Double trouble Part 2

A quick recap…   John McCormick Jnr and (Lloyd) Eric Larsfolk disappeared without a trace on 24 August 1981 in Caledon, Ontario in Canada. The teenagers were last seen together at John’s home, by his sister Kim. The clock revealed the time as 5.30pm.

My previous post, Double Trouble Part 1 explored the planetary positions at the time of the boy’s births as well as a person of interest.  We explored the interaction of planetary positions at 5.30 and the interaction between the two times.

As a result of my inquiry I included a later time (about half an hour after sunset) as a second point of reference in our search for two lost souls.

In effect I made things more complicated for myself, however I trust it reinforces my method of revealing the events of that fateful night.  This second line of inquiry is referred to as ‘After dark’.

Astrology provides us with the backdrop of the zodiac and modern technology; the software produces the wheels.  The rest is math, astronomy and experience.

Astrology notes: The first thing we need to know is that when you’re in my company, the Ascendant – Descendant line is always horizontal on a horoscope wheel . Ascendant is on the left and Descendant on the right.   This is the basis from where we operate – a level playing field.

In the real world the horizon is determined by where in the world an individual is (distance from the equator) or where an event takes place. There’s probably a heap more science to working this out, but this is my handle on it.  We don’t need to know how to calculate it – the software engineers have done the math. Thanks Dennis.

In the charts my computer generates (Placidus system), instead of the horizon line moving, the software does the calculations and moves the MC/IC axis accordingly.  That means that the MC is rarely at the 12 o’clock point on a wheel (top centre).  On the wheels my computer produces, the line of the axis is in a heavier font, a darker line.

We just need to know that the angle of the axis can and does, vary quite a lot.  Thank goodness for technology is all I can say.

When the horizon was at 24 degrees Taurus a person of interest to this case, was born.  For our purposes, their ascendant is exactly that 24 degree Taurus – highlighted in green.  This is the first horoscope bi-wheel. The second shows us an ascendant of 10 degrees Capricorn, also highlighted in green.  The third is 18 degrees Pisces.

The image is of three bi-wheels, which have been flipped vertically in order to align the topsy-turvy world of an astrologer where north is at the bottom rather than the top, to the cartographer’s North – our maps system; all in alignment; north to north.

The first two bi-wheels relate to the time that the boys were last seen by John’s sister – 5.30 pm on 24 August and the third bi-wheel at a later time, After Dark.

The first bi-wheel on the left is from the perspective of the person (the inner-wheel) and the outer-wheel is a snapshot taken at 5.30pm – an event.  Note that the ascendant always belongs to the inner-wheel, the perspective.  In this case it is the POI, so what can the POI tell us about the event?

We know from the previous post that we have created the red line as a result of synchronicity between planets across a range of wheels and that the natal horoscope wheel of our POI has Mars on the red line and that Pluto and the Nodal axis straddle the red-line thereby creating a midpoint.  Those positions are highlighted for us to see again on the inner-wheel.

  • Natal Mars (on the red-line) = male energy, excessive force expended
  • Natal Pluto/Node midpoint (on the red-line) = Pluto, the death indicator creates a major impact on the public arena
  • At 5.30 that very same natal Pluto (inner-wheel) has received, by conjunction, the transiting nodal axis – family.  The death in the family is coming into alignment.  This is a personal matter not public.  It will play out on the public arena, however the matter is personal.
  • At 5.30 transiting Mars and node straddle the M.C. Mars/Node = confrontational action with a family member.
  • At 5.30 transiting Uranus is at the descendant.  Sudden changes are about to happen in a relationship.

It appears that this POI is a family member of one of the boys and from what the planetary indicators reveal, he is male; that he plays a part in their disappearance by a sudden change in behaviour; he will become confrontational and will use excessive force.

The second bi-wheel, from the clock on the wall’s perspective, tells us that by 5.30, we already know the events that are to follow that same night.

  • Transiting Sun/Mercury straddle the red-line. We could interpret this as another locator to where the boys lie, as the meaning of Sun/Mercury relates to who has the final word.
  • The transiting Node is conjunct the POI’s natal M.C. This family event will bring the POI into the public arena.
  • Transiting Neptune is on the red-line.  All is awry again.

I seem to remember a similar position of Neptune  when all was in awry – where we left off in the first post.  Neptune is another water indicator. I am reminded of the marshy swamps of the Camargue and Neptune.

