Peeling more layers

We’re not here to write an astrological biography of the accused. We are here in an effort to understand some of how ‘a man who appeared to have it all’ could murder his beautiful wife, Allison Baden-Clay.

A murder, which Gerard Baden-Clay stands accused of; is alleged to have committed on the night of 19th April, 2012.  A murder, which so many of us are struggling to come to terms with even today, many months later.  How did the ‘who, what, when, where and whys’ come to happen?

When we ask ‘how’ that is an indication that we lack the tools of perception in a situation.  Psychologically, we are struggling to comprehend how this could happen in little old Brisbane.  In an effort to understand, we pick up an alternative bag of tools for a different ‘angle-on-the-dangle’.  Here with me, we happen to be using the tools of astrology…

Please note that this is a subjective method of enquiry; that we do not claim to be in the realm of science.

Basically in the posts up until now, we’ve explored the characters of Gerard Baden-Clay and his parents through the interaction and astrological interpretation of the symbology of the planets.

  • We’ve poked around the entrails of the interaction between these characters; the interaction between different snapshots of the heavens.
  • We’ve generated horoscope wheels and bi-wheels to form opinions on the general character of the individuals.
  • We have a handle on the nature and nurture aspects of the accused, Gerard Baden Clay according to astrology.
  • We have some idea of his parents Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay, at least in relation to the accused.

What we haven’t done is address predictive astrology ‘over time’ and I reckon it’s time we didIn order to explore how the accused developed from child to adult and the interaction between himself and his parents in real time, we need to go back to September 1970 when Gerard Baden-Clay was born and ‘progress’ to the date when his wife Allison was murdered; a murder he is alleged to have committed in April 2012.

We can delve into the realm of solar arc theory as a method of predicting personal challenges in a person’s life.  We can look at the good things as well, like meeting life-partners, having children and the like, however that is not our focus here.   The purpose of this exploration into the psyche of Gerard Baden-Clay is, as I have stated elsewhere, to explore the tension aspects of astrology rather than the sugar and spice of trines and sextiles.  We’ll leave that to the magazines.

In predictive astrology apart from the snapshots in the heavens, there is an uncannily accurate method, which can reveal predicted behaviour.  It is known as progression by solar arc.  Before I go any further in this regard, first allow me to share a little background.

We are born with the planets in a particular pattern; our natal horoscope. Without stretching the imagination too far, we could say that this pattern of planets; snapshot of the heavens is our ‘astrological DNA’.  The interaction between these planets (our pattern) stays with us for our lives.

It is when the actual planets in the heavens orbit to create tension with our ‘astrological DNA’, we react to the symbolic energy of these planets in the heavens according to our unique pattern.  Same, same as when the heavens open, it rains at my place and I get wet and if it’s not raining at your place at the same time then you don’t get wet.

That’s basically as far as we usually go with astrology.  We open a magazine and see what’s in ‘our stars’; the symbolic meaning of what planet in the heavens is currently transiting the zodiac of where our own Sun is, or raining on our parade.

I want to take you to the next layer; share the next layer down, reveal more of the Baden-Clay astrological story.  We’ll still be in our familiar solar system; in the realm of Sun signs, but it is more subjective, as is psychology.

Progression by solar arc is as it suggests, ‘solar’; ie relating to the Sun.   For those who need to know the theory, here’s a brief explanation.

In solar arc theory one degree = roughly one year in real time.  I say roughly because it requires precise calculation and I leave that to the computer software department.  Using this method, if we progress/move the Sun by one degree forward in a horoscope (progress by one year of life in real time) then all the other planets in the horoscope move along one degree as well.  They have to move as a team, otherwise we’d all be operating under Rafferty’s rules.

For example, Gerard Baden-Clay’s Sun at the time of his birth is 16 degrees Virgo.  That is 16 (of a total of 30) degrees within the zodiac constellation of Virgo.

