Tania Ebert Pt.2

Continuation from Pt 1.      8th August 2017: 3:20pm, Adelaide, South Australia – a family caught on CCTV in Adelaide – 5 hours from home.  Home is Oulnina, is a sheep station in NE of South Australia.

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Having a precise time gives us an opportunity to have a perspective of a horoscope and interpret how the transits, angles and house placements create tension in the natal charts for each of the married couple.

The all-important angles of the mid-heaven give us the place in time, and the ascendant the time of the event.   This is the pattern in the heavens over Adelaide on this date.

  • Ascendant at 18°Capricorn brings to mind the Serbian astrology focus on the number 18 as kill, or be killed (metaphorically).
  • Pluto conjunct ascendant indicates a power struggle and tends to be highly indicative of a break in a relationship.
  • Descendant and cusp of the 7th house (marriage) reveals the midpoint of asteroid Ceres (nurturing sustance) and the Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny).
  • Transiting Jupiter is square the horizon line, inflating the tension.  The marriage is likely at an end for both parties.
  • The 12th house (mental weaknesses/that which is unseen) contains a stellium of potential conflict in the heavens – murderous, suicidal, spouses – all tumbled together.  The house cusp is opinionated Sagittarius, however Capricorn is the dominant intercepted problem; control.
  • The position of transiting Phaeton (vehicle) is quindecile (obsessive/compulsive) Hylonome (suicide flag) as well as mirroring BML-Saturn.  This is the weakest link at this time in space….   controlling the dynamic of the relationship

How many couples do we know who communicate while traveling… the family outing provided a travel-time of 10 hours

We generate a bi-wheel from the perspective of the 3:20pm time in Adelaide, aligning the natal chart for Michael Burdon to the original chart’s zodiac. Immediately we note confirmation that the image in indeed of the family with natal asteroid Photographica #443 exact the Ascendant together with transiting Pluto.

  • Natal Sun-Moon-Mors and Mercury are all in the pst house and under varying degrees of tension
  • Transiting Mercury-Vesta is quincunx the undercurrent of self-sabotage. Quincunx is, at worst, embracing tension with a disregard for the consequences of action taken by a character. With 9th house transiting Mercury generating the quincunx tension, we know that the pressure is communication and in the realm of fantasy, rather than reason.
  • Transiting Uranus; generating sudden changes in behaviour is square natal Saturn Rx in the 7th house. This is indeed a malefic indication in a chart and with the natal Saturn being in retrograde, early male mentoring has left the male-female skills, lacking in mature behaviour.
  • Transiting Neptune square natal Neptune happens to all of us. Those with an afflicted natal Neptune are more influenced than others. Can be a cloud of depression, excessive intake of alcohol/drugs, or an opportunity to open to the unknown.
  • Jupiter inflates whatever it is in contact with. Transiting Jupiter 18Libra is in the mirror of natal 18Aries Jupiter PLUS quincunx natal Lunar South Node. Jupiter inflates whatever it is in contact with.

Note from Part 1… “Michael Burdon does not have any major planets in Taurus, however the Lunar South Node is at 18°Taurus. This is indicative of the outcome of any aberrant behaviour… a quick check of the natal chart for Tania reveals natal 17:54°Scorpio Nessus (abuse of trust) holding up the mirror by opposition to Michael Burdon’s Lunar South Node.”

This is the red-flag for this chart – hyper-inflated reaction to an abuse of trust between the couple.

  • BML/Mean apogee (weakest link in the heavens at 3:20pm) is quincunx Michael Burdon’s Lunar South Node. He no longer gives a damn…

There are NOT enough malefic indications to suggest that Michael Burdon planned the murder of his wife. If anything, he is prepared to walk away from the marriage.

If the 3:20pm time appears to be a defining time for Michael Burdon on 8th August 2017, it’s not over yet.

