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What is a marriage enhancement facilitator?  Nigel Baden-Clay, father of the accused Gerard Baden-Clay prides himself as being just that – big-game hunter, conservationist and marriage enhancement facilitator.  What?  Whose eyes are you trying to slip the wool over?  Big-game hunter and conservationist! That’s got to be an oxymoron before we even start.  Alarm bells are sounding; watch out for the banana skins!

What a gift!  Nigel Baden-Clay has the audacity to refer to himself as a marriage enhancement facilitator. Maybe that’s part of the conservationist tag and I should give him the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps if he put it around the other way – big-game hunter, marriage enhancement facilitator and conservationist, I might have been more likely to be sympathetic to his cause, but no that would be worse wouldn’t it, as it turns out.

I bet some fancy PR person dreamed up that title ‘marriage enhancement facilitator’.  Reminds me of the ‘sanitary engineers’ tag and political correctness gone mad.  In my day they were marriage guidance counselors and garbo’s (garbage collectors for the uninitiated), but hey who am I to criticise some PR person earning a quid.  It’s the inflated egos who actually believe that the title gives them power that are a worry.

Some individuals, given the label, actually believe that they have been given the power to hold over others, rather than be empowered themselves. We already know that Bwana is likely to be a law unto himself.  He would be likely to ‘improve’ on any guidelines he was given.  So let’s unpeel the banana; unpack the label of marriage enhancement facilitator and see how he might have processed it.  Sliced, mashed, or chomped?

I can already see a group of PR people sitting around the table, brainstorming.  The whiteboard is clean and ready to go; butcher’s paper is covering the communal altar; pens and pencils all lined up; electric sharpener at every corner. The facilitator writes the first word on the board – marriage.

We all know what that means as marriage is such a popular pastime, it’s a given demographic of its own. Most of us do it, don’t we?  There’s a bucket load of customers under that label, marriage; we don’t need to hustle up any more; there’s no need to reinvent the word.   Marriage is underscored with a solid black marker. It stays.

Guidance – we’re not in the Girl Guides anymore, we’re all grown up and besides who wants to be led along by a rope, not me. Sounds too much like the blind leading the blind.  Can’t we come up with something better?   Enhancement is an interesting word. Why can’t we use that instead?  If we put the two words together it opens up a whole new market.  Marriage enhancement makes it to the top of the list.

I look at it for a moment, hmm.  The combination of marriage and enhancement has sexual connotations.  Surely no-one would accept that combination, would they?  That’s just too obvious isn’t it?  Penis enhancement? Breast enhancement?   Some would think  – hey if the marriage is rocky, we just need to improve the sex don’t we?  And the word enhancement is all about size isn’t it?  Oh yes, that will appeal across the board.

We preach quality, but what everyone wants these days is, quantity.  More is better, better, best and more sex sells to every target demographic; hits the bulls-eye.  You’re right.  Keep enhancement – we can always plead innocent and just say we want to make it ‘all better’; be mummy and put on a band-aid.  Or we could even be a tad righteous and say that we will make the marriage ‘get better’, as in healed.  I get my proposal across – marriage enhancement gets the tick of approval. Underscore!

So what else?  Counselor sounds too much like there’s a psychologist involved; that there is something wrong with me. There’s also that sneaky little ‘sell-or’ on the end of the word.  We need to disguise that selling bit. The public is also starting to get wise about accreditations.  You only need to do a weekend workshop these days to hang out a shingle as a counselor.  How about a facilitator?

Now that’s just facile!  I know, but it sounds good and giving someone the title of facilitator gets all those wanna-be teachers in – another lot who haven’t got any accreditation.  Controllers, you mean! Yeah, someone who wants to be out the front as the centre of attention; at the whiteboard with a big stick; probably a bwana type person telling us how to be a success at the marriage game.  I win! Up on the whiteboard and underscored, are the three words Marriage Enhancement Facilitator.

