Gerard Baden-Clay appeal

“Gerard Baden-Clay could have killed his wife accidentally.” The public gallery watched on in respectful silence; the three judges, stoic.  The attempt to float an alternative to the murder conviction will hang in the balance as the judges confer; for however long it takes them.

Nigel-OliviaHis father and sister were in attendance, although the convicted Gerard Baden-Clay stayed away, as did his mother, Elaine.  The Chief Scout, Baden-Powell continued to roll in his grave.

Born plain old Nigel Clay, the father of the accused; Gerard Baden-Clay, changed his name to ride on the shirt-tails of scouting-fame and now his son has brought infamy to the entire troop.

The following is an astrology enquiry; pseudo scientific and not accepted in any court of law.  Please remain skeptical of the outcome, although classic texts based on medieval astrology are used for interpretation.

appealAll rise; the court of appeal is now in session…

The timing of the appeal reveals Arabian Point/Lot (Destiny) exact by transiting the 10th house/the public realm to Mars at 28°Cancer. That’s the area in the heavens where the dog wags his tail in the constellation of Canis Major; the fixed star Aludra. This symbolism stirs up war and restores peace.

The public and the media will keep the pressure on, I’m sure before Allison June Dickie can rest in peace.

The Sun (orange) 14°Leo identifies the date on the calendar as well as the ‘wants’ of the outcome to this appeal.  We note the quindecile aspect to the 4th house asteroid Ceres; that’s all of us, at home.  Mars is also holding up a mirror by opposition.  Never fret we are on alert.  There’s more that could be interpreted, however there’s no need for us to stretch the elastic…

When Ceres is transiting through the heavens in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, this indicates rather dour approach to nurturing and so we need to lighten up a bit; trust in the due process of law. Holding tight to an outcome; ambitious, will not make a zot of difference.  The heavens have it all under control, of that we can be sure.

Appeal-NigelNigel Baden-Clay – father of the appellant

Transiting Mars at 28°Cancer in the public arena of the 12th house was bound to catch the camera’s eye; square his natal Moon – his needs.  Nigel Baden-Clay has an Aries Moon: numero uno – I am, bwana and don’t you forget it.

The other significant aspect in Nigel’s astrology chart under tension at the time the court rose, is transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct his natal Neptune in the 12th house; the conviction and the public.  With a number-plate Bwanas we might suggest that he learn a little humility, under the circumstances.

Meanwhile at the cusp of the 8th house, we note his natal Uranus 00°Gemini – this reveals his input to the alternative being floated by the defense (manslaughter v murder).  Gemini is always a slippery contender and at the cusp we know it relates to the death of his daughter-in-law.  Slippery ‘what’ do you propose, Nigel?

With the ascendant-descendant in an arms-length embrace, plus the 2nd-8th cusps at the raw opening degrees, I would expect the appeal to be under-developed and raw.  I.e. there’ll be no messing about with the time and legal argument with Capricorn Ceres in the mix.   Experienced judges have all been down this road before.

Appeal-GBCGerard Baden-Clay – the appellant

The rectified birth time calculated some time back holds true when we note that the natal mid-heaven is at the descendant and the IC at the ascendant; hoping for an upturned trial.

Transiting Moon (blue in the inner wheel) is quindecile natal Neptune (his fanciful incarceration disbelief).  Once  the Moon passes over transiting Saturn (authority), he’ll get a rude awakening.  Boy, he’s still positive even after the time he’s been in jail: must be enjoying the lay-about life of the ‘poor and in-famous’.

The appelant’s natal ascendant is at the cusp of the 11th house – needing friendship and support.  I guess living in a closed environment then delusion takes-hold as to the reality of what’s really happening in his-story.

appeal-endAll rise… Two hours and seven minutes later, at 12:22pm it was all over, bar the decision. Transiting Neptune (turquoise) is now in the 4th house, with the judges retiring to consider their call; square the ascendant.

  • Ceres has progressed to the communication realm (3rd house) and the media goes to press.
  • Arabian Point/Lot of Destiny is now 7°Virgo exact square the ascendant. It’s all in the hands of Destiny now.

With Juno entering the public realm (10th house) this usually refers to a marriage partner.  This brings to mind the other-woman in his marriage to Allison; the third party in the marriage and his mistress.  Where does she stand in all this?

endappeal-McHughThe mistress – Toni McHugh

I’ve drawn her chart up in relation to the 12:22pm time, as this will be representative of the appeal end.

