John Chardon

Living within coo-ee of a potential crime in May 2013, I published a post on this blog – ‘Peregrination at its worst‘ in relation to the disappearance of Novy Chardon from the Gold Coast, Australia.

‘Peregrination’ in astrology interpretation, is used to describe a planet that is not in aspect in the heavens to other planets in our solar system at a given time. The word ‘peregrine’ shares its etymological origins with ‘pilgrim’; a wanderer. When there are no boundaries in someone’s version of reality, an emotionally-stunted individual can very easily exhibit feral behaviour in their environment.

John Chardon is reported as having a foul mouth; dispensing profanities left, right and center, regardless of the presence of any adults, or children.

Supreme Court of Australia, Brisbane: John Chardon is currently on trial for the murder of his 5th wife; Indonesian born Novy Chardon.

John Chardon was born with Uranus peregrine in his horoscope. This is not an unfortunate thing in itself, as Uranus allows for embracing modern technology; being able to change on a penny; be on the move very easily.

However in our realm of criminal behaviour, we know the risks of Uranus tension – eg interaction between Uranus and the Moon can very easily identify unstable behaviour etc.

John Chardon horoscope (time of birth unknown)  click on image for full size

When we bring asteroids into the pattern of his natal chart, we note that John Chardon’s horoscope reveals Vesta (hidden matters) exact Uranus at 23°Gemini (realm of communication).  From this conjunction there is tension with Borasissi Rx (self-deception) – a quindecile aspect (obsessive-compulsive behaviour) at 7°Sagittarius (realm of opinion and respect).

So we can expect to note that this male will exhibit instability reinforced by lies that he tells himself, to the point of obsessively so, in order to retain respect from others in his environment.

Other major challenges of note here, are that Juno is Rx at 18°Sagittarius, which is indicative of jealousy in any spousal relationship, plus being in the zodiac of Sagittarius, we know that respect and opinion will be the manifestation of any potential behaviour.

  • Natal Sun (ego’s desire) is exact asteroid Narcissus (excessive self interest) at 25°Cancer. Both of which are opposite Pholus Rx in Capricorn. Whenever we note the presence of Pholus, we can expect to note that ‘shooting oneself in the foot’ will come into any exhibited behaviour. Appearances of a buffoon come to mind, however it is when we then turn to his driving needs; his natal Moon, we see Moon-Saturn-Pluto malific/malice congested in the zodiac of Leo – the tyrant.
  • Ceres (personal appetites) at 3°Taurus, mirrors by opposition to Chiron in Scorpio which will manifest in power issues and the fear associated with same. Power, sex, and money – y’all know the story…
  • Asteroid Ixion (murderous intent) is located at 11°Libra square Venus in Cancer, revealing the potential for misogynistic behaviour and objectification of women as ‘sexualised objects’.

During this trial, I have noted from witness testimony, that on the evening of Novy’s disappearance; 6February 2013, John Chardon activated cctv and alarm monitoring equipment at the place of his business for a short period of time; a quick visit – in and out in 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Initial departure at 5:15:46pm- alarm activted. John Chardon returned at 6:58:39 pm – alarm deactivated.  CCTV recording – active.  Re-set the alarm monitor for a last time that night at 6:59:59pm as he depsrted the premises.  From this information, I make a further enquiry into this case.

In astrology interpretation, time and place is everything…

7pm 6February 2013 – an incident chart

With the knowledge of some of the potential weaknesses within the character of John Chardon in mind, we then turn to the transiting pattern in the heavens that could add to the tension with this ‘version of reality’ for the accused murderer.

Our primary focus must be with the angles primarily – time and place…

  • Timing: Jupiter is exact the midheaven 6°Gemini – time to communicate ‘justice’. Jupiter is also quindecile North Node – time to deliver obsessive ‘rough justice’ with family. The North Node is also quincunx (disregard for the consequences of one’s actions) to asteroid Eris (generate trouble and strife) in the 8th house of transformation. Motivation is related to dispensing ‘rough justice’ within a family.
  • Place/location: At the cusp of the 7th house (marriage); on the horizontal axis at 25°Aquarius, asteroid Nessus (abuse of trust) is evident holding up the mirror to this act of departing a workplace and resetting of an alarm monitor. Expect an abuse of trust within a marriage.
  • AP Fortuna (destiny) is located in the 2nd house (money/personal assets). Expect a confrontation in relation to personal assets/money.
  • The risk of murderous intent is present in the 4th house (home) at 20°Sagittarius conjunct Pholus and within illumination of the Moon (heightened emotions).

