FlyDubai plane crash

A6-FDNA FlyDubai Boeing 737-800, registration A6-FDN – Flight FZ-981 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Rostov-na-Donu (Russia) with 55 passengers and 7 crew crashed.

The flight crew had aborted the approach to their destination –  Runway 22, at 1:42am local time on 19th March 2016.

The weather had led to a decison in relation to the safety of a landing.  Winds were gusting from 240 degrees at 27 knots (14 m/s) when FZ-981 proceeded to enter a hold pattern, initially at 8000 feet. After 30 minutes at 8000 feet the aircraft climbed to FL150.

Following two hours in this holding pattern, FZ-981 commenced a second approach to Runway 22.  As the plane approached the runway, the winds increased, gusting at 42 knots (22 m/s).  The cockpit crew announced a second go-around.  This was the last contact with the tower at Rostov-na-Donu.

The aircraft nosed and impacted with the ground just off the runway; breaking-up and bursting into flames. There were no survivors.  The clock on the wall read 3:50am.

A6-FDN carried fuel for the trip; both contingency and alternate, plus a final fuel reserve of 30 minutes. The additional holding was for about 2:30 hours. The total fuel for an endurance of about 8.5 hours. The aircraft had been airborne until time of impact; a total 06:02 hours.  The reserve therefore amounted to more than two further hours of flight.

It would appear that there was no urgency to land as far as fuel reserves were concerned, nor was the condition of the aircraft likely at fault.  This would leave the consideration of weather conditions, or human error as a likely cause for the loss of 62 souls.  International politics of any enquiry aside, it would appear to be a weather related crash.

We proceed to undertake an astrology enquiry as is our want to do on this blog.  Using a model of reality for the Boeing aircraft A6-FDN; the date of her maiden flight 21st December 2010, a snapshot is taken of the heavens for that date.  This becomes a horoscope for the plane itself.

A6-FDN- MSN 40241

FlyDubai A6-FDN copyclick on charts for full size

We are not aware of the time of the maiden-flight, and so the Moon in this chart is cast at mid-range (at noon).  Without a time for this maiden flight we are also unable to interpret houses/realms of potential tension with the aircraft.

  • If this maiden flight was in the morning, then the Moon would have been conjunct the 02:44°Cancer, Lunar South Node; an in-auspicious time in astrology terms as the Lunar Node is symbolic of a trauma, together with the public realm.
  • Jupiter represents flight in astrology, and so when we see that 25:19°Pisces; Jupiter is conjunct Uranus at 26:47°Pisces this gives us another sense of foreboding for this aircraft.
  • Jupiter-Uranus is square to Mercury Rx 25:37°Sagittarius (ongoing communication problems).
  • Venus at 14:19°Scorpio is EXACT asteroid Atropos – symbolic of the cutting of the cord of life. Venus represents a peer group and in this case this is likely cockpit crew or communication with outside control  We may get to expand on this aspect later in our enquiry.

There is a locked-in rectangle that will affect any enquiry in relation to this aircraft.  Jupiter-Uranus with asteroid Juno 26:52° Virgo and Mercury 25:37°Sagittarius.   It will relate to the propensity of the flight history of this aircraft, together with the interaction by communication between two people.  Is it the cross checking at the time of every flight, or maintenance, or some-such thing?

3:50am Rostov-Na-Donu, Russia:  impact

CrashFlyDubaifates-2Immediately we note in the heavens at the time of the crash…..

  • The fates (Moirae) at the ascendant 20:25°Capricorn. In Greek mythology the fates are very much the connection between human and heaven; spinning, weaving measuring the length of every human life.  These are the astral beings often sighted at battle fields; appearing to guide souls home.
  • Pluto 17:15°Capricorn arrived early as guardian of the Underworld – another symbol in Greco/Roman mythology in relation to death.  We note the ascendant is 22degrees. As the Serbian astrologers tell us; this is the degree of doom in relation to ‘kill or be killed’.
  • Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee is overhead; square to the horizon line holding the red reins.  BML is the weakest link in the heavens at any given time. We note also at 22 degrees.
  • Asteroid Eris at 22°Aries reveals the trouble and strife that any investigation into this crash will become embroiled in.   Note 22 degrees.
  • Asteroid Russia 18:52°Aries is conjunct Uranus 19:12° and Atropos 19:55°Aries.  Atropos is one of the fates – she who cuts the cord determining the end of human life.
  • The arrows point to the elements – Black Moon Lilith is at the controls – cardinal and mental.