Well that credibility went straight out the window for Nigel Baden-Clay didn’t it. Doesn’t say much for the course he did and claimed to be a director of. There’s another sneaky PR thing.  When you read the word, director you think someone is a director of a company, when in fact it was just another one of those fancy PR titles.  Baden-Clay senior claims to have held a directorship of an Australia-wide public company and religious organisation, which was de-registered in 2004.  I don’t think much of their PR team, so I’m not surprised it didn’t survive.

2004?  That was just in time for Bwana to change his shoes and jacket.  He’d struck gold. Number One son was on the rise and gave daddy a gold jacket to wear.   Onward, Christian soldiers.

Nigel Baden-Clay continued to refer to himself as a marriage enhancement facilitator right up to and including the aftermath of his son’s failure at marriage; beyond his son’s failure at being counseled by a marriage guidance counselor. Even after the murder of Number-One son’s wife Allison; the murder which his son, Gerard Baden-Clay stands accused of.  Have you no humility at all?

You entertained your son’s mistress in your home for four years during Gerard Baden-Clay’s marriage; as he made babies in the marriage bed. How’s that for high moral standards and upholding the tradition of marriage? Did you change the meaning of marriage vows to suit, as well?

After your son’s wife has been murdered you have acted as a go-between for your philandering son and his mistress. They have to ‘lay low for a while’, he says.  Now he stands accused of his wife’s murder. How far are you prepared to go?  Your role as a mentor, one would hope, is over.

How did this man, Nigel Baden-Clay come to see himself as a possible mentor for those whose marriages were in turmoil?  Let’s take a look at his astrological horoscope for clues as he appears to be a classic case for us all to learn from.

Have you ever heard of Chiron?  No, it’s not a planet; not a star either. Depending on which camp of astronomer’s you’re sitting with, Chiron is a planetoid, an asteroid, a comet or all three.

Chiron was not named until 1977 despite being around as a blip on the radar screen for more than a hundred years. In 1988 it suddenly became much brighter and therefore of more interest to astronomers. Then two years later it grew a tail. Have I peaked your interest? Did someone mention size or was it the bit of tail that worked?

Out there in our solar system, there are heaps of asteroids.  We usually only get to hear of them in the movies when the Earth is under threat from an asteroid crashing through our atmosphere and creating terror; one of our primal fears, annihilation.  But that aside, the Main Asteroid Belt is situated between Mars and Jupiter, whereas the Centaur group of asteroids is one more step farther away from the Sun. Their territory is between Jupiter and Neptune.

If you’re on my page, you’ll already be thinking, “Hey that’s not between a rock and a hard place, that’s between inflation (Jupiter) and fantasy (Neptune)!”

To reach the exalted status of a Centaur is beyond 99.9% of the asteroids banging around out there and creating as much impact as they can. In order to be classified as a Centaur, an asteroid’s orbit must cross the orbit of a major planet. Whether a Centaur completes this orbit erratically or not is irrelevant, we’re told.  So they can wobble their way around, that’s okay just as long as they get there.

Funny mob, these astronomers.  They must all sit around reading the Greek myths in their spare time, as that’s exactly how Centaurs behaved in ancient times; a rough and rowdy mob of mercenaries who created as much havoc as they could.  Boozed up on fermented berries and mead, they’d get the wobbles up as well.

In modern times, since we’ve had the technology to follow the paths of these asteroids, ‘2060 Chiron’ was observed to have fulfilled the criteria; ticked all the boxes. In mythology Chiron is the mentor of the Centaurs, so that’s probably how the asteroid was named.  As to the ‘ko’ symbol, that would be in honour of the discoverer, astronomer Charles Kowal.

The last time Chiron came anywhere near a major planet was about 1,300 years ago when it crossed Saturn’s path, millions of miles away from any impact threat. The next intersection is due with Uranus and again the planet will be far away from any threat of contact.  We don’t need to pack our bags yet as the diameter is just 240kms and it travels at less than 8kms per hour.  We have time to turn to astrology.

We can see the symbol for Chiron conjunct the nodal axis, in the zodiac sign of Leo and in the seventh house of the horoscope for Nigel Baden-Clay. The Sun is opposite in the first house and also conjunct the opposite node.