Wow – we have natal Mars at the ascendant and mid-range Moon at the descendant together with her Lunar Nodal axis at the MC-IC axis.  This lady is not out of the picture by any means no matter what she protests publicly, her ambition is there for all to see. Is this just another of her fantasies, or does Toni dance with Destiny at the wedding feast after all?

Perhaps Juno is shaking out her confetti packet; tempting fate…

Baden-Clay trial Pt.2 – housekeeping

 All rise…

justice-scales:bellsIn Part 1, we shared the planetary spread in the heavens above Brisbane, Australia 10am on 10th June, 2014 where the Queen of Heaven presides over the upcoming trial; the asteroid Juno is at the mid-heaven.  In Part 2 we continue to interpret this chart, garnering the symbolism of each of the planets in our solar system in order to create a coherent storyline to our forensic astrology enquiry.

The basis of our enquiry is scientific in origin (the position of the planets orbiting in our solar system as determined by astronomy), however the interpretation of the planetary symbolism plus tension created by their relative positions is considered to be pseudo-scientific and therefore not accepted in a court of law.

GBC-trial-day1click on charts for full size

Bringing forward the same chart from our previous post, we continue to enquire as to the general atmosphere on the opening day of the trial where Gerard Robert Baden-Clay stands in the dock accused of the murder of his wife Allison June Baden-Clay.

We now include interpretation of the tension between the planets as our main focus; fleshing out the bones of the case together with getting a whiff of the air on Day #1.

  • Asteroid Pallas is in the 1st house – the intent of the participants of this trial is to utilise the tactics of wisdom. We also note that Pallas holds up the mirror, by opposition to the planet Neptune (turquoise) in the 7th house of public relationships; those on the stand. Neptune is symbolic of all that is hidden; subterfuge and deceit.

This point in the zodiac is all-important, because 7°Pisces (Neptune) is also the vertex of this chart; the likely turning point of the trial – suggesting that the exposure of deceit will make, or break this case.

  • The planet Mars represents action/the masculine principle and is in the 2nd house of money/personal assets. Mars is also in quindecile aspect with the Lunar Nodal axis (South Node) in the 9th house of higher learning – suggestive of members of the legal teams sharing a karmic connection; by obsession, with ‘the principles of law’.
  • A power struggle is also likely considering that Pluto is in the mix with Mars; by square aspect – offside.

We do have a clue as to what this matter relates to, as the challenge comes from the 2nd house Mars. The karmic connection will likely relate to financial matters, plus due to Mars’ close proximity to Vesta and Ceres, housekeeping will probably need addressing, on the first day.

  • The Lunar nodal axis originates in the 3rd house of communication – i.e. communication in a public venue; court is open to the public.

This also relates back by aspect to the wigs and gowns in the 2nd house and the Mars aspect with the Lunar South Node – perhaps there will be a very public spat, although that would be a bit of a stretch for the senior counsel. Time will tell.

  • In horary astrology, the Moon’s placement usually relates to the people and with the Moon being in the 3rd house – i.e. vox populi on this occasion. That’s basically us; you and I. There will be plenty of coverage across all media, no doubt.
  • Saturn is also transiting the 3rd house bringing focus, discipline and hard work in the realm of communication. Steely cold use of fear will likely stimulate the vocal chords of those whom resist speaking out.

wheel-of-fortuneThe Arabic Part of Fortune can only be interpreted successfully when we have a specific clock-time to work with and we do, so we can call upon Destiny for her input. 5th house matters relate to the house of creativity, fun and illicit affairs; the wheel of fortune spins. Gerard Baden Clay’s affair with Toni Cheri McHugh will be exposed within this house.

  • The point at which this Part of Fortune is in heavens on the 10th June 2014, is 27°Sagittarius – exact by conjunction with the Venus-Vesta conjunction in the heavens on the day that Toni McHugh was born. This woman’s future is bound up in the outcome of this trial, as sure as night follows day.

I would even go so far as to suggest that if Cookie doesn’t have immunity against prosecution; together with a possibly guilty outcome of this trial, we could see further charges being laid. Would such a charge be attempted obstruction of justice, incitement to commit a crime, or even  ‘accessory to murder, after the fact’? 

Such is the intensity of the Arabic Part of Fortune, when it appears in an horary chart. We do not take its presence lightly.

  • When we step into the 6th house, we are in the arena of ethics, morals, duty etc. The power broker, Pluto is in the 6th house, plus is in square aspect with Mars in the 2nd house. We’re already aware of the Martian influence, so how does Pluto view the trial as an independent cosmic entity? In the right place at the right time, I would suggest.
  • The 7th house sadly shelters Neptune and Chiron – open wounds, subterfuge, deceit and scapegoats; a sickening mix.