  • At 23°Cancer, AP Fortuna (destiny) mirrors 22:21°Capricorn, natal Neptune – destiny indicates the unknown; her disappearance.
    • Neptune at the Ascendant is indicative that the disappearance is likely of her own accord; the 1st house is the physical body and the cusp, ruled by Saturn – self-control.
  • Transiting 17:27°Capricorn, Pluto is opposite natal 16:35°Cancer mid-range Moon; at the descendant and cusp of the house of marriage.
    • In Pt.1 we determined that Tania’s driving force is her personal needs; i.e. natal Moon.
  • Transiting 28:31°Aries, Uranus quincunx natal 28:04°Scorpio, Pluto-North Node – rebellion in the heavens triggers a potential relocation away from her personal mother-complex.
  • Transiting 24:11°Leo, Lunar North Node quincunx natal 24:33°Capricorn, Uranus – disregard for consequences in relation to marriage.
  • Transiting 12:03 Leo, Mars quincunx natal 12:21Pisces, Venus – disregard for lack of finances.

When interviewed, Michael Burton stated that Tania left the vehicle and her children on their return journey at 7pm; walking away from the marriage with nothing more than $2,000 in cash.

The location – Roseworthy. The vehicle was later caught on video at Riverton, but no identification of occupants of the family vehicle was able to be made from images provided to police.

Having tracked the heavens transits from 3:20pm to a reported sighting at 4:45pm in Adelaide; from 7pm in Roseworthy to a 7:36pm vehicle sighting in Riverton, and again at the approximate time of filing of the Missing Person Report by a family member in Gawler, South Australia at 10:30am, 10th August 2017. We have times go interest to us at the all-important angles.

  • 7pm 8th August 2017: Location – Roseworthy when Tania Ebert is (as per Michael Burton) walked away from her husband and two children.
  • 10:30am 10th August 2017 – Missing Person Report filed with SAPOL in Gawler, South Australia

Roseworthy is a town located at the intersection of two highways. One north and home; the other east to the eastern states.

Again, in hindsight we explore the transits allowing for potential weakness in the parties present at 7pm.

  • Arabian Part Fortuna/Mercury-Vesta = descendant/cusp of the astrology house of a marriage. This aspect together with Moon conjunct Lunar South Node is indicative of the ending of the marriage, as well.
  • Juno as the partner to each of the adults is also equidistant the malefics, Saturn and Pluto.
  • Saturn Rx is also quindecile the cusp of the 5th house (house of children). We have to ask the question at this point as to whether the children sacrifice is for the price of freedom.
  • Saturn quincunx Vertex (significant life-changing event) – disregard for physical situation.
  • BML holds up the mirror to asteroid Phaeton (vehicle). The weakest link in the heavens for Tania, is that by walking away, she has no vehicle to drive into her future. Not a healthy situation in the outback.
  • Sun (date on the calendar) conjunct Atropos – cutting the cords; plus quincunx Pluto. Shall we say that any parting would not likely be amicable.

With this perspective, we view the horoscope for Tania Ebert. Charts rotate anticlockwise over time as we know it – note that the action is now mostly in the 12th house/mental realm. The angles however, hold important information to interpret.

  • Natal Lunar nodal axis is nudging the MC-IC axis. This is indicative that the location is relevant for a traumatic incident involving natal Pluto-Ixion.
  • The timing meanwhile, is the horizontal axis where natal Sun-Saturn conjunct Ascendant: classical interpretation = a likely threat to the physical body by actions taken at this time. Saturn is one of the major malefic planets in astrology. Together with the Sun is indicative of revealing one’s true self/ego revealed.

I would expect this chart to reveal a departure in a rage by Tania Ebert. If her departure was the end of the matter remains to be seen. Whether a more sinister result eventuated between the couple, we need to check the more authoritative time; the MPR. 

10:30am 10th August, 2017

Michael Burdon’s horoscope viewed through the perspective of the time of the Missing Person Report.

  • On 10th August the Sun is exact Atropos and quincunx Pluto in the heavens indicating a major change in life; a cutting of cords.
  • Sun (date on the calendar) square natal Lunar Nodal axis indicates the trauma experienced by Michael Burton.
  • 10°Cancer Venus and Mercury-Vesta 11°Virgo being just 30degrees from each other generate joint focus with Michael Burdon’s natal 10°Aquarius Sun-Moon-Mors.
  • Venus-Mercury form a weak connection of idealism finalising the death-wish for this male. Particularly so when we note that transiting Venus is now exact Burdon’s asteroid Hylonome 10°Cancer.

