John Chardon

Living within coo-ee of a potential crime in May 2013, I published a post on this blog – ‘Peregrination at its worst‘ in relation to the disappearance of Novy Chardon from the Gold Coast, Australia.

‘Peregrination’ in astrology interpretation, is used to describe a planet that is not in aspect in the heavens to other planets in our solar system at a given time. The word ‘peregrine’ shares its etymological origins with ‘pilgrim’; a wanderer. When there are no boundaries in someone’s version of reality, an emotionally-stunted individual can very easily exhibit feral behaviour in their environment.

John Chardon is reported as having a foul mouth; dispensing profanities left, right and center, regardless of the presence of any adults, or children.

Supreme Court of Australia, Brisbane: John Chardon is currently on trial for the murder of his 5th wife; Indonesian born Novy Chardon.

John Chardon was born with Uranus peregrine in his horoscope. This is not an unfortunate thing in itself, as Uranus allows for embracing modern technology; being able to change on a penny; be on the move very easily.

However in our realm of criminal behaviour, we know the risks of Uranus tension – eg interaction between Uranus and the Moon can very easily identify unstable behaviour etc.

John Chardon horoscope (time of birth unknown)  click on image for full size

When we bring asteroids into the pattern of his natal chart, we note that John Chardon’s horoscope reveals Vesta (hidden matters) exact Uranus at 23°Gemini (realm of communication).  From this conjunction there is tension with Borasissi Rx (self-deception) – a quindecile aspect (obsessive-compulsive behaviour) at 7°Sagittarius (realm of opinion and respect).

So we can expect to note that this male will exhibit instability reinforced by lies that he tells himself, to the point of obsessively so, in order to retain respect from others in his environment.

Other major challenges of note here, are that Juno is Rx at 18°Sagittarius, which is indicative of jealousy in any spousal relationship, plus being in the zodiac of Sagittarius, we know that respect and opinion will be the manifestation of any potential behaviour.

  • Natal Sun (ego’s desire) is exact asteroid Narcissus (excessive self interest) at 25°Cancer. Both of which are opposite Pholus Rx in Capricorn. Whenever we note the presence of Pholus, we can expect to note that ‘shooting oneself in the foot’ will come into any exhibited behaviour. Appearances of a buffoon come to mind, however it is when we then turn to his driving needs; his natal Moon, we see Moon-Saturn-Pluto malific/malice congested in the zodiac of Leo – the tyrant.
  • Ceres (personal appetites) at 3°Taurus, mirrors by opposition to Chiron in Scorpio which will manifest in power issues and the fear associated with same. Power, sex, and money – y’all know the story…
  • Asteroid Ixion (murderous intent) is located at 11°Libra square Venus in Cancer, revealing the potential for misogynistic behaviour and objectification of women as ‘sexualised objects’.

During this trial, I have noted from witness testimony, that on the evening of Novy’s disappearance; 6February 2013, John Chardon activated cctv and alarm monitoring equipment at the place of his business for a short period of time; a quick visit – in and out in 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Initial departure at 5:15:46pm- alarm activted. John Chardon returned at 6:58:39 pm – alarm deactivated.  CCTV recording – active.  Re-set the alarm monitor for a last time that night at 6:59:59pm as he depsrted the premises.  From this information, I make a further enquiry into this case.

In astrology interpretation, time and place is everything…

7pm 6February 2013 – an incident chart

With the knowledge of some of the potential weaknesses within the character of John Chardon in mind, we then turn to the transiting pattern in the heavens that could add to the tension with this ‘version of reality’ for the accused murderer.