I’ve written quite a lot about Chiron and the Sun lately; creating havoc in the heavens. When the Sun is in hard aspect with Chiron in a natal chart (or horary for that matter) and the Sun (character) is weak, then Chiron is severely compromised; wounds are open.  We can suggest that during this trial it will be a case of the strong standing tall, while the weak fail us, in the witness box.

  • Uranus in the house of transformation; the 8th, will add that buzz of energy as it mirrors Mars-Vesta in the 2nd. We can expect revelations that we haven’t yet heard about in previous hearings, particularly in relation to modern technology.
  • A Taurean Venus i.e. 14°Taurus, opposite the Moon at 7°Scorpio likely relates to money in this instance as Taurus likes to be ‘flush with the readies’ and the comforts of life.  Are we expecting someone to sell their story, or are they sitting atop their high horse?
  • The Sun and Mercury reside in the 11th house mirroring the 5th house matters (eg mistress plus responsibility for Baden-Clay children); a very sober judge and jury.

What does lighten the gloom, is that the Sun is exact conjunct the minor asteroid Nemesis 19°Gemini on the opening day – trial and retribution. This would suggest a successful outcome to this trial.  Plus Mercury at 2°Cancer is exact conjunct  the minor asteroid, Hades.   Hades in conjunction with Mercury – what could this be? Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned perhaps; we wish…

  • Jupiter is in the 12th house just where he should be; hidden. As representative of justice, none of us wants to see any pre-judice. The outcome of the trial remains unknown to us mere mortals.

Midpoints-Day1As for Day #1 as an independent day within the trial, we turn to the subtleties in the chart; the midpoints. There are as many as six midpoints involved with the angles in this chart, likely indicative of the formalities of the opening of a trial, however it will be as the day progresses that will hold more interest for us. For that we focus on interplanetary midpoint tension.

There are four issues to address; the Moon, Pluto, Venus and the Sun. We know that the Moon represents the public; Pluto would relate to power issues i.e. ethics etc; Venus in her peer group role would have dual roles – the jury selection as well as representing a group; eg the media and any application they may make on the public’s behalf; release of documents. The Sun would likely be symbolic of the crown; the judge, in his role.

When we refer to the textbook interpretations of these midpoints and then follow with relative interpretation, they share their message.

  • Moon = Saturn/Lunar North Node – appealing to senior persons; qualifying for responsibility.

Apart from the obvious ‘jury selection’, we can suggest that this midpoint could also relate to the public right to knowledge (Moon and North Node) then Saturn brings in the sense of responsibility to the mix. As well as the empaneling of the jury, this is likely the authority to release information in a responsible manner. This aspect is likely an appeal by the media for a formal framework of the release of information in this trial.

  • Pluto = Saturn/Neptune – awareness of potential loss.

With Neptune in the mix we can expect this matter to relate to ‘that which is hidden’. I would suggest this is likely relative to legal procedures and housekeeping taking up quite a chunk of the day.

  • Venus = Jupiter/Neptune – optimistic in relation to tricky legalisms, rumour and scandal.

Again we have Neptune’s ‘that which is hidden’ in the mix. Plus Jupiter would relate to ‘inflation’ i.e. reining-in any excessive release of information. Then Saturn brings a sobering element into the equation. I would suggest that this midpoint relates to interaction with mainstream media, as well as His Honour’s address to the jury.

  • Sun = Venus/Jupiter – goodwill; success.

In all, a successful day I should imagine.  With housekeeping in order, let the trial begin.

continued Pt.3

For previous posts written on this case, the list: Scouts honour, under the stars

Gerbil and Cookie: a conversation

gerbil in the cookie jarThis is how a one-liner can catch a rat in the trap, or should I say expose an extra marital affair between gerbil and his cookie.  It is an innocent little one-liner that had cost Gerard Baden-Clay exactly three cents.

02Apr 09:28am; origin – Taringa Central Off-peak 006:00:18  $0.03

When I read that, I asked myself, “Why didn’t they use IM?  We would never have known.”

If they had, then there would be no record on the phone bill and I wouldn’t be on their tail, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me start at the beginning.

Having access to the court documents in the Baden-Clay case, the phone records were a temptation I could not resist.  I was able to trace many of the numbers on those records on my own accord, which I then shared with a group of fellow sleuths in January of this year. The information was passed on and collated.  I waited: there was little more than a gentle refrain.  I released the phone records.