We can see immediately how Bwana was drawn to this ‘calling’. Chiron conjunct the nodal axis is a misguided need (inflated fantasy) to be a ‘healer’ in the public arena; we are in the seventh house of public relationships (marriage) however we are in Leo – that’s risky for a start – a sunny disposition yes, but we have lions and pride going on under the surface.  Look out for the roar, if you don’t do what he says.

Having the Sun-Node conjunction in opposition brings the ego into the fray.  In essence the ego is meant to learn from the mirror that Chiron holds up and heal thyself, however if we are to look at the nurturing aspect of this man, he has not heeded his mentor, Chiron.

In astrology Chiron is acknowledged as the ‘wounded healer’.  As soon as I read the story of Nigel Baden-Clay and the marriage enhancement facilitator tag, I knew that Chiron was bound to be in the picture.  To be a marriage guidance counselor is a healing role and we have a man here who apparently lacks the humility needed to be a healer. That’s Chiron’s job.

Many a person is attracted to that, which they need to learn.  Chiron is the major indicator in horoscopes of such individuals. If you were in his shoes, you would have to ask yourself, why would I, an insurance salesman, be drawn to wanting to be a marriage enhancement facilitator?  That fell on deaf ears; the ego won that round.

Cheiron is a Greek word that translates as ‘hand.’ Think chiropractic, a hands-on therapy or cheiromancy – palm reading; or even as the centerpiece on the logo of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons Foundation.  Yes, Chiron gets around, folks.  In mythology he is half man-half horse. The British Army Veterinary Corps’ badge is also Chiron at his best; a nice twist, I might add – the human-animal mix held in high esteem in a healing modality.

Grouping Chiron with the Centaurs was an error in judgment by the astronomers, I believe. It was assumed that because Chiron was half man-half horse, he must be the same as the Centaurs, who are also half man-half horse.   It looks like a Centaur therefore it must be a Centaur.  They skipped the bit about ‘acts like a Centaur’.

Chiron’s origins are far removed from the rough and ready lifestyle of the Centaurs in Greek mythology.  He always held a soft spot for them, however his DNA was different.

Chiron’s origin in mythology is the result of a union between the God Saturn, who was off chasing a bit of tail and a heavenly beauty. This is before Saturn grew that long beard and started wearing hooded robes and carrying a sickle.  He was a young buck at one stage.  He fancied one of Neptune’s daughters, Philyra who was a married woman, but that wasn’t going to stop this chap. He was one of the Gods wasn’t he!

Philyra made a bad decision in her attempt to avoid his advances.  She morphed into a mare and galloped off towards the sunset and freedom.  Not one to let a filly slip through his bit, Saturn did the obvious and morphed as well.  The stallion had his way with her, as you would expect. Just another conquest to him.

Pregnant and outcast by her husband, Philyra did it tough giving birth to a beast. Half man, half horse, Chiron’s only blessing was a gentle nature. His mother loved him still and trained him in the healing arts.

Chiron has the most wonderful reputation as the wise-hearted, most generous and kindest of characters in mythology. He holds the knowledge of herbal medicines, of music and the hunt. Among his teachers were Apollo and Artemis and his oracular skills were widely sought after. When there was trouble at Delphi, the Gods would turn to him. He is known to have mentored Achilles; to have taught Asclepius the skills of surgery and many, many others too. He was kindly to the travelers on the Argo, Jason and the Argonauts. The testimonies go on and on.

Hercules plays a starring role in the continuing saga of Chiron for, during a skirmish with a rowdy bunch of Centaurs – who were all scattering and heading for the hills at the time, Hercules carelessly wounded his friend and mentor, Chiron.  It wasn’t a deliberate act, but unfortunately the arrows Hercules had chosen to use on this particular day were coated with the blood of the monster Hydra and Hercules accidentally wounded Chiron in the knee. Arrows coated with the blood of the Hydra, as we would all know, are bound to cause painful wounds that will never heal.

