • transiting Mars in the 9th house at 10:54°Cancer is opposite natal Saturn-Neptune 9°-10°Capricorn conjunction in his horoscope.  This Saturn conjunct Neptune (turquoise) is indicative of one whom suffers as a martyr-to-a-cause so when transiting Mars joins in, this would easily swing into denial and delusion.

The fact that Vernal has a Saturn Rx in his natal horoscope does not help either, as this lack of mentoring he has grown up with, has let him down as a mentor to his own child.  It is his child who is now missing. 

  • A further hard aspect is the transiting Venus (pink); ‘the family’, betwixt his natal Lunar nodal axis.  This is in the 4th-10th axis – a unified front to the public.
  • transiting Jupiter (green) would normally represent law enforcement in the 10th house, however it would indicate in inflated situation nonetheless.  Jupiter is conjunct Venus; again the family first approach, I would suggest.

Vernal Kunz has a natal 25:56°Cancer Sun (orange) conjunct Mercury (yellow) 26:14°Cancer.  This is known as a bombast.  His voice and his ego are as one; inseparable.  It would not be too often that this male would be stumped for taking a common-sense approach in a traumatic situation. We note that the zodiac Cancer is intercepted in the 9th house with a cusp at Gemini.  He’s caught up in the intrigue and common-sense has not been able to take charge. It is his Saturn Rx that has hit him hard.

There are two midpoints to further enlighten us to the reaction in his model of reality – transiting Mars/Lunar North Node= natal Venus.

  • This is a dangerous aspect as it reveals (classic text-book interpretation) – that combined efforts in the family pay-off. However as this bi-wheel is connected to the making of the MPR call, I would defer to the ‘urging’ of his wife in making the call to LE.
  • The second midpoint is Ascendant/transiting Moon= natal Moon (again an intercepted house placement) – focusing on personal need and relationships needed to fulfill them.  Vernal Kunz would make any decisions based on emotions rather than reasoned common-sense.

It is when we look to the Arabian Part of Fortuna – transiting ‘Destiny’ at 21:43°Leo reflects by opposition, Vernal’s natal AP Fortuna 19:51°Aquarius. We also note that Vernal’s AP Fortuna is on the cusp of his Descendant; the 7th house of the wheel.  This is a strong indication that Vernal Kunz’ connection with  Jessica Mitchell as his spouse/partner would determine his destiny. 

We also note that natal Mars at 19:58°Leo is also in this mix.  It is his interaction with his destiny that would determine his fate.  There is always the opportunity to rise above one’s base nature.  It would appear that Vernal’s nurturing and life experience has not been enough for him to transcend his ‘Fortuna’ as the ancients would say.

2:35pm – Jessica Mitchell (toddler’s mother)

MPR-JessicaMitchell-duoThe outer wheel is her natal horoscope; date provided, however no time of birth is known and so the Moon placement is mid-range.

DeOrr’s mother has a stellium of planets at the latter end of Sagittarius crossing into Capricorn with her reactions having the handle of a basket as Jupiter (green).  The ruling sign for Sagittarius is Jupiter  (excess) and Capricorn is Saturn (self-control).  This is a very intense characterization of her model of reality.  One whom would literally be a basket-case and very obsessive by nature, according to this chart.

At the time of the MPR all her eggs/focus is in this basket of the 3rd house (communication); the phone call.  The 5th house (her child) is devoid of any tension. Again we have warning signals.  The astrology is indicative that his phone call is NOT in fear for her child.

Jessica Mitchell has forensic indicators galore with every core of her being involved in this case. The only natal planet  that isn’t under tension is Uranus; everything is purposeful with no sudden changes.  This would be how she would prefer life to be…

It is the second chart of the MPR logged time and the natal chart of Jessica Mitchell that tells all…  in the 5th house (the child) transiting at 21:26°Pisces, Chiron (one drama after another) conjunct natal asteroid Atropos (cutting the thread of life) 21:31°Pisces – Verne (Vernal Kunz) 22:00°Pisces and Robert (Robert Walton) 22:38°Pisces.

  • Transiting asteroid Eris (6th house) 23:24°Aries conjunct natal Phaeton (vehicle)23:07°Aries – trouble and strife in relation to a vehicle
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis 4:23°Libra conjunct natal Nessus 4:55°Libra. Being just inside the 12th cusp, this could likely reveal an abused trust (Nessus) where Jessica may have shared this information with a third party.