In all we note that the heavens have the boxed-in, fated event at 3:50am in Russia.  Note that the element of Water and Cardinal mode is missing.  This indicates that there is NO emotional input overhead that night to indicate that any personal input to the reasoning behind the crash.  The weather and the heavens ruled the night.  However we must put these two charts together and interpret any further tension.

Plane crash incident and A6-FDN- MSN 40241

crash-flydubaiA bi-wheel; putting the two charts together; viewed from the perspective of time and place of impact.  Given the above interpretation, we now view the interaction of the event and the plane containing 62 people.

Immediately we note that transiting Pluto 17:15°Capricorn (guide to the Underworld) is in quindecile aspect with the plane’s natal Lunar Nodal axis.  This would have foretold the risk of a catastrophe.

In fact we also note that the date on the calendar; transiting Sun at 28:51°Pisces is not only square to the plane’s Sun, but also conjunct the plane’s Uranus.  If nothing else thing is indicative of a plash crash being imminent.  I would be sure if any of the passengers, or crew had consulted an astrologer in relation to their travel plans – then they would have been advised against traveling on this particular flight.

  • transiting (blue text) Juno 14:22°Scorpio clashes with the plane’s Venus and Atropos (death of the crew) at the same degree 14°Scorpio in the 9th house. This flight has become a long-haul; not by choice of the crew. Will flight crew fatigue be presented as part of the outcome of this crash?
  • Transiting  asteroid Nemesis generates a trine with Neptune in the heavens plus (red) Borasissi; with the third leg the mid-range Moon and Lunar South Node of the plane, crew and passengers.

Note: Borasissi in any chart, is indicative of lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain happiness. This pilot was not listening to Borasissi, his responsibility for the passengers was his priority; he elected to abort the landing, however Father Time (Saturn) was not with him.

  • transiting (blue) 16:22° Sagittarius Saturn is conjunct 15:39° Sagittarius, Pholus (regrets) in the plane’s chart – i.e. regrets that this aborted landing would not succeed.
  • transiting (blue) asteroid Russia 18:52°-Uranus 19:13°-Atropos 19:56° – in unison in the zodiac of Aries is opposite the plane’s Saturn 16:08°Libra.  Again we have the timing for the Grim Reaper (Saturn’s other hat) to tell us where the crash would take place.

There is suggestion in this chart that human error may be the official-line from any enquiry of the crash.  As to whether the human element under question, is that of the flight-crew, or ground control at the Rostov-na-Donu airport, I leave for others to interpret.  For me as an astrologer, I remain with the Weather Gods in the Sky together with karma playing the major role in the demise.

Germanwings Flight 9525

A plane crash in the French Alps…

Germanwings Flight 9525 took off from Runway 07R at Barcelona–El Prat Airport at 10:01:12 CET on 24th March 2015 and failed to arrive at Düsseldorf Airport by 11:39 CET.

cockpitphotoAt 10:31.02 CET, after crossing the French coast near Toulon, the aircraft made a slight course correction, left its assigned cruising altitude and without approval began a rapid straight-line descent. The aircraft then crashed within the territory of the remote community of Prads-Haute-Bléone, 100 kilometres  north-west of Nice.

During the descent, the pilot left the cabin for a break, upon which the co-pilot disabled access back to the cockpit  Evidence showed the autopilot was abruptly switched from cruising altitude to 100 ft, which is the lowest setting for the autopilot. We have a likely murder-suicide by the co-pilot.

Utilising our C21 profiling method by incorporating astrology in our toolkit, we begin our enquiry.  Please make note that astrology is not accepted in any current court of law plus as a pseudo science, remains in the realm of opinion.