The third bi-wheel confirms what Eric and John indicated to us earlier, that this is the time of their deaths.  The clock at approximately half an hour after sunset on 24 August, 1981 reveals in it’s interaction with the POI.

  • Transiting Saturn, the direction finder for a body is exact at the red-line of the POI.  This is the clincher indication.
  • Transiting Pluto is exact conjunct to the POI’s natal nodal axis. Death to a family member.

In my opinion as a result of the above planetary indicators, I cannot exclude the P.O.I  from the events of that evening at both locations.

I am obliged at this point to reveal the name of this individual for the sake of the innocent.  As at 2012 as I write this post, according to my source he is deceased.  The person of interest, the POI, is John McCormick Snr.  He is the father of one of the boys, John McCormick Jnr.

Now to find a way home…  Thanks to Google maps we now take the last step and superimpose the wheels over a map of the locality, centering the wheels at the point they refer to.  The 5.30 wheels – at the house and the After Dark wheels – at the location as given to me, of the farm vehicle (the Chevy).

I would prefer to double-check this second location and compare with the OPP original notes, however as this is not possible, I can only give an approximate location to where the second focus of recovery might be.  In hindsight, this second focus is my preference.

All three individuals have, in their own way shown us that Saturn points the way – not once, not twice, but three times.  That to me is perfect triangulation of the method I use of finding a lost soul or as is this case, two lost souls.  I will use just two wheels and store the rest, for they all point the same way and at the same degree.

From my method of location, the indications are that the bodies lie along one of these lines.  I would choose the second red-line and within the swamp of the protected forest.  My reasons are subjective, for it has been impossible not to have been touched myself, working with this case.

Eric led the way, let John Jnr hold our hand at the end.  I zoom in to where After Dark intersects the swamp within a swath of protected forest.  Allow me to share what I see, once I zoom in – I see a broken heart within the protected swath of forest, in the swamp.

If I were to choose a place for a memorial to these young hearts, it would be there.

RIP Lloyd Eric Larsfolk   RIP John McCormick Jnr.

Down and dirty

With this erotically charged Moon, her nightdress shimmers in the last vestiges of the waning cycle. It is just two nights before she is to restore herself and renew the waxing of his glory.  The New Moon awaits.  What went wrong with this scenario?

The Moon Goddess was distracted on 19 April, 2012.  She was quindecile Saturn. Obsessed by the Time Lord, she tilted her windmill and sent Pluto offside. Hell’s sulphuric odour indicates that something’s ‘on the nose’. Things were definitely askew in the heavens on this night.

Kore could feel the Mars energy propelling her towards destiny, even as she innocently frolicked in the fields of her family’s estate. Her mother Demeter and Aunt Athene were busy taking tea.

Meanwhile, Venus was feeling unloved. She sat filing her nails as Mars’ energy was focused elsewhere.  She felt her power of seduction had lost its appeal and looked around for a distraction to allay any possible fears in that regard.

The planets were in alignment for her it seems, or so she thought, as the God Pluto entered her line of sight.  This was a rare occurrence indeed, as Pluto’s realm was usually the Underworld and the flames of Hell – far removed from the celestial light of Mount Olympus.  Assuming that she was the object of his desire, Venus was extremely put-out when Pluto didn’t even give her a glance.  She must be slipping. Could Pluto be oblivious to her sexual appeal?

Our Love Goddess mused for a few moments before coming to the realisation that it wasn’t just Pluto. No one had been paying her much attention of late.  This just would not do, so she whistled up her son Cupid to gather his quiver and arrows. There was work to be done.

Venus’ intent may have been to bring desire back onto the agenda when she instructed Cupid to do her bidding, however shooting an arrow straight into the God’s heart was not the best choice Venus might have made.  She could have had a tad more consideration for the consequences, as it turned out.

Not only was it a bad choice, it was also poor timing for our Goddess Venus, as Pluto was not heading towards her when the arrow struck home.  Wounded in the heart, the son of Saturn momentarily lost control of his steeds, his chariot veered out into the fields and his sight fell upon Kore, our innocent maiden.

Love at first sight…

Smitten, Pluto (remember he is also known as Hades) swooped and stole the maiden, so swiftly that no one heard her cry. It mattered not to him that she was an innocent. Cupid’s arrow had done its job.

Hades stole Kore away to the Underworld, to Hell and there she remained in bondage until he made her his bride, renaming her Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.