Lists of names and numbers have stories to tell; conversations, which we all want to hear.  Having phone records of a network of people indicates that there is a sequence of events, a rhythm. Don’t you want to hear the music? I know I do.

Of the network of phones in this collection, there is one conversation I would like to share initially; the accused wife-murderer Gerard Baden-Clay’s. Not a monologue; that would bore us very quickly.

There is a hidden conversation within these phone records; a conversation between Gerbil and his cookie; Gerard Baden-Clay and Toni McHugh.  The conversation is hidden because it needed to be behind the wife’s back.

Once Allison Baden-Clay had learned of the affair between her husband and Pussy Galore the previous October 2011, the lovers needed to resort to subterfuge; smoke and mirrors, in order to maintain their contact; arrange their assignations.

Allison had Toni McHugh’s number and so the lovers’ contact could no longer be open phone calls; no more business calls.

There was always email on the cloud, but that didn’t fulfil the need for a rat in the cookie jar.  These pair were so deeply enmeshed in the realm of Neptune, that their adulterous fantasy required ongoing sensual input.

All five senses; six if you’ve got them, come into play when you’re on the hunt or playing the game of adultery and if Neptune is driving the affair, sense deprivation can lure lovers into the realm of madness. I’ve shared some of this already in a previous post – Gerbil in the cookie jar.

passionrachelclapboardWhen the sense of touch is missing the other senses go up a notch in the needs scale.  Without the taste or smell of your lover, the olfactory is missing. When lovers are kept apart the visual sense; sight, is missing.

That leaves just two senses left – the sense of hearing; the need to hear your lover’s voice and the sixth sense.  We all know that intuition ‘aint going to cut the mustard, so the voice becomes all important.

Something has to fuel their addiction; a planet Neptune trait.

This is why email contact was not enough for these two self-satisfying lovers.  Gerbil uses the alias Bruce Overland in emails but that fantasy’s not enough. They needed to hear each other’s voices, but how? Allison was checking every call and text message.

I even asked myself, “How are they going to get around this one?”

I believe that in the end, the addict cycle hits the wall; the addict wants to get caught. If no-one else will put on the brakes, then the wife is his next choice to stop the roundabout so he can get off. 

Unfortunately, the mistress wasn’t going to let go, she was going for keeps; living the fantasy that the show pony was real.

Perhaps Gerbil didn’t even know that he wanted to get off the carousel, but when I follow his actions, I believe he unconsciously wanted to be caught. Whether he wanted out of the marriage or not, well that’s another story.  We’re here to share a conversation between Gerbil and his cookie, not anyone else.

To the best of my knowledge apart from satellite use, a mobile phone connects to the nearest cell-phone tower and the message then usually relays to the next tower and so on until it reaches the recipient of the call, or rather, their phone.

What I do know is that the mobile carrier (in this case Telstra) includes the name of the original tower in the phone records and so we can see where a call originates from.  For me, that’s the basis of this trail. I refer to the towers continually through this suggested conversation.

Note: All the calls are included in the phone records.

22 March, 2012.

Once their sense deprivation was sated, they turned to conversation.

“Oh if only I had a photo of the two of us together, then it wouldn’t be so hard without you GM. KWIM?”

“For you GG, anything. I’ll call the studio when I get back to the office.”

Gerbil 03:29pm called Breeze Photos, Pullenvale

Pussy Galore 07:30pm via Indoor’pily tower

“I’m here. Did you book the studio?”

“I can’t tell you off the top of my head. Once I put the girls down, I’ll be back in the office and I’ll check my diary then. Can I get back to you?”

Pussy Galore 09:00pm via Indoor’pily tower

“You were fantastic as always, GM. Goodnight.”

I’m scratching my head.  How did they manage that? Allison knows that she can’t trust him. She is checking the calls on his phone.  Has Pussy bought another phone?

“They won’t get away with that too long”, I’m thinking.

The clock ticks and days pass.  The emails back and forth continue.  A coffee here, a grope there and a squeeze at the cheesecake factory after their portrait is taken; before you know it, Easter is coming up.

Sense deprivation raises the stakes.

5 April 2012

Bruce Overland 5:25am email Fig Tree Pocket tower

“Allison is in the office this morning then heading down the coast after lunch, can we catch up down the Valley?  A nice empty rental perhaps, GG.”

Gerbil 10:23am via Valley West tower

“I’ll just check in with the office.”

“Are Allison and the girls staying down the coast over the school holidays?”