  • Co-pilot: Andreas Lubitz DOB 18th December 1987 in Montabaur, Germany (noon time used for a mid-range measurement)
  • Incident: Loss of radar contact 10:43am CET 24th March 2015
  • D-AIPX maiden flight 29th November 1990

With our amended birthdate, we take a fresh look at Andreas Lubitz’ chart.  Interacting with the tension on the date, he appears to have had a psychotic break.  Our perspective is of the event is the inner chart and the outer wheel is the natal horoscope for the co-pilot; Andreas Lubitz (noon used for a mid-range moon).

Immediately we note the planetary stellium; indicative of ‘a-social’ behaviour.  Led by Uranus-Sun-Saturn-Mercury, plus all in Sagittarius, we can see why the desire to be a pilot with Jupiter the planetary ruler of Sagittarius.  However a stellium does not work in favour of an elite industry employer.  It appears that company psychology tests have failed to note the abnormality of ‘a-social’ behaviour in this particular individual.

He would be highly unpredictable (Uranus); egotistical (Sun), domineering (Saturn), opinionated mental outlook (Mercury).  A stellium of planets is indicative of all these energies inter-dependent. So in astrology terms, we have a potentially mentally unstable, individual whom would be prone to depression.

Lubitz-duoThere is little tension in the natal chart; Lubitz is not in a highly emotive state – possibly medicated, or in an altered state of consciousness/psychosis. 

  • Personal needs; the Moon, is focused on 6th house matters – i.e. flying routine management and driven from the 12th house Moon (blue) of the mind – purposeful ‘mis-management’.
  • tr Mars square natal Venus in 8th house – ‘passionate’ tension between this man and his peer group.

Two midpoints at the time of the incident are revealing with the subtle levels of transiting Moon/Lunar North Node=Descendant – the general focus is on the importance of interpersonal relationships. Plus the second midpoint of transiting Jupiter/Neptune = 25:36°Taurus conjunct the fixed star Algol. Jupiter is indicative of flight and Neptune; subterfuge and in the 12th house – evil pre-planned.

Those are the risks at the time of the incident; as for Lubitz we have his interaction with transiting midpoints:

  • transiting Moon/Neptune = 18:07°Aries;  conjunct Lubitz’ natal Jupiter – inflated by the idea of the subterfuge fulfilling his personal needs.
  • transiting Saturn/Pluto = 25:08°Sagittarius EXACT Lubitz’ natal Sun – fulfilling his wants to murder en mass; a power move for notoriety.

When we check the second chart and the asteroids therein, we can extended the story further. No need to guess where the stellium is located is there; the exit point of the descendant. Note that the transits are coloured in blue text and the natal are in red.  As the minutes ticked by and the astrology wheel turned, we see how Lubitz’ plan unfolded.

What is missing is as relevant with the astrology when we note that Icarus#1566 ; the indicator for a plane crash is NOT in the tension in any of the charts.  The plane didn’t crash as the result of something happening mid-air; it was purposely flown into the ground under the direction of the co-pilot.

  • Ixon#28978 – treachery
  • Pholus#5145 – shooting oneself in the foot
  • Pallas#2 – inner warrior
  • Hylonome#10370 – suicide
  • Andreas#17459 – namesake for the co-pilot
  • Atropos#273 – cutting of the life-line
  • Moirea#638 – the fates

The descendant: exit point

  • Transiting Ixion#28978 (blue) 23:26°Sagittarius crossed first – possibility of treachery in the air
  • Natal Mercury 23:15°Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 23:52° – making plans with the grim reaper; psychosis
  • Natal Sun 25:11°Sagittarius – ego steps forward with personal ‘wants’ in-control
  • Transiting Pholus#5145 (blue) 26:07° followed next, creating a regrettable opportunity – airlines will make changes as a result
  • Natal Uranus 26:51° identifies the mental aberration of rebellion in Lubitz
  • Transiting Pallas#2 (warrior) 28:01°Sagittarius opportunity for a warrior to act – both by the pilot in his efforts to regain access to the cockpit and also Lubitz’ ‘the rebellious warrior’.  EXACT the descendant at the time that radar contact was lost…
  • Transiting Hylonome#10370 at 1:31°Capricorn – moments later creates the opportunity for suicide.

Other asteroid tension of note is transiting Andreas#317459 at 14:47°Gemini lined up to conjunct natal Andreas 16:10°Gemini.  He got his name on the front-page.

