Gerard Baden-Clay appeal

“Gerard Baden-Clay could have killed his wife accidentally.” The public gallery watched on in respectful silence; the three judges, stoic.  The attempt to float an alternative to the murder conviction will hang in the balance as the judges confer; for however long it takes them.

Nigel-OliviaHis father and sister were in attendance, although the convicted Gerard Baden-Clay stayed away, as did his mother, Elaine.  The Chief Scout, Baden-Powell continued to roll in his grave.

Born plain old Nigel Clay, the father of the accused; Gerard Baden-Clay, changed his name to ride on the shirt-tails of scouting-fame and now his son has brought infamy to the entire troop.

The following is an astrology enquiry; pseudo scientific and not accepted in any court of law.  Please remain skeptical of the outcome, although classic texts based on medieval astrology are used for interpretation.

appealAll rise; the court of appeal is now in session…

The timing of the appeal reveals Arabian Point/Lot (Destiny) exact by transiting the 10th house/the public realm to Mars at 28°Cancer. That’s the area in the heavens where the dog wags his tail in the constellation of Canis Major; the fixed star Aludra. This symbolism stirs up war and restores peace.

The public and the media will keep the pressure on, I’m sure before Allison June Dickie can rest in peace.

The Sun (orange) 14°Leo identifies the date on the calendar as well as the ‘wants’ of the outcome to this appeal.  We note the quindecile aspect to the 4th house asteroid Ceres; that’s all of us, at home.  Mars is also holding up a mirror by opposition.  Never fret we are on alert.  There’s more that could be interpreted, however there’s no need for us to stretch the elastic…

When Ceres is transiting through the heavens in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, this indicates rather dour approach to nurturing and so we need to lighten up a bit; trust in the due process of law. Holding tight to an outcome; ambitious, will not make a zot of difference.  The heavens have it all under control, of that we can be sure.

Appeal-NigelNigel Baden-Clay – father of the appellant

Transiting Mars at 28°Cancer in the public arena of the 12th house was bound to catch the camera’s eye; square his natal Moon – his needs.  Nigel Baden-Clay has an Aries Moon: numero uno – I am, bwana and don’t you forget it.

The other significant aspect in Nigel’s astrology chart under tension at the time the court rose, is transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct his natal Neptune in the 12th house; the conviction and the public.  With a number-plate Bwanas we might suggest that he learn a little humility, under the circumstances.

Meanwhile at the cusp of the 8th house, we note his natal Uranus 00°Gemini – this reveals his input to the alternative being floated by the defense (manslaughter v murder).  Gemini is always a slippery contender and at the cusp we know it relates to the death of his daughter-in-law.  Slippery ‘what’ do you propose, Nigel?

With the ascendant-descendant in an arms-length embrace, plus the 2nd-8th cusps at the raw opening degrees, I would expect the appeal to be under-developed and raw.  I.e. there’ll be no messing about with the time and legal argument with Capricorn Ceres in the mix.   Experienced judges have all been down this road before.

Appeal-GBCGerard Baden-Clay – the appellant

The rectified birth time calculated some time back holds true when we note that the natal mid-heaven is at the descendant and the IC at the ascendant; hoping for an upturned trial.

Transiting Moon (blue in the inner wheel) is quindecile natal Neptune (his fanciful incarceration disbelief).  Once  the Moon passes over transiting Saturn (authority), he’ll get a rude awakening.  Boy, he’s still positive even after the time he’s been in jail: must be enjoying the lay-about life of the ‘poor and in-famous’.

The appelant’s natal ascendant is at the cusp of the 11th house – needing friendship and support.  I guess living in a closed environment then delusion takes-hold as to the reality of what’s really happening in his-story.

appeal-endAll rise… Two hours and seven minutes later, at 12:22pm it was all over, bar the decision. Transiting Neptune (turquoise) is now in the 4th house, with the judges retiring to consider their call; square the ascendant.

  • Ceres has progressed to the communication realm (3rd house) and the media goes to press.
  • Arabian Point/Lot of Destiny is now 7°Virgo exact square the ascendant. It’s all in the hands of Destiny now.