If we rotate this to the age when his family emigrated to Australia (a couple of months after his 10th birthday), then the progression would be 16+10; to 26 degrees Virgo, or thereabouts.  All the planets in his horoscope would move the approximate ten degrees forward – Mars would be at 13 degrees Virgo; Node at 12 degrees Virgo etc.

We would then create a suggested snapshot of this subjective arrangement as a wheel and compare it with his ‘astrological dna’ to see if there are any major tensions.  We would create a bi-wheel with the inner wheel as his natal horoscope and the outer wheel as a subjective ‘Gerard Baden-Clay age 10’.  

I’ve done a quick check and frankly there aren’t any major indications in the horoscope for the accused at this age and we wouldn’t expect any. There would be transits in the heavens around this time for sure, however no major progressions.

We cannot expect to see a big blip on the radar as he is, after all only 10; is under the influence of his parents and not independent of them; the move really had nothing to do with him personally and he had already had relocation tensions in his life twice before this date.

  • As a small baby Gerard Baden-Clay had relocated from England to Northern Rhodesia with his mother; at the age of two the threesome of mother, father and child moved south to Rhodesia.
  • Two siblings had been born in the intervening years before the next move; two siblings who ousted him, albeit temporarily, from top dog.

All these happenings would be revealed in his horoscope wheel, however we need not cover every bump in the road of his life. This is not the Truman Show.

By using solar arc progressions, we can predict (in hindsight) of when major challenges occurred in a child’s development (useful if we are not privy to the facts) and looking forward in time, we can suggest the timing of challenges in the future of an adult’s life.

This is one of the main reasons that clients continue to seek out astrologers beyond a basic analysis of their natal horoscope.

Presidents and royals had astrologers in their courts for this reason. There is even a branch of astrology, which deals with countries and electoral decisions.  In modern history, Nancy Reagan was reputed to have had a resident astrologer, while her husband was President of the US.  However we are not in such illustrious company, despite the Neptunian dreams of a mother, which has all ended in tears.

With the astrological analysis of the basic character of Gerard Baden-Clay under our belts, we can attempt to predict behaviour according to the symbology of the planets as they progressed through his life, but before we do there is one point in time, which repeatedly jumps up and down demanding my attention.  Pick me; pick me!  No need to ask is there!  It’s bwana of course.

In an earlier post Bwana two, I shared Nigel Baden Clay’s own words of his earliest memory.

“Nigel’s earliest memory is of being taken shooting in Kitwe, when he was about 3. Gervas shot a teal and then couldn’t find it. By luck, Nigel had marked it and found it!  Gervas was so chuffed, he gave Nigel a tickey when they got home. That was when the shooting bug infected him and Nigel has shared his father’s love of shooting all his life!”

For a child to hold a memory so strongly into adulthood, it has to have been memorable for specific reasons. This memory also holds significance as a modelling behaviour, which that child will carry into adulthood in a toolkit for ‘successful modelling of a child’ unless, as an adult, the individual is able to improve this model (usually by communication with a parent, spouse or other adult) by recognising it for what it is – an immature model as opposed to an adult model. Communication is the key to modelling.

The reason for including the quote in my introduction to solar arc progression is that it is a relevant example in our case.

If we refer to the snapshot of the heavens at the time of birth of Nigel Baden-Clay, father of the accused, we note that his Ascendant is very close to his natal Sun.

So close in fact that at about 3+ years his Ascendant would progress to exact alignment with his Sun; the age to which he refers as his earliest memory. No wonder Nigel remembers it.  And what do we have when Ascendant and Sun get together?   Well hello, ego!  Here I am!

When we think of it, the abovementioned, ‘pick me; pick me’ would be typical behaviour of a three year old now wouldn’t it?

The basic difference between a solar arc progression and a transit of a planet in the heavens in real-time, is that a progression lasts between 6-12 months whereas a transit only lasts as long as the planet is in aspect.  Eg a transiting Sun would last a day whereas the Sun in a solar progression goes on and on and on.  The ego is relentless in its demands.