  • tr Neptune 8:14°Pisces conjunct natal Juno#3 at 7:51° in 10th house/careers – subterfuge with his partner (pilot)
  • tr Uranus 15:42°Aries conjunct natal Eris#136199 at 15:48°- sudden changes in behaviour i.e. from friend to enemy; creates trouble and strife
  • tr Moirea#638 at 29:48°Leo PLUS transiting Messenger#7861 at 0:14° Virgo oppose the mid-heaven are conjunct Lubitz’ natal Hylonome (suicide) 1:31°Virgo.

With his natal stellium driven from a 26°Gemini Chiron, we know that his recurring theme of ‘poor-me’ is related to communication. He likely believes that no-one listens to him. That would have driven this act of mass murder, as natal Chiron was in the 12th house (mental) throughout the episode; likely crossing the ascendant at the time of disintegration.

D-AIPX – the aeroplane

planecrash-aeroplane-duoEven the plane’s 1990 maiden flight tells us that a suicide-warrior will be the cause of its demise – Hylonome exact Pallas#2 15°Virgo in the horary chart for the maiden flight.

This could indicate a future terrorist attack as much as a personal vendetta of someone on-board.  It is only when we have the human component, that we learn the full story.

  • We also note that transiting Hylonome (suicide) at 1:31°Capricorn (at the descendant) is opposite maiden flight Atropos#273 at 1:69°Cancer. This suicide act will bring the plane down; end of the line, destroyed.

The first chart is an economical use of tension, but then we are dealing with a horary chart, not a person’s emotional reaction. We can only expect the facts.

  • A Jupiter return.. Jupiter represents flight in astrology.  The lifetime of the plane’s journey is shortened (3rd house). We cannot interpret this as ‘an incident’ for it is not.  This event was a controlled mass murder.
    • tr Neptune square natal Sun – subterfuge
    • tr Saturn opposite natal Mars – pulling the pin
    • tr Mars conjunct Moon – the emotional explosion; disintegration


MH17 missile attack

The asteroid Ukraina (Ukraine) was discovered 16 August, 1925 and given the number 1709. It is one of the main belt asteroids that occasionally come up as possibly threatening to wipe out the human race. Just last month 1709 Ukraina got a mention in the US media, with NASA issuing a statement that it was not likely that the asteroid would enter our atmosphere in 2032; a 1/48,000 chance of impacting.

mh17-ruinsWhat did impact over the Ukraine this week, was a ground to air missile and a commercial jetliner; a missile fired from within the Ukraine downing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 with all 298 lives on-board lost. The plane; a B772, was travelling at 490 kts at 33,000 feet (10km) four hours into its flight out of Amsterdam, en route Kuala Lumpur.

The date, 17 July 2014 is the anniversary of another commercial aircraft brought down by a missile – TWA800, on 17 July 1996.

8:31pm on the 17 July 1996, TWA flight 800 out of New York bound for Rome via Paris crashed into the Atlantic just 12minutes after take-off; killing all 230 souls on-board.

There is another synchronicity with this date 17th July. The current downed MAS Flight MH17 rolled out of the Boeing hangar in the USA on 17 July 1997. That was the date of 9M-MRD’s maiden flight – she lived and died on the same date; seventeen years apart.

Undertaking a forensic astrology enquiry, we turn our eyes heavenwards from the position of the downed plane and the time when communication was lost; the place and time.

  • 48°7′56″N 38°39′19″E
  • 14:15 hours UT / 2:15pm GMT

ukraine-rebelsIt would appear that MH17 was brought down by a pro-Russian/anti-Ukranian government group within the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine.  These two groups together, are commonly called The Donbass.

From this information, it is obvious to us that we have to include asteroids in our enquiry.  We check our ephemeris for their location at this time in space.

  • Ukraina #1709 – 02°Cancer 25’
  • Donbass #19916 – 22°Cancer 31’
  • Russia #232 – 16°Scorpio 34’

Was the targeting of this plane intentional or perhaps a case of mistaken identity? We have to consider other possibilities as we turn to the Arabic Parts in astrology for their possible inclusion in our charts. These are calculated from the date/time/planetary positions at a given point in time.