With Juno entering the public realm (10th house) this usually refers to a marriage partner.  This brings to mind the other-woman in his marriage to Allison; the third party in the marriage and his mistress.  Where does she stand in all this?

endappeal-McHughThe mistress – Toni McHugh

I’ve drawn her chart up in relation to the 12:22pm time, as this will be representative of the appeal end.

Wow – we have natal Mars at the ascendant and mid-range Moon at the descendant together with her Lunar Nodal axis at the MC-IC axis.  This lady is not out of the picture by any means no matter what she protests publicly, her ambition is there for all to see. Is this just another of her fantasies, or does Toni dance with Destiny at the wedding feast after all?

Perhaps Juno is shaking out her confetti packet; tempting fate…

Just the two of us Pt.2

Father and son

There’s a strong link between having a poor relationship with your dad in childhood and how you react to stress as an adult.

A father and son relationship is very important and can affect the son in more ways than one in years to come. The way a father treats a son may even be more influential than you think.

“Men who had good, positive relationships with their fathers actually dealt with the stress of everyday life better than men who had strained relationships with their fathers,” according to the study presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association.

As explored in earlier posts, we have a father-son relationship already marred by a Saturn retrograde in Gerard Baden-Clay’s horoscope wheel; that Saturn was in retrograde at the time of the accused’s birth.  Marred by what appears to be an emotionally absent father Nigel Baden-Clay; a missing mentor in the personality development of a male child.

This Saturn retrograde phenomenon has been widely documented within astrology and is not drawn from my conclusions.

From what we have already seen of the accused’s relationship with his mother, according to astrology, there probably wasn’t much room for an emotional relationship with his father.  Mother took centre stage on that one.  So how does this son, perceive his relationship with his father; his ‘father-son’ relationship?

Please note that we have no personal knowledge of the family and so the interpretation is subjective and as classic astrology would have us interpret.

As we look to the Ascendant for our beginning, Gerard Baden-Clay’s rising sign at the moment of his birth, his Ascendant is 17 degrees Leo.

We already know that he has this Leo the lion thing going on; the traditional power struggle between the old lion and the young.  The evidence is there for us all to see; straight up; first on the agenda.

In the young lion’s paw print we see his father’s planet of power, Pluto and his father’s North Node, straddling the accused’s Ascendant.  Gerard Baden-Clay’s Ascendant is the midpoint between Pluto and the North Node of his father.

This is a classic, text-book case in midpoint interpretation. Considering that we are viewing this midpoint through the son’s eyes, we know that the son would believe that he represents his father’s opportunity for a major impact on the public arena.

Here we see this public arena issue going on between mother and son manifesting in the father-son relationship as well.  His mother sees it as destiny that her son should take his place in the public arena and her son interprets/believes that it is his father’s wish as well.  If that isn’t pressure to perform, nothing is!

As to whether his father sees it this way, we will have to wait and see (the next bi-wheel), although we already know that Gerard Baden-Clay’s ascendant mirrors his father’s cusp of the 7th house.

Their views of the world are a mirror for each other; father retreats to his den; son projects himself outward.  I repeat myself here:

In astrology, the idea of the 1st house and 7th house mirroring is intended as a learning curve to find the middle ground rather than take a stand in opposition.

All houses in opposition have this mirroring.  It all depends on the individuals involved, as to whether they are mature enough to firstly, look for and secondly to compromise; find a middle ground.

If the insurance salesman developed, as he states, into a financial planner, then it appears that perhaps he did at least have some influence in his son’s education. Gerard Baden-Clay majored in Accounting as part of his under-graduate degree. Not that it got him very far, as the accused didn’t gain his charter as an accountant; he flipped and he flopped that one.

Gerard Baden-Clay then switched to selling seats on aeroplanes. Not that shuffling money around and looking for tax loopholes is ‘better than’ putting bums on seats in planes, but a Travel Consultant lacks that public arena status we’re looking for.  Chartered Accountant doesn’t grace his Wall of Fame.

A glitch on the radar…

If we look at the house of communication, the 3rd house and its opposite, the 9th (higher education), we notice that there are hidden signs in both these houses.  See Just the two of us Part 1 for something of an explanation of Elaine Baden-Clay’s hidden signs. This time it is her son who has these hidden signs.