Our primary focus must be with the angles primarily – time and place…

  • Timing: Jupiter is exact the midheaven 6°Gemini – time to communicate ‘justice’. Jupiter is also quindecile North Node – time to deliver obsessive ‘rough justice’ with family. The North Node is also quincunx (disregard for the consequences of one’s actions) to asteroid Eris (generate trouble and strife) in the 8th house of transformation. Motivation is related to dispensing ‘rough justice’ within a family.
  • Place/location: At the cusp of the 7th house (marriage); on the horizontal axis at 25°Aquarius, asteroid Nessus (abuse of trust) is evident holding up the mirror to this act of departing a workplace and resetting of an alarm monitor. Expect an abuse of trust within a marriage.
  • AP Fortuna (destiny) is located in the 2nd house (money/personal assets). Expect a confrontation in relation to personal assets/money.
  • The risk of murderous intent is present in the 4th house (home) at 20°Sagittarius conjunct Pholus and within illumination of the Moon (heightened emotions).

A bi-wheel – 1+1=2

We generate a chart from the 7pm perspective on 6February 2013, aligning John Chardon’s horoscope to the above chart’s zodiac positions.

Timing: We know that ‘rough justice’ is a strong potential according to the midheaven analysis above, so when we look to the natal chart for John Chardon, we note that his natal asteroid Borasissi Rx is exact the vertical axis, at the cusp of the 4th house and in the mirror of transiting Jupiter.

An interpretation that exhibiting rough justice would reinforce the self-deception of his version of reality as the male head of the family.

Place/Location: 25 Aquarius, transiting Nessus Rx quincunx natal Sun-Narcissus at 25 Cancer – obsessive self interest; to the exclusion of spouse is primary to any trust within a marriage – he will abuse the trust of a spouse for self-gratification.

There is plenty of tension that could be discussed in relation to this chart, however when we keep to the quincunx aspect – behaviour exhibited without any consideration for actions, the potential of resulting behaviour is evident.

  • Aquarius to Cancer – transiting 18°Aquarius Sun (date on the calendar) in the 6th house of cooperation is quincunx natal 18°Cancer Mercury (planet of communication). Interpretation: Disregard for cooperative effort and resulting consequences of communication (verbal, or physical).
  • Sagittarius to Cancer – transiting 24°Sagittarius Moon in 4th house; driving needs and heightened emotions in the home, quincunx natal Sun-Narcissus 25°Cancer. Interpretation: Disregard for respect/opinion of others by an overwhelming narcisstic ego’s desires.
  • Capricorn to Leo – transiting 10°Capricorn Pluto in 5th house (children) quincunx mid-range Moon-Saturn-Pluto in the tyrant’s realm. Interpretation: Desire for power and control of children leads to disregard for behavioural results. If we were in Alice’s realm, the red queen rules…
  • Pisces to Leo – 13-15°Pisces of the 7th house, transiting Photographica (cctv) + Borassis (self delusion) + Vertex (significant life-changing event) in the house of marriage, are quincunx natal Moon-Saturn-Pluto in Leo. Ignoring what a camera can reveal…
  • Scorpio to Gemini – 11°Scorpio transiting Saturn (self-control) in the 3rd house of communication is quincunx natal Mars 12°Gemini (acting-out of this communication). Interpretation: this is the malefic indicator for violence.

We note also that transiting Vesta (hidden matters) is at 10°Gemini = potential illegal activity will result from these actions without any consideration for behaviour. Eg a murder could lead to the hiding of a body; to interaction with others outside of the law.

  • We await the outcome of this trial.
  • 9 September 2019 – jury decision – manslaughter.  NBNP

Asteroids in post: Borasissi #66652, Ceres ##1, Chiron #2060, Eris #136199. Ixion #28978, Juno #3, Lie 26955, Mony #7782, Narcissus # 37117, Nessus #7066, Pholus #5145, Photographica #443, Vesta #4

Peregrination at its worst

lily“Much loved wife of John and loving mother to Candice and Angela,” the funeral notice said.

About 20 relatives and friends attended Maureen Monica Chardon’s funeral service four days later at Allambe Gardens, Nerang in June 1996.  She was dead at just forty.