And being an immortal, Chiron having a wound that would never heal, was a serious problem. He would never be able to heal from the wound caused by Hercules, and being immortal he could never die; caught between a rock and a hard place.

It is always interesting to note that people with Chiron in tension aspects in their horoscopes, invariably have a problem with their knees and suffer joint pain.

Double trouble Part 2

A quick recap…   John McCormick Jnr and (Lloyd) Eric Larsfolk disappeared without a trace on 24 August 1981 in Caledon, Ontario in Canada. The teenagers were last seen together at John’s home, by his sister Kim. The clock revealed the time as 5.30pm.

My previous post, Double Trouble Part 1 explored the planetary positions at the time of the boy’s births as well as a person of interest.  We explored the interaction of planetary positions at 5.30 and the interaction between the two times.

As a result of my inquiry I included a later time (about half an hour after sunset) as a second point of reference in our search for two lost souls.

In effect I made things more complicated for myself, however I trust it reinforces my method of revealing the events of that fateful night.  This second line of inquiry is referred to as ‘After dark’.

Astrology provides us with the backdrop of the zodiac and modern technology; the software produces the wheels.  The rest is math, astronomy and experience.

Astrology notes: The first thing we need to know is that when you’re in my company, the Ascendant – Descendant line is always horizontal on a horoscope wheel . Ascendant is on the left and Descendant on the right.   This is the basis from where we operate – a level playing field.

In the real world the horizon is determined by where in the world an individual is (distance from the equator) or where an event takes place. There’s probably a heap more science to working this out, but this is my handle on it.  We don’t need to know how to calculate it – the software engineers have done the math. Thanks Dennis.

In the charts my computer generates (Placidus system), instead of the horizon line moving, the software does the calculations and moves the MC/IC axis accordingly.  That means that the MC is rarely at the 12 o’clock point on a wheel (top centre).  On the wheels my computer produces, the line of the axis is in a heavier font, a darker line.

We just need to know that the angle of the axis can and does, vary quite a lot.  Thank goodness for technology is all I can say.

When the horizon was at 24 degrees Taurus a person of interest to this case, was born.  For our purposes, their ascendant is exactly that 24 degree Taurus – highlighted in green.  This is the first horoscope bi-wheel. The second shows us an ascendant of 10 degrees Capricorn, also highlighted in green.  The third is 18 degrees Pisces.

The image is of three bi-wheels, which have been flipped vertically in order to align the topsy-turvy world of an astrologer where north is at the bottom rather than the top, to the cartographer’s North – our maps system; all in alignment; north to north.

The first two bi-wheels relate to the time that the boys were last seen by John’s sister – 5.30 pm on 24 August and the third bi-wheel at a later time, After Dark.

The first bi-wheel on the left is from the perspective of the person (the inner-wheel) and the outer-wheel is a snapshot taken at 5.30pm – an event.  Note that the ascendant always belongs to the inner-wheel, the perspective.  In this case it is the POI, so what can the POI tell us about the event?

We know from the previous post that we have created the red line as a result of synchronicity between planets across a range of wheels and that the natal horoscope wheel of our POI has Mars on the red line and that Pluto and the Nodal axis straddle the red-line thereby creating a midpoint.  Those positions are highlighted for us to see again on the inner-wheel.

  • Natal Mars (on the red-line) = male energy, excessive force expended
  • Natal Pluto/Node midpoint (on the red-line) = Pluto, the death indicator creates a major impact on the public arena
  • At 5.30 that very same natal Pluto (inner-wheel) has received, by conjunction, the transiting nodal axis – family.  The death in the family is coming into alignment.  This is a personal matter not public.  It will play out on the public arena, however the matter is personal.
  • At 5.30 transiting Mars and node straddle the M.C. Mars/Node = confrontational action with a family member.
  • At 5.30 transiting Uranus is at the descendant.  Sudden changes are about to happen in a relationship.

It appears that this POI is a family member of one of the boys and from what the planetary indicators reveal, he is male; that he plays a part in their disappearance by a sudden change in behaviour; he will become confrontational and will use excessive force.