What you see, is not what you get, folks.

The 3rd house cusp is Virgo.  That’s the appearance of being very neat and tidy with a well rehearsed script, but hidden inside this 3rd house of communication Gerard Baden Clay has the zodiac sign of Libra.  Libra is about ‘a balancing act’ or ‘sitting on the fence’ and flip-flopping. Accountancy needs the Virgo input, but not the Libran.  Libra is too much about appearances and being ‘nice’.

An individual may start the day with good intentions of paying his bills and then as the day unfolds, it’s whichever creditor gets a foot in the door first, is the one who gets paid.

The accused would need a script writer; a financial planner.  We don’t need to look too far now do we, in this regard?

Script writer for the aspiring politician!  Was that your fantasy, Nigel?

Note – Nigel Baden-Clay wrote the script for his brother Robin to deliver as the eulogy at his father’s funeral.  Robin is the elder male son of the Clay family; the one with the real ‘Baden’ on his birth certificate.  Baden is Robin’s middle name; he is known simply as, Robin Clay.

Meanwhile the hidden Aries in the 9th house of the accused is more than likely his fixed opinions (Aries in the 9th) together with an underlying respect/envy for those certificates on the wall, particularly the ones he didn’t achieve by higher education.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.  We must take into consideration the 5th house on the way through, as it is so dominant in the mother-son relationship.  We can see his father’s Mars is there in the 5th house, backing up the accused’s emotional need.

Gerard Baden-Clay’s father can relate to the ‘boy looking for fun’. Is this the big-game hunter in daddy or the conservationist?  It certainly isn’t the ‘marriage enhancement facilitator’.

Father’s Mars is in the 5th house of his son, but not in a tension aspect with the accused’s Moon. Nigel Baden-Clay chooses not to buy-into his son’s emotional needs of the Moon nor involve himself in his son’s 5th house shenanigans.  Why?  We do not know.  I see it as another aspect of the Saturn retrograde phenomenon.

Meanwhile back at the bi-wheel, we see through the eyes of the accused that his father’s Sun is conjunct the cusp of his son’s 7th house.  That tells us that the boy needs his father’s approval of his chosen life-partner (or the current woman on his arm) and those other public relationships; those whom he mixes with in public.

Gerard Baden-Clay would run them all past his father before making any commitment.  Nigel Baden-Clay’s relationship with Allison Dickie would be of some interest here, however we’ll save that for another day.

By turning to his father this way, it tells us that the accused does not trust his own judgement.  At mention of the word ‘judgement’ we immediately look for the planet Jupiter.  Libra may be the scales of justice and finding a balance, however Jupiter is the planet when we are looking for law and justice; for judgement.

So where is his father’s Jupiter?   Aha! Where else would it be but the 11th house of the accused, as a mirror to that very needy 5th house Moon.

Oh dear this man-child has not been learning the lesson of meeting things half-way, has he, but then with an Aquarian as his father, ‘grey’ areas of compromise are not in his father’s scouting manual.

It is in the accused’s 10th house of his career, where things are more in alignment with his father.  His father’s reigning need is on the cusp of his son’s career house.  Being in the zodiac of Taurus, we know what that means!  Nigel Baden-Clay’s after that gold jacket.

Son believes that his father needs him to succeed in his career; to have a voice in the community/public arena.  His father, as an Aries Moon, has a superiority position here indicating that, by over-ruling,  ‘he knows best’ in relation to his son’s career.

It took a while to get there, but by 2004 the Baden-Clay workforce united under the one banner and the surge was on to get that public recognition. The race for gold…

Father of the accused, that Aries Moon, I concede, has the last word.

He will have his say as to how he perceives the father-son relationship by planetary interaction.

The Moon conjunct Midheaven, which is out in the open at the top of the chart in his son’s wheel is now, from his father Nigel Baden-Clay’s perspective, behind the scenes in the shadowy 3rd house of communication.  Father sees himself as the ‘ideas man’ in the relationship.

The Aries Moon is in command; in the engine room, rather than on the bridge.

If we proceed on course to the cusp of the 7th house (highlighted) we note that it is all rather prophetic as it turns out.  The son’s Ascendant (beginning) is conjunct his father’s Descendant (ending).