Kore’s mother, foiled by the change of name, spent many long years grieving for her much loved daughter. The Earth suffered many, many seasons of drought and famine  before Demeter was to discover where her daughter was imprisoned.

Venus has a lot to answer for, in the realm of the gods.

When we refer to the astrology wheel of 11.55pm on 19 April, 2012, it is no surprise when we see the planet Venus is peregrine / un-aspected by any planets. She has wandered aimlessly in the heavens and certainly got into trouble that night.

Looking further into the unknown, we turn our attention to the astrological perspective, another realm of Pluto’s. In the heavens, the Moon square Pluto creates an environment where an evening could be truly, madly and deeply romantic, however the emotional fragility could also easily freeze-over in an instant if someone tries to dominate, manipulate or control the other. The Moon square Pluto is extremely sensitive to seething undercurrents in a domestic situation.

With a childhood history such as a Saturn retrograde, where a boy learned to bury these feelings, the environment is such that the man could explode volcano-like with an excess of childish emotions.  The tension generated by the square in this Hades Moon is fraught with danger and an individual could feel compelled to purge their long suppressed rage and emotions.

This purge could bring an individual an overwhelming jouissance, a sense of power, which would result in what only they could perceive, as a successful outcome.

How this purge is expressed is the question here.  I am certain there wasn’t a paintbrush and easel at hand for a creative therapeutic outcome. I wonder, did the bondage of the realm of Hades appeal?

Looking heavenwards, we also see that the Moon is quindecile Saturn (retrograde) in real-time, which can only reveal a compulsive, obsessive, totally out of control need to be in charge of the situation, to be Numero Uno. A mirror perhaps of a boy-child’s own Saturn retrograde experience.

The memories of that childhood frustration would be flooding into his mind and this is further compounded by the Sun backing up the Moon – both wants and needs focussed on Father Time.  This has got to be a double-edged sword, a double whammy if this childhood emotional wound has not been addressed.

The pressure cooker is building with the volcanic plug in danger of blowing.

Further afield Mars is opposite Neptune, which possibly indicates that sexual inadequacy fears also may come into the picture.  With all this rage going on, we would not be the least bit surprised if sexual tensions were being expressed as well. The frustration would be unbearable.

Mars is square the nodes and we know what that indicates on this occasion – mother is not there for the boy-child.

Not wanting to make matters worse, I am compelled to keep my eyes heavenwards and note that Jupiter is quindecile the midheaven.  Yet another obsessive, compulsive agenda is at hand.

When we see/hear Jupiter in this situation, this is nothing less than a reward being demanded – “I deserve this reward.  I must have it and it must be very, very big. Only the very best will do.”  There is a need for reward far greater than any realistic expectation (it’s a quindecile remember).  This could also be interpreted as a release of sexual energy in order to break the tension.

This is not going to eventuate given the Sun has the last word. The Sun is at the lowest point in the wheel at the Nadir and in opposition to this Jupiter quindecile.  There is no way this man is going to be rewarded, not by anyone outside of himself nor by himself.

The Sun is opposite Saturn retrograde.

He must explode or he will implode.

Saturn, as the grim reaper has entered the room. Metaphorically, Death is to be his companion, however coward that he is, he kills ‘the other’ instead of taking his own life by exiting stage left..

Hell and high water Pt.1

Before we leave the company of Pluto, our Greek God of the Underworld, Hades I thought we might toast our feet a little more in these dangerous environs by exploring the position of Pluto in the heavens on the night of 19/20 April, 2012.  The planet Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn for all of that fateful night.

Astrologically speaking, the position of Pluto in a horoscope is an indicator of death, of meeting one’s maker.

From my deductions, Allison Baden-Clay was murdered around midnight on the night of 19/20 April, 2012.  There is no information currently to hand to substantiate this time; no report in mainstream media nor any court documents to clarify my claim, however time and history will determine whether I am correct or not.

I have come to this conclusion by viewing the complete picture of the crime as provided by mainstream media together with the natal information, the birth date of the victim.  My observations are made from an astrological perspective, not fact.

According to the Queensland Police Service charge sheet of 20 June, 2012:

“Gerard Baden-Clay allegedly killed his wife at their Brookfield Road home ‘on or about’ April 19, 2012. He has been further charged with improperly interfering with her body at Kholo Creek.”

I interpret this as meaning that the victim was murdered at her home and the body transported by the accused to the area of Kholo Creek.