A bi-wheel – 1+1=2

We generate a chart from the 7pm perspective on 6February 2013, aligning John Chardon’s horoscope to the above chart’s zodiac positions.

Timing: We know that ‘rough justice’ is a strong potential according to the midheaven analysis above, so when we look to the natal chart for John Chardon, we note that his natal asteroid Borasissi Rx is exact the vertical axis, at the cusp of the 4th house and in the mirror of transiting Jupiter.

An interpretation that exhibiting rough justice would reinforce the self-deception of his version of reality as the male head of the family.

Place/Location: 25 Aquarius, transiting Nessus Rx quincunx natal Sun-Narcissus at 25 Cancer – obsessive self interest; to the exclusion of spouse is primary to any trust within a marriage – he will abuse the trust of a spouse for self-gratification.

There is plenty of tension that could be discussed in relation to this chart, however when we keep to the quincunx aspect – behaviour exhibited without any consideration for actions, the potential of resulting behaviour is evident.

  • Aquarius to Cancer – transiting 18°Aquarius Sun (date on the calendar) in the 6th house of cooperation is quincunx natal 18°Cancer Mercury (planet of communication). Interpretation: Disregard for cooperative effort and resulting consequences of communication (verbal, or physical).
  • Sagittarius to Cancer – transiting 24°Sagittarius Moon in 4th house; driving needs and heightened emotions in the home, quincunx natal Sun-Narcissus 25°Cancer. Interpretation: Disregard for respect/opinion of others by an overwhelming narcisstic ego’s desires.
  • Capricorn to Leo – transiting 10°Capricorn Pluto in 5th house (children) quincunx mid-range Moon-Saturn-Pluto in the tyrant’s realm. Interpretation: Desire for power and control of children leads to disregard for behavioural results. If we were in Alice’s realm, the red queen rules…
  • Pisces to Leo – 13-15°Pisces of the 7th house, transiting Photographica (cctv) + Borassis (self delusion) + Vertex (significant life-changing event) in the house of marriage, are quincunx natal Moon-Saturn-Pluto in Leo. Ignoring what a camera can reveal…
  • Scorpio to Gemini – 11°Scorpio transiting Saturn (self-control) in the 3rd house of communication is quincunx natal Mars 12°Gemini (acting-out of this communication). Interpretation: this is the malefic indicator for violence.

We note also that transiting Vesta (hidden matters) is at 10°Gemini = potential illegal activity will result from these actions without any consideration for behaviour. Eg a murder could lead to the hiding of a body; to interaction with others outside of the law.

We await the outcome of this trial.

Asteroids in post: Borasissi #66652, Ceres ##1, Chiron #2060, Eris #136199. Ixion #28978, Juno #3, Lie 26955, Mony #7782, Narcissus # 37117, Nessus #7066, Pholus #5145, Photographica #443, Vesta #4

Noah Brandon Davis Pt.1

At 11am, 15 August 2014 a Missing Person Report was filed in Ringgold, Georgia. Later that day, Joshua DeWayne Wright made a statement to law enforcement as to what he knew of the disappearance of his sibling; step-brother Noah Brandon Davis.

As I write this post, Noah Davis has still not called home, and so we undertake an astrology enquiry into his disappearance. Please be aware that astrology is a pseudo-science and as such is not accepted in any court of law. Our enquiry can only be considered to be, opinion.

  • Noah Brandon Davis DOB [redacted]
  • Joshua DeWayne Wright DOB [redacted]

The age difference between Noah and Joshua is more than 7 years and the months of their births (March-September) are also in opposition; i.e. egos in the mirror. Joshua is the elder with a Virgo Sun sign and Noah; Pisces. 7 years difference also hints at a potential square aspect during Saturn’s transit around the Sun; self-control of ego. Noah’s natal Saturn is on home territory; Capricorn (Earth/practical) while Joshua has Saturn in the zodiac of Libra (Air/mental) both are Cardinal signs (instigators).

