Rhoden family Pt 1

In May 2016 we began an astrology enquiry into the murder of eight members of an Ohio family living at multiple addresses, many of whom were killed ‘execution style’ according to reports at the time.

We can now publish our results as members of the Wagner family have been arrested on 13th November 2018.  It was a long chase from Ohio to Alaska and back, with FBI and law enforcement officers diligence bringing a result that the sleuthing community knew was coming.

All astrology charts are maps of reality; snapshots of the heavens on dates as selected from the public record.  We consider the weaknesses in these charts due to the tension and patterns formed therein.  As we are not aware of the birth times of any of the victims, our method is to view the horoscopes through the perspective of the authoritative times, as provided to us.

  • 911 call – 7:49am, 22nd April 2016 from 4077 Union Hill Road.
  • 911 call – 1:26pm, 22nd April 2016 from 799 Left Fork Road.

7:49am 911 call to Pike County law enforcement.

Rhoden familyThis case reminds me so very much of the Greek myth Danae. What is so troubling in the heavens, is that at the time of the first 911 call, transiting asteroid Danae is just inside the cusp of the 1st house/ascendant and we all know 27ºTaurus is where the star Algol is in the sky – i.e. the gorgon Medusa and a pile of corpses.

astro-749#2When we visualize ourselves in the center of the chart; from the Earth’s view in time and space, we face the Ascendant where Danae is about to rise above the horizon (LHS of an astrology chart).  Being aware of our senses, we have the pressure of asteroid Niobe poking us in the back (opposite Danae). Niobe represents a family’s arrogance and pride.

A timely reminder; watch your back, or if you prefer; cover your butt.

The pink triangle in this chart represents an Earth Grand Trine – locked into practical considerations and therefore unable to see a way out if there is a predicament.  This is what is being set-up in the heavens (viewed from the perspective of a possible crime), before we even consider the persons involved.

  • Mercury 21ºTaurus/Ascendant (weapons/money) – Lunar North Node 21ºVirgo (5th house – realm of ‘the pride’) – Pluto 17ºCapricorn (9th house power in the realm of ‘potential exporting’).  We note that Pluto is not quite in the right position in the zodiac and so if something like this is being mooted, then it has not been finalised yet.  What is transiting at 21ºCapricorn is the asteroid Niobe#71.  Arrogance and pride clouds the power.  A false sense of power is in play.

We then turn to possible outlets for this blockage in the heavens.

  1. Mercury at the ascendant can release this blockage through the descendant – we note that this is the route taken as the Arabian Part for Fortuna/Destiny is at that point 25ºScorpio.  Mercury then represents the act of shooting (a means of communication).
  2. Lunar North Node will have the release at the other end of the axis; South Node – i.e.what you put out comes back to haunt you.
  3. 3rd house; 21ºCancer.  Cancer is the natural house of the mother and the 3rd house is symbolic of Communication (Mercury), however it is currently empty and will require further searching for an answer (if there is one).  21ºCancer is the Sabian symbol degree of the ‘Prima Donna’ (yet another nod to the matriarch and victim, Dana). We have to consider that possibly Dana could have averted this crime spree, and did not rise to the occasion.

Note this outlet for the Grand Trine at 21ºCancer, is also the mid-range natal Moon position for Dana Rhoden (on the date that she was born).

4077 Union Hill Road:  victims Christopher Rhoden Snr and Gary Rhoden

We know that Christopher Rhoden Snr was likely killed in the main room of his house and dragged into his bedroom (body put to bed), before his cousin Gary Rhoden was given the same treatment.  We know this due to the positions of the bodies as found.  That tells a story on its own, however we can put that aside and work with the astrology.

In astrology terms this is a case of kill, or be killed with the Serbian 22degrees and 18degrees in so much of the story.

911-CS1Christopher Rhoden Snr (aged 40)

  • Natal LN Axis at the horizon lime – time and place – family matters.
  • Mercury is at the ascendant square to natal mid-range Moon – at odds.
  • An Aquarian Moon reveals the group leader with the need to be significant/purposeful.
  • He has Venus Rx in opposition to his Moon – likely tries to keep the family in line. Weaknesses when we note a strong emphasis on Aquarius, is that things can be overly black and white – no grey areas for negotiation.
  • Transiting Venus-Uranus (money earned by rebellious means) is creating tension with his natal Mercury. He would be out-voted I would expect in any family negotiation.
  • Transiting Mars is quindecile this natal LN Axis.  His Moon is also square to his natal Lunar Nodal Axis – that does not make for a good family spokesperson.
  • Last but by no means least is Saturn at the IC and therefore opposed to the MC.  This male really should have zipped his lip.  Too late now of course.

This chart has the angles in play, suggestive that this male was the primary target by as yet unknown killer/s.  This first murder likely unleashed the slaughter of the other family members.

4199 Union Hill Road: victims Clarence Rhoden and Hannah Gilley

Next door in a trailer, the bodies of Christopher Rhoden Snr’s elder son, known to the family as Frankie, was discovered along with his partner Hannah Gilley and her 6 month-old baby.  The adults were shot in the head; the child spared.