For our purposes here, we can suggest that this psychological event, Nigel Baden-Clay’s first memory, would have been interpreted by this three year-old child as expected modelling behaviour for parenthood.  He is likely to have expected his sons to behave in a similar manner in order to ‘share their father’s love’; to earn their father’s love; to bond with their father.  It had to be earned.

A child would then tend to take this further and believe that ‘love’ had to be earned and was not given freely.  The child would believe that ‘love’ came at a price.  If this were indeed the case and astrological analysis to date would tend to agree, then it goes a long way to reinforcing the Saturn retrograde phenomenon in the charts of Nigel Baden-Clay’s sons.

An Ascendant solar arc progression to conjunct Sun is a once in a lifetime event for an individual. Note: We don’t all experience this event – it depends on where the Sun is located in our personal horoscopes.

Gerard Baden-Clay’s Ascendant progressed to his natal Sun around-about when he worked at the boy scouts HQ Kandersteg, in Switzerland, while he was on his honeymoon.

This man-child, the accused, achieved (in his mind) the ultimate bonding exercise with his father, descendant of the Chief Scout.  Gerard Baden-Clay’s Ascendant-Sun progression cycle would equate with ‘tagging the dead duck’; bringing home the ‘trophy’.

A Saturn retrograde child always tries to please ‘daddy’ and as an adult, unconsciously sets up the ‘failure to please’ in order to reinforce the behaviour learned in early childhood. Whether the teal duck is of the wrong colour, cross-eyed or by achieving the position of ‘acting director’ at Kandersteg, it would never be good enough.  Acting director would never be ‘the director’.

Whichever way we look at it, the failure to achieve love is a cycle of unworthiness.  Gerard never gets his tickey or his tick of approval; such is the Saturn retrograde.  Learned behaviour, repeated in adulthood reveals cycles, which can go off in bizarre and even dangerous directions.

By emulating his parents relationship and marrying Allison on the same date as his parent’s wedding anniversary, I suggest that there is significance in this date for the accused; a significance which has been reinforced throughout the life of the child.  The day and month is 23rd August; it is ‘nigelaine day’.

But more on these cycles another day…

Star-crossed lovers

Hubble, bubble toil and trouble!  Before I even start to write this post of the connections between the pair of star-crossed lovers, I have one of the Fates poking me in the back of the head insisting that I reveal their impact on my research, first.

“Now…” she says.  “Tell them now.”  I usually do as I am told, so here goes.

In order to approach a study of synastry, following the casting of the two horoscopes, the next step is to reveal the Sun/Moon midpoints of the couple in question – preparing the way for Venus, is how I like to think of it.  We have the birth data and wheels for the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay and the victim, his wife Allison Baden-Clay (nee Dickie) before us already.

In my research, I needed to do a little math at this point and as you know, math is not my forte, so Time Cycles Research software comes to the rescue. The point where the Sun and Moon are equidistant in a 360 degrees circle / a horoscope wheel, is called the Sun/Moon midpoint.  In plain language it’s the halfway point between the two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, at the time of an individual’s birth.

This Sun/Moon midpoint is the point of our inner marriage; where our female and male aspects meet; our yin and yang; where an individual’s life purpose is revealed.  This point holds great weight in the overall scheme of things and any interaction with this midpoint is of primary significance, as you can imagine.

The Moon crosses this point every month; the Sun, every year and the planets according to their particular orbits.  Due to the latitude and longitude, every place on our planet Earth has a differing degree of angle as well, at any given time.  There are a myriad of calculations to be made.

At the time of Allison Baden-Clay’s birth, the Sun was at 09degrees Cancer and the Moon 05degrees Virgo.  My computer calculated for me that her Sun/Moon midpoint is at 07 degrees Leo.

At the time of Gerard Baden-Clay’s birth, the Sun was at 16 degrees Virgo and the Moon 19 degrees Sagittarius.  His Sun/Moon midpoint is at 02 degrees Scorpio.

Mac Bethad mac Findláich! We enter another realm, as we take the snapshot of the heavens at 11.55pm on 19 April, 2012 (the time, which I have previously rectified as being the time of the murder).