There is much conjecture as to exactly where the body was transported; whether it was left under the Kholo Creek Bridge; in Little Ugly Creek; below or above the waterline or in a dry creek-bed. However the fact is that the body was not found for ten days after her murder, during which time temperatures reached as high as 29 degrees C  during the day and as low as 8 degrees C at night.

Following eight days in the elements, the heavens opened and a couple of days of heavy rainfall (up to 100mm was recorded) created flash-flooding.  This, in turn, flushed the body out and downstream to its resting place under the Kholo Creek bridge.   About 11am on the morning of 30 April, after the early morning 2.1 metre high tide, a kayaker/canoeist discovered a body, which was later identified as being Allison, under Kholo Creek Bridge, only metres from the Brisbane River.

For an astrologer, the site where a body is found is the focus of an enquiry and the point at which calculations are made for this study.  The exact coordinates of the Kholo Creek Bridge are of particular interest to us:   Latitude 27 degrees 29’ 40”S    Longitude 152 degrees 44’ 51”E

There is a field of astrology, which focuses on the location of persons who have been murdered or are missing.  The method uses the celestial longitude measurements as the main part of deduction, the very same longitude, which we know of in cartography, the study of maps – latitudes and longitudes.

In my view, celestial longitude has turned out to be absolutely correct on this occasion.

You may say, well we know where the body is and that I’m looking at this in hindsight; that we are not tracking the location of a missing body. Yes, I agree with you, however I continue to examine every rock I trip over, as I build the case of revealing the psychological profile of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay.

I’ve used my academic training in triangulation yet again and despite all my efforts I cannot argue with the results.  There are planetary indicators, which are uncannily in line with the theory of celestial longitude ‘pointing the way’ to the body’s location.

Firstly the degrees of arc/longitude phenomenon.

Referring to the snapshot of the heavens just before midnight on 19 April, 2012 reveals the planet Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn;  the Descendant of the wheel is at 7 degrees Leo; the planet Neptune is at 2 degrees Pisces and the Ascendant is 7 degrees Aquarius.

  • The arc above the horizon from Pluto to the Descendant is 152 degrees.
  • We know that the location of the body, Kholo Creek Bridge is also 152 degrees longitude.

As well, Neptune is not far removed from Pluto – under the horizon.  Neptune is at 2 degrees Pisces. Neptune and Pisces both indicate the water as a location.

  • The arc below the horizon from Neptune to the Descendant is 155 degrees.  That is only two minutes of clock time off being an exact 152 degrees.  That’s just a couple of breaths away and near enough for me to be of relevance to our picture.
  • The planet Mars is at 3 degrees Virgo, which brings us to another arc above the horizon to the Ascendant of 7 degrees Aquarius this time  – Mars to Ascendant 154 degrees.  Another cat’s whisker away in real time. The actual coordinates of the dumping site, if we ever do know, will prove interesting.

Meanwhile the planets Pluto and Neptune are situated either side of the Ascendant at the crime time.  This sends us looking for a midpoint picture. The Ascendant is 7 degrees Aquarius which gives us the midpoint picture of Ascendant= Neptune/Pluto.  This is interpreted in astrological terms as:

  • The timing of the murder = use of deception in order to maintain the position of power in a relationship, together with the misuse of power to create dramatic change in the relationship.   Sexual power is simmering just under the surface of this crime.

The keywords to this crime are secrets and power.

Hell and high water Pt. 2 follows…

To hell and back

Astrologically, the experience of putting everything into perspective, a Pluto event can be exactly that, going to hell and back.  Once encountered, you can guarantee that you will not escape unscathed or that things will ever be the same again.  In our case the accused has gone to hell and the victim is, sure as hell, not coming back.

Astronomers in their naïve wisdom, downgraded Pluto in 2006 to a dwarf planet, however they can never downgrade the impact of the vocabulary we have, as a result of Pluto.

Plutonium:  the chemical element of atomic number 94, a dense silvery radioactive metal of the actinide series, used as a fuel in nuclear reactors and as an explosive in nuclear fission weapons. Plutonium only occurs in trace amounts in nature but is manufactured in nuclear reactors from uranium-238.

We know that the power of plutonium ended World War II with plutonium as the main ingredient at the heart of the atom bomb; that the race to create the first A-bomb was a power struggle between the economic giants.  We can never forget how the contribution of the A-bomb ended the War in the Pacific. Power brought peace at a high price. It took lives to save lives.