2:35pm – Robert Clinton Walton (Jessica Mitchell’s ‘grandfather’)

MPR-Walton-duoAnother ‘family member’ at the Timber Creek campsite was known as DeOrr’s great-grandfather, R.C. Walton.  We are obliged to include him in our enquiry, no matter what media reports of the condition of his physical, or mental health.

Initially we were led to believe that Robert Walton was physically disabled and on continual oxygen supply, however it has later come-out from the sheriff that Walton drove the two hours plus from Idaho Falls in a suburban; towing a camping trailer.

Now in my book, that’s no disabled male in need of continual oxygen-supply as we were led to believe. Pulling a trailer for 2 hours plus and for a distance of more than 120miles – I don’t think so.  So why would a companion at the campsite suggest that Robert Walton was physically-challenged?

  • The time logged by LE was 2:35pm on the afternoon of 10th July 2015. We view again through this perspective. Robert Walton has natal Pluto at the MC. That’s the man with the power…..  Pluto (in Greek mythology) is also the guardian of Tartarus; hell.  Walton is likely a patriarchal figure in the family and as such given the familial title he is known by.  An Aquarian Sun sign is known as a fixed and cold sign within the zodiac.
  • Natal 3:54°Aquarius Sun EXACT BML (weakest point) reflects by opposition his natal Pluto – the patriarchal figure in one sense, although the Pisces Moon (personal needs) conjunct 23:44°Pisces Pallas (inner warrior) are opposite 23:05°Virgo Neptune – this character is likely delusional in relation to his notion of self-importance.
  • Transiting asteroid 1:58°Leo Madhatter#6735 is EXACT the MC.  The inner warrior (Pallas) is likely manifesting as a tyrant rather than the benign patriarch on this occasion and we all know what the Madhatter is, in mythology.
  • Transiting Sun (date on the calendar) at 18:16°Cancer opposite/reflecting 3rd house (communication) natal Mercury (yellow) in Capricorn.  This is a bombastic warning of an ego pressing his case.
  • Transiting midpoint Sun/Neptune=natal Uranus plus EXACT 13:50°Taurus Lunar South Node – relationship disputes to be expected (as per above)
  • Transiting Saturn is also quindecile this same point and driven by natal Mars behind it – controlling the situation is obsessively driven by this male to the exclusion of all others.  He’s calling the shots…

Note: am rather taken-aback by all this tension as we are led to believe that the man is fragile, healthwise.  I can only call the tension in the astrology  as it reveals itself to us and this is no fragile little man in his 70’s, I promise you…


  • Transiting Sun/Saturn= natal Neptune – potentially delusional
  • Transiting Moon/Neptune= natal Saturn – a sense of suffering under the yoke of responsibility; shaking off indolence.  I.e. rising to the occasion.


  • Transiting Phaeton#3200 (a vehicle) at 29:52°Taurus is conjunct 27:08°Taurus Vertex (a significant event on this date) together straddle natal Madhatter (note Walton’s natal asteroid) at 28:12°Taurus – this is conjunct the child’s Arabian Point for Mother adding many tears for Jessica Mitchell.  A vehicle holds clues to what happened most likely; GPS tracking perhaps.
  • Natal Phaeton 24:10°Aries and Nessus 28:05° Aries straddle the descendant; cusp of the 7th house – Nessus always warns us of a betrayed trust. Together with Phaeton this betrayed trust relates to a vehicle.
  • Natal Sun-BlackMoonLilith-Child are separated by transiting 5:10°Aquarius Ceresthis aspect rejects those whom appear to be needy; if a child came to Robert Walton needing something – Walton would reject the child’s needs if they were not in alignment with his own.  Any rejection of the toddler would likely be a reflection/memory of his own childhood experiences in relation to nurturing.
  • Natal Saturn 12:43°Aries is conjunct asteroid Isaac in Walton’s natal chart – suggests Walton has authority over his companion; Isaac Reinwand.

Isaac Reinwand- companion of Robert Walton:

Chart#1 – 2:35pm   As we are not privy to the birth time of Isaac Reinwand, we view his model of reality from the perspective of the MPR logged-time and generate a bi-wheel for interpretation as we have done with DeOrr’s parents.  Immediately we note that, on the date of Isaac’s birth, the planet Venus (pink) was in orbit around the Sun at  7:49°Taurus – EXACT that Arabian Point of ‘Desire’ of the MPR logged-call.