As the son reaches his destiny; his karma, his father falls from grace.


Three little pigs

Nigel Baden-Clay is quoted as saying that the family relocated to Australia, as it was a safer place to live.  In a general sense I can understand this, however I came to wondering what does ‘safety’ mean to this man. The Baden-Clay family were not refugees, freeing a war zone or an unstable regime.

There is a history of relocation with Nigel Baden-Clay and his family when there has been political change.  In 1972 when the independent country, Zambia (ex British colony, Northern Rhodesia) looked like they were going to close the borders with their colonial neighbour Rhodesia, the Baden-Clay family moved south.  Their eldest son, Gerard Baden-Clay was just two years old.

When Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) gained independence from Britain, they ‘upped sticks’ again and moved to Australia in late 1980. The colonial life was coming to an end in Africa. Uranus is the planet ruling these political changes and also the indicator of moving home in a horoscope wheel.

In August 1980 Uranus was 20 degrees Scorpio; transiting the Midheaven of Nigel Baden-Clay.

This transit indicates the immediacy for change, both in the career sector of the 10th house and also mirroring for the cusp of the 4th house, relocating the home.  His wife Elaine was being pushed even harder.  The Uranus transit was in quindecile aspect to both her natal Sun and Uranus.  She was compulsive to the point of obsessive about change.  It was time to go.

As to the safety element, that does not show in the horoscope wheels of the parents of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay.  Nigel Baden-Clay’ natal Sun is in Aquarius (the ruling planet being Uranus); change should not be difficult for him. Both he and his wife have Uranus ruling their Ascendant. Why did the head of this family need to move in order to feel safe?

Independence, for an emerging nation was, in these two African countries, a separation from the ‘mother country’; from Britain.  Perhaps the young Nigel Clay suffered separation anxiety from his mother when he was sent off to boarding school as a child. The independence of his homeland would be enough to ‘set off’ any childhood anxiety concerns.   Unfortunately, we are not privy to information in this regard.

Another alternative might be that they felt under threat of being thrown off their land, which is the reasoning of some colonials for their migration, however an insurance salesman would not have been in an agricultural environment in all likehood. Was his first house made of straw and his second of wood perhaps?

For safety to be the motivator, we need to look elsewhere; ask more probing questions. Why not relocate for reasons such as ‘to have a better life’ or that ‘the economic opportunities were greater in such-and-such a place.’

To feel unsafe is a primal fear; a fear worthy of our exploration. It becomes part of the parenting model and is usually carried forward from the experiences of the parent or parents either as children themselves, or as part of their life experiences.  It is passed on to their children, who then need to process it into their own lives.

Is this a personal fear of Nigel Baden-Clay’s or a fear of nigelaine (husband and wife combination)?  What is the fear based on?

The family relocated from Africa to Australia in the last quarter of 1980.  Nigel Baden-Clay was 37 years old; wife Elaine was 36; eldest son was 10; daughter, 7 and the youngest, Adam was just about to turn 5.

This is the family unit, which crossed the Indian Ocean to arrive in Perth, Western Australia; who travelled east across the country to join fellow ex-pats in Melbourne for 8 months, before heading north to the Sunshine State.  The 1981 census had only 600 ex-Zimbabwe migrants living in Melbourne.  There had not been a mass-migration to our shores.

In astrological terms, safety relates to the Moon.  A child is safe in their mother’s arms or hidden in her skirts.  The Moon across many cultures is The Mother.  Despite the fact that the father is physical protector and usually the bread-winner, mother usually provides the psychological security for a small child.

In astrology, the zodiac sign connected to the Moon is Cancer, the 4th sign of the zodiac.  That is after Aries, Taurus and Gemini.  Being the 4th sign, Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house, the family; the hearth.  Of course, we don’t all have Cancer ruling our 4th house and so there are often more reigning needs in relation to our home-life.  All these variables are what make the patchwork of our lives so interesting.

