Jeffrey Boucher

If we were to create a hypothetical situation with Jeffrey Boucher in attendance for an astrology consultation, once we were past the initial pleasantries, we would indicate a particular aspect in his natal horoscope that was of primary importance; Pluto conjunct Lunar North Node.

Having an accurate birth time allows an astrologer to have some understanding of the nature of the man, before we even address the nurturing aspect. This case is an opportunity for us to enquire at a deeper level for analysis and we thank the family for providing the birth data.

Note:  Astrology is a pseudo science and as such is subjective.  We suggest that those whom read this enquiry do so from a skeptical perspective. All aspects in the charts together with classic interpretation is available on the public record for those whom wish to clarify anything suggested by us.

By having a birth time we know that this important aspect ‘Pluto conjunct Lunar North Node’ needs our attention, especially because it occurs in the first house; the realm of the personality.  We must comment that the first house in a natal horoscope has more serious concerns than just the personality, particularly when planets are close to the ascendant.

littleboyinaboatOn a review of the natal chart, apart from the Pluto-Node conjunction in the 1st house, we are also aware of the Leo ascendant (his face to the world/personality) and the close proximity of Uranus in the 12th house (the unconscious and the mind).

This combination of aspects immediately alerts us to a likely early childhood development challenge for the young Jeffrey Boucher.  Progression by solar arc can reveal when these events were likely to occur (example)

We would therefore need to clarify whether the birth time was accurate by addressing our client with a series of queries.

“If we have your birth time right, around the age of three or four, there was likely a sudden upheaval in your young life; something that created an emotional impact on the family. An impact that has stayed with you for your entire life; bubbled away under the surface.”

If the reply was, “It was when I was five, actually” we would then adjust the ascendant accordingly and continue to determine an outcome as sensitively as possible.

“Did this series of events in your early life disrupt your relationship with your mother; in your early teens?”

By this stage, any response would be, not from fifty–two year old Jeffrey, but a very young boy who likely had very vivid memories which he had kept hidden away, so as to remain virtuous. Deep in the 12th house of the psyche; with Uranus.

Listening and observing body language of any emotional recall of events could be followed by a conversation with the adult Jeffrey in relation to his emotive reaction, thus allowing the man to process the outcome from a mature psychological perspective.

Our emotional needs at the age of three or four are far different from when we are fifty-two, however if there has been a traumatic event in our early childhood that remains unresolved, we continue to repeat the childlike/immature emotive response in any situation that brings up that original memory, or as in this case, when the planets aligned to create the tension.

However, Jeffrey Bruce Boucher is not sitting in front of us today.  He disappeared on Monday 13th January 2014 leaving a loving wife and two daughters, whom together with his extended family and friends are at a loss to understand what happened to him.

Together with one of his daughters, Jeffrey Boucher had spent the weekend at his parent’s ski lodge; a regular event during the Canadian winter season.  Once home, a normal Sunday evening ensued.  After speaking briefly with his mother on the phone, Jeffrey went out for a jog.  It just before 9pm, a the winter’s evening in Whitby, Ontario.

In hindsight, we consider this man’s exercise, jogging was likely his manner of working at relieving stress. This could have been a regular release-valve; nothing untoward about that. Jeffrey returned later than usual, not getting home until just before 11pm and was tucked up in bed not long afterwards; everything appeared to be normal.

It wasn’t unusual for Jeffrey Boucher to be out and about on a run as early as 6am even though it was still dark and so it took some time for him to be missed; once the family had risen and started their daily routine.

Commencing a forensic astrology enquiry, we could extol the man’s virtues here, however that is not our want to do when we undertake an enquiry.  We deal with the hard aspects; the tension in the life of our person of interest.

As we are not privy to the actual time of his departure from home that morning, it would normally be a challenge to generate a bi-wheel in an effort to locate his whereabouts.  However as we are aware of his habits, plus the added advantage of having his time of birth we can generate charts and see what the heavens can tell us.

Boucherclick on image for full sized charts

We reproduce dual charts for our case – method.  The first is from the perspective of the man’s natal chart and the second from a suggested time of 6am.   That is, the first chart has his birth wheel as the inner wheel with the event wheel on the outside and for the second chart we have the reverse perspective.

We have an angle in common, however first we can share the aspects by classic interpretation of the tension present. With the first bi-wheel, we reveal the aspect highlighted in red on the left-hand side, which we referred to initially in our hypothetical consultation.