“We were told, that she took her own life; that she had died of a drug overdose. Maureen was a lovely lady,” a friend said.

Something more recent in John Chardon’s life drew me to enquire of this event; another of his wives is currently ‘missing’. One wife lost: we assume a thorough investigation was carried out. Another wife is missing – hello?  I’m certainly not waiting for a third event, before I ask more questions.

We have the birth data of John Chardon and the date of death for his wife, Maureen.  That is enough for us to enquire from the heavens as to anything untoward possibly having happened in June 1996.

This enquiry is based on pseudo science, is not recognized in a court of law; it is classic astrology. What I write here is subjective; the interpretation of the tension between the planets has been around for thousands of years.

Event#3-John Chardonclick on charts for full size

We can enquire from the perspective of the date of Maureen’s death and add her husband’s natal chart.  We generate a bi-wheel – method.

Despite not having a timed event other than the date, I have to ask, “Was this death investigated fully?”  The forensic indicators speak for themselves.

Note: we don’t have the time of death, so houses and angles cannot be taken into consideration.

  • Neptune (turquoise) the drug indicator in the inner wheel mirrors John’s natal Sun (orange).  I probably don’t need to say more, for those familiar with forensic astrology, however we expound:
  • Pluto is highlighted in red (death indicator) and is conjunct exact to John’s Lunar nodal axis, indicating a traumatic event, which will become part of the public record.
  • Lunar nodal axis in the inner wheel (red) is square to the female symbol Venus (pink). Interpret as the traumatic event involving a female.
  • Venus (pink) and Mercury (yellow) are exact conjunction with John’s natal. Mars.  If this were a crime we would want to know what this female was about to communicate that triggered the Mars (male symbol) to take action?
  • Uranus (red) in the inner wheel (sudden changes in events) is mirroring a stellium of activity (big highlighted area).
  • Uranus in the inner wheel is midpoint John’s natal Sun-Pluto.

These last three planetary tensions are bound together.  A possible scenario is probably best not alluded to here, considering the current situation outlined below.

In September 2011, John was charged with a DUI offence.  Out at 02:50am; he was having marriage problems.  He had a wife of much more than twenty years his junior, two young children and a successful business. He was a millionaire. His two eldest daughters 27 and 28 worked in his company; what on earth could be wrong?

novy-chardonWhen the planets aligned less than eighteen months later, another one of John’s wives was reported missing by a friend.  Not by her husband; by a girlfriend who lived interstate.

Where were her husband and two small children?  Were they missing as well?

When the facts came to light, thirty-four year-old Novy Chardon had disappeared on the night of 6th February, 2013; two days before her husband took his young children with him on a business trip to Indonesia.

He hadn’t reported her missing before he left. When asked later about her disappearance, he said she’d taken off before and he thought she’d come back.

“She should get her “stupid bloody a— home,” was all John had to say when contacted in Jakarta.

Once back in Australia ten days later, despite legal advice, his language didn’t improve.  The media had a field day.

‘‘All I will say is that I did not f—ing do anything to her and we don’t know where the f— she is.’’

I’m not going to take this man at his word and certainly not while he seems to have sex on his mind.  Wasn’t he getting any? I doubt it; the divorce was getting to the pointy end.  When there is talk of sex, there is usually power and money involved as the three are inevitably tied together in such a situation. Is money the focus, as it was in June, 1996?

Having a wealth of information, we can undertake a forensic astrology enquiry into the disappearance of Novy Chardon; wife number five.  It is three months since Novy was last seen, or heard from; caught on CCTV buying fuel for her car on that fateful night at a service station – the northern end of the Gold Coast, Upper Coomera.

  • We have an event and a location.
  • We now have Novy Chardon’s birth data.
  • The birth data of John Chardon is available.
  • Their residential address has been identified.
  • We know the recovery location of the missing Volvo 4WD.

