Robyn Gardner in Aruba Pt.2

Was Gary Giordano responsible for the demise of Robyn Gardner? Local authorities seemed to think so, although they were unable to take the case to trial due to lack of evidence.

babybeachlagoonJumping off from our earlier post, Pt.1 where we explored the transiting planets and the nature of the POI in this case, we generate further charts and interpret astrology…  Our forensic astrology enquiry continues.

Gary Vincent Giordano walks free on US soil while we transport ourselves back in time to the Southern Caribbean; sparkling blue waters and white sands.  To the spread of planets orbiting against the backdrop of the zodiac.

  • Missing person: Robyn Lynn-Faith Colson Gardner, aged 35
  • The event: Reported to be snorkeling in the ocean and taken out to sea by the currents.
  • When: 2nd August 2011
  • Where: Nanki Country Club beach/Baby Beach area, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles.
  • Investigation by LE: suspicions aroused due to variation in statements plus actions by Robyn Gardner’s travel companion, Gary Giordano, aged 50.

Our limited research has uncovered that there have been many visitors to Aruba whom have drowned under similar circumstances; taking their sense of adventure beyond the safe lagoon of Baby Beach. Robyn Gardner and Gary Giordano were two such tourists and in their case, alcohol would also appear to have played a part in the loss of life that followed.

According to statements by Giordano, he and Robyn were snorkeling off Nanki Country Club in the open sea, when she drifted away from him and apparently was swept out to sea. He returned to report her missing just before sunset.

We generate a bi-wheel (method) and interpret the likely consequences of the planetary transits according to classic astrology. The inner wheel is the same perspective that we interpreted earlier as our ‘horary chart’ while the outer chart is the ‘natal chart’ for Gary Vincent Giordano

616-Giordanoclick on charts for full size

We put the story of the two individual charts together in order to generate an astrology view of the event. Interpreting this from the perspective of reporting the missing person, please note that this chart is not indicative of a crime having taken place at this time, but the time that Giordano was endeavouring to find someone to tell; that Robyn was missing.

I make note of this, because natal Saturn is at the ascendant, which could be construed as a forensic indicator of ‘committing a crime’; however Saturn on the horizon line does indicate that the body is likely local and not transported to another place (eg kidnapped/trafficked).

The crime this man is committing at 6:16pm is more likely a fanciful story he has concocted as to Robyn’s disappearance. As to why he has done this, we can only suggest that if he didn’t follow the buddy system when snorkelling; i.e. keeping in close contact for safety reasons (if they did indeed go in the water together), he did not want to admit any liability for her demise.

A guilty conscience, under a Leo Sun in the sky on that date, could create enough tension for a fabricated story, even without looking at Giordano’s natal chart aspects.  The man could actually have been napping, asleep on the beach; not caring, nor paying attention to what Robyn was up to, in the water.

We will never know.  They had been drinking alcohol immediately before going to the beach; that at the least, we do know.

  • Natal Saturn conjunct ascendant – being authoritative; taking control
  • Natal Mars conjunct descendant – actively –ditto-
  • Natal Neptune (turquoise) at the mid-heaven – missing at sea. Note here also when Neptune is at an ascendant this is usually an indication that the matter will remain a mystery.
  • tr Sun opposite natal Jupiter (green) in 1st house – inflated sense of self rather than victim oriented.
  • tr Venus opposite natal Jupiter – ditto
  • tr Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) – PLUS
  • tr Jupiter conjunct Mercury (yellow) in 4th house – PLUS
  • tr Jupiter conjunct natal Sun (orange) – inflates that need to create subterfuge in order to avoid criticism (likely early childhood) PLUS
  • tr Sun square natal Neptune (turquoise) in 10th house PLUS
  • tr Sun square natal Mercury (yellow) in 4th house PLUS
  • tr Sun square natal Sun (orange) in 4th house – all these aspects relate to the concoction of the story as to what happened. These aspects are all very much tied up with his character development interpreted in Pt 1.
  • Midpoint of transiting Sun/Mercury = natal Uranus – highly excitable nervous system and agitated thinking process; again concocting the story, no doubt.