The second bi-wheel, from the clock on the wall’s perspective, tells us that by 5.30, we already know the events that are to follow that same night.

  • Transiting Sun/Mercury straddle the red-line. We could interpret this as another locator to where the boys lie, as the meaning of Sun/Mercury relates to who has the final word.
  • The transiting Node is conjunct the POI’s natal M.C. This family event will bring the POI into the public arena.
  • Transiting Neptune is on the red-line.  All is awry again.

I seem to remember a similar position of Neptune  when all was in awry – where we left off in the first post.  Neptune is another water indicator. I am reminded of the marshy swamps of the Camargue and Neptune.

The third bi-wheel confirms what Eric and John indicated to us earlier, that this is the time of their deaths.  The clock at approximately half an hour after sunset on 24 August, 1981 reveals in it’s interaction with the POI.

  • Transiting Saturn, the direction finder for a body is exact at the red-line of the POI.  This is the clincher indication.
  • Transiting Pluto is exact conjunct to the POI’s natal nodal axis. Death to a family member.

In my opinion as a result of the above planetary indicators, I cannot exclude the P.O.I  from the events of that evening at both locations.

I am obliged at this point to reveal the name of this individual for the sake of the innocent.  As at 2012 as I write this post, according to my source he is deceased.  The person of interest, the POI, is John McCormick Snr.  He is the father of one of the boys, John McCormick Jnr.

Now to find a way home…  Thanks to Google maps we now take the last step and superimpose the wheels over a map of the locality, centering the wheels at the point they refer to.  The 5.30 wheels – at the house and the After Dark wheels – at the location as given to me, of the farm vehicle (the Chevy).

I would prefer to double-check this second location and compare with the OPP original notes, however as this is not possible, I can only give an approximate location to where the second focus of recovery might be.  In hindsight, this second focus is my preference.

All three individuals have, in their own way shown us that Saturn points the way – not once, not twice, but three times.  That to me is perfect triangulation of the method I use of finding a lost soul or as is this case, two lost souls.  I will use just two wheels and store the rest, for they all point the same way and at the same degree.

From my method of location, the indications are that the bodies lie along one of these lines.  I would choose the second red-line and within the swamp of the protected forest.  My reasons are subjective, for it has been impossible not to have been touched myself, working with this case.

Eric led the way, let John Jnr hold our hand at the end.  I zoom in to where After Dark intersects the swamp within a swath of protected forest.  Allow me to share what I see, once I zoom in – I see a broken heart within the protected swath of forest, in the swamp.

If I were to choose a place for a memorial to these young hearts, it would be there.

RIP Lloyd Eric Larsfolk   RIP John McCormick Jnr.

Chaos theory

Uranus, father of Saturn was born of Chaos and inherited his father’s traits it seems  At least in the realm of astrology, he did. Chaos rules, however out of chaos comes order. Uranus (Father Sky) is the indicator of a change in the weather in our lives, be it for good or for bad.  Uranus opens doors when we least expect it; he portends change.

In heaven he must have been more than a bit of a grump for his son Saturn to want to emasculate him.  There may have been something going on behind the scenes. We know that, even though his marriage was made in heaven and produced a multitude of weird and interesting offspring, things weren’t all running smoothly. I guess it’s a bit difficult trying to make order out of chaos.

Maybe it was a midlife crisis; we don’t know what his age was, however there came an occasion when Uranus was inspired to consult an oracle, a psychic, as you do.

This is one of those Uranus moments – hold onto your hat folks.  Now as it’s Uranus, we know it’s not going to be all smooth sailing, but there is no way he would have expected the foresight he was about to be given.  That’s typical Uranian energy. Out of the blue – Father Sky at work.

When Uranus was told of the up-coming ‘knife job’; that he was to meet his fate at the hands of one of his progeny, it doesn’t take too much imagination to consider what course of action a son of Chaos might take.  Uranus packed all his kids off to boarding school…

Huh, no he didn’t! He sent them down to Tartarus; locked them all up in the entrance cave to Hades. He could have had them all burn in hell I suppose, but that wouldn’t do. The wife would not be pleased.