We know already that Cancer is a water sign; that I’m always going on about go-with-the-flow and how Cancer is a river. Well Cancer has lots more jobs to do of course and one of them is security.  Think in terms of the crab itself. The symbol for the zodiac sign of Cancer is a crab.  This precious little crustacean carries it’s house around with it; the shell is it’s security; it believes it is vulnerable without it; that it has no thick skin to protect it etc. etc.

If the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story left an impact on you when you were little, you can bet your little piggy-bank, that the zodiac sign Cancer plays a significant role in your horoscope!

When we look at the natal horoscope for Nigel Baden-Clay, we note that the zodiac sign of Cancer is at the cusp of the 6th house and that the planet Jupiter, is also in the 6th house, in Cancer.

We know that Jupiter inflates whatever it touches and the 6th house is an individual’s attitude towards work. That’s not the line of work, nor the work itself, but the attitude towards work. This man sees security as being earned by the day-to-day work ethic; he is a ‘work-horse.’

Jupiter is a major player in this man’s horoscope.  Jupiter holds his corner up in the water element ‘grand trine’ of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. The other corners of the triangle are Venus in the 1st house and his Midheaven (cusp of the career house). When we have a ‘grand trine’ in a horoscope, we have a self-serving, self-sufficient unit.  Stressed, the crab would retreat into his shell and focus on his work; close the office door; hide in his den.

An astrological ‘grand trine’ usually sits quietly in our lives as seen by others, until we are put under stress. This is the resource that enables individuals to get through difficult emotional periods in their lives without cracking at the seams or falling apart.  As to which element it is in (water, earth, fire or air), determines how the individual handles the stress.

Being in the element of water indicates that, when under stress, Nigel Baden-Clay appears to be very calm and detached from the drama being played out; the drama that his life is at the moment; that his eldest son stands accused of murdering his wife and is in remand; that number-one-son is locked up in the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Facility.

A psychologist will join with an astrologer to tell you that retreating into a grand trine; or a crab’s shell; or denial is only superficial to the human psyche; it is just skin deep. The stress will be bouncing off the walls of the trine internally.

A therapist will add here, that being in the realm of emotions (the astrological water element), we can expect to see skin eruptions, eczema, dermatitis and such, starting to surface. The toxins will find a release – if not through the skin, then the individual’s water-works will break down. Look out prostate!

The body processes, what the mind cannot.

From an astrological point of view, Nigel Baden-Clay’s idea of security is driven by his work ethic, whereas when we refer to the nigelaine bi-wheels we see that the motivator to relocate for safety reasons is more likely driven by his wife (her Moon’s in the 5th house); a maternal reigning need for the security of her children.

If he were not a husband and father, astrology indicates that Nigel Baden-Clay would have not left the African continent, but that’s not the lot he drew from the barrel.  That’s not how the dice fell.

Unless we are dealing with a man who fears the political change (pigs and wolves curdle the custard I’m told), in my opinion this is not a man who would allow his wife’s words, we are relocating for a safer place to live, to speak through him.  That Aries Moon of his would not allow it.  He is bwana!

Perhaps Nigel Baden-Clay felt the need to hide his real intentions of wanting to leave the newly independent, Zimbabwe. I have to ask, “What’s wrong with declaring that the move is driven by a desire for ‘a better economic future’ for your family?”  We turn to astrology for an answer.

Aha! It’s the trickster at work again. Oh heavens to Betsy, Nigel just leave off with the damn Gemini act will you?

 Note: You have to run with the wolves sometimes, in order to understand the wolf model.  Tricksters are no different.

Bwana has both Uranus and Saturn in Gemini in his horoscope.  Why am I not surprised?

The relocation agenda is Uranus and the Saturn is the authoritarian.  So in Nigel Baden-Clay’s model of the world, this is a ‘tricky’ situation.

For an astrological interpretation, we can propose that the (Saturn) authorities eg. Australian immigration, may ‘get tricky’ if he were to declare anything other than that ‘Australia would be a safer place to live’ in his application.   His Aries Moon would not be prepared to run the risk of refusal of the application and nor would the 1st house Sun; his ego.

Remember this is also a man who believes he is above the law… very tricky.

As to Uranus’ input – well that’s the change of residence; the move.  That would have to be tricky in some way as well.  We don’t know, although it’s bound to be in some way related to the completion of the forms or the interview. With Gemini’s ruling planet being Mercury, we know that Mercury’s agenda is always about communication. Porky pies perhaps?