We can suggest that this man likely has a seriously damaged early childhood in relation to fantasising/imaginative stories, emotional damage that remained raw and unresolved at the time of Robyn’s disappearance. There is another point on the subject of fantasising that we need to address before moving on, ourselves.

Both individuals have Venus in her detriment in their natal charts; in Aries. That interprets as their both having an ‘animal thing’ going on – he with his penchant for wearing animal masks and brutish behaviour and she with her tiger print tattoo.  Maybe she even liked her men to be a little on the rough side, rather than polished.  That is another interpretation, however we do not sit in judgement.

616-GardnerIt would appear that after a few days together in their fantasy and likely role playing, Robyn has had enough, texting her boyfriend at 2am on the day of her disappearance, ‘this sucks’. She’s had enough, although there’s still two days before she and Giordano are due to return to the US.

The focus of this bi-wheel is at the time the alarm was raised as recorded on CCTV – transiting Sun/Moon (midpoint) = cusp of the 8th house in Virgo; indicating the detail (Virgo) of the death (8th house) as the focus of this chart.

  • tr Sun (orange) square Lunar nodal axis is not a tight aspect although it does indicate the public venue and mild trauma in the 4-10th house axis – likely thinking of home.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) on the 8th house cusp opposite natal mid-range Moon – the charm had likely begun to pall and communication between the pair was breaking-down.
  • tr Neptune transiting Robyn’s natal Moon, alcohol likely dulled the disillusionment; vagueness ensued. Sullenness likely.
  • tr Venus square natal Jupiter-Uranus opposition – indicative of narcissism; likely in her own thoughts and dreams.  Drifting off…

Due to the lack of forensic indicators in this chart we cannot suggest that Robyn was subjected to any violence, nor abducted.

AmphrititeandPoseidonWhat is present in the heavens to indicate Robyn Gardner’s demise, is the position of the asteroid Amphritite #29 orbiting in the heavens on the date of her disappearance exact conjunct her natal Lunar South Node in the 4th house, drawing her home (karma).

Amphritite in Greek mythology is the wife of Poseidon/Neptune; God of the Ocean and mother of Triton. Under the influence of the Olympian pantheon, Amphritite became merely the consort of Poseidon, and was further diminished by poets to a symbolic representation of the sea.

This is all rather ironic when we read that the boyfriend suggests that Robyn would never get her hair wet in a swimming pool and refused to accept that she might have drowned. Perhaps Robyn had a notion of what lay ahead.

Robyn Gardner in Aruba

In an effort to create order out of chaos, when someone’s behaviour is far removed from the norm, we declare – they’re a weirdo and then having put the person in a box; i.e. made secure, we move on.

So as astrologers, when we read of a person of interest in a missing person case being labeled thus and is around the age of fifty, we turn our eyes heavenwards seeking out Chiron on its 50-year orbit around the Sun. We could very well be witnessing ‘a Chiron return’ to a possible natal dysfunction in the individual.

snorkelingIn this case, our POI’s perceived ‘weird’ behaviour alerted authorities very quickly. That, together with his actions following a missing person event, appear to be disturbing, at the least.

We open our ephemeris, dust off the astrolabe and commence a forensic astrology enquiry, without prejudice; pseudo scientific tools at the ready.

  • Missing person: Robyn Lynn-Faith Colson Gardner, aged 35
  • The event: Reported to have been snorkeling in the ocean and taken out to sea by the currents.
  • When: 2nd August 2011
  • Where: Nanki Country Club beach/Baby Beach area, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles.
  • Investigation by LE: suspicions aroused due to variation in statements plus actions by Robyn Gardner’s travel companion, Gary Giordano, aged 50.

We have the advantage of coming to the case after three years of media coverage.  Time is on our side. Memories come flooding back for everyone of the earlier case in 2005 of missing teenager, Natalee Holloway, in Aruba.

This missing person case is far removed from stranger danger and seduction of a naïve teenager. Robyn Gardner is 35 years of age and in the company of her travelling companion; both from the US.

Robyn and Giordano had hooked up on an internet-dating website a year earlier, with their relationship remaining on a casual basis. He had proposed that they take a cruise together previously and now a week ‘at his expense’, on the Caribbean island of Aruba obviously appealed.  Robyn took up Giordano’s offer, telling her boyfriend she was off to see family in Florida and to others, that she was holidaying with a girlfriend.