Event#1-Novy ChardonWhen we generate a bi-wheel from the perspective of the time when Novy was caught on camera at the fuel stop, we can immediately see that the primary forensic indicator for this case is Uranus, the planet indicating sudden changes.

  • Uranus of the event intersects the natal Lunar nodal axis – a traumatic event, which reaches the public arena.
  • Transiting Pluto (power) is at the lowest point. Forensic indicator
  • Personal Pluto (power) is at the ascendant. Forensic indicator
  • Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) is conjunct natal Uranus and intersects the opposite Venus (female symbol)

The Saturn transit on it’s own opposing Novy’s natal Venus reveals plenty.  Saturn is the great leveler.  These are the types of issues she would likely be experiencing:

  • relationship tests, struggles, or trials
  • withdrawing or holding back a little as she attempts to figure out what she needs (natal Moon), wants (natal Sun) and can give.
  • working towards ridding herself of self-delusions when it comes to close partnerships, socializing, finances, and attractiveness. Relationships built on weak foundations may not survive, but other relationships can be improved and strengthened.
  • Financial matters might be stressful for the time being, which would force her into a position of conservation and moderation.

MAP#1- ChardonThis last planetary aspect Uranus-Saturn-Venus gives us our locator angle for Novy’s chart; this is Novy’s voice through the heavens to us.

click on image for full size

When we flip the bi-wheel and superimpose the wheel over the location of the fuel stop, we find the red line takes us directly to her home address, just minutes away from her home and husband. method used  The red line continues onto the map and terminates exactly at her home address.  John Chardon acknowledges that Novy came home that evening.

The forensic astrology indication is that she met with her death at home.

Note: John Chardon has Uranus as a peregrine planet in his natal chart.  This is a man whose sudden changes know no bounds.  That is what peregrine means.

Basically this aspect in a natal chart reveals an eccentric personality (makes sudden changes) and in the zodiac sign of Gemini (planet of communication) explains his foul language, but doesn’t excuse it.  He would fly off at the mouth without warning.

The more constructive traits of Uranus are that it rules all those qualities of individuation, the need to be unique, to be different, to be raised up above mundane and conventional concerns and it rules cutting edge technology and invention in all its forms.  We know that John Chardon certainly harnessed the best parts of Uranus, by his strong will.

Event#1-John ChardonThis is a bi-wheel from the same timed event, the fuel stop that Novy took, only this time we have the natal chart of John Chardon on the outside.

He is not sitting next to Novy in her Volvo 4WD, however this is what is going on in his life at that freeze-frame in time.

  • Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel is the midpoint trigger for Mars-Lunar nodal axis.  Jupiter inflates what it touches. It doesn’t take too much interpretation to realize that Mars is the activator in the man and the nodal axis, a traumatic event.
  • Transiting Mercury (communication and planet ruling his personal Uranus remember) plus Neptune (hidden, subterfuge) and Mars (motivation) are also exact square to his Lunar nodal axis.  This combination relates to the method of a possibly violent action, if indeed something did happen.
  • The Sun (orange) is in tension aspect with John’s natal Jupiter, inflating the issue even further; a sense of today’s the day.
  • That peregrine Uranus in the natal chart at 23degrees Gemini has the transiting Moon (blue) holding up her shimmering mirror to his out-of-control Uranus.  This is our locator angle.

MAP#2-John ChardonWhen we superimpose this bi-wheel with John Chardon by the same method above and place it over the Chardon home address (point A), we can see that the locator angle; the red line that intersects between the Moon and Uranus continues onto the map.

click on image for full size

The red line intersects the first location of the missing Volvo (point B) – Kopps Road, Oxenford and continues on to its final location (point C) – Bowden Court, Nerang.

This links the movement of the car to John Chardon’s natal chart.  Following on from that, we can suggest that John Chardon might also know of the vehicle’s movements and is suggesting as much through the heavens to us.