This chart is indicative more of the upcoming suicide of Michael Burdon, rather than the disappearance of Tania Ebert.

The Missing Person Report view of the horoscope for Tania Ebert.

  • Natal Juno is at the Ascendant indicating her spouse is where the focus needs to be as the Ascendant determines the timing of all charts.
  • Just as Tania’s horoscope is heavily focused on a Water Grand Trine, so is the disappearance with another emotionally charged event; albeit self-contained rather than under tension.
  • Transiting Nemesis conjunct natal Uranus at the IC. This aspect is indicative that leaving home will lead to a nemesis.
  • Natal Moon is at the mid-heaven and natal Neptune is at the IC, which unfortunately is so often indicative of a matter of a Missing Person Report remaining unresolved; hidden from view.

Postscript:  Between 2.30pm on Wednesday, 16th August when police held a media conference to announce that they were treating Tania Ebert’s disappearance as a murder inquiry… and 5pm that same day, Michael Burton shot and killed himself at Oulnina Station.


Australia Day

aussiedayBoxing Day and Australia Day are the two big days for Aussies; by tradition they head to the beach.

This year is no different.  It’s the middle of summer, the sun is shining and three young kids, catch a bus rather than ride their bikes to Glenelg Beach, South Australia.

Apart from being the year that decimal currency was introduced, there is another reason that this year touched the hearts of a nation.  On Australia Day, the 26th January 1966, the Beaumont children disappeared.  It would not be a stretch of the imagination to say, that Australia lost her innocence on that day.

kids-pixLeaving home at 10am, siblings Jane aged 9, her younger sister Arnna aged 7 and the youngest Grant, a little boy of just 4 set off together to go for a cooling dip in the ocean.

They were due to catch the 12 o’clock bus home; a mere fifteen-minute bus-ride from A to B.

Following their disappearance, eye-witnesses stepped forward to confirm that the children had made their trip to the beach; there were sightings at the beach in the company of a man and then nothing, silence.  The kiddies didn’t catch the bus home and were never seen again.

Their mother waited at the bus-stop in vain.  Despite a frantic father’s search; by SAPOL and the nation, the children’s abductor remained at large and bodies were never found.

It is Australia Day again as I write this post, some 47 years later.  The memory has long been imprinted on the national psyche.

As I commence a forensic astrology enquiry, I need to state that astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted as evidence in a court of law or in any official capacity by the police forces of this nation.  It is up to the powers that be, to accept the evidence of the heavens, in due course.

Following an internet search to garner birth data and locations (thanks Russell Brown, you saved me many hours of research), we turn to our friend Google Maps in order to draw up our locator angle.  This is our information:

  • home address of the children, Somerton Park
  • destination of the bus, Glenelg Beach
  • birth dates of the children
  • suspected paedophiles/persons of interest

We can take it for granted that the children were abducted at the least, as it is hardly likely that all three would have some sort of an accident and their bodies not be found. Were they murdered as well or whisked off to America, as some would have us believe?

Further research bore fruit, providing birth data for two of the four suspects.  As a process of elimination, rather than undertake an extensive search for the missing two’s information, we have created charts for the two paedophiles on record.  Both male suspects’ astrology bi-wheels proved enlightening for different reasons.

Apart from the astrology results here, which very clearly indicate who the abductor was, an American psychological study online brought me my final confirmation – Percy admitted at a later date to having been present at the beach at the same time as the children.

MAP#1-Beaumont click for full size of images

We begin our enquiry.  Point A is the bus stop at Glenelg Beach and Point B is the home of the children.  We draw a red line, as the crow flies, to connect the two locations.  This is our primary locator angle, used to connect the children to the event; to confirm that an event took place.

Following standing on our heads in order to align north to north oops… no we didn’t.  We flipped all three bi-wheels vertically (see methodology), we transpose the locator angle, which was determined from the map – the red line.