MPR-IRand DK-IRIs the timing of the call to law enforcement an attempt to deflect suspicion of the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz onto this male friend of Robert Walton; his fishing companion?

Born with the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aquarius, we note a Saturn retrograde in direct opposition to our POI’s  Sun.  There would likely have been intense struggles with mentoring as a young child.  Either mother was dominant, or the strong-willed child was highly verbalopposing any effort to teach him self-control.

  • Sun 23:21°Pisces opposite Saturn 23:40°Virgo – strong indication in relation to controlling his personal environment PLUS
  • Sun square Neptune 22:39°Sagittarius – hyper-sensitive to anyone challenging his wanting to control.  It’s an egotistically driven tension and a major part of his character
  • Mercury 09°Pisces quindecile Saturn – maturation through depression; i.e. Isaac was likely held back from schooling due to behavioural challenges.
  • Mars 29°Leo exact conjunct Lunar North Node – ask him to talk about his relationship with his mother, then sit back; a torrent will likely flow forth.
  • Uranus 25:29°Scorpio quindecile Chiron 10:33°Taurus. This is an obsessive rebellious attitude towards a symbolic wound he carries within his nature.
  • Note: Chiron in Taurus (planetary ruler of which, is Venus) reflects a wound of neglect. Due to his early behaviour issues, the child (Isaac) likely believed that he didn’t get enough of something.  Whether it was material things, or emotional support, Isaac has an unfulfilled – undernourished attitude; a ‘poor-me’ view of life.
  • Midpoints of interest to us in the first bi-wheel reveal the tension between planets and the point at which they have their tug of war.  Both of these midpoints involve a trip to the underworld; Tartarus (to hell and back).
  • Transiting Neptune/Pluto= natal mid-range Moon 11°Aquarius in Reinwand’s natal chart – anxiety about being appreciated is likely along with fanciful needs heightened.
  • Transiting Saturn/Pluto= natal Neptune 22°Sagittarius – not being seen for who he really is; a confabulist.  Confabulation is a memory disorder of the brain in which fantasy becomes reality, rather than a contrived lie.

Again we turn to the medieval astrologers and learn that the Arabian Point for ‘Identity’ on 10th July is at 10:10°Taurus – exact Isaac’s natal Chiron and in the 7th house of public relationships.  What is it that Isaac wants to identify with?  Is it something that he has in common with DeOrr?

Chart#2 the brief relationship between DeOrr Kunz (inner wheel) and Isaac Reinwand’s model of reality

As we have a timed birth for DeOrr, we can view the interaction between the child and Isaac Reinwand from the perspective of the timed horoscope (DeOrr).  This is not specific interaction per se, more a look see at what reaction by recognition of a commonality within each character; irrespective of their ages, or their obvious lack of emotional maturity.

We have tension at all angles. There is a significant relationship between these two with each Lunar Nodal Axis at the angles.  It is as if there is a recognition of the commonality of childhood trauma.

So what does all this interpretation render down to according to the astrology?  There are three people whom I am quite sure are under the spotlight of law enforcement and I would suggest rightly so, as there appears to be a conspiracy to cover-up for their criminal behaviour.

Until such time as we have an authoritative clock-time to work with; when we can explore where the remains of DeOrr might be recovered, we make our adieu.

DeOrr Kunz Jnr Pt.1

When we look at the image of Stone Reservoir; just a couple of hours drive from Idaho Falls, it looks so peaceful.  How anyone could commit an evil act in such a beautiful place, beggars belief.  However it has happened.

reservoirA young couple Jessica Mitchell, Vernal DeOrr Kunz and their two year-old son, DeOrr Kunz Jnr. took a trip to Timber Creek campground along with Jessica’s grandfather plus his friend, Isaac Reinwand. The parents left their son at the campsite and went for a walk only to return to find their son had vanished.  Jessica alerted law enforcement.

The date was 10th July 2015 and the time logged for the Missing Person Report is 2:35pm even though the calls were made at 2:22pm (father), 2:26 (mother) and 2:28pm (great-grandfather); a team effort…  We elect to use the MPR logged time for this astrology enquiry.