Tartarus might be in his wife’s territory for Gaia is after all, Mother Earth. However she did not have the power to release her children from this living hell. Hubby held those reins.   She did however, manage to negotiate visiting rights.

In order to comfort her children, Gaia shared the prediction which had been forecast of her husband, their father’s destiny.  She assured them that one day they would obtain their release from Tartarus. Together, they brooded until her youngest son, Cronus (Saturn) stepped up to the mark to defend his mother. He conspired with her to overthrow Uranus. Gaia managed to smuggled a sickle (a harvesting tool) to Saturn; he made good his escape and together, Saturn and sickle fulfilled destiny, the castration of Uranus.  This event led to the spilled seed being the catalyst of the creation of the Earth.  The rest is history.

If we stand free, on the surface of planet Earth, put the Sun at our backs and turn our faces towards the outer reaches of the solar system, we can see the first of the ice giants, the planet Uranus.

First discovered in the 18th century with the new-fangled telescope, we know that Uranus’ orbit of the Sun takes 84 years. This then determines that the astrological Uranus aspects of the square in a horoscope occur at 21years and 63 years of age and the opposition (the mirror), at age 42 or thereabouts.  Again I rely on computer software for all calculations, as I am ‘elliptically’ challenged; the thought of the math just makes my eyes roll.

We can’t expect Uranus to be particularly strong in the birth wheel of Gerard Baden-Clay as the planet represents rebelliousness and freedom, traits that we have not seen in the information available to us.  He has Uranus in Libra.  Don’t ask him to make a choice about change. He might think about it, plan it, scheme it, however he needs someone else to make the decisions – someone else to pull the rug out from under him, to abrogate responsibility for his errors. This might be one of the reasons he has had trouble leaving the nest – likes his comfort zone.

A mistress would have a hard job of dislocating him from a marriage for the same reason.  She’d be more likely to succeed by exposing the affair and hopefully the wife would oust him, but this didn’t work, well not initially, as we know.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of Gerard Baden-Clay’s birth wheel, there are no obvious hard aspects; the planet is situated in the house of communication. ‘A Libran Uranus within a communication house ruled by Mercury.’  This would indicate that any sudden changes are operating within what appears to be the perfect placement for communication (Mercury is all about communication) however we have the Libran scales hidden inside this house – a potential fence sitter.

The boy might have got away with this sitting on the fence up until the end of his college studies, however Uranus progressing by solar arc to his I.C. together with his natal M.C. progressing to meet up with Saturn, would sure have created a sudden upheaval, thereby getting his ‘sorry ass’ out of home quick time. The circumstances of which, we are not privy to here. With a ‘fence sitter’ as our subject, we can probably take a leap into the ether and predict that this move was more than likely not of his choosing.

In fact if we look at his Uranian midpoints as a stand-alone comment, we see:

  • the conjunction, Uranus=Sun/Venus, predictably – “individualistic expression= I’m a social climber, so as long as it makes me look cool…”
  • the conjunction, Uranus=Neptune/Ascendant, – “individualistic expression= I am self delusional, although I’ll deny it.”
  • the square, Uranus=Sun/MC  “individualistic expression= I’ll change my career as long as the spotlight stays on me, the golden boy.”

It’s the period 1991-93, Gerard Baden-Clay is out in the workforce – accountancy as his first choice. He has the means to earn a living. Why didn’t he stay away from the nest and make a go of it himself? Did this self-delusion (as per the midpoint) manifest as a champagne taste with a beer budget? What else did Uranus have in store for him, which sent him scurrying back to his safety net?

If we look at a random progression to say, getting close to his birthday in 1993 (just following my nose here), we find that Uranus has progressed to change signs from Libra to Scorpio.  That sends him tumbling off the fence and into the mouth of the cave of Tartarus – the ‘temptations of the flesh.’

