Head to head

On the evening of 19 April, 2012 in Brisbane AEST (GMT+10), the Sun and the Moon were both in the zodiac sign of Aries.  This was not a night you would pick for a heart to heart discussion.

When the Sun and Moon are together in Aries, it is a head to head clash.   Fortunately these two heavenly bodies don’t get together for more than a couple of days a year albeit, two days in a row, but not the same two days every year.

If you wanted to provoke a married couple into having a fight Ms McHugh, you could not have picked a better date to do it.

The Crown will allege Ms McHugh [long-term mistress of the accused] had asked Mr Baden-Clay to speak to his wife about their relationship, as she was concerned she would be attending the same real estate conference as Mrs Baden-Clay [on the day following the murder] ….  Mr Boyle, for the prosecution, said it would be the Crown’s case that the Baden-Clays argued [over the relationship between the accused and his mistress] on the night Mrs Baden-Clay was killed.

As the clock ticks forward to 11.55pm, we take a freeze frame of the heavens in order to check the tension in the air of that fateful night in Brookfield.

  • We have the scene set – Aries is the territory of Mars, which equates with action, energy and lots of it.  The two characters, the Sun with his wants and the Moon with her needs, both centre stage.

Sun and Moon in Aries provides an environment where an individual would be too ready to express what’s on their mind and to let rip whatever comes into their mind.  This is a time when a wife would be likely to threaten divorce, talk property settlement, child support and whatever comes to mind.  It would not be a time when someone who was normally mild is likely to hold back.

This is also a time when a person could be deluded into believing that they have the ability to overcome the forces of heaven and earth in order to arrive at a goal; a goal which is so clear in their mind.  It can be so clearly in their mind that they believe it to be actually happening.

An astrologer will tell you that if you have a Sun and Moon in Aries, this is a time where intolerance of divergent opinions raises its ugly head:

The troubles of other people are not especially interesting to you, although by a paradoxical twist you frequently expect other people to listen to your troubles and at some considerable length. Not because you want or need or expect or would be likely to take their advice, but just because you are so absorbed by your own problems that you expect everyone else to be willing and even anxious to listen to them. You express readily and forcefully and with considerable dramatic effect.

Have I sent you scurrying to check your diaries to see how your life was around that time?

  • That was just the Sun-Moon’s evening performance. I want to share the significance of the planetary midpoints of that night to add to the atmosphere, before we get down and dirty.

We are still in the heavens.  This tension will affect each individual according to their own sensitivities; their own horoscope; their strengths and their weaknesses.

A slightly different way of interpreting midpoints (from what I have written earlier) is to ask the following questions:

What is at stake/How is it manifesting = What’s the point the person is trying to make.

All of us were under the influence of the stars at 11.55pm on 19 April, 2012 and many of us were possibly dreaming the following:

Mercury=Sun/Mars:    We are the ‘what’s at stake’ our ego, self-preservation. How is this manifesting?  Action, energy – tossing and turning in our sleep.  What’s driving it?  Our thoughts and ideas; plans and schemes.

Mercury=Sun/Neptune:  This is about me again. I’ll keep these thoughts hidden as I have an unclear self-image.

Ascendant=Sun/Jupiter:  How can I put this any other way?  My face to the world, my personality – I’m full of myself; self-aggrandisement is on the stage; ‘aint I grand.

Jupiter=Sun/North Node:  Last one about ‘me’.  (Yeah right, I doubt it) This can be interpreted in two ways. 1. My mother and I are a fantastic team. (I’m not your mother, dummy. I’m your wife.)  2. My point is that I am seeking attention from anyone who will watch me perform.  I’m considering how I might best go about it, hmmm.

Putting our ego and wants aside, we turn to our emotional side, our needs and the midpoints reveal:

Sun= Moon/Jupiter:  My ego needs to be the focus, to be recognised. I need to be rewarded for my efforts. (I thought we were finished with ‘all about me’?  Sorry, we’re never finished about me, myself.)

Ascendant=Moon/North Node:  Again we have the nodal axis as part of the equation and so we can read two ways. 1. Mummy, look at me, look at me (How long are you going to keep this one going? Yawn, I am not your mother.) or  2. Needing to connect on an emotional level to satisfy me, me, me.  (What?  That sounds like a conflict of interest. Oh, why don’t you just grow up!)

Uranus=Moon/Mercury:  Sudden changes in emotions with the intention of throwing the opposition off guard.  (Why do you need to do this?)

Pluto=Moon/Uranus:  Volatility in emotions for reasons of power play.

But wait there’s more.  Mars and other planets will not be upstaged, they insist on having their say.  Here’s the key again:  What’s the point the person is trying to make = What is at stake/How it is manifesting.

Ascendant=Mars/Pluto: I will intimidate by the use of violence. I am invincible.

Moon=Mars/Jupiter:  I am omnipotent. Everything needs to go full steam ahead to satisfy my needs.

Moon=Venus/Ascendant:  I am the ‘ant’s pants’ – vanity personified. My emotional needs must be fulfilled.

Pluto=Venus/Ascendant:  I am image conscious.  What’s at stake?  Power of course.

Venus=Jupiter/Pluto:  Money, money money. Lust for the power of money.

Moon=Jupiter/Neptune:  I have delusions of grandeur. I deserve nothing but the best that money can buy.

Neptune=Saturn/Pluto:  An irresistible force meets an immovable object.  Head clash.

Mars=Saturn/Pluto:  The result of the head clash…..

  • All of us will take in the above information differently, according to our own horoscopes. There are as many variations to this script as there are people on the planet.