Beaumont-tripleWe have created bi-wheels for all three children, Jane Nartare Beaumont aged 9, Arnna Kathleen Beaumont aged 7 and Grant Ellis Beaumont aged 4.

  • The inner wheel in all three bi-wheels is a snapshot of the heavens at 10am on 26th January 1966 in Adelaide, South Australia.  This is the position of the planets overhead at the time when the children left the safety of their home.  If they had turned their faces to the heavens this is what they would have seen pictured against the map of the zodiac.
  • The outer wheel is each child’s birth-day snapshot, aligned to the planetary positions of the event, their departure to catch the bus.

Instantly an astrologer will recognise why this is a memorable event. Precisely at 10am on that eventful day in Adelaide, the constellation of stars on the horizon was at zero degrees Aries; a cardinal point Ascendant.

This is the very first point in astrology; symbolism of the beginning of the year.  As we noted, innocence lost.

The Descendant is, by nature the mirror and also cardinal, zero degrees Libra.  What is unusual is that on this occasion, cardinal North and South align exactly as well. Zero degrees at all the angles – see highlighted magenta/pink in the first bi-wheel.

The significance is not missed.  The children are lost. Jane has the planet Saturn, the grim reaper and Moon (child indicator) on the red line and Arnna has her Sun on the red line.  Initially Grant is not involved, but he is not away safe by any means.

Looking at the event chart primarily (the inner wheel) we can see that Pluto, the forensic planet and death indicator (loss of ultimate power) is conjunct Uranus = sudden changes in power.  This is a time of stranger danger.  This is reinforced by the third house hiding the zodiac Gemini (highlighted magenta/pink).  The third house is communication and Gemini can be the trickster or the liar.  Jupiter is also in this house inflating the Gemini effect.

Chart #1 is what Jane has to tell us.

 Firstly, while we are in the third house we note that the nodal axis of the event is exact conjunct to Jane’s nodal axis all highlighted in green.  We can suggest that this is Jane’s karmic event; the fates have stepped in here and we are in a public place. 

The fates could be indicators as well and so we create a green locator angle here.

Highlighted in turquoise Jane’s Sun opposite Mars intersects the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the event.  This is also a major locator direction (turquoise), which we will refer back to later. With Mars in the action, Jane would most likely have been the first target of the abductor; the stranger danger.

The Sun-Venus conjunction in the event (yellow) can for us, represent the children happily playing in the sunshine and with Jane’s planet Uranus in opposition reveals the sudden change of events.

Additional major astrology in Jane’s biwheel if you wish to explore deeper are:  Saturn/Moon=Mars;  Mars square Saturn-Moon and Mercury square Neptune.

Chart #2: Arnna meanwhile has not escaped the grim reaper.  The second bi-wheel brings her voice to the fore:

The Moon is square to her Saturn, a child’s death. Mars square Mars, accentuates the violence. The Sun-Venus conjunction (children in the Sun event) highlighted in yellow is square to her Neptune.  Arnna tells us that the children have become victim of a Scorpio Neptune (sexual fantasy).

Chart #3 The third bi-wheel and the youngest child Grant, reveals the obsession of the abductor.  Grant would have been his ultimate target.

The obsession is indicated by a quindecile, highlighted in red, between the Moon of the event (the emotional need of the abductor) in strong tension with this child’s Pluto and Mars.  The perpetrator needs to overpower the male, perceived as a threat.  The child represents all things masculine.

As bizarre as this seems to a normal person, the adult male perpetrator could be threatened by the child’s presence, which would in all likelihood relate to the perpetrator’s own childhood experiences.

There are other indicators, which we don’t need to explore here. They are highlighted in Grant’s bi-wheel.

Event-suspectsTurning to our two persons of interest, we note that the red line indicator does not intersect with any planets of note.   Neither of our suspects is going to tell us where the children are.

The first bi-wheel is Arthur Stanley Brown, a well known paedophile active in that era.  His bi-wheel reveals his obsession with children in the sun and this Beaumont case, having natal Mars quindecile the Sun-Venus of the event.  His Sun is square to the Mars of the event – he would like to be seen as the perpetrator.