Following Giordano’s report of his missing companion, local investigators immediately contacted the FBI for background checks on the couple. That feedback, together with variations of how events unfolded after the event, led the authorities to keep Giordano under lock and key in Aruba.

A successful appeal followed, due to lack of evidence, and Giordano returned home to US soil – a free man. But before the sand was washed from his feet, a claim was made on the missing woman’s travel insurance for $1.5M; the premium having been included with the travel ticketing.

‘Motive, motive, motive’ made banner headlines, but still no extradiction. A court case ensued for a sum of $3.5M compensation against Amex with a nil settlement, ending the matter. A whiff of mercenaries and Chiron settles in our olfactory system.

In 2012, Giordano made the headlines again with a charge of indecent exposure; observed having sex in his vehicle and in public view. Whatever else could happen, we may well ask.  Chiron does not move quickly through the heavens. In Pisces and given the talent, Giordano might have scored an operetta.  He cut a book deal.

So what was in the air; the general atmosphere to set all this in motion on the afternoon of 2nd August 2011?

Event616pmclick on charts for full size

There was CCTV footage of the couple’s movements over lunch; their departure from the restaurant, drinks topped up in plastic cups at 4:15pm and then Giordano’s return to raise the alarm, two hours later.

Sunset was due at 6:30pm and so there was little daylight to search, nevertheless search, the authorities did, for more than a week; to no avail. Robyn Gardner was never found.

  • Sun/Moon midpoint = cusp of the 8th house (death) 01°Virgo – reporting the basic details of a death having taken place.
  • Leo Sun (orange) square Jupiter (green) – inflated sense of ego (likely padded the story)
  • 8th house Moon (blue) square Lunar nodal axis – traumatic event in a public place.
  • Mercury (yellow – communication) on the cusp of 8th house and opposite 1st house Neptune (turquoise) – subterfuge behind the missing person report.

No wonder suspicions were aroused. We have to ask why this man needed to concoct his version of reality. Is he hiding his behaviour, or was he possibly ignorant of the event and made up a cock-and-bull story?

A Leo Sun overhead on that day would not want to admit to possible negligence. Before we leave this chart, note Chiron is at 04°Pisces in the 2nd house; self worth/personal assets.

Despite not having his birth time, we need to explore what we can of this man’s character traits; his horoscope. We generate his birth chart at noon.

GVGSun exact conjunct Mercury in Taurus and a Moon in Scorpio reveal that we have an intense, temperamental and headstrong individual before us – a combination that would like being noticed, hence the pretty young blonde on his arm, plus there is nothing at all timid about him with that Mercury conjunct Sun.

This Sun-Moon mix can be appealing to the opposite sex, but the temperament they release when their reserve breaks down can make personal relationships very stormy. We have noted that Giordano made sure that he was the one to file for divorce both times, in his marriages; that he also has an officially recorded history of violence against women.

  • kowal-chironChiron at 05°Pisces is conjunct Lunar South Node. There are bound to be serious issues in this man’s early childhood upbringing that can be considered to be ‘different’. Different enough for him to develop into achieving the ‘weirdo’ tag.

Giordano appears to have retained the shadow of the wild centaurs; seeking out ecstatic unity, but unfortunately in Pisces he would very quickly be sucked into the undertow of Neptune’s murky waters. Neptune – Pisces’ ruler, also can lure such an individual into substance abuse and addictions that go with Neptune’s realm: alcohol, drugs, sex and a desire to avoid life’s harsher realities.

  • Chiron is also opposite Pluto with the power/powerlessness of his addictions taking control throughout his life, likely triggered by transits.
  • Chiron is also quindecile Uranus creating the compulsively erratic behaviour observed by others, when he is under stress.
  • Jupiter (green) quindecile Uranus only inflates the problem; hence the ‘weirdo’ tag.

We also note a Venus Rx in this chart. Born during a Venus retrograde is not all that rare, however it does reveal that we would need to be aware of an individual’s tendency towards self-sabotage, particularly in love relationships. Oh what a challenging horoscope this man lives with.

He obviously has mercenary tendencies, but is Gary Giordano a killer?

…continued Part 2