The wheel reveals that both of these Sun/Moon midpoints are exactly, in conjunction, precisely…. (insert drum roll) ……  at the Angles.

Yikes! Heavens to Betsy! Holey Dooley! Struth Ruth!  Duck under the covers if you must. Coincidence?  I don’t think so. That’s two of the big bells tolling.   And they toll for thee.  Not one Sun/Moon midpoint exact an angle, but two. What are the odds of that happening?

An author by the name of Doris Chase Doone wrote a book many moons ago called “Astrology: 30 years of research.”

There’s a heap of math in this book and on one of the pages she writes… the smallest number of different astrology factor combinations is 5.3937075 times 10 to the power of 58. Them’s long odds folks – I think that is something like 539,370,750,000 plus another 50 odd zeros after that…. to 1!!!!!!

There I’ve said it now and the Fates can wait for their interpretation of what that means, as I hear the swirling robes of Venus approaching. I take a deep breath, uncross my eyes and appear suitably subservient as the Goddess of Desire enters the room.

When we interact with others to form relationships of any kind, the individual energies of our birth horoscopes form a special relationship with an-other individual’s energies. The resulting interplay creates a picture, which is as complex and unique as our own selves.

So when we combine horoscopes (birth wheels) to create a bi-wheel, we have an event, which stands alone for our interpretation. We can view the synastry from the aspect of each of the individuals by reversing the order of whoever is at the centre of the wheel. Let me demonstrate:

We have stellium impacting hugely again (see post Stella who? for background on stellium).

In synastry, we as astrologers, interpret how the outer wheel impacts on the inner wheel; how the inner views the outer as useful to them, as a strength to draw on; or in a negative sense, how the inner wheel is overshadowed or imposed upon by the outer.  By creating a bi-wheel, it is as if time stands still and a transit never ends; a transit, which can be magical or it can be your biggest nightmare.  This one started as magic.

Ideally a decent spread of planets is more likely to find compatibility in synastry.  We have intensity in both of these bi-wheels.  Intensity is difficult to sustain over time as energies are channelled in different directions.

Venus is in the room, however she is a team player today and defers, very graciously, to the stellium. We know that the Sun represents the ‘wants’ and the Moon the ‘needs’ of an individual, however the rest of the planets flesh out our bones, our character.  Let’s look at what the first bi-wheel can create for us in a brief interpretation.

Allison’s viewpoint is the first bi-wheel. Her birth is the inner wheel and so we view the potential from her standpoint. The young suitor is before us. We know that Allison’s strongest suit is communication. Her wants in a partner are security (Sun in the zodiac sign Cancer); her needs are to get ‘it’ right by the means of communication (Moon in Virgo). The intensity of the stellium takes over in the third house of communication.

Her Jupiter, Moon, Pluto and Uranus are in the same house as her suitor’s South Node, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Pluto and his Uranus comes off the bench to join the stellium at the cusp.  Uranus has to be included here.   That’s one heck of a lot of intensity for any young woman to be overwhelmed by.

Just briefly again: Jupiter (making bigger) Moon (needs) Pluto (powerful) Uranus (buzz) meets South Node (potentially public figure) Mars (action man) Sun (wants) Mercury (communication) Pluto (power and perspective) and Uranus (buzz). This young woman would not have the experience to be aware of the complicated relationship the accused has with his mother (South Node, Mars conjunction).

There’s more than a few sparks flying here.  It is electric.  The accused’s Uranus has been sitting on the sidelines and now getting to be part of the action!

My view – our young beauty was totally swept away by the emotional impact and believed she had met a man with whom she could communicate on a level beyond her wildest dreams – her soul mate.

In time her viewpoint would change, however that is for another post and another day.

The accused’s viewpoint is the second bi-wheel.  His birth is the inner wheel and so we view the potential relationship from his standpoint.  His wants (Sun in Virgo) are in the second house of money, material gain by communication and his needs (Moon in Sagittarius) to have his opinions respected, are in the fifth house (receiving of love).