More on bwana

What is a marriage enhancement facilitator?  Nigel Baden-Clay, father of the accused Gerard Baden-Clay prides himself as being just that – big-game hunter, conservationist and marriage enhancement facilitator.  What?  Whose eyes are you trying to slip the wool over?  Big-game hunter and conservationist! That’s got to be an oxymoron before we even start.  Alarm bells are sounding; watch out for the banana skins!

What a gift!  Nigel Baden-Clay has the audacity to refer to himself as a marriage enhancement facilitator. Maybe that’s part of the conservationist tag and I should give him the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps if he put it around the other way – big-game hunter, marriage enhancement facilitator and conservationist, I might have been more likely to be sympathetic to his cause, but no that would be worse wouldn’t it, as it turns out.

I bet some fancy PR person dreamed up that title ‘marriage enhancement facilitator’.  Reminds me of the ‘sanitary engineers’ tag and political correctness gone mad.  In my day they were marriage guidance counselors and garbo’s (garbage collectors for the uninitiated), but hey who am I to criticise some PR person earning a quid.  It’s the inflated egos who actually believe that the title gives them power that are a worry.

Some individuals, given the label, actually believe that they have been given the power to hold over others, rather than be empowered themselves. We already know that Bwana is likely to be a law unto himself.  He would be likely to ‘improve’ on any guidelines he was given.  So let’s unpeel the banana; unpack the label of marriage enhancement facilitator and see how he might have processed it.  Sliced, mashed, or chomped?

I can already see a group of PR people sitting around the table, brainstorming.  The whiteboard is clean and ready to go; butcher’s paper is covering the communal altar; pens and pencils all lined up; electric sharpener at every corner. The facilitator writes the first word on the board – marriage.

We all know what that means as marriage is such a popular pastime, it’s a given demographic of its own. Most of us do it, don’t we?  There’s a bucket load of customers under that label, marriage; we don’t need to hustle up any more; there’s no need to reinvent the word.   Marriage is underscored with a solid black marker. It stays.

Guidance – we’re not in the Girl Guides anymore, we’re all grown up and besides who wants to be led along by a rope, not me. Sounds too much like the blind leading the blind.  Can’t we come up with something better?   Enhancement is an interesting word. Why can’t we use that instead?  If we put the two words together it opens up a whole new market.  Marriage enhancement makes it to the top of the list.

I look at it for a moment, hmm.  The combination of marriage and enhancement has sexual connotations.  Surely no-one would accept that combination, would they?  That’s just too obvious isn’t it?  Penis enhancement? Breast enhancement?   Some would think  – hey if the marriage is rocky, we just need to improve the sex don’t we?  And the word enhancement is all about size isn’t it?  Oh yes, that will appeal across the board.

We preach quality, but what everyone wants these days is, quantity.  More is better, better, best and more sex sells to every target demographic; hits the bulls-eye.  You’re right.  Keep enhancement – we can always plead innocent and just say we want to make it ‘all better’; be mummy and put on a band-aid.  Or we could even be a tad righteous and say that we will make the marriage ‘get better’, as in healed.  I get my proposal across – marriage enhancement gets the tick of approval. Underscore!

So what else?  Counselor sounds too much like there’s a psychologist involved; that there is something wrong with me. There’s also that sneaky little ‘sell-or’ on the end of the word.  We need to disguise that selling bit. The public is also starting to get wise about accreditations.  You only need to do a weekend workshop these days to hang out a shingle as a counselor.  How about a facilitator?

Now that’s just facile!  I know, but it sounds good and giving someone the title of facilitator gets all those wanna-be teachers in – another lot who haven’t got any accreditation.  Controllers, you mean! Yeah, someone who wants to be out the front as the centre of attention; at the whiteboard with a big stick; probably a bwana type person telling us how to be a success at the marriage game.  I win! Up on the whiteboard and underscored, are the three words Marriage Enhancement Facilitator.