  • Natal Uranus is in the 12th house and close to the ascendant, indicating mental challenges brought into this life. Look to the traits of Leo as to how this aspect will likely manifest – ‘pride of the Leonine lion’ comes immediately to mind; keeping a brave face, is another.
  • Natal Moon (blue)/Venus (pink)on the other side of the bi-wheel reveals a midpoint with the transiting Lunar nodal axis in the outer wheel…

Classic astrology tells us that this transit by the Lunar Nodal Axis will revive the emotion of being loved/or the perception of not receiving enough love by the female nurturer when one was a child.  This does not mean that the nurturer was inadequate; rather that circumstances did not allow for the child to receive that, which the immature emotional being (the child) perceived, they needed.

The second bi-wheel will reveal the same aspects, however we now have the houses in which the aspects create the tension; the arenas of action around 6am on the morning that Jeffrey Boucher disappeared.

As we have a locator angle in common already, we continue with this event as being relevant, if not exact for the time of his demise.  When we keep in mind the two aspects discussed in relation to his natal chart, we can expound on the added tension created on this particular date.

  • Transiting Moon in the heavens at 23° Gemini (blue in the inner wheel) is conjunct the descendant/cusp of the 7th house. Being in Gemini always indicates mental activity (due to Mercury being the planet that rules Gemini). Being at the 7th cusp indicates that the mental focus is on this man’s personal needs and the relationships needed to fulfill them.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) represents the date on the calendar i.e. why this particular day more than another day. The Sun is quindecile natal Mars (action) in the 7th house – a compulsion to act/do something about it now; today.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) splits the natal South Node and Mercury (yellow) generating a midpoint  – generating confusion (Neptune) about fitting into the ‘group’ (note the opposite side of the bi-wheel the relationship with maternal nurturer) in the arena of self-esteem (2nd house).

Note for those whom follow karma – this is the life lesson right here (South Node). Plus this is our primary angle for location, however hold that thought for now.  I’ll continue with the aspects.

  • Transiting Uranus square natal Mars – generates sudden changes with regard to the action to take (see Sun quindecile Mars above).
  • Natal Moon conjunct the nodal axis plus drawing-in that natal opposition of Neptune (turquoise) in the outer chart – the sense of bewilderment, that is the nature of the man, reaches a traumatic period in life by this transit. By being in the 4th/10th axis it likely relates to home/career and the future ahead.

When we look at the two bi-wheels side by side, we can see that there is an angle in-common with an arrow indicating a direction.  This is where astrology and cartography get to have a conversation  We take the angle onto a map of the locality, Whitby.

MAP-GCWhitbyclick on map for full size

We flip the second bi-wheel (it could be either) in order to align north to north (method) and superimpose the chart over the residential address of Jeffrey Boucher – continuing the angle onto the map; a direction to follow.

We are not able to indicate an exact location, however we can give a likely direction to follow as to where Jeffrey Boucher met with destiny.

There are no indications in the chart to suggest foul play.  The activity is primarily mental anguish; suggestive that it wasn’t the fifty-two year old man whom slipped away from life on 13th January, but a very small boy. The simplistic arrangement of tension also suggests that the result was over fairly quickly.

29th March 2014: 

MAP#2WhitbyNow that we know the location of this man’s final resting place, we have generated a further bi-wheel in order to give us a possible time with natal Saturn as the body locator. Winding the chart with the gift of hindsight, Jeffrey Boucher likely left home around 4:15am if this method is to be relied on.

He may have set off down the direction we originally indicated, however there was more to the story. It appears that he then made a left turn along a trail by the foreshore.

Note for astrologers:  There are no hard aspects from transiting planets to natal Saturn to back up the angle, which is most unusual in such an enquiry. A study of the midpoints reveals the answer:

  • Transiting Sun/Mercury = natal Saturn at 27° Capricorn –  depression/ thoughts of death; sadness about separation.
  • Transiting Mercury/Venus = natal Saturn at 27° Capricorn – adjusting to realism; a serious attitude towards life and death.



Double trouble Part 1

Were you or I to take a trip to visit Niagara Falls, we would have a choice as to which side of the border we’d take our happy snaps from.  If we were to choose the Canadian side instead of the American, then I reckon we’d probably fly into Toronto, in the state of Ontario.

However we won’t be travelling down Highway 11; we won’t be hearing the roar of the volume of water, nor will our faces be moistened by the mist rising from the International Falls, we have other duties to perform.

Our focus is, according to Wikipedia, in the Regional Municipality of Peel within the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada; or if you prefer it in straight language, we are in Caledon, Ontario.  The Latitude is 43° N 52 and Longitude is 80° W 00.  We have another missing persons case. Double trouble.

This is a cold case, which has been brought to the public’s attention once again.  Due to the uniqueness of our research method, we have been asked to bring a fresh approach to finding the location of, what is more than likely, two lost souls.

The official investigating body is the Ontario Provincial Police, the OPP to you and I.  We might have been hoping for a hunk of a Mountie for company, but sadly not – they have federal work to do.