Brown’s ego would have basked in being a suspect in this case.  His Mercury is square to the Sun-Venus conjunction.  Brown would have talked about the case quite a lot. He is long dead now; died in 2002.

Brown is not the perpetrator of the Beaumont children’s abduction and murder, whereas the astrology indicators of our second POI bi-wheel is a far different story.  It tolls the bell for these missing children.

Derek Ernest Percy was not yet 18 years of age when the abduction and murder of the Beaumont children took place. He is the paedophile we are after.  Percy is still alive and in an insane asylum – has been for more than forty years.

Our evidence is overwhelming.  Percy was born with the Moon opposite Pluto.  Death has been a preoccupation all his life. He was also born Mars conjunct the nodal axis, a parental obsession and also a fame of notoriety.

  • On Australia Day 1966 the planet alignment of Saturn quindecile Saturn indicates an obsession with the grim reaper.
  • The Moon on Australia Day was in opposition to his Sun giving him the full moon ‘lunacy’ effect, while intersecting the stranger danger aspect at the same time.
  • The children in the sun aspect is mirroring his own inner child (Venus).
  • Natal Uranus is at the I.C.  Sudden changes are underlying the event.

The identikit first released terrified all the children who saw the news on television or saw the front page of every newspaper.  It would have frightened a lot of adults as well for the detail of the eyes was not included.

identikitPercyThis was in all probability purposeful and a signature of the artist, however apart from looking like an alien from a different planet it is chilling in its accuracy when put beside a photograph of Derek Ernest Percy, taken around that age.

As to the locators of where the Beaumont children’s remains may be secreted, we superimpose the bi-wheel of the eldest child, Jane centred over her home in Somerton Park.  It is highly likely that both the turquoise line and the green line will prove to be of significance.

We know that the red line intersecting the bi-wheel connects the children’s home and the beach, whereas the green line is the nodal axis and more than likely connected to the point of abduction, a public place.

Jane does indicate that this green line is also related to her in particular.  Is this where she faltered or faulted?  You cannot bear any responsibility Jane.

MAP#2-Beaumont-locatorclick on image for full size

The turquoise line in all probability relates to the perpetrator and/or a location of the children’s remains.

Jane indicates with her Mars and her Sun intersecting stranger danger and the grim reaper.  She is trying with all her might (Mars-Sun) to indicate to us of  her death by the stranger, Derek Ernest Percy.  Even a seventeen year-old youth is stranger danger, kids.

I am confident that the children’s remains lie somewhere along the turquoise line.  The heavens told me so…

For those interested, there are books and documentaries on this case as well as plenty of mainstream media coverage online, although I have not seen or read any of it.  I believe even just last month a male in the USA was claiming to be Grant Beaumont.

One only needs to type Beaumont children into a search engine; I did and that was enough for me.  Paedophilia is a very frightening realm to visit. Thank you for sharing the journey with me.

Sleuthing with social media

a social media perspective continues…

We are still in Adelaide, South Australia.  The social media page  Missing Person, Rachael Moritz has been removed from public view without comment from the administrator and the 14,000+ public who supported the page remain at a loss as to what is happening in relation to the missing person.

facebook-profile-RMIs Rachael Ann Moritz still missing?  Police have no reason to believe that she has been harmed or is being held against her will, however her status remains a missing person.

Conjecture has been rife across the international community online.  The SAPOL wall as well as an online sleuthing site continue to provide a place for the public to communicate; filling the public’s need due to the lack of contact with the family; the family who first raised the alarm.

We, the public have been led to believe that Rachel was not missing until after 23rd December after she made a phone call or sms to her mother, saying that she was staying with friends at Greenacres for a few days.

I find it curious that Rachel was believed to be living at home and yet her family had not seen her since the evening of 21st December.  There is a contradiction here.  Why the focus on a disappearance on 23rd December and not the 21st?

Conflicting stories came out on the social media pages early and so we shall base our enquiry on her last sighting; late night shopping with her sister on the 21st December.  I believe this date is the date we need to work from.  Allow me to take you on a journey.