Greco/Roman mythology: Two of the earliest Latin-named asteroids are Ceres #1 and Vesta #4. The Greco/Roman Olympian mythology Greek equivalent – Demeter and Hestia. They are sisters; siblings, daughters of the Titans; Cronus and Rhea.

Noah Davis has both asteroids Ceres an Vesta ‘at odds’ in his natal chart; ie 90degrees apart. Therefore there is the potential for sibling rivalry in his horoscope as a life-long companion for the characters involved.

From this, we’ve had enough pointers to accept that sibling rivalry is our way forward for an astrology enquiry.

Asteroids pertinent to this case:
Noah #30276
Joshua #32213

  • Alekto #465 – outlet of rage
  • Borasissi #66652 – lies told to ourselves in order to maintain ‘happiness’
  • Chiron #2060 – wounds that never heal
  • Eris #136199 – making trouble and strife
  • Ixion #28978 – murder flag
  • Lie #26955 – ‘big’ lies
  • Mony #7782 – money
  • Nemesis #128 – what gets you in the end
  • Nessus #7066 – abuse of trust
  • Pallas #2 – stamina in ‘war’
  • Pholus #5145 – where mistakes are made by ‘shooting oneself in the foot’

A snapshot of the heavens at 11am on 15 August 2014.

The mid-heaven identifies the place – 12:43°Cancer. Nemesis/Alekto=MC – someone has reached their nemesis by an act of rage is the most likely interpretation and then when we check the opposite side of the chart; 12:43°Capricorn, IC (the nadir), Pluto is at 11:21°Capricorn.

Noah Davis is not likely to be coming home under his own power.

Greco/Roman mythology – Pluto guards the gate to the Underworld

  • The ascendant identifies the timing of the missing person report to law enforcement. The mirror of asteroid Lie; 16°Libra and the planet Uranus; 16°Aries, are evident. So when we start ‘doing-the-math’ of the hard aspects, in this 360° circle, we can note that Uranus is behind much of the tension.
    Note: Uranus in Aries is indicative of playing with fire (Aries is a fire sign) and Uranus is symbolic of breaking-with-traditions. In our case likely including the moral and ethical tradition of the interaction of siblings.
  • Uranus 16°Aries – quindecile (obsessive) 165° from 12th house asteroid Pallas (stamina of war) at 1:51°Libra.
    • Pallas is by extension; carrying this further, to quindecile with Borasissi 17°Pisces and Chiron 16°Pisces in the 6th house.
    • Uranus quincunx (lack of discernment of judgement) with asteroid Mony 16°Scorpio and Saturn 17°Scorpio (self-control) in the personal assets; 2nd house.
  • Lunar South Node 21°Aries (the fiery outcome and family connection) is under direct tension as well indicative of the outcome of the tension.
    • Plus quincunx asteroid Joshua 21°Scorpio in the 2nd house. Note: Scorpio stirs in order to get a reaction.
  • Lunar North Node/Asteroid Lie at the ascendant = asteroid Noah 4°Aries by quindecile aspect. This suggests that the Missing Person Report was indeed a lie; forcefully so (obsessive).

Noah Brandon Davis – horoscope weaknesses

Note that the horoscope is cast with a mid-range Moon placement for the date of his birth due to lack of birth time being available, so no natal house placements can be interpreted.

As we mentioned above, the Sun-Mercury-Vesta stellium is in the zodiac of Pisces and square Pholus-Ceres.