“IKWYM.  No unfortunately, I’m driving down this afternoon.  I have to go to the cheesecake factory now, so I’ll drop the deposit at the Breeze Photos on my way through.”

“It’s Easter Thursday.  The traffic will be a nightmare.  I’ll miss you GM.”

“I won’t get a chance to talk probably. It will be nice to hear your voice when I pick up the messages.”

“Not just that GM. I can vibrate in your pocket and you’ll know I’m there.”

6 April 2012 Good Friday

Pussy Galore 04:06pm via Indoor’pily tower

Gerbil’s phone vibrates in Palm Beach and diverts to message bank. Duration 18Sec.

7 April 2012 Easter Saturday

Pussy Galore 02:03pm via Indoor’pily tower

Gerbil’s phone vibrates in Palm Beach and diverts to message bank. Duration 2:25min

Gerbil 02:06pm Palm Beach #101 retrieved messages

Pussy Galore 02:54pm via Indoor’pily tower

Gerbil’s phone vibrates in Palm Beach and diverts to message bank. Duration 50sec.

 Gerbil 3:33pm Palm Beach #101 retrieved messages

Pussy Galore 04:07pm via Indoor’pily tower

Gerbil’s phone vibrates in Palm Beach and diverts to message bank. Duration 56sec.

Gerbil 04:24pm Palm Beach #101 retrieved messages

8 April 2012 Easter Sunday

Pussy Galore 2:04pm via Indoor’pily tower

Gerbil’s phone vibrates in Palm Beach and diverts to message bank. Duration 44sec.

Gerbil 7:55pm Kenmore #101 retrieved messages.

He’s back in town, however Pussy continues to vibrate in his pocket for the rest of the Easter break.  Perhaps he’s bored because he doesn’t pick up his messages; he has more pressing matters on his mind.

Emails continue back and forth between Bruce Overland and GG. Using an alias allows the shyte to roll off the tongue without conscience.  There are just a few bills that he needs to attend to.  Gerbil continues to live the lie; attend counselling with his wife and continue the fantasy that life is normal.

“She picked it up off the credit card statement.”

“You mean she knows that we had the studio portrait done?”

“Yes, Allison knows.  She wrote about it in her journal. We talked about it in counselling.”

Jealousy mounts frustration; those very needy senses are getting pretty uptight.  Pussy thinks to herself, “So he’s going to counselling. We can’t have that. I need to take this relationship to the next level.”

18 April 2012

Pussy takes a risk, rings from work.  The line is busy and so she leaves a message on his phone.

“I can’t wait GM.  When are you picking up the photos?”

Gerbil 04:40pm #101 retrieved messages.

Gerbil 04:40pm called Breeze photos, Pullenvale

He had been reminded and made arrangements to collect the photos the following day.

Pussy Galore 6:09pm via Indoor’pily tower

Gerbil’s phone is busy as he is having a long discussion with the Cheeseman.  Her call diverts to message bank. Duration 17sec.

19 April 2012

Pussy Galore 4:17am via Indoor’pily tower

Gerbil’s phone vibrates. Pussy hangs up before it goes to message bank. She waits.

Pussy Galore 8:03am via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

Pussy Galore 8:19am via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

Pussy Galore 8:21am via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

She’s getting frantic, but it’s time to go. Gerbil’s pocket gets the message.

Gerbil 02:43pm via Kenmore tower

“Blocksidge and Ferguson; how can I help you?”

“Can I speak to Toni McHugh please?”

“Certainly, Sir.  I’ll put you through.”

A call of 5 minutes duration takes place between Gerbil and his cookie.  He has reassured her of his commitment by openly calling her from his mobile phone. She caught the significance.  It’s those unspoken words between lovers that really count.

On his way to the Cheesecake factory, Gerbil picks up the studio photos.  They remain in an envelope.  There is no time to view them now.  There are a flurry of calls to make and he needs to get home.

The envelope makes it to Brookfield.

Gerbil 04:18pm via Brookfield tower

“Blockbuster video, Indooroopilly.  What movie are you watching tonight?”

“I need a chick flick, mate.  Got to placate the women.”

Gerbil 04:43pm via Brookfield tower

“I’m heading over now Mum.  Do you want me to pick up anything?”

Olivia is down and there’s a barbeque at Skull Manor.  Gerbil needs to get some sausages for the girls.