Well that credibility went straight out the window for Nigel Baden-Clay didn’t it. Doesn’t say much for the course he did and claimed to be a director of. There’s another sneaky PR thing.  When you read the word, director you think someone is a director of a company, when in fact it was just another one of those fancy PR titles.  Baden-Clay senior claims to have held a directorship of an Australia-wide public company and religious organisation, which was de-registered in 2004.  I don’t think much of their PR team, so I’m not surprised it didn’t survive.

2004?  That was just in time for Bwana to change his shoes and jacket.  He’d struck gold. Number One son was on the rise and gave daddy a gold jacket to wear.   Onward, Christian soldiers.

Nigel Baden-Clay continued to refer to himself as a marriage enhancement facilitator right up to and including the aftermath of his son’s failure at marriage; beyond his son’s failure at being counseled by a marriage guidance counselor. Even after the murder of Number-One son’s wife Allison; the murder which his son, Gerard Baden-Clay stands accused of.  Have you no humility at all?

You entertained your son’s mistress in your home for four years during Gerard Baden-Clay’s marriage; as he made babies in the marriage bed. How’s that for high moral standards and upholding the tradition of marriage? Did you change the meaning of marriage vows to suit, as well?

After your son’s wife has been murdered you have acted as a go-between for your philandering son and his mistress. They have to ‘lay low for a while’, he says.  Now he stands accused of his wife’s murder. How far are you prepared to go?  Your role as a mentor, one would hope, is over.

How did this man, Nigel Baden-Clay come to see himself as a possible mentor for those whose marriages were in turmoil?  Let’s take a look at his astrological horoscope for clues as he appears to be a classic case for us all to learn from.

Have you ever heard of Chiron?  No, it’s not a planet; not a star either. Depending on which camp of astronomer’s you’re sitting with, Chiron is a planetoid, an asteroid, a comet or all three.

Chiron was not named until 1977 despite being around as a blip on the radar screen for more than a hundred years. In 1988 it suddenly became much brighter and therefore of more interest to astronomers. Then two years later it grew a tail. Have I peaked your interest? Did someone mention size or was it the bit of tail that worked?

Out there in our solar system, there are heaps of asteroids.  We usually only get to hear of them in the movies when the Earth is under threat from an asteroid crashing through our atmosphere and creating terror; one of our primal fears, annihilation.  But that aside, the Main Asteroid Belt is situated between Mars and Jupiter, whereas the Centaur group of asteroids is one more step farther away from the Sun. Their territory is between Jupiter and Neptune.

If you’re on my page, you’ll already be thinking, “Hey that’s not between a rock and a hard place, that’s between inflation (Jupiter) and fantasy (Neptune)!”

To reach the exalted status of a Centaur is beyond 99.9% of the asteroids banging around out there and creating as much impact as they can. In order to be classified as a Centaur, an asteroid’s orbit must cross the orbit of a major planet. Whether a Centaur completes this orbit erratically or not is irrelevant, we’re told.  So they can wobble their way around, that’s okay just as long as they get there.

Funny mob, these astronomers.  They must all sit around reading the Greek myths in their spare time, as that’s exactly how Centaurs behaved in ancient times; a rough and rowdy mob of mercenaries who created as much havoc as they could.  Boozed up on fermented berries and mead, they’d get the wobbles up as well.

In modern times, since we’ve had the technology to follow the paths of these asteroids, ‘2060 Chiron’ was observed to have fulfilled the criteria; ticked all the boxes. In mythology Chiron is the mentor of the Centaurs, so that’s probably how the asteroid was named.  As to the ‘ko’ symbol, that would be in honour of the discoverer, astronomer Charles Kowal.

The last time Chiron came anywhere near a major planet was about 1,300 years ago when it crossed Saturn’s path, millions of miles away from any impact threat. The next intersection is due with Uranus and again the planet will be far away from any threat of contact.  We don’t need to pack our bags yet as the diameter is just 240kms and it travels at less than 8kms per hour.  We have time to turn to astrology.

We can see the symbol for Chiron conjunct the nodal axis, in the zodiac sign of Leo and in the seventh house of the horoscope for Nigel Baden-Clay. The Sun is opposite in the first house and also conjunct the opposite node.