The outer wheel (Allison’s) primary stellium is in the eleventh house (giving of love) opposite his Moon (needs). He sees a young woman who can fulfill his inflated (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) need for love and provide advancement for his wants (material gain by communication).

The second large grouping over the first and second houses (the accused’s ego/persona and material/money houses) Have intense conjunctions as well.

In the first house, his ‘mother issue’ (South Node, Mars) has Allison’s support of Jupiter and Moon.  He is likely to interpret this as that he fulfills Allison’s maternal need to nurture (by his presence in her life).  This is bound to be a future problem area, particularly once children come along. How his ego handles this will be determined by how emotionally mature or immature, he is.

The second house contains Allison’s Pluto and Uranus (power and buzz), which give his Sun, Mercury and Pluto an extra jolt of electricity/buzz.  With Pluto together in the same house, the accused would be likely to assume that this would provide a doubly powerful perspective, hers in-line with his.  We all know that to ass-u-me is not a good idea.

The young lady sees a soul-mate with whom she can communicate; a man who can provide her with security and the young man sees a potential partner who can advance his way in the world and satisfy his emotionally-damaged need for love.

Thunderbolts out of the blue

We leave the planet Mars and travel to the next space station; the fifth rock out from the Sun – Jupiter. This planet is a gas giant with the size, its mass, one-thousandth that of the Sun.  He’s a big boy our Jupiter. Is ‘he’ a gentle giant or a bully?

In mythology, Jupiter is a Roman god; Thor, another form; his Greek equivalent is known as Zeus.  Now Zeus, my friends, was a philanderer of the first magnitude!  Not only was he the boss of the Olympiad; married to his sister (small gene pool in those days); but he also had his ‘pick of the bunch’.  A hedonist to the max, he grabbed every cherry he could lay his hands on.

How could we forget the guises Zeus put on to seduce the beauties. One day he morphed as a swan, seducing Leda, wife of the king of Sparta; another as a bull raping the drop-dead gorgeous, Princess Europa; and then he even had the audacity to come down as a shower of golden rain to impregnate Danae, mother of Perseus. We have to give Zeus some points for creativity, but hey man, not in our face!  Please, enough is enough.

The planet Jupiter is a ‘less in your face’ sort of planet in comparison with the personal planets. Placed in the nest of our solar system a little farther from the Sun than the personal planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars, psychologically Jupiter is more about our place in the world, our social and cultural domain.

This planet’s orbit takes 11.86 years to go around the Sun, so about every twelve years of our lifespan Jupiter repeats his performance.  I tend to think of Jupiter in benign terms – the jovial, jolly green giant, lucky and optimistic, but there’s always another side of course. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system with an equally ‘ginormous’ swell of hot air swirling around.  Jupiter determines whether our life journey will be smooth or rocky, whether we’ll be stingy or generous, how the dice will fall. We are indeed in the lap of the gods.

A surprising number of ‘bad’ boys (and girls) are born under the planetary placement of Jupiter in Scorpio. We only have to look to the stars of celebrity and the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle to confirm this.  Elvis had Jupiter in Scorpio.  Now he was a man with animal magnetism, however Gerard Baden-Clay is no Elvis Presley.  Wash my mouth out with soap putting those two in the same sentence, but you get my drift.

The accused has more than just Jupiter in Scorpio. He has an afflicted Jupiter in the sense that it is conjunct to Venus with both in the Scorpio zodiac.  The two (Venus and Jupiter) swing back and forth unable to disengage completely.  The philanderer always has that animal magnetism and temptation on the carousel, however Venus is on the show ride with him. She’s there for the ride, to the very end.

Apart from these two sharing the same space there are no other hard aspects to Jupiter in the natal chart for the accused apart from the opposition to his MC and his house of career prospects.  He’d have been far better off working in an environment without the temptation of sexual philandering, but then again where there’s a will there’s a way.

If we look at the Solar Arc progression for the accused at the age of 41 (add 41degrees to all planets and compare to the natal wheel), we have Mercury progressed to conjunct with his natal Jupiter; Moon progressed to square Jupiter from the right and the midpoint of Sun/Moon is ever present (he’s never out of the focus of these two) – all of which would aggravate the underlying issue.