  • 10:34° Chiron asteroid in the zodiac of Cancer, is indicative of the fear of abandonment by the ‘mother’  originating from childhood experience (Cancer is ruled by the Moon – ie mother). Noah has this fear-based quincunx tension with Venus.
    Note: Noah lacks the discernment; that his mother will abandon him (for what he’s done) as he retains the immature emotional reaction from early childhood. He would consciously/unconsciously push this notion for what it’s worth when under tension, with behaviour that he knows is not acceptable, in order to punish himself. Masochistic behaviour is relative to self-worth.
  • 15:34° Lunar North Node is exact Nemesis in Aquarius – his relationship with his maternal nurturer (mother) is deeply flawed and will be his ‘nemesis’. This again likely connects to the Chiron interpretation (as above).
    • Note: in whatever way this manifested, it was pre-determined in his horoscope.  He potentially lacks the emotional ability to move away from family, irrespective of the tension resulting from sibling rivalry.
  • North node is also quincunx asteroid Mony – lack of discernment in relation to money would not make him reliable in any financial matters.  This is another way of self-sabotage.
  • By conjunction with the North Node, asteroid Borasissi 13°Aquarius is square Black Moon Lilith/Mean Apogee (weakest link in any chart) at 14:53°Scorpio.
    • So any pressing of these buttons will certainly anger Noah to the point of rage. Note that asteroid Alekto is at 18:53°Aquarius square Pluto .  Anything under hard aspect/direct tension with Pluto is commonly referred to as a ‘blanket over a hand grenade’ = can go off without warning.

That’s what emotionally immature siblings do isn’t it… press each others buttons. But then, they are supposed to grow up, but Noah certainly didn’t. Noah would react automatically according to this horoscope even as an adult.

Joshua DeWayne Wright – horoscope weaknesses

Note that the horoscope is cast with a mid-range Moon placement for the date of his birth due to lack of birth time being available, so no natal house placements can be interpreted.

Of primary concern when it comes to potential violence, the stellium of Pluto-Saturn-Noah, together with Mercury at 16-25°Libra = powerstruggle-self control-Noah, together with communication will likely be our focus when we get to generating a bi-wheel.

  • Asteroid Eris 15°Aries is in the mirror creating trouble and strife.  Wherever Joshua goes in his life he has this need for power, control and Noah; his half-brother. all wrapped up together. This will not leave him despite the fact that his half-brother is not physically around to remind him.  This is a life-time event for him.
  • So when we also note that his Mean Apogee/BML is conjunct the Lunar South Node at 9-10°Capricorn, we can interpret that Joshua would likely not consider the result of his actions/the potential outcome; when under tension. Early childhood trauma has likely generated this response early in his life.
    • This aspect will also be ‘the end of him’ with asteroid Nemesis 25°Cancer quindecile (obsessed with) South Node-BML 9-10°Capricorn.
  • Of further note asteroid Lie is conjunct Venus at 9-10°Virgo. Joshua Wright is likely dishonest in relation to the detail of his financial affairs and money in general.

Joshua Wright was born when Chiron was in the constellation of Taurus; the ‘credit card debt’ generation. Taurus is the constellation ruled by Venus ‘when she’s buying jewellery’ – it’s all about personal assets and value – the life-long wound of ‘what can I afford, or not’.

  • Joshua has 27°Taurus; Chiron opposite Ceres-Mars at 27 °Scorpio. He will likely fill this self-nurturing appetite by whatever means are available to him – legal means, or not. Scorpio can be very secretive and as the zodiac is ruled by Pluto; power is the ‘game’.

Greco/Roman Mythology: Chiron is a sibling of Ceres and Vesta.

11am 15 August 2014 together with Joshua DeWayne Wright

We view the natal chart of Joshua through the lens of the time of the Missing Person Report. As is our practice, the all important angles take precedence with the midheaven relating to ‘place’ and the ascendant ‘the time’.  When we refer to ‘place’ it’s what is immediately overhead, overshading all else for our attention.

By aligning these two charts by the zodiac as a bi-wheel from the perspective of the MPR report, we can see what came to fruition in the life of Joshua Wright, or at least his version of ‘reality’ in relation to the disappearance of Noah Davis.

  • Asteroid Lie 16°Libra at the ascendant is exact natal Mercury 16°Libra and therefore also the stellium of Pluto-Saturn-Noah and Mercury… So due to personal need for power and control of Noah, Joshua Wright has lied to law enforcement when he told them that his sibling was a missing person. Now why would he do that; need to lie?