Pussy Galore 5:01pm via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

Pussy Galore 5:03pm via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

Pussy Galore 5:04pm via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

Pussy Galore 5:05pm via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

Pussy Galore 5:06pm via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

Pussy Galore 5:08pm via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

Pussy Galore 5:09pm via Indoor’pily tower

“I’ve been trying to ring for ages. I couldn’t talk at work.  Did you get the photos?”

“Yes.  I’ve got them.  They’re at home, but there’s no chance I’m going to get out tonight.  We’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  I can’t talk now.”

Pussy Galore 5:12pm via Indoor’pily tower – diverts to message bank

Pussy Galore 5:42pm via Indoor’pily tower

“I forgot to tell you. I’ll be at the Property Management conference tomorrow.”

“That’s a nuisance.  Allison is going to that conference as well.  She’s going with Kate. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to get together.”

“What do you mean Allison is going to the conference.  Why didn’t you tell me this before?  You’ve got to tell her, Gerbil.”

An argument escalates between the lovers, however Gerbil is able to extract himself as he pulls into the driveway of Skull Manor.

Pussy Galore 6:54pm via Indoor’pily tower

Gerbil’s phone vibrates in Kenmore and diverts to message bank.

planBThe night unfolds in another conversation, which we don’t have time for just now.

As for the conversation between Gerbil and his adulterous Pussy Galore, he did not retrieve his messages until the following day 20 April at 1:57pm.

There were no sensual messages from his cookie; no strokes for his ego. She had waited until she heard his recorded voice and then hung up.

But back to the phone records…  How did they get away with all this contact?

Pussy could not have been ringing Gerbil from home, as her apartment was right under the St Lucia tower.  The calls didn’t originate from St Lucia.

Did Pussy ring the office mobile and then it diverted to Gerbil’s personal mobile phone? I checked with Telstra.

The C21 Westside office mobile phone in the account name of Mr Gerard Baden-Clay was a basic FleetSelect plan with no options.  For just $10 extra per month, it would have had the divert option, but it didn’t.

The 03cents one-liner telling us that WAP/internet session were available on the “Office” mobile phone had not been utilised by this pair. This leads us to believe that there can only be one answer as to how they got away with it until now…


A picture speaks a thousand words.

For those who need the answers to the clues…

  • Toni McHugh had previously worked at this office C21 Westside and admitted to having had assignations with Gerard Baden-Clay in the office after-hours.
  • Toni McHugh had either kept her old key after she was sacked when Allison found out about the affair, or Gerard Baden-Clay gave her another one at a later date.
  • Toni McHugh knew that Allison was sitting at her (Toni’s) old desk (it’s in the statements) so part of her fantasy would most likely be that she let herself in with her key outside of business hours or on the public holidays and dallied there with Allison’s paperclips, sat in her chair, rifled her drawers – play-acting/fantasizing that she was Mrs Baden-Clay.
  • Gerard Baden-Clay had the office mobile phone for staff to call him on his mobile when he was out.  It was a cost saving exercise, rather than to use the C21 phone/fax landline which charged per phone call.
  • During office hours the cell phone tower which covered the area of the C21 office radiated from the business sector, Taringa Central tower.  After-hours it reverted to the Indooroopilly tower.  The phone did not need to be moved – it was the clock that moved…
  • I suggest that Toni McHugh drove up to the office from her home nearby, let herself in with her own key and rang Gerard Baden-Clay from the office phone on the occasions that I refer to above.  Either that or she called from her own phone to the office mobile number, which then diverted to Gerbil’s personal mobile phone.  Either way it is covert action to avoid Allison catching them out.  We would need to have Toni McHugh’s mobile or the office phone for extraction, to confirm either way.  Let’s hope the QPS did this.
  • All phone calls can be checked – Office mobile call record and Baden-Clay phone record – Gerard
  • As to the portrait photos from Breeze.  I have suggested that Gerbil left them at home on the afternoon of the 19th before he went to Kenmore for the barbeque.  Was it an unconscious act leaving them for Allison to find?
  • IM is instant messaging.  To put it very simply (I’m not techno-head) instant messaging is similar to SMS/text messages in that it is typed as a short message, however it does not travel via the mobile phone carrier service (Telstra in this case) as a SMS/text does;  IM’s travel via the internet (like emails). Therefore it does not appear on a phone bill as a call; it is part of the data package.
  • We would need to have the phone in order to extract the data to find out what the WAP/internet session was used for on that occasion, which I refer to in the beginning of the post above.  Was it to send emails, to browse the internet or send IM’s etc?

Gerbil in the cookie jar

gerbil in the cookie jarBefore you start stuffing your face with melting moments Gerbil, allow me to introduce you to one of these gorgeous cookies you’re about to devour.