Hera (Zeus’ wife) is on to him; his parents know all; Mercury has been caught running messages between the lovers and the Sun has turned up the wick on the lantern.  I can almost hear the hiss of the fuse, can’t you?

Just one more step before we hurl some thunderbolts. On the fateful night of 19 April, 2012 the Sun is in the heavens above us at 29degrees Aries. This is directly opposite to these pair (Venus and Jupiter) in the natal wheel. The Sun is at the zenith of the accused’s natal chart; high noon; mirroring the whole entangled mess straight back in his face. The timing could not have been more precise.

Now for a little karmic input by Jupiter – the nature element at play; the paper trail which Zeus has left for us.

Mother of the accused, Elaine Baden-Clay has her natal Jupiter at 17degrees Leo exactly conjunct to her son, the accused Gerard Baden-Clay’s ascendant (rise) at 17degrees Leo.  (The ascendant is the constellation at the horizon at the time of an individual’s birth.)

Father of the accused, Nigel Baden-Clay has his natal Sun at 20degrees Aquarius, in direct opposition to his wife’s Jupiter (her mirror) and conjunction to the descendant (fall) of the accused. (The descendant is the constellation setting at the time of an individual’s birth.)

However that mix is another story for another day.

The law of threes

Don’t you love it when something lines up!  There is much synchronicity in this case, which I look forward to posting.

Part of the reason why Gerard Baden-Clay was not released on bail was the fact (from mobile phone records) that he made a ‘face-time’ telephone call to his father’s mobile phone at 12.30am of the fateful night that Allison was murdered.

The accused very quickly scurried under the shelter of his legal team while his father Nigel Baden-Clay took to a ‘cone of silence’ well before the time of the bail application. As a result of this, I believe no statement has been made as to the detail of this phone call (as to who spoke to whom or the content of the conversation.)

I got to thinking why did the accused Gerard Baden-Clay’s father need to keep silent?

In order to explore this from my perspective, I generated a horoscope wheel of the date of the murder showing where the planets were in the heavens in real time and compared it with the birth wheel of  Nigel Baden-Clay (father of the accused).

Ignoring whether the time of night is correct or not, the planetary positions for the date will be in the same degrees of the same signs. Only the minutes of the Moon on that fateful night will differ.

A synchronicity became glaringly obvious to me, which relates to the timing of the above-mentioned phone call between father and son.

The Law of Threes (Triangulation method)

At the time of the face-time phone call, 12.30am on 20 April 2012, the Sun was at 29degrees Aries (see wheel)

Recipient of the phone call (father of the accused) Nigel Baden-Clay was born when the Moon was at 29degrees Aries (see birth wheel)

The solar progressed Sun (of Nigel Baden-Clay) at 19/20 April 2012 is 29degrees Aries. So how did I calculate this third synchronicity?

When I work with predictive astrology, I use a system called Solar Arc progressions where I add one degree for each year of an individual’s life since birth. Eg: Nigel Baden-Clay was born 10 February 1943 (69 years ago). At his birth the Sun was at 20degrees Aquarius – add 69 degrees and you get…… Allow me to do the math for you (there are 30 degrees in each sign) 20Aquarius to 20Pisces to 20Aries plus 9 = 29 degrees Aries (see more on Solar Arc progressions.)

Before you ask, “What does all this mean?”  My answer is a question in itself, “Is the probability of three cosmic bodies lining up at the same point, at one moment in time and in one individual’s life a coincidence?”

But there’s more. The accused, Gerard Baden-Clay also has a connection with 29degrees Aries, however we’ll save that for another post when we address his connection with the cosmos on the date of the crime

Note: Triangulation of data is an accepted methodology in science (see wiki).  The ‘Law of Threes’ is not scientific in origin.  Some say it is superstition.

For those who are superstitious, it may amuse you to know that my personal Sun is also at 29degrees, although not in Aries. Perhaps that is why I am on-the-case.