We’re out in the provinces in the company of regular Canadians. Good, law-abiding country folk.  I am in the online company of a person who tells me that they know more about this case than anyone outside of the OPP.  I have the information I need.

The local newspaper, The Caledon Enterprise reports:

On 24 August, 1981 two teenage boys disappeared without a trace from the McCormick family farm amongst a cloud of suspicion and mystery.

Weeks after the boys disappeared Bill Currie, a now retired OPP officer assigned to the case, said it was possible the boys had hitched a ride to the Toronto Exhibition and would come home soon.

“It wasn’t uncommon for kids to do this back then. I just thought they would come back.”                                                           

The boys names are John McCormick Jnr and (Lloyd) Eric Larsfolk.  Eric was 14  and John 15 years old when they disappeared.  Eric was new to Caledon; his family had only recently moved there.

On 24 August, not long after the boys had first met, Eric rode his bike down the road to John’s place telling his father he was off to watch some tv.  It was about 5pm. Sunset wasn’t due until just past 8.  John’s sister Kim was due to babysit nearby.  Her father, John Snr. gave her a lift. The boys were in the driveway outside the house as John worked on his van.  It was 5.30pm.

That is the last time Kim saw her brother, John or his friend, Eric.  They disappeared without a trace.

Giving way to winter, fall became the past and Eric and John Jr. remained missing. Police searched the McCormick property a number of times, with up to 60 officers scouring every inch of wooded area. In November 1981 police searched for any sign of the boys with a helicopter equipped with thermal vision.

The case has never really gone cold for there are too many people who care. Let our contribution be the ‘Aussies and the Canucks’, and while I’m being colloquial, I’d also like to get the friendly rivalry out of the way.

Yes, the bathwater does go down the plughole the other way round, depending on which hemisphere you are in – it’s not weird and when I flip a horoscope wheel to align north to north, it’s not because I’m down-under and Canada is north of the equator.  It’s the magic of our carpet here on planet Earth.

Astrology and cartography are askew of their own accord. I like to think of them as mirror images.  In astrology, North and South are reversed to what we know of in the real world, as is East and West.  North is at the bottom, South at the top; East is on the left and West on the right.

In my journey into forensic astrology, I just flip the astrology wheels vertically. North and North need to be in alignment. To date in my experience flipping vertically, works.  If I were getting East-West indicators in my observation, then I would consider flipping that way as well.  So far there has been no need to reinvent the wheel.

I follow three basic steps. They are all math and astronomy.  Nothing psychic is going on here. My computer software produces natal horoscopes; I follow up by creating computer generated bi-wheels and then I superimpose each of the flipped wheels over a local map of the land.  I then look for synchronicities.

Our first step in the process – here are the horoscope wheels of the individuals involved, a snapshot of the heavens at the time of their births – the planetary positions in the sky.  We have the date, place and time of birth on John Jnr; date and place for Eric but no time; and a third person, a Person of Interest – POI with their known date, place and time of birth.

Note: As a result of my enquiry, I have requested a fourth person’s birth data.  We await that information, however we can still continue with a result.  I have a gut feeling that there is another individual in this picture.

Note: Because we don’t have the time of Eric’s birth and I have no knowledge of his early life-experiences, I set the time as 12 midnight, as the clock ticked over to the day of his birth.  This is a traditionally accepted method.

I have highlighted, in pink the main planetary indicators, which we are looking for.  The heavy-weights of Pluto and Saturn are the usual suspects, although there is always an overall picture.  At this stage we are looking for synchronicities.

Once flipped we are already seeing a synchronicity. I have indicated this with a red line.

The charts have been flipped for John and the POI, however not Eric (remember we don’t have his time of birth). So the wheel on the left is flipped vertically; the one in the middle remains the same and the one on the right-hand side is flipped.

  • It amazes me every time, when we have an unknown time wheel.  The person inevitably has an input, albeit a subjective one. (that’s why I highlight in blue).

I have highlighted (in grey) the POI wheel with an extra area of interest, a midpoint picture of Pluto and nodal axis. We immediately have a mathematical synchronicity and we haven’t even left their birth times to include the time of their disappearance!

  • John has Saturn on the red line – Saturn points the way as a body locator.
  • John has Uranus on the red line – sudden changes/a bolt out of the blue and Pluto the death indicator is there also
  • Eric has a (subjective) Saturn on the red line – another directional locator
  • POI has Mars (on the red line) – Male energy, excessive force  expended
  • POI has Pluto/Nodal axis (on the red line)– Death indicator which creates a major impact on the public arena

Now we test it by bringing these wheels into the future.  Let’s start with Eric as he has a natal Moon in Aries. For those who are familiar with my posts, you will know that Aries Moon is a dominant personality, a need to be Number One in relationships and so we will honour his memory by allowing his voice to be heard first.