Perhaps it may not be wise for us to follow him in there too far, it may get too hot to touch. We can leave that for ‘the mother’ to discuss after her visit.

What else is going on?

In the sky during Aug. 1993, the planets Uranus and Neptune are in conjunction 18-19degrees Capricorn (both Rx).  Classical delusion of control – Capricorn, the desired home-base of Saturn, is all about control.

  • Natal Mars has progressed to conjunct natal Pluto – an impetus of power (weighty stuff, plutonium).
  • Natal Sun has progressed to conjunct natal Uranus (illuminating change).
  • Natal Neptune has progressed to conjunct natal Moon (secret women’s sex business is revealed).
  • Natal Saturn has progressed to opposite natal Moon (Yipes, Saturn and the Moon! Panic – seek security)

If Gerard Baden-Clay had consulted an oracle at this time or read his stars in the local paper, he would likely have been given the following advice:

“This Saturn transit is meant to help you mature, but lessons come in tough packages sometimes. Perhaps circumstances will put more responsibility on your shoulders than you feel ready to bear, or a difficult situation at home weighs you down. Regardless of outer happenings, Saturn forces you to look at what’s going on inside. If you feel lonely, abandoned, separated from your peers, don’t keep this to yourself. Who represents your support team? Your safety net? Talk to them. You might even need a counselor to teach you how to process and heal these feelings.”

Possible scenario in the mind of the accused:

“Daddy is a counselor. He should be able to fix this one for me, after all it is a Saturn issue, but hang on the Moon is the mother principle. Maybe I should just go see Nigelaine.”

  • The accused’s parents Nigel Baden-Clay and Elaine Baden-Clay like to refer to themselves as the one unit – Nigelaine.

His parents got their golden boy back, but Gerard Baden-Clay was distracted elsewhere and was not mature enough to recognize the significance of his actions.  He had discovered the power of sex – don’t confuse this with the age when he discovered ‘what to do with his doodle’ – this is when he discovered the power of sex.

Unfortunately for the accused, with the midpoint of Uranus=Neptune/Ascendant he was (it’s his life journey, so he still is) under the delusion – in fact he actually believes – that the sexual power lies with him, that he is in control.

This delusion will eventually lead to his downfall.

Time lords over us

Gerard Baden-Clay may be putting up the argument that caterpillars caused the scratches on his torso and upper body.  Obtaining two medical reports from general practitioners (did one disagree perhaps) to support his argument, is not going to cut it in relation to the deep scratches on his face; the very same scratches, which the local constabulary found suspicious enough to call in homicide detectives on the morning of 20 April, 2012.

The fact that he reported his wife Allison as a missing person didn’t cut it with the Queensland Police Service. They could smell a freshly opened ‘can of worms’. This is Saturn at his best.  Saturn can be relied on to open every can of worms in our lives and put it right under our noses. Everyone around us, who has their olfactory sense working, will get a whiff of it as well.

I refer to Saturn as a male, because yet again, in the realm of mythology, we know that the Roman Saturn (in his Greek form Cronus) castrated his father Uranus and caused his progenitor to fall from grace, spilling his seed – thereby impregnating Gaia.  That is the story of the creation of our planet Earth, according to the ancients.  With that as our ancient history, what hope is there for us mere mortals to live a peaceful existence?  Death gets us all in the end.

What happened to Saturn once Daddy was off the scene?  Well he divvied up the spoils of heaven with his own offspring.  The boys: Jupiter (Zeus) got the heavens; Pluto (Hades) got the underworld; Neptune (Poseidon) got the oceans. The girls: Juno (Hera), Vesta (Hestia) and Ceres (Demeter) all got minor roles (so what’s new, eh girls).  Meanwhile, Saturn (Cronus) kept the time-lord, the Dr Who position for himself.

Cronus and Saturn are both referred to as Father Time and are depicted as having a sickle in their hands.  Have you not ever wondered why the figure of Death – a hooded skeleton with a sickle is depicted that way? He even has the ancient time-piece hanging from his wrist.

