Double trouble Part 2

A quick recap…   John McCormick Jnr and (Lloyd) Eric Larsfolk disappeared without a trace on 24 August 1981 in Caledon, Ontario in Canada. The teenagers were last seen together at John’s home, by his sister Kim. The clock revealed the time as 5.30pm.

My previous post, Double Trouble Part 1 explored the planetary positions at the time of the boy’s births as well as a person of interest.  We explored the interaction of planetary positions at 5.30 and the interaction between the two times.

As a result of my inquiry I included a later time (about half an hour after sunset) as a second point of reference in our search for two lost souls.

In effect I made things more complicated for myself, however I trust it reinforces my method of revealing the events of that fateful night.  This second line of inquiry is referred to as ‘After dark’.

Astrology provides us with the backdrop of the zodiac and modern technology; the software produces the wheels.  The rest is math, astronomy and experience.

Astrology notes: The first thing we need to know is that when you’re in my company, the Ascendant – Descendant line is always horizontal on a horoscope wheel . Ascendant is on the left and Descendant on the right.   This is the basis from where we operate – a level playing field.

In the real world the horizon is determined by where in the world an individual is (distance from the equator) or where an event takes place. There’s probably a heap more science to working this out, but this is my handle on it.  We don’t need to know how to calculate it – the software engineers have done the math. Thanks Dennis.

In the charts my computer generates (Placidus system), instead of the horizon line moving, the software does the calculations and moves the MC/IC axis accordingly.  That means that the MC is rarely at the 12 o’clock point on a wheel (top centre).  On the wheels my computer produces, the line of the axis is in a heavier font, a darker line.

We just need to know that the angle of the axis can and does, vary quite a lot.  Thank goodness for technology is all I can say.

When the horizon was at 24 degrees Taurus a person of interest to this case, was born.  For our purposes, their ascendant is exactly that 24 degree Taurus – highlighted in green.  This is the first horoscope bi-wheel. The second shows us an ascendant of 10 degrees Capricorn, also highlighted in green.  The third is 18 degrees Pisces.

The image is of three bi-wheels, which have been flipped vertically in order to align the topsy-turvy world of an astrologer where north is at the bottom rather than the top, to the cartographer’s North – our maps system; all in alignment; north to north.

The first two bi-wheels relate to the time that the boys were last seen by John’s sister – 5.30 pm on 24 August and the third bi-wheel at a later time, After Dark.

The first bi-wheel on the left is from the perspective of the person (the inner-wheel) and the outer-wheel is a snapshot taken at 5.30pm – an event.  Note that the ascendant always belongs to the inner-wheel, the perspective.  In this case it is the POI, so what can the POI tell us about the event?

We know from the previous post that we have created the red line as a result of synchronicity between planets across a range of wheels and that the natal horoscope wheel of our POI has Mars on the red line and that Pluto and the Nodal axis straddle the red-line thereby creating a midpoint.  Those positions are highlighted for us to see again on the inner-wheel.

  • Natal Mars (on the red-line) = male energy, excessive force expended
  • Natal Pluto/Node midpoint (on the red-line) = Pluto, the death indicator creates a major impact on the public arena
  • At 5.30 that very same natal Pluto (inner-wheel) has received, by conjunction, the transiting nodal axis – family.  The death in the family is coming into alignment.  This is a personal matter not public.  It will play out on the public arena, however the matter is personal.
  • At 5.30 transiting Mars and node straddle the M.C. Mars/Node = confrontational action with a family member.
  • At 5.30 transiting Uranus is at the descendant.  Sudden changes are about to happen in a relationship.

It appears that this POI is a family member of one of the boys and from what the planetary indicators reveal, he is male; that he plays a part in their disappearance by a sudden change in behaviour; he will become confrontational and will use excessive force.

The second bi-wheel, from the clock on the wall’s perspective, tells us that by 5.30, we already know the events that are to follow that same night.

  • Transiting Sun/Mercury straddle the red-line. We could interpret this as another locator to where the boys lie, as the meaning of Sun/Mercury relates to who has the final word.
  • The transiting Node is conjunct the POI’s natal M.C. This family event will bring the POI into the public arena.
  • Transiting Neptune is on the red-line.  All is awry again.

I seem to remember a similar position of Neptune  when all was in awry – where we left off in the first post.  Neptune is another water indicator. I am reminded of the marshy swamps of the Camargue and Neptune.

The third bi-wheel confirms what Eric and John indicated to us earlier, that this is the time of their deaths.  The clock at approximately half an hour after sunset on 24 August, 1981 reveals in it’s interaction with the POI.