We know that the last time John’s sister Kim saw the boys was at 5.30 at the farmhouse and so we take a snapshot of the heavens at 5.30pm on 24 August, 1981 in Caledon, Ontario, Canada.

Note: I feel there is a later time and a slightly different setting which I want to inquire into as well.

Later that evening, the farm vehicle, an old Chevvy was found on a track some way from the house.  Its headlights were still on, which indicates to me that the time was after dark.  Experience tells me to run a second line of inquiry.

I’ll call this line of inquiry, ‘After Dark’.  I now take another snapshot of the heavenly bodies as they pass overhead about half an hour after sunset on that tragic night in August 1981.  So Eric, what can you tell us?

Eric is not going to lead us astray.  He understands the seriousness of the situation.  We’re not off on a fishing trip with a couple of young lads here.

I’ve highlighted the Ascendant points (left hand side) of each bi-wheel in green, so anyone can check that I don’t stray from the path.  The Ascendant highlighted in green is always the ascendant of the inner wheel, not the outer.

With these two wheels, the first is at 5.30 and the second is my second line of enquiry, a little later in the evening – ‘After Dark’.

  • At 5.30pm the Ascendant highlighted in green is Capricorn 10 degrees; the After Dark example is Pisces 18 degrees.

When we produce a bi-wheel it can be done from the ascendant point of either position – from the perspective of an event or from the perspective of an individual.  These two wheels are presented from the perspective of specific events on the night of 24 August.

I haven’t used Eric’s birth as a point of reference as we know the time is not accurate and therefore any result would be subjective.  No more blue highlighter needed from here on in.  We view through the eyes of clock time.

We immediately see that our red line, the angle is again brought to our attention; I doubt it will change now.  We have our red line, our direction finder.

The first bi-wheel above is the event of 5.30 as the inner wheel and the outer wheel is Eric’s natal wheel.  We have the view of the planets in the sky in real time.

  • We immediately see that Eric’s Saturn is right on the red line.  Saturn is renowned for pointing the direction to the location of a body.

The second bi-wheel is the inner wheel of the event ‘After Dark’ and the outer wheel is Eric’s natal wheel.  This is how we know the ‘After Dark’ time – Eric has shown us and John confirms this below.

  • Eric’s Uranus and Pluto are both at the Descendant – Uranus tells us there is sudden change and Pluto indicates death.

Note: the Descendant is on the right hand side in an astrology wheel (opposite to the Ascendant); again we are in mirror land – this is the West and sunset.

We have a well-known expression Down-Under – “At the going down of the sun we will remember them.”  This expression is a memory we carry forward of those fallen at the Battle of Gallipoli in WWI, however it remains a truth today.  The Descendant (opposite to the Ascendant) is a point of departure.

John Jnr’s input adds even more, as we have the time of his birth to work with so his natal wheel brings another ascendant into play.  Rather than reproduce all the wheels I’ll share three again as is my preference for triangulation and leave the other wheels for students of forensic astrology.

  • At 5.30 (first wheel on the left) Pluto was transiting overhead for John, conjunct his MC (midheaven)
  • At 5.30 the planet Mercury (communication) was transiting to conjunct John’s natal Uranus and Pluto (sudden changes in power)
  • At 5.30 the Moon is at the Nadir, the lowest point in the wheel.  A family connection is indicated.
  • From John’s perspective (the second, the middle wheel) these sudden, electric changes in power with communication are right on the red line.  This is in exact alignment with John’s natal Saturn, which we saw in his natal wheel (first set of wheels above) where Saturn lay directly on the red line.
  • The transiting Moon is at the John’s Descendant.  It is also in the sign of Cancer.  To an astrologer this would indicate that water is a possible resting place.

Mercury has more to say here, however we shall leave that alone for now.

  •  The third wheel (right hand side) at ‘After Dark’ we have the Midheaven aligning with John’s Jupiter  – Jupiter expands/inflates whatever it touches. He would have put up a strong (Jupiter) resistance.
  • We have John’s Saturn at the ascendant of After Dark opposite the Descendant.  He opposed his departure.
  • John’s Uranus and Pluto are at the descendant of After Dark – overpowered.
  • We have transiting Mercury in between (communication in the middle) Trying to talk a way out perhaps?
  • Neptune is at the Nadir – confusion, much is in awry.

We stop at this point, as it appears to be a possible time of the boys demise. 

I am sure that there have been many methods of research done in the past, which I am not aware of.  It is best that I don’t know until my enquiry is completed and so I won’t leave a place for comments below.  Your comments will have to wait until I have published Part 2.

Our next post can explore the Person of Interest and the possible location of the bodies.  By then we will hopefully have the further information, which will assist in my conclusions.