We can see immediately how Bwana was drawn to this ‘calling’. Chiron conjunct the nodal axis is a misguided need (inflated fantasy) to be a ‘healer’ in the public arena; we are in the seventh house of public relationships (marriage) however we are in Leo – that’s risky for a start – a sunny disposition yes, but we have lions and pride going on under the surface.  Look out for the roar, if you don’t do what he says.

Having the Sun-Node conjunction in opposition brings the ego into the fray.  In essence the ego is meant to learn from the mirror that Chiron holds up and heal thyself, however if we are to look at the nurturing aspect of this man, he has not heeded his mentor, Chiron.

In astrology Chiron is acknowledged as the ‘wounded healer’.  As soon as I read the story of Nigel Baden-Clay and the marriage enhancement facilitator tag, I knew that Chiron was bound to be in the picture.  To be a marriage guidance counselor is a healing role and we have a man here who apparently lacks the humility needed to be a healer. That’s Chiron’s job.

Many a person is attracted to that, which they need to learn.  Chiron is the major indicator in horoscopes of such individuals. If you were in his shoes, you would have to ask yourself, why would I, an insurance salesman, be drawn to wanting to be a marriage enhancement facilitator?  That fell on deaf ears; the ego won that round.

Cheiron is a Greek word that translates as ‘hand.’ Think chiropractic, a hands-on therapy or cheiromancy – palm reading; or even as the centerpiece on the logo of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons Foundation.  Yes, Chiron gets around, folks.  In mythology he is half man-half horse. The British Army Veterinary Corps’ badge is also Chiron at his best; a nice twist, I might add – the human-animal mix held in high esteem in a healing modality.

Grouping Chiron with the Centaurs was an error in judgment by the astronomers, I believe. It was assumed that because Chiron was half man-half horse, he must be the same as the Centaurs, who are also half man-half horse.   It looks like a Centaur therefore it must be a Centaur.  They skipped the bit about ‘acts like a Centaur’.

Chiron’s origins are far removed from the rough and ready lifestyle of the Centaurs in Greek mythology.  He always held a soft spot for them, however his DNA was different.

Chiron’s origin in mythology is the result of a union between the God Saturn, who was off chasing a bit of tail and a heavenly beauty. This is before Saturn grew that long beard and started wearing hooded robes and carrying a sickle.  He was a young buck at one stage.  He fancied one of Neptune’s daughters, Philyra who was a married woman, but that wasn’t going to stop this chap. He was one of the Gods wasn’t he!

Philyra made a bad decision in her attempt to avoid his advances.  She morphed into a mare and galloped off towards the sunset and freedom.  Not one to let a filly slip through his bit, Saturn did the obvious and morphed as well.  The stallion had his way with her, as you would expect. Just another conquest to him.

Pregnant and outcast by her husband, Philyra did it tough giving birth to a beast. Half man, half horse, Chiron’s only blessing was a gentle nature. His mother loved him still and trained him in the healing arts.

Chiron has the most wonderful reputation as the wise-hearted, most generous and kindest of characters in mythology. He holds the knowledge of herbal medicines, of music and the hunt. Among his teachers were Apollo and Artemis and his oracular skills were widely sought after. When there was trouble at Delphi, the Gods would turn to him. He is known to have mentored Achilles; to have taught Asclepius the skills of surgery and many, many others too. He was kindly to the travelers on the Argo, Jason and the Argonauts. The testimonies go on and on.

Hercules plays a starring role in the continuing saga of Chiron for, during a skirmish with a rowdy bunch of Centaurs – who were all scattering and heading for the hills at the time, Hercules carelessly wounded his friend and mentor, Chiron.  It wasn’t a deliberate act, but unfortunately the arrows Hercules had chosen to use on this particular day were coated with the blood of the monster Hydra and Hercules accidentally wounded Chiron in the knee. Arrows coated with the blood of the Hydra, as we would all know, are bound to cause painful wounds that will never heal.

And being an immortal, Chiron having a wound that would never heal, was a serious problem. He would never be able to heal from the wound caused by Hercules, and being immortal he could never die; caught between a rock and a hard place.

It is always interesting to note that people with Chiron in tension aspects in their horoscopes, invariably have a problem with their knees and suffer joint pain.