We could end our enquiry at this point and indicate the result….  However, for those who need to know:

  • Transiting Lunar Nodal axis 21°Libra exact natal Saturn 21°Libra and natal asteroid Noah 21°Libra – all lined up; ducks in a row
  • Transiting Ceres 2°Scorpio conjunct natal Pallas 3°Scorpio – ‘me and mine’ at war
  • Transiting 11-17°Scorpio Mars/Mony-Saturn= natal Ixion 14°Scorpio.
    • From this astrology enquiry, I have no hesitation in suggesting that Noah Davis was murdered by Joshua Wright and the motive being ‘control of money’.
  • Transiting Pluto 11°Capricorn conjunct natal Lunar South Node-Black Moon Lilith ( see natal chart comments in this regard)
  • Transiting Uranus 16°Aries conjunct natal Eris 15°Aries in the 7th house – generating trouble and strife
  • Transiting Venus 4°Leo conjunct natal Nessus 3°Leo – abuse of trust with money
    Natal Pholus 11°Aries exact the descendant 11°Aries and mirroring the ascendant 11°Libra. He’s ‘shot himself in the foot’ with his lies.

I would suggest that law enforcement likely know already that he is responsible for the disappearance/murder of Noah, and are biding their time as he digs his own grave.  We just wait for it to get deep enough.

Continued with a personal approach…  Pt.2

The cookie crumbles

Did you kill your wife Allison?”
GBC-ABCimageNo, I did not.”

“Did you fight with her on the evening of the 19th [of April 2012]?”

“No, I did not.”

A jury of Gerard Baden-Clay’s peers delivered a verdict – guilty of murder.  A year later an appeal to the court downgraded the sentence to manslaughter.  Did this decision, based on the letter of the law, ignore the humanities and social sciences; the origins of the legal system?  Have those within the state system lost touch with reality?

We add to the realm of opinion by creating an astrology enquiry into what appears to be an act of outrage at this time when public opinion is focused on violence against women.  We can’t bring a woman subjected to the ultimate act of violence back to life, however we can study the heavens; in particular the patterns of tension created at a particular time and in a particular place.

We interpret from classic medieval texts, reminding us all that this is a model of reality, not reality itself. i.e. not accepted in any contemporary court of law.

  • Time: 9:30am, 8th December 2015
  • Place: Brisbane, Australia

Heavily weighted to the assertive-defensive hemisphere, this chart lacks consideration for others.  Knowing the delivery from the bench ahead of time, we could have been prepared. However with the gift of hindsight, we continue our interpretation.

R v Baden-Clay QCA15-265 – the downgrading from murder to manslaughter

manslaughter-duoAn Air Grand Trine in this mundane chart for 9:30am (produced from the public arena) reveals the mental energy trapped within the red triangle – asteroid Allison 11:39°Gemini – Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee 11:35°Libra  and asteroid Ceres 11:20°Aquarius.

  • Allison (victim and wife of Gerard Baden-Clay) in the 4th house – is this suggesting that the wife’s place is in the home?
  • BML/mean apogee in the 8th house – death and transformation.
  • Ceres in the 12th house…

 Ceres in Aquarius in criminal profiling equates with avoiding personal contact by evasive action; running away.  So rather than projecting, evaluating, or expressing Aquarian humanities in the astrology houses 1,2, or 3, we can see that it has remained a mental consideration only; in the 12th house of this chart.

In order to process this perceived error in judgement, we look for a release valve for this trapped energy on the opposite side of the chart.  We know that air fans fire, or can extinguish it; that balance is needed.

  • Asteroid Allison in the 4th house looks to 11°Sagittarius (fire element)  – court of public opinion in the 10th house
  • Black Moon Lilith in the 8th house looks to mend that broken link – self worth; value of ourselves is in question in the 2nd house 11°Aries (fire element – action)
  • Ceres needs to escape the mental, hidden closet with a release valve at 11°Leo (fire element) in the 6th house of morals and ethics of everyday life; practicalities. 

So what do we have in the heavens at these three positions?