It would seem that the planets knew in advance of the location of where the Volvo 4WD car would be moved to; twice – firstly from home in Upper Coomera to Oxenford, where it was sighted/parked overnight and then the second move to Nerang.

What else has happened twice?  Perhaps the investigation team based at Coomera can enlighten us.

Update: 16 December 2013

Novy has not yet been found.   I attended court this morning on another matter in relation to her husband, John Chardon.  This was at Southport Magistrates Court, Gold Coast, Queensland.

… saw John Chardon as he arrived, dressed in jeans and a shirt. He was immediately shuffled off to a private room, for appointment with counsel, no doubt. Shorter than I expected, wiry but with a huge belly; he walked with extra-long strides.

Courtroom #9 was like a hotel lobby with suits in and out, continually. Yours truly had the audacity to walk straight to the front row of the public gallery and sat next to the slickest looking solicitor I could find – a polished dome and pin-striped bag of fruit. I was on the money. He was Chardon’s counsel.

The prosecutor joined him for a confab before the magistrate’s appearance and they compared openings in their diaries and… joy of joys, they also discussed weaknesses in the case, or at least the defense attempted to sound out the prosecutor on what he thought were the weaknesses.  I was all-ears. None of which, I can discuss here.

The magistrate wandered in about 9:15am (it is the Gold Coast in Qld, we have to realise); then proceeded to divvy out the morning’s cases to different courtrooms. No microphones, lots of chatter, it was a challenge I can tell you. The Chardon case was moved to courtroom #6.

Of the eight charges, 5 are for indecent assault and 3 are charges of rape of a minor during the period 1-1-1998 to 26-10-99 when John Chardon lived in Nerang. The time period of the alleged crimes is after a previous wife died and before he met Novy. The victim’s name was provided. I can tell you that the victim was NOT a child of his first marriage.

There was no plea. Those eight charges have been carried over for cross-examination of 24 witnesses. This will obviously take some days to be heard.

As for the remaining four charges, basically they were to do with changes to bail conditions. He was given ‘holiday-access’ to his two children he had with Novy. As for the discussed firearm charges, I missed that one. Perhaps it was a rumour, perhaps not.

31st January 2014

John Chardon has been committed to stand trial on 14th July 2014.  He is facing eight charges of sexual crimes against children, which are alleged to have occurred between 1998 and 1999.

The charges include three counts of rape, four counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16 and one count of indecent treatment of a child under 16 in care.  DPP
 anticipate the trial to last five days.

Note the “in care” suggesting that the charge is perhaps against a step-daughter.  John Chardon had five wives.  One wife and family before Maureen and then two more, before he married Novy.

Who did he think he was? Henry VIII perhaps…  It would appear that he is likely responsible for two wives’  deaths   The other three no doubt thank their lucky stars that they escaped.

1st February 2014

We are now aware of an official phone call to John Chardon notifying him of an impending divorce by Novy.  She had visited her solicitor earlier that day, instructing them to file papers for separation.  From this timed event, we can generate fresh charts and interpret the emotive reaction to that phone call.

306pm-JohnChardonclick on charts for full size

John Chardon’s chart reveals his intent at the time as interpreted by classic astrology; the aspects as at 3:06pm on 6th February, 2013.

  • Natal Uranus is at the ascendant opposite transiting Moon – driving need to make sudden changes to plans.
  • Natal Neptune (turquoise) is at the IC axis – the invisible man, which often indicates that this is going to be a disappearance of a victim; possibly not located.
  • Transiting Pluto quindecile natal Sun – ego obsession with power.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) opposite natal Moon (2nd house) – money is on the agenda (potential divorce settlement)
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) square natal Lunar nodal axis – planning communication of a traumatic situation (Mercury can also refer to a method of silencing).
  • Transit Neptune (turquoise) square Lunar nodal axis – subterfuge of planned communication.

18th June 2016

John Chardon is charged with the murder of Novy Chardon.

12th August 2019

Trial commences