3122 Union Hill Road: victims Dana Rhoden, Hanna Rhoden and Christopher Rhoden Jnr

This was the next address checked by relatives, with the discovery of three more victims –  Dana Rhoden (ex-wife of Christopher Snr); daughter Hanna, and son Christopher Jnr.  Hanna’s 4-day-old baby was spared the slaughter.

Dana Rhoden (aged 37)

911-DanaRThere is a karmic element to this murder, or if you prefer the cause and effect of her life choices has led to her murder.  There is an element of obsession in the quindecile between transiting Lunar South Node and her natal Sun.

Note: This hints at some regret by the perpetrator and suggests knowledge/friendship (5-11th house axis) between killer and victim.

Again we have this transiting Venus-Uranus creating tension.  This time by mirroring/opposition Dana’s natal Venus as well as square to her Moon 22ºCancer. She would be hawkish in securing her chicks.

  • transiting Pluto opposite natal mid-range Moon.  She ‘needed to die’ would be the decision made by the killer.
  • transiting Saturn exact natal Neptune – ambition in relation to subversive activities, and yet depressed at the same time in relation to her personal relationships.

1084 Left Fork Roadvictim Kenneth Rhoden


The Wagner family were brought to my attention to prepare astrology charts during the investigation, and it didn’t take too long for us to confirm that the focus needed to be on the interaction between the two families.

The obvious connection is teenagers – Hanna Rhoden and Jake Wagner.  They have a 5 year-old child together who was with the Wagner family on the night of the murders.  It doesn’t take too much math to realise that Hanna, DOB 7th March 1997 was underage when 20 year-old Jake, impregnated her.

Edward ‘Jake’ Wagner DOB 12th November 1992

When I generate a chart and view from the perspective of the first 911 call;  7:49am 22 April 2016 – both transiting and natal LNA generate a box in his chart – he’s locked into ‘family first’, that’s a certain. Note that the Nodal axis is indicative of family as well as trauma.

His natal chart is driven by personal needs (Moon) linked together with his South Node (mother complex), which is quincunx Sun-Pluto  ie disregard for the consequences of his egoic rage.  It appears that he doesn’t consider the consequences of his actions and is motivated by his mother’s influence.

  • The Nodal axis is on the cusp of the  1-2 and 7-8 house cusps. – self-money and relationship transformation.   His Gemini Moon gives us the potential that he over-values his knowledge ‘knows-all ‘attitude and would not take kindly to criticism in this regard.
  • At the angles, we have our first forensic indicator of involvement…
    • Natal Pluto conjunct descendant with Venus-Uranus (peer-group rebellion) quincunx – there is disregard for actions within his peer group.
  • This tension is further pressured by the natural propensity for Jupiter to generate OTT behaviour.
  • Transiting Venus-Uranus is just 30 degrees from the South Node in the heavens that night in April 2016 which gives us a double-whammy quindeciles of obsessional behaviour, with Jake Wagner’s natal Jupiter.
    • This would suggest that murders that go beyond the necessary to take a life (excessive shots fired) would likely be committed by this male.
  • Transiting Mercury is at the ascendant (location of the shooting) mirroring natal Pluto at the descendant. Note: Mercury is the planet of communication (using a gun is a means of communication).
  • Transiting Mercury is quincunx (disregard for consequences) natal North Node/cusp of the 7-8th houses – in Greco-Roman mythology, Pluto is the God of the Underworld; Hell. He takes his family into hell, with him.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune in the 9th house the fantasy of premeditation is likely evident.

In any crime of murder the midpoint of Pluto and Saturn in the heavens; the tug of war between self-control and power focus is in this case the midpoint is exact Jake Wagner’s natal planet of Venus – peer-groups, females, money/assets etc  His Venus is in the zodiac of Sagittarius – demanding respect, rather than earning it.

The second 911 call 7:49am on 22nd April 2016 together with the natal chart for Jake Wagner has all the planetary tension carried forward into this chart, which I haven’t indicated apart from the midpoint as well as the fact that his natal Saturn (self-control and it’s shadow) are at the cusp of the 7th house.

From this point we know that we have to include his mother’s horoscope in relation to the murders as he appears to do her bidding; the mother complex indication square with transiting Lunar Nodal axis.


Angela Jo Wagner DOB 15th October 1970 (mother of Edward ‘Jake’ Wagner)

We only need to generate a basic chart for the first 911 call together with her natal chart to see that her ego drove the action of this family slaughter from 21:53Libra in the 4th house of ‘directing the action’.

  • Natal Saturn Rx is at the ascendant exact transiting Mercury
  • Natal Sun quincunx transiting Mercury and by extension her natal Saturn Rx.
  • Sun mirrors transiting Venus-Uranus
  • Sun quincunx South Node
  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Mid-range Moon.

The interpretation is self-explanatory.



That was then, and this is now.  With the arrests today, we can continue the astrology case with Part 2 and further detail…