I don’t think I even have to discuss the human aspect now, do I?

The law of threes

Don’t you love it when something lines up!  There is much synchronicity in this case, which I look forward to posting.

Part of the reason why Gerard Baden-Clay was not released on bail was the fact (from mobile phone records) that he made a ‘face-time’ telephone call to his father’s mobile phone at 12.30am of the fateful night that Allison was murdered.

The accused very quickly scurried under the shelter of his legal team while his father Nigel Baden-Clay took to a ‘cone of silence’ well before the time of the bail application. As a result of this, I believe no statement has been made as to the detail of this phone call (as to who spoke to whom or the content of the conversation.)

I got to thinking why did the accused Gerard Baden-Clay’s father need to keep silent?

In order to explore this from my perspective, I generated a horoscope wheel of the date of the murder showing where the planets were in the heavens in real time and compared it with the birth wheel of  Nigel Baden-Clay (father of the accused).

Ignoring whether the time of night is correct or not, the planetary positions for the date will be in the same degrees of the same signs. Only the minutes of the Moon on that fateful night will differ.

A synchronicity became glaringly obvious to me, which relates to the timing of the above-mentioned phone call between father and son.

The Law of Threes (Triangulation method)

At the time of the face-time phone call, 12.30am on 20 April 2012, the Sun was at 29degrees Aries (see wheel)

Recipient of the phone call (father of the accused) Nigel Baden-Clay was born when the Moon was at 29degrees Aries (see birth wheel)

The solar progressed Sun (of Nigel Baden-Clay) at 19/20 April 2012 is 29degrees Aries. So how did I calculate this third synchronicity?

When I work with predictive astrology, I use a system called Solar Arc progressions where I add one degree for each year of an individual’s life since birth. Eg: Nigel Baden-Clay was born 10 February 1943 (69 years ago). At his birth the Sun was at 20degrees Aquarius – add 69 degrees and you get…… Allow me to do the math for you (there are 30 degrees in each sign) 20Aquarius to 20Pisces to 20Aries plus 9 = 29 degrees Aries (see more on Solar Arc progressions.)

Before you ask, “What does all this mean?”  My answer is a question in itself, “Is the probability of three cosmic bodies lining up at the same point, at one moment in time and in one individual’s life a coincidence?”

But there’s more. The accused, Gerard Baden-Clay also has a connection with 29degrees Aries, however we’ll save that for another post when we address his connection with the cosmos on the date of the crime

Note: Triangulation of data is an accepted methodology in science (see wiki).  The ‘Law of Threes’ is not scientific in origin.  Some say it is superstition.

For those who are superstitious, it may amuse you to know that my personal Sun is also at 29degrees, although not in Aries. Perhaps that is why I am on-the-case.

Midpoints galore

This person has midpoints galore!  I don’t think we will need to explore beyond the aspects of conjunction in order to get a fair idea of what’s going on under the covers.

There are no less than ten conjunctions between natal planets and midpoints in this chart.

Sun=Mars/Pluto; Moon=Uranus/North Node; Mercury=Venus/Ascendant (nb Asc. is my rectification); Venus=Sun/Moon;Venus=Uranus/Neptune; Mars=Mercury/Asc;Jupiter=Sun/Moon; Uranus=Sun/Venus; Pluto=Sun/Uranus; Pluto=Jupiter/Asc.

I don’t want to try to explain astrology here but give a general outline. So for the interpretation method:

(focus)= (the what and how the focus operates)

ie: Sun=Mars/Pluto reads as the Sun (what it represents is the focus) equals Mars/Pluto (what the focus is and how it operates)

So briefly:

Sun=Mars/Pluto   The ego definition=assertive power surges, can be intimidating or even violent

Moon=Uranus/North Node  The emotional fulfilment needs=an innovative relationship with the public (nb: unfortunately this can also extend to his relationship as an accused murderer fulfilling this need at least as long as a trial, if there is one, is in the public arena).

Mercury=Venus/Ascendant (nb. Asc measurement is by rectification) The communication method used=based on image consciousness to the point of vanity

Venus=Sun/Moon The social and relationship needs=to be in the spotlight/centre stage

Venus=Uranus/Neptune The social and relationship needs=exist in a fantasy/are concealed

Mars=Mercury/Asc  The use of energy=self serving thoughts

Jupiter=Sun/Moon  Public recognition=be in the spotlight/centre stage

Uranus=Sun/Venus  Individualistic expression=illumination of relationships (to be seen to be …)

Pluto=Sun/Uranus The power needs=feelings of superiority/‘above’ the rules’

Pluto =Jupiter/Asc  The power needs=an over-inflated ego


A crime

On 20 April  2012 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia a missing persons report made headline news in the mainstream media. A former beauty queen, wife and mother of three was missing under what quickly appeared to be very suspicious circumstances. Her name was Allison Baden-Clay.

The name drew attention overseas as the ‘Baden’ part of the name was associated with the worldwide scouting movement and Lord Baden Powell.

As I continued to read the media headlines my interest grew.  The interviews and reports of what I considered bizarre behaviour of her husband and his family brought me ‘to attention’.  The story was on the lips of everyone I spoke to.

Ten days after her reported disappearance, Allison’s body was found by a canoeist on the bank of Kholo Creek under a road bridge. The media kept the story on page one.

On 13 June 2012, Gerard Baden-Clay, Allison’s husband was charged with the murder and disposal of her body. He was immediately held in remand pending a bail application.  The following Thursday a bomb scare ended the bail hearing and it was held over until the following day, Friday 22 June.  The accused was refused bail on the conditions that he was considered, by the judge, to be a flight risk.