  • Midday on 21st December, 2012 a mainstream news story from the previous month was bumped into the public domain once again.  On 21st November, 2012 (one month previously), Rachael Moritz’ car (reported stolen that day) had been used to transport the alleged killers of a man in the Adelaide suburb of Pooraka.  The victim was shot and killed in front of witnesses and Rachael’s car was found burnt out later the same day.
  • The reason that the story had been bumped again was that there were ongoing enquiries in relation to the suspects in the murder case. The murder has been reported as being related to a battle between two bikie gangs, the Hells Angels and the Finks. Rachael’s car was one of two cars used as a vehicle by the gang.

There was no suggestion that Rachael was involved in any way in this crime and we are not suggesting that here either.

burnt carLet’s follow the Mazda story and see what unfolds with the aid of a forensic astrologer’s toolkit.

Stepping back in time to 21st November, we know from mainstream media that Rachael’s car was stolen from the Westfield Shopping Centre carpark, Marion; was driven to a tattoo parlour in Salisbury North, then on to an address in Pooraka where a man was shot and killed.  The Mazda was later found burnt out at another location in Kangarilla.

  • Rachael’s car had a 1 in 5,500 chance of being stolen. That’s how many car spaces there are at Westfield, Marion. The Mazda was driven across town some 38kms to a tattoo parlour in Salisbury North before continuing on a further 13kms to Pooraka where a man was murdered.  Following from there the Mazda was driven across town again for another 50kms to a remote area in Kangarilla where it was torched.

So from when it was stolen until it was burned, the Mazda was driven for 100kms within the boundary of a capital city; was in the public eye, as well as CCTV camera surveillance for more than two hours without being challenged.

As to our enquiry, we have a location of where a car was stolen from in Marion; we have the times when the white Mazda was at a tattoo parlour followed by a murder at another location; all three events on 21st November, 2012.  The first time when the vehicle was stolen is not known (although it is still an event) and we have two clock-timed events.  What we need is a birth chart to progress further with a forensic astrology profile.

We could use the birth chart of Rachel Moritz, however this will only give us information in relation to the vehicle at the first point, from where it was stolen.  We need further information in relation to the vehicle and it has been forthcoming with the assistance of my fellow sleuths online.

Social media has a wealth of information available to the public, given the time to follow up.  This is where the teamwork of sleuths is of greatest value.  You know who you are… MM says, “ tku”.

By following the bread-crumb trail from comments on photos to other pages and other photos, we know that there is a male person who has a possible connection to a Hells Angels North Chapter and also to the owner of a particular vehicle.  We say possible connection at this stage, because it has not been confirmed.  All will be revealed in time as to whether we are correct or not; Saturn is the great leveller.

Please note that this is a subjective enquiry.  Astrology is a pseudo science and does not lay claim to being factual or scientific.  Continuing…

We also have birth data for this male; our person of interest.  Let’s call him Kirk for the sake of our enquiry. We won’t be travelling outside our galaxy nor needing the services of the Starship Enterprise, just yet.  We have no need of science fiction; pseudo science will do.  Our earthbound Kirk can be tracked quite easily within our solar system; planetary movements abound and astrology provides the interpretation of the symbolism of the events.

Using Kirk’s birth data we can create bi-wheels with all three events; the latter two will give us a potentially reliable time of the first event (theft of a motor vehicle).  We can then superimpose each of these bi-wheels over the relevant maps of the terrain and see what astrological symbolism is revealed.

This enquiry is different from journeys we have been on together before with astrology and cartography.   We are now enquiring from already known location points and angles of interest rather than looking for a location. 

We are enquiring as to the possible involvement or elimination of a POI by astrology indicators.  What will the heavens reveal?

MAP-ABCDclick on images for full size.

Our first map reveals the four locations of the events: A= Marion, B=Salisbury North, C=Pooraka and D=Kangarilla.

Connecting the four dots, we have our locator angles to work with.  (Note out of interest that the angle of B to C is virtually identical to C to D.)  So we end up with two locator angles, three events.

Our person of interest was born on a Full Moon; Sun and Moon in opposition.  Lots of crazy stuff happens on full moons, ask any member of law enforcement or an emergency room nurse.