She’s an Aquarian Sun sign with a Moon in Gemini. That’s a heady mix, mate!

You’ll need to be on your toes with this one, Gerbil.  I bet she let you know she was interested.  Ears pricked, blood rushing to your head…

Aquarian females are well versed in such things, or so I’ve heard and with the Moon in Gemini, she would be more than likely to tell you a load of ‘porky-pies’ if it meant getting you in the sack.  Did you know that, Gerbil?

She wasn’t after your brain mate, but then neither were you.  This was not brain surgery you two had on the agenda now, was it?

Hang on! What about the cheese and kisses, Gerbil? I doubt the thought of wife and daughters entered your head with your fist stuck in the cookie jar. Loyalty and fidelity are not your catch-cry obviously; not this Aquarian’s either, it seems.

Astrology tells me that this sheila would be too much hard work on a full-time basis mate; never shuts up; always looking for stimulating conversation in areas way beyond your dumb ass and… needy.   Needy! Don’t get me started, it’s exhausting just looking at her chart.

Got you all excited at first though didn’t she?  She knew which buttons to press and you wanted to fill those needs of hers, didn’t you?  Fill ‘em to the brim and then more…

Venice Carnival. Free picture for your blog or website.Keep her as a mistress mate or park her somewhere and drag her out when you need a rumble in the jungle or whatever role-play you’ve agreed on for that day and keep clear of that arty-farty stuff she keeps going on about; she’s way too high-brow for you, Gerbil.

Maybe give her a gold jacket to match yours. Oh and make sure that she keeps her eye on the job at hand. That’s the way to go; give her a gold jacket and a desk of her own.

So let’s start the business of taking the mask off the gorgeous girl; draw up an astrological analysis of one of Gerbil’s cookies.  I think we shall call her Pussy Galore, what do you reckon?  (Pussy Galore was the Bond girl in Goldfinger.)

Our Pussy’s got Mercury right on the ascendant; ideas, plans galore, plus Neptune and Jupiter cuddled up close in the 11th house.  Big on fantasy this cookie and in Sagittarius as well, now she’d like a costume ball, Gerbil.  Why not take her to the Venice Carnival?

pompadourThe Gran Caffé Lavena is putting on a ‘Chocolate in Costume’ theme in the late arvo or the dinner dance ‘Minuetto’ at the Hotel Danieli on Saturday 2nd February, 2013.

Oh sorry, I forgot; you’re stuck in the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.  What a bummer!

No wonder you wanted bail. Madam Pompadour will find someone else, don’t worry.  Pussy is sure to wear that satin teddie that turns you on so much.  She’ll come across for someone else, mate…  no furries.

There is something else in her chart you need to know, Gerbil.  She has a Grand Trine taking precedence in her personality. She has Sun, Moon and Uranus in an Air element Grand Trine.  This cookie only needs a mirror to talk to Gerbil.

Pussy was all-enthusiastic in the beginning though wasn’t she; so fascinating and you dumb-ass thought it was you, who brought that fascination out in her; that she was fascinated by you.  Yawn…  You just needed to hold up the mirror, Gerbil.

A Grand Trine is a very lonely place to be.  This sex kitten’s stuck in it for life, poor Pussy; bouncing off the walls of the triangle most of the time, never to get out of that threesome of Sun, Moon and Uranus; all that energy in the element of Air, a mental realm.  Everything happens for her in the mind. No wonder the need for fantasy.

It’s all rather interesting to observe from the outside, Gerbil. Did you know that when she dressed up in all that sexy gear and you role-played with her, it was because Pussy needed to see the lust reflected in your eyes for her to achieve a heightened sense of satisfaction; her priority was the Pussy’s needs, not Gerbils.

passionrachelclapboardNo Gerbil, it wasn’t your performance in the cot; that you’re hot to trot, though you did have a good teacher when you were a young rat didn’t you. My memory’s slipping was it ’92 or ’93?

You know what a woman wants, or at least you think you do.

Pussy knows how to work you.  It was the reflection of her own performance that she needed to see; the power of seduction and the weakness of your lust, rather than how skilled you were.

Did she look at you, as she does with all men; with disdain and disgust?  Pussy has Pluto in the 9th house.  She would see power as residing in the realm of superiority, of higher learning and elitism, not in the 7th house of a committed relationship. A committed relationship for her is the realm of the Moon; a Moon which is busy in that Grand Trine of hers, bouncing off the walls.