Astrology is a pseudo science and as such cannot be accepted in any court of law.  The reason for this is that the astrology charts are’maps of reality’ rather than any scientific evidence.  Please remain skeptical of our outcome.  We use classic astrology texts, plus Greco/Roman mythology as our knowledge base.

The first step when we received our initial request to undertake an astrology enquiry (while we waited for birth data) was to check the general atmosphere at the time.  There’s plenty in this chart to cause concern.  Red highlighted planets in any charts are how we indicate danger signals.

An incident: MPR to report a missing child

incidentclick on charts for full size

This chart represents two things.  The phone call to law enforcement as well as a symbolic chart for us to interpret as to possible events that may have unfolded.

  • Blue highlight for the 7th house Moon at 14:16°Taurus reveals a quindecile to 2nd house Saturn 28:41°Scorpio; a family’s emotive needs obsessed by self control . The emotional input; the Moon is in the 7th house of open enemies –  if there proves to be an abduction, it is not someone whom has appeared in the campsite, uninvited.
  • In the 9th house, the 18:16°Cancer Sun (orange), represents the date on the calendar, illuminating 14:09°Capricorn Pluto; the door to the underworld. What is abundantly clear is that both these houses/realms of action are what are known as intercepted houses.  Note:  What everyone initially expects happened, is likely not what happened, I would expect.
  • 10:54°Cancer Mars shares this 9th house as well, although Mars is weak in this position midway between Sun and Mercury 03:49°Cancer. Whenever we see Mars get between the Sun and Mercury that is always an indication of quarrels; clashes of ego.
  • 9th house Mercury 03:49°Cancer is also square the Lunar nodal axis; expect lots of public communication in relation to this case – those seeking a higher meaning (for themselves) as to the disappearance.
  • Transiting Pluto 14:09°Capricorn in the other intercepted house has a 25:48°Sagittarius cusp – opinions aired in relation to power issues.  This will be borne out as the social media discussion continues until the matter is resolved.
  • 27:07°Leo Venus (pink) in the 10th house is what is driving all those whom are suggesting a financial reason is behind the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz, however Venus does not represent money in our enquiry.  Venus is symbolic of the family unit in this case; DeOrr’s parents and great-grandfather.  Note:  Venus in Leo reminds us that we can dream our heart’s desire into fruition (delusional, yet people cling to the belief).

The first scan of the heavens when a child disappears leads us to search for abduction/sexual predator indicators among the asteroids, however it is those basic charts that we keep coming back to, that avoid any preconceived ideas.  These basic charts give us a clear way forward irrespective of what truth, or lies have been told.  We have the names of the four people at the campground; all of whom have asteroids that connect to their first names and so they can be included together with our usual ‘suspects’ that have enlightened us many times before; our toolkit.

Firstly we generate a chart for the missing child – interpreting from the perspective of this phone call.  Bi-wheel method is basically viewing one point in time, through the lens of a different point in time.  They are aligned according to the first time with the second aligning by the one thing that they have in common – the astrology zodiac.  This is where science and pseudo-science separate.  We  create a model of reality, rather than reality itself.

DeOrr Kunz Jnr and the MPR

DeOrr-duoChart#1 views the child’s time of birth through the lens of the MPR logged time of 2:35pm 10th July 2015.  It is basically the same chart as above with an outer ring of planets added to it and we interpret the tension between the two patterns according to astrology guidelines of tension.

  • There are an absence of personal planets of baby DeOrr at the all important angles, plus the 5th house that identifies the focus of a child is devoid of any of the child’s natal planets.  The child is certainly not on the scene…
  • There is a hive of activity in the 3rd house; communication, which is to be expected as there have been phone calls made at this time by family members about the disappearance of DeOrr.  So here in the 3rd house we find (orange) his natal Sun exact Pluto (red) with Mercury (the child’s voice) under NO tension.  This Capricorn Sun-Pluto planets are in an intercepted house with the cusp of that 3rd house as Sagittarius.  NOTE:   I wrote about the intercepted signs in houses ‘things are not what they seem here’ earlier.  See above…
  • transiting 10:54°Cancer (red) Mars in the inner chart is reflecting the 3rd house activity – this identifies the action of making the phone call to law enforcement; the MPR report. It is unusual for the action to be originating from the 9th house though.  It’s not an international call.
  • A quindecile is present in this bi-wheel (obsessive action) – the transiting planet representing communication; 3:49°Cancer Mercury (yellow) is also in the 9th house (which is again intercepted by being in the sign of Cancer when the house cusp is Gemini so be cautious of this information being shared i.e. the content of the call.)  Also by being in the 9th house, this interprets as focusing on the ‘special-ness’ of this journey/holiday and a family event.  The 911 calls are from a campsite near Leadore, Idaho and made by his parents (Venus in this chart).