  • Identity – 22°Cancer 49’
  • Danger – 0°Leo 25’
  • Assassination – 0°Leo 35’

MH17-crashAnd so to charting and interpretation – the first chart is a snapshot in time from the ground at the crash site.  Click on charts for full size.

The nebulous star Al waid (who is to be destroyed), is the Eye of the Dragon guarding the constellation of Ursa Minor at 12°Sagittarius. In Greek mythology, we are entering the realm of the Hesperides. I.e. That suggests that we can expect a messy investigation to follow (Wreck of the Hesperus).

  • Fixed star Al Waid conjunct Ascendant – destruction.
  • Sun square Mars – possible accident
  • Sun (orange) in the 8th house square Lunar nodal axis – identifying a traumatic situation in a public place.

Note: Serbian astrologers would tell us that the cusp of the 8th house at 18°Cancer is diabolical for the human race.

  • Moon square Mercury – the need to communicate is in tension with the planet of communication; a communication meltdown.
  • Midpoint Mercury/Venus= asteroid Ukraina – Ukranian rebels are responsible for the rocket attack (Venus=peer group)
  • Jupiter (green) in the 8th house conjunct Arabic parts – danger; plus assassins.

In astrology, Jupiter represents long distance travel/a flight and on this occasion is situated in the 8th house of death and transformation.

  • Asteroid Icarus #1566 (29° Sagittarius) opposite Venus (pink) – the boy that fell from the sky; portending the loss of lives.
  • Saturn 16°Scorpio conjunct asteroid Russia#232 – grim reaper is situated at Russia’s door

crash-9M-MRDIf we can sweep all 298 souls into our arms and place them into the plane, we interpret 9M-MRD as representative of all on-board. We therefore generate our first bi-wheel (method) with the inner wheel that of the time of the destruction of the plane and the outer wheel the maiden flight of the plane; a horary chart generated at noon on that date.

  • Tr Sun conjunct natal Sun (orange) in 8th house – transformation of a life, well lived.
  • Tr Sun opposite Neptune (turquoise) – victims of subterfuge
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Sun – traumatic situation in a public space
  • Tr Mars square Sun – possible accident
  • Tr Saturn square Mercury (yellow) – this relates to the method of death
  • Midpoint of Sun/Saturn= Lunar north node (9th house) – a difficult meeting with others during a long journey.
  • Tr Moon quindecile Lunar north node – an overwhelming need to enter the supernatural realm.

17Jul2014-MASOur third chart/second bi-wheel is from the same perspective and the outer wheel is the date that MAS commenced operations 1 October 1972. MAS; Malaysian Airline System is the flag carrier of the nation of Malaysia. We note that this is not a private company; a nation rides with this airline.

All indications are that this is a crisis time for the airline and may well be its death knell when we look at the overall picture in astrological terms.  We also note that this is where the asteroid Donbass and Arabic Part Identity come into the picture;  They are both positioned at 22°Cancer.

Serbian astrology identifies the 22nd degree as the assassin, while the zodiac of Cancer, identifies the homeland.  There is one further asteroid creating tension in this chart for MAS, likely relating to the investigation.

  • Tr asteroid Chaos #19521 conjunct MAS Saturn in 7th house – upheaval with international relationships likely
  • Natal mid-range Moon and South node conjunct 22°Cancer (in the 8th house) – a karmic event for the airline; MAS will be identified with the Donbass for evermore.
  • Natal Sun (orange) is at the MC and opposite the home (4th house cusp) – highlighting Malaysia on the world map; also mirrors MAS back to the nation’s need for a flag carrier.
  • Tr Sun (orange) intersects/conjunct Lunar nodal axis – trauma in a public place (8th house death/transformation).
  • Tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) – a nation’s driving needs are highlighted.
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal mid-range Moon and South node – ditto – a karmic decision.
  • Tr Mars square Lunar nodal axis – combined efforts will pay off.
  • Tr Moon opposite Pluto – exaggerated emotional intensity drives new plans
  • Tr Uranus opposite Mercury (yellow) in 10th house – improved communication

blackribbonRIP all souls on board MH17.