Gerard Baden-Clay appeal

“Gerard Baden-Clay could have killed his wife accidentally.” The public gallery watched on in respectful silence; the three judges, stoic.  The attempt to float an alternative to the murder conviction will hang in the balance as the judges confer; for however long it takes them. His father and sister were in attendance, although the convicted … More Gerard Baden-Clay appeal

Three little pigs

Nigel Baden-Clay is quoted as saying that the family relocated to Australia, as it was a safer place to live.  In a general sense I can understand this, however I came to wondering what does ‘safety’ mean to this man. The Baden-Clay family were not refugees, freeing a war zone or an unstable regime. There … More Three little pigs

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What is a marriage enhancement facilitator?  Nigel Baden-Clay, father of the accused Gerard Baden-Clay prides himself as being just that – big-game hunter, conservationist and marriage enhancement facilitator.  What?  Whose eyes are you trying to slip the wool over?  Big-game hunter and conservationist! That’s got to be an oxymoron before we even start.  Alarm bells … More More on bwana