Note here, that the quindecile is to natal Venus 18:43°Sagittarius (pink and in the 2nd house) i.e. the obsessive-compulsive action of focusing on the special-ness of the journey relates to the ‘family’ symbolism (Venus) rather than a female.

  • transiting Mercury in the inner wheel is also creating tension with DeOrr’s natal Uranus 4:45°Aries indicating sudden changes have preceded this phone call.   The classic interpretation is an ‘extraordinary communication’.  Plus… again we have family implication with the Lunar Nodal Axis EXACT Uranus 4°Aries; that an event was traumatic and likely in a public place.  Uranus creates quite a ‘buzz within the family” (note the aspect back to Venus, via Mercury).

Chart#2 is a reverse of the first chart so we view from the perspective of DeOrr’s natal horoscope; his model of reality and at the MPR logged time.  We have the same aspects as Chart#1, however we’ll just focus on the more obvious square/boxed-in tension between the little lad and the time of 2:35pm.

DeOrr is the inner wheel and so the alignment is determined by the time of his birth.  This creates the transiting (Pink) 27°Leo – Venus EXACT the ascendant – family is on the main agenda (NOT DeOrr – the family) when this call was made.   I trust you have the picture and that I have explained the significance clearly.

The square box is determined by the interaction of DeOrr and 2:35pm – Natal (not transiting) Mercury/Pluto midpoint is one corner of the box.  (Mercury is also the symbolism for a child).  Note that DeOrr is not communicating during this call, so natal Mercury represents his voice, or himself.

  • On this occasion the natal midpoint (DeOrr’s) Mercury/Pluto = 4°Capricorn reveals the powerless of DeOrr’s position.
  • Opposite to this corner is transiting Mercury (the phone call) at 3:49°Cancer – ‘the DeOrr story’ is locked-in by this call
  • Transiting 4:23°Libra Lunar North Node is another corner – family perception by the public
  • DoOrr’s Natal Uranus at 4:45°Aries is intercepted by the intersection of the Lunar Nodal Axis opposition.  Any rebellion to ‘their story’ is held in check by family.

Note:  This is a model of reality and so in astrology terms, the child’s current living status makes no difference to the ability to interpret the astrology.   Please remain detached from personal judgement of our method of working.

The asteroids

The following two charts are firstly a reproduction of the above chart, with more detail of relevant asteroids transiting at the time; a snapshot of the heavens over the camp-ground in Idaho.  The second chart is when we bring the missing child into the picture.  The inner wheel is the same, only we now have added the horoscope of the child as the outer wheel; a bi-wheel again.

event--DK-duo-blogChart#1 – Transiting Neptune at 9:36°Pisces, a planet that appeared to be out of trouble in in our first scan of the heavens, now reveals a conjunction with the asteroid Atropos 8:59°Pisces.  Unfortunately Atropos is symbol of the cutting of the cord of life (Greek mythology). This is our first indication of loss. The search will be sure to change from a search and rescue, to a search and recovery, unfortunately

Chart#2 – We know from experience that crimes are invariably the result of a desire not being met. On this occasion it appears to be such a strong desire that it becomes a lust (asteroid#4386).  Are we looking for a sexual predator, or is the desire/lust for something we are not yet aware of… something that someone does not want us to know about perhaps?

  • The red circle on the chart reveals transiting asteroid Lust 0:11°Pisces in the 4th house (campsite) conjunct the child’s natal Neptune 01:03°Pisces; deception and cover-up at all costs.

There appears to be something untoward in this case around the timing of this 911 call.  I am compelled to reiterate – nothing is as it appears to be

So what facts do we have, to make an astrology enquiry of?  We have a missing child and four adults at a campsite.  There are no strangers in the immediate vicinity. The adults must now be on our list of Persons of Interest. Parents: Vernal Kunz and Jessica Mitchell;  Great grandfather – Robert Walton, plus his friend Isaac Reinwand.

We continue in Part 2.