In mythology, Pluto is the Roman equivalent of the Greek God of the Underworld – Hades, as in ‘hell’.

Astrologically Pluto  is represented by power, not the power of control but power as in all-powerful. What else do we have in our lives, which is all-powerful?

The basis of power to most of us is how much money we have, or how much money someone else has, is it not?   Let me share a story about Pluto and the lovely lucre, money.

Pluto is currently orbiting in the heavens as I write, in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.  It has been on the cusp of Capricorn since 2008 and will continue to be in Capricorn until 2024.  This is a money story.

The generational planet, Pluto, has an orbital period of 248 Earth years, spending anywhere from 13 to 30 years in any one sign of the zodiac on its journey around the Sun. Two hundred and forty-eight years is far beyond any of our lifetimes to be the topic of general conversation of when Pluto was last in Capricorn, let alone in modern literature.

Apart from the fact that Pluto was not discovered until 1930, I can probably say with confidence, that the lack of information about Pluto cycles is the main reason why, what I am going to share with you here, has not been generally available.

We can all say a collective ‘if only I knew’ at this point.

We all know that the global economic situation is somehow tied in with the gold price and that the economy is a barometer for fluctuations in the price of gold. Financial reports in the mainstream media inevitably quote the current price of gold every day, don’t they?   The sharp rise in the price of gold since 2008 has been a perfect example of Pluto in Capricorn.

I bring up the subject because, if we look at the history of Pluto in Capricorn, much of this cycle has been in the chase for gold, the ultimate power-symbol of a nation’s wealth. We don’t have to go too far back in history to pick up the gold chase or it’s metaphor, plunder. So what happened the last time Pluto was in Capricorn?

Pluto was last in Capricorn from 1762-1778. This was the era of the American and French revolutions, both of which were as a result of economic exploitation. Commodity and gold are always interlinked.  We had the Boston Tea Party episode in North America and how Marie Antoinette of France supposedly told the people that they could all ‘eat cake’ when there was no bread in the larder.  There were more than tea and cakes on the table in both of these revolutions.

In the same era, Britain marched into Canada plundering her bounty and the British explorer Cook planted the Union Jack flag on the soil of Australia and New Zealand; the British East India Company took control of India and the trade route to China. This era was also the peak of the Atlantic slave trade – Africa was plundered of her people.

Even the Industrial Revolution in Britain led to the Scottish economist, Adam Smith publishing his Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, in 1776. Smith’s body of work laid the foundation for modern day economics.

Come with me as we take one more step back into the history of Pluto in Capricorn and the period 1516-1533.  We have the precious metal as the focus yet again.

Lured by gold, the Spanish invaded Central America. The Aztec, Inca and Mayan empires were decimated as the Spanish plundered vast quantities of gold.  It was this gold shipped back to Europe, which financed the establishment of Spain as one of the most powerful of European empires of the times.

Let’s look at one more era. At the beginning of the Pluto in Capricorn period of 1024-1041, the focus is on economics yet again. The banking industry began in Europe in this era with the storage and safekeeping of gold as a commercial enterprise. This was the beginning of commerce as we know it today. Meanwhile in Asia, in this same period, the Chinese started to use paper money as currency.

And we are told that no-one saw the current global financial crisis coming. Hell’s bells and pickled onions.  Hello?

Anyway back to the task at hand.  In the natal wheel, the birth horoscope of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay, Pluto was at 26degrees Virgo in the second house, the house of material matters and of course you guessed it, money.

Second house Pluto is about the ‘haves and the have nots’.  People with Pluto in this position equate money with lots of power – a big lesson to learn.  We know that the accused is up to his neck in debt and has been learning about the lack of power over his financial environment.

It has even been suggested that he may have killed his wife to benefit from her insurance policies, which coincidentally are around about the same figure as his debt ~ $1 million.

It doesn’t take too much to see that if we progress his natal Pluto to his I.C. / create the angle to his career, that at about the age of 34 Gerard Baden-Clay decided that power and money, for him, would be in a new career of principal of  a real estate business.

Pluto had reached the cusp of the Fourth house (the home) – selling homes is the business career of a realtor, selling real estate.

According to his bail affidavit as provided by mainstream media “Gerard Baden-Clay started as principal and managing director of Century 21 Westside in 2004 where he remained until his arrest on June 12, 2012.”

Remind me, what was the colour of that jacket he wore?