  • Transiting Saturn, the direction finder for a body is exact at the red-line of the POI.  This is the clincher indication.
  • Transiting Pluto is exact conjunct to the POI’s natal nodal axis. Death to a family member.

In my opinion as a result of the above planetary indicators, I cannot exclude the P.O.I  from the events of that evening at both locations.

I am obliged at this point to reveal the name of this individual for the sake of the innocent.  As at 2012 as I write this post, according to my source he is deceased.  The person of interest, the POI, is John McCormick Snr.  He is the father of one of the boys, John McCormick Jnr.

Now to find a way home…  Thanks to Google maps we now take the last step and superimpose the wheels over a map of the locality, centering the wheels at the point they refer to.  The 5.30 wheels – at the house and the After Dark wheels – at the location as given to me, of the farm vehicle (the Chevy).

I would prefer to double-check this second location and compare with the OPP original notes, however as this is not possible, I can only give an approximate location to where the second focus of recovery might be.  In hindsight, this second focus is my preference.

All three individuals have, in their own way shown us that Saturn points the way – not once, not twice, but three times.  That to me is perfect triangulation of the method I use of finding a lost soul or as is this case, two lost souls.  I will use just two wheels and store the rest, for they all point the same way and at the same degree.

From my method of location, the indications are that the bodies lie along one of these lines.  I would choose the second red-line and within the swamp of the protected forest.  My reasons are subjective, for it has been impossible not to have been touched myself, working with this case.

Eric led the way, let John Jnr hold our hand at the end.  I zoom in to where After Dark intersects the swamp within a swath of protected forest.  Allow me to share what I see, once I zoom in – I see a broken heart within the protected swath of forest, in the swamp.

If I were to choose a place for a memorial to these young hearts, it would be there.

RIP Lloyd Eric Larsfolk   RIP John McCormick Jnr.

Star-crossed lovers

Hubble, bubble toil and trouble!  Before I even start to write this post of the connections between the pair of star-crossed lovers, I have one of the Fates poking me in the back of the head insisting that I reveal their impact on my research, first.

“Now…” she says.  “Tell them now.”  I usually do as I am told, so here goes.

In order to approach a study of synastry, following the casting of the two horoscopes, the next step is to reveal the Sun/Moon midpoints of the couple in question – preparing the way for Venus, is how I like to think of it.  We have the birth data and wheels for the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay and the victim, his wife Allison Baden-Clay (nee Dickie) before us already.

In my research, I needed to do a little math at this point and as you know, math is not my forte, so Time Cycles Research software comes to the rescue. The point where the Sun and Moon are equidistant in a 360 degrees circle / a horoscope wheel, is called the Sun/Moon midpoint.  In plain language it’s the halfway point between the two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, at the time of an individual’s birth.

This Sun/Moon midpoint is the point of our inner marriage; where our female and male aspects meet; our yin and yang; where an individual’s life purpose is revealed.  This point holds great weight in the overall scheme of things and any interaction with this midpoint is of primary significance, as you can imagine.

The Moon crosses this point every month; the Sun, every year and the planets according to their particular orbits.  Due to the latitude and longitude, every place on our planet Earth has a differing degree of angle as well, at any given time.  There are a myriad of calculations to be made.

At the time of Allison Baden-Clay’s birth, the Sun was at 09degrees Cancer and the Moon 05degrees Virgo.  My computer calculated for me that her Sun/Moon midpoint is at 07 degrees Leo.

At the time of Gerard Baden-Clay’s birth, the Sun was at 16 degrees Virgo and the Moon 19 degrees Sagittarius.  His Sun/Moon midpoint is at 02 degrees Scorpio.

Mac Bethad mac Findláich! We enter another realm, as we take the snapshot of the heavens at 11.55pm on 19 April, 2012 (the time, which I have previously rectified as being the time of the murder).

The wheel reveals that both of these Sun/Moon midpoints are exactly, in conjunction, precisely…. (insert drum roll) ……  at the Angles.

Yikes! Heavens to Betsy! Holey Dooley! Struth Ruth!  Duck under the covers if you must. Coincidence?  I don’t think so. That’s two of the big bells tolling.   And they toll for thee.  Not one Sun/Moon midpoint exact an angle, but two. What are the odds of that happening?

An author by the name of Doris Chase Doone wrote a book many moons ago called “Astrology: 30 years of research.”