Hmmm, a tough one! Pussy needs a relationship with a significant other, but she fills the need herself.

Oh boy you two thought you were going to go places in the real-estate game didn’t you?  Interesting push there from her mother with Uranus in the 10th house and the cusp in Libra.

This little cookie has had several careers; real estate is just her latest.  I find these sweet things get pretty frustrated as a result of swinging back and forth as they sit on the seesaw; prevaricating about their careers, but I digress.

I’ve just drawn up a composite chart on you two – Gerbil and Pussy; Pussy and Gerbil.

A composite chart is when you put two natal birth wheels together and ask the computer to do its magic and come up with a chart of what a relationship between these two would be like. Not a bi-wheel but a composite wheel.  A bi-wheel is two individuals, which we can compare and analyse; whereas a composite chart is ‘the relationship’ of a couple of individuals.

The computer creates the composite by a combination of the midpoint pictures of the two individuals.  It is not a snapshot of time.  It is a combination of planetary positions.  The composite wheel exists only as a mass of entrails we can poke around.  In our case rats guts and the contents of the guts, namely one partially digested cookie.

Rats and cookies wouldn’t normally hold my attention long enough, but for the sake of posterity lets put our sticky fingers into the cookie-jar and see what we can find.  I have my glass of milk ready and the cat’s got the cream.

Composite- G+PNo points for guessing what zodiac sign’s on the red highlighted Ascendant… Scorpio.

This relationship began with sex and will get bound up as it progresses with something more serious with the opposite side (the Descendant), which is in Taurus; that’s money.  Money binds the rat and his cookie.

The lust for money is a powerful aphrodisiac.

While we are in Taurus, we note that Saturn (highlighted in blue) is there in the 7th house.  This is far too serious for a couple who are having an affair behind someone’s back.

The cheese and kisses is not in the frame; she knows not what they doeth.  These two are not free to carry on in public as if they are in a 7th house relationship. That’s the cheese and kisses role, Gerbil.

Did this couple believe their behaviour was beyond the morals of common folk?  This is the fantasy, the elitism that Pussy lives by;  that same fantasy, the learned parental modeling, Gerbil received at home according to our earlier enquiries.

Mind you, Saturn is in the zodiac sign of money and we also note that Saturn is the handle of the fan for all those planets on the left-hand side of the wheel. That means Saturn and the planetary symbology of Saturn in Taurus runs the show, fans the fire of this relationship.

I think I’m going to need something stronger to drink; where’s the G&T, cat?

The Moon in this relationship is in a similar position to Gerbil’s natal chart, so his need for love is the driver for him here.  The sad part is that this Composite Moon is in a Grand Trine (see red lines) with Jupiter and the MC; a disastrous self-fulfilling prophesy.

This time the Grand Trine is in the element of Water: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.  Round and round we go, bouncing off the walls of the triangle:  emotional need for love, inflated sexual desire, a successful career; all a recipe for disaster.

The rat is going to get wet.  Sodden cookies don’t appeal either.

The Grand Trine reveals that Gerbil was in this relationship to have his emotional and sexual needs met while his wife was busy fulfilling their children’s needs. It’s only by this roundabout need of his and Cookie’s practiced role-playing abilities, that they are able to keep the wool pulled over the cheese and kisses’ eyes for all that time.

Pussy meanwhile is caught up in the fantasy element of the relationship; the soul-mate dream. Silly Pussy…  The composite reveals the 2nd house answer to this scenario; Venus, Neptune and Sun all exact conjunction at the first minutes of Sagittarius (highlighted in green).  This is a relationship impossible to live up to.  Talk about dream the impossible dream…

Eventually something had to give and it was the career corner of the trine, as it turns out.  The cookie jar of money, emptied. No Grand Trine=no relationship with Pussy.  What was a Gerbil to do?

We know the relationship had to come to an abrupt end as Mars (masculine energy) and Uranus (sudden changes) are in the 12th house (highlighted turquoise) in the composite chart.

The end could even come to a climax perhaps by Uranus’ other symbolism, modern technology.  This could all end as simply as a confrontation (Mars) over the ‘phone (Uranus).

At the time of the breakup, Jupiter was transiting the composite wheel’s 7th house Saturn. We know that anything Jupiter touches, it inflates.  That’s inflating the fire!  It’s all too much for Pussy; she’ll get her paws burnt.  The dirty rat had betrayed her as well; he’d been tom-catting.

It took the symbolism of Jupiter (the police) to walk in the room and tell Pussy that she was not the only kitten in the litter tray.