Before we start, I need to share that in astrology, north is at the bottom of a wheel rather than the top as in our maps and so in order to put a bi-wheel over a map of the land, we need to flip the astrology bi-wheel vertically.

MAP-KirkHere is one example – take the third event, the shooting; flip the bi-wheel and superimpose it over the map centred over the final resting place of the Mazda and extend the locator angle from C to D and it intersects the wheel as indicated.

Note that when a bi-wheel is superimposed over the map it is upside down and the angle changes accordingly (if you compare it with the third bi-wheel in the group of three images that follows).

That’s a fact of life folks, when we bring the planets down from the heavens and onto a cartographer’s map.  North must align to north.

However we leave the cartographers at this point and return to astrology.

3xbi-wheelsThree bi-wheels side by side give us the interaction between the three events and our POI, Kirk.  For each bi-wheel, the inner wheel is the clock-time of the event and the outer wheel is the birth data of our POI; the position of the planets in the heavens at the time of Kirk’s birth.

The following is a brief astrology interpretation of events in relation to our person of interest.

  • The car theft #1 and first of the three bi-wheels, Jupiter (the inflater) in the outer wheel, Kirk’s natal chart, is highlighted red and is positioned at the Ascendant point inflating what it touches =  a rush of energy for Kirk’s ego.

Using the locator angle for A to B (as per the map above) we transpose the angle over the first bi-wheel in order to interpret ‘the action’ and see what planetary involvement there might be.

We see, highlighted in turquoise – in the inner wheel at the time of the car theft – the planet Jupiter as representative of the law (as well as inflating the event) on the line.  This time Jupiter is holding up the mirror by being on the opposite side of the wheel, to Kirk’s natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint (also highlighted in turquoise).

The planet Saturn represents the rule-book (authority) and Uranus, sudden changes.

Astrology interpretation = Kirk is present at this event and has a total disregard for the law.

  • The tattoo parlour #2, the second bi-wheel – Kirk’s Mars is at the Midheaven (highlighted yellow) conjunct North Node (a public venue).  This interprets as male action/violence at a public place – the tattoo parlour.

The locator angle B-C reveals Mercury (communication) in the inner wheel highlighted in red, as directly on the line; the locator.

Astrology interpretation = coercion is being undertaken(Mars) in order for someone to reveal certain information (Mercury).

  • The murder scene #3 the third bi-wheel has Saturn in the outer wheel (highlighted in yellow) at the Midheaven; Father Time, the Grim Reaper is present in Kirk’s natal chart. A man dies and Kirk is at the event.

The locator angle C to D indicates Kirk’s Sun (he, himself) is on the locator line.

Astrology indicators are that Kirk is, in all probability, included in the transporting of the vehicle to location D.

Other planetary indications on bi-wheel #3 are highlighted in turquoise:

…. Kirk’s natal Neptune= Mars/Pluto midpoint (of the shooting event).  Astrologically this could be interpreted as a fantasy (Neptune=fantasy – this is Kirk’s fantasy) of his ‘masculine power’ being tested (Mars-Pluto). 

…. Saturn again is present (the death of a man) at the time of the shooting and is situated between the Nodal axis of Kirk’s natal wheel. 

Interpretation with classic astrology: this is a public place where a person is killed/has died and Kirk is present.

Could we question further as to whether Kirk’s inclusion in this whole scenario, was an initiation or a test of some sort?

Returning to 21st December, we know that at midday, the mainstream media released a follow up to the previous month’s crime as referred above. Following on in that day…

  • In the early evening of 21st December, 2012 Rachael and her sister went shopping together according to her sister.
  • Later that evening, Rachael connected a Nokia phone to her personal page on a social media site.
  • Less than an hour later, a person of interest connected a Nokia phone to his social media page.

Is all this a coincidence or is there some common denominator?

Postscript:   Rachael Moritz returned home of her own accord a week after this post was written.  

Update:  18th October, 2013:  

“Rachael Anne Moritz, 20 and Ross William Montgomery, 28 – who police say is a member of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang – were charged with trafficking in a controlled drug and unlawful possession following a police seizure of 50 grams of a substance believed to be methamphetamine and more than AU$41,000 cash.”