That’s Saturn, my friends. That very same sickle, which cut dad out of the scene, is used to harvest the wheat – bring in the harvest. This is why, when there is mention of Saturn, some people murmur under their breath ‘karma’ for we reap what we sow.

If you didn’t already notice, the psychological atmosphere is getting cooler now that we are discussing the planet Saturn.  We’ve left the swirling gas of Jupiter and are now on a planet, which takes some 10,759 Earth days (~29 and a half years) to orbit the Sun; more aloof, yet calculated and methodical, absolutely in control and secure in its position in the solar system.

Now don’t get to thinking we only get to face this hoary old goat every 30-odd years. We’re hardly going to get off that easily and nor is Gerard Baden-Clay. Those worms get pretty smelly every quarter (approx every 7 years), that is on the square aspect and super ‘on the nose’ with a quindecile aspect.

Due to the elliptical orbit of Saturn, we have to allow a bit of give and take with the consistency of exact dates and years when Saturn is at a specific point in the heavens.  Thank heavens for computer software is all I can say.

Let’s walk through Saturn and the accused’s natal chart for a start.  Hmmm it’s looking good: There’s no opposition, no squares, no quindeciles and looks like he’s escaped any massive midpoints as well, at least in his birth wheel.  Lucky boy you might think, but ‘no way Jose’.

There is one rather nasty little critter there – the Rx symbol after the planet = Saturn Rx.  Seems like such a small thing but for those who are born when Saturn was in retrograde (Rx) this is a big deal.  Allow me to explain.

Retrograde (going backwards) refers to an optical illusion when a planet appears to be going backwards. Planets don’t have reverse gear. When the spin of the Earth gets our vantage point out of line with a planet as it is making a turn in its own elliptical orbit, we see the planet projected against the sky as if the planet were moving backwards.

Well you might say that we as adults mostly can’t even make out the planet Saturn in the sky with the naked eye, let alone a child, how can anyone be influenced by such a far off occurence? In my opinion, as tiny instinctive beings our senses are more heightened before we get bombarded by life’s challenges; we can feel atmospheric pressure not only of our environment, but we also pick up on the reactions of the emotional beings around us.  Call it ‘animal instinct’ if you will. We inherit this knowing.

Psychologically, the use of the term ‘going backwards’ alone tells us that something is going against the norm; ‘this can’t be good’ Anxiety is never far from the surface, whether we are little children or under the stress of our day-to-day lives, although as adults we are hopefully more skilled at rationalising our fears.  When we are fearful we instinctively turn to our authoritative model to provide us with security and in the case of a Saturn Rx we turn to the father principle (father time).

This is the rule of thumb in astrology. Not necessarily your thumb or mine, so if you have a problem here re authoritative figures being male or female, I suggest that you suspend your belief system for the sake of the exercise.

The authoritative person in our lives is required to give us reassurance that we are safe. For a child this role is accepted, in most societies, as being the father. If the father is absent for some reason (divorced with no regular access, or works for long periods away from home); is withdrawn emotionally (has a dominant female partner); projects onto the child their own painful shortcomings from their childhood regimen – then things can go awfully pear-shaped in that individual’s life.

Gerard Baden-Clay was born with Saturn Rx, as was his younger brother Adam.  Their sister does not have a Saturn Rx in her birth wheel, which would indicate to me that according to the above, ‘daddy wasn’t there for his sons’ when they needed him.  Every time that Saturn went retrograde during these boys lives this anxiety would be reinforced.

Perhaps in some societies, if you are a man, it is okay to tell your daughter you love her, but not show your emotional vulnerability to your sons. Why is this accepted as okay behaviour?

Do you smell the fear of castration here?  I sure do.  I hope this is not going to turn into a castration complex of bwana’s.  Saturn is trying to do his job.  Someone is not listening…  Maybe the old lion was not prepared to give ground and the young lions were not strong enough to challenge him.

I’ll tell you what you do if that’s the case young man.  Get that scythe out and cut the ties – leave home; move away; start your own ‘pride’ in fresh territory.