There’s a heap of math in this book and on one of the pages she writes… the smallest number of different astrology factor combinations is 5.3937075 times 10 to the power of 58. Them’s long odds folks – I think that is something like 539,370,750,000 plus another 50 odd zeros after that…. to 1!!!!!!

There I’ve said it now and the Fates can wait for their interpretation of what that means, as I hear the swirling robes of Venus approaching. I take a deep breath, uncross my eyes and appear suitably subservient as the Goddess of Desire enters the room.

When we interact with others to form relationships of any kind, the individual energies of our birth horoscopes form a special relationship with an-other individual’s energies. The resulting interplay creates a picture, which is as complex and unique as our own selves.

So when we combine horoscopes (birth wheels) to create a bi-wheel, we have an event, which stands alone for our interpretation. We can view the synastry from the aspect of each of the individuals by reversing the order of whoever is at the centre of the wheel. Let me demonstrate:

We have stellium impacting hugely again (see post Stella who? for background on stellium).

In synastry, we as astrologers, interpret how the outer wheel impacts on the inner wheel; how the inner views the outer as useful to them, as a strength to draw on; or in a negative sense, how the inner wheel is overshadowed or imposed upon by the outer.  By creating a bi-wheel, it is as if time stands still and a transit never ends; a transit, which can be magical or it can be your biggest nightmare.  This one started as magic.

Ideally a decent spread of planets is more likely to find compatibility in synastry.  We have intensity in both of these bi-wheels.  Intensity is difficult to sustain over time as energies are channelled in different directions.

Venus is in the room, however she is a team player today and defers, very graciously, to the stellium. We know that the Sun represents the ‘wants’ and the Moon the ‘needs’ of an individual, however the rest of the planets flesh out our bones, our character.  Let’s look at what the first bi-wheel can create for us in a brief interpretation.

Allison’s viewpoint is the first bi-wheel. Her birth is the inner wheel and so we view the potential from her standpoint. The young suitor is before us. We know that Allison’s strongest suit is communication. Her wants in a partner are security (Sun in the zodiac sign Cancer); her needs are to get ‘it’ right by the means of communication (Moon in Virgo). The intensity of the stellium takes over in the third house of communication.

Her Jupiter, Moon, Pluto and Uranus are in the same house as her suitor’s South Node, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Pluto and his Uranus comes off the bench to join the stellium at the cusp.  Uranus has to be included here.   That’s one heck of a lot of intensity for any young woman to be overwhelmed by.

Just briefly again: Jupiter (making bigger) Moon (needs) Pluto (powerful) Uranus (buzz) meets South Node (potentially public figure) Mars (action man) Sun (wants) Mercury (communication) Pluto (power and perspective) and Uranus (buzz). This young woman would not have the experience to be aware of the complicated relationship the accused has with his mother (South Node, Mars conjunction).

There’s more than a few sparks flying here.  It is electric.  The accused’s Uranus has been sitting on the sidelines and now getting to be part of the action!

My view – our young beauty was totally swept away by the emotional impact and believed she had met a man with whom she could communicate on a level beyond her wildest dreams – her soul mate.

In time her viewpoint would change, however that is for another post and another day.

The accused’s viewpoint is the second bi-wheel.  His birth is the inner wheel and so we view the potential relationship from his standpoint.  His wants (Sun in Virgo) are in the second house of money, material gain by communication and his needs (Moon in Sagittarius) to have his opinions respected, are in the fifth house (receiving of love).

The outer wheel (Allison’s) primary stellium is in the eleventh house (giving of love) opposite his Moon (needs). He sees a young woman who can fulfill his inflated (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) need for love and provide advancement for his wants (material gain by communication).

The second large grouping over the first and second houses (the accused’s ego/persona and material/money houses) Have intense conjunctions as well.

In the first house, his ‘mother issue’ (South Node, Mars) has Allison’s support of Jupiter and Moon.  He is likely to interpret this as that he fulfills Allison’s maternal need to nurture (by his presence in her life).  This is bound to be a future problem area, particularly once children come along. How his ego handles this will be determined by how emotionally mature or immature, he is.

The second house contains Allison’s Pluto and Uranus (power and buzz), which give his Sun, Mercury and Pluto an extra jolt of electricity/buzz.  With Pluto together in the same house, the accused would be likely to assume that this would provide a doubly powerful perspective, hers in-line with his.  We all know that to ass-u-me is not a good idea.

The young lady sees a soul-mate with whom she can communicate; a man who can provide her with security and the young man sees a potential partner who can advance his way in the world and satisfy his emotionally-damaged need for love.