  • 11°Sagittarius is the midpoint between the Sun and Saturn – the date on the calendar meets Father Time.  It is an illumination of ambition on the public stage for the victim.  Petition, march, protest.  It is a time to express public opinion.
  • 11°Aries in the heavens the asteroid Persephone (named after the Greco/Roman mythological character).  Persephone is the daughter of Ceres whom spends half the year in the Underworld and the other half on the surface – a time for compromise. Is this a face-saving exercise for the authority of the courts?
  • 11°Leo will remain in the shadows with asteroid Aphrodite 11:37° (Greek for Venus/peer group) – a peer review within the legal system most likely.

Apart from this Air Grand Trine in the mundane chart we have more to interpret. The Sun/Moon midpoint is always the primary focus of a particular point in time where needs (Moon) and wants (Sun) are in tension.

  • Sun/Moon=25:47°Scorpio – in the 10th house i.e. the public stage; handing down the decision by the QCA.

Interpreting through the houses, we note in the first house that 6:06°Pisces Asteroid Antonia (Toni McHugh; the ‘other woman’)  is EXACT asteroid Atropos (Greco/Roman mythology – cutting of a life-line) and conjunct 7:06°Pisces Neptune (hidden aspects; delusion) – we can but wait for this to unfold, as it will. 

Turning to the second chart with this in mind, we can see the dotted line (quindecile) from this first house Neptune (turquoise)  to Jupiter (green) – the decision by the court to transform the guilty sentence.  Neptune is also in square aspect to Saturn (risk of martyrdom).  Is this woman  (Toni McHugh) obsessing and deluded into believing her lover will be released soon?  

Initially I think not, when we see asteroid Lovas in the secretive 14:37°Scorpio reflecting Fini by opposition 13:03°Taurus.  But as we know, individual characters are not yet in this interpretation.

We note the asteroid Lie at 12:36°Pisces at the cusp of the 2nd house (self-worth) is opposite the asteroid Gerard (Baden-Clay) 11:05°Virgo in the 7th house (the husband of the victim) – self explanatory.

  • Chiron 16:59°Pisces square the Sun 15:32°Sagittarius –  Chiron in Pisces is always in crisis. This is a universal level crisis, nothing small ever hits this combination. This is not a day to slip a decision under the table.
  • Lunar South Node 27:53°Pisces square 11th house Mercury (yellow) – friends speak out in public.
  • Vesta 00:38°Aries quindecile 9th house Mars brings a higher meaning to keeping the home fires burning; a woman’s role.  Note: (pink) Venus together with the (blue) Moon (the population) are also in this 9th house in support of a higher cause.

Update, May 2016:  This was not the end of the matter.  We waited patiently along with many, many others until the High Court of Australia announced that they would hear an appeal in Brisbane on 26th July 2016; starting gun at 10:15am…

To be continued…

Midpoints and murder

Exploration of the subtleties of astrological aspects in the horoscope of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay, our focus remains in the realm of nature, the perspective he brought with him into this life; the lot he has chosen to live. As much as we would like to get to pick the meat out of the bones, it’s not time yet to visit the nurturing aspect, the influence of his parents, siblings or those who were part of his early life.

We need to peel off another layer to discover what the Fates have in store.  They hinted in my last post, rather bluntly I thought, that there was much to be revealed among the midpoints, in relation to the crime and so today we return to the subtleties of these midpoints in the horoscope wheels of the accused and the crime event – that fateful night of 19 April, 2012.

A midpoint is not a physical entity like a planet.  It is a mathematical point of considerable significance in an astrological chart. The use of midpoints historically goes back to around the year 1200 AD when Guido Bonati, a famous Italian Astrologer, used ‘half-sums’ (midpoints) in his interpretations of horoscope wheels.

When an astrologer refers to the Sun/Moon midpoint for example, they are referring to the point halfway between the Sun and the Moon. For example, if the Sun is at 10 degrees Aries and the Moon is at 20 degrees Aries, the Sun/Moon midpoint is 15 degrees Aries.  A midpoint makes contact with a planet in a horoscope; the combined energies of the midpoint interact with the planetary energies.  Eg, if a midpoint makes contact with the Sun and the midpoint is Mars/Pluto.  It is written as Sun=Mars/Pluto.

  • Sun=Mars/Pluto is likely to be interpreted as – this individual takes pride in asserting power; Sun=Pluto/North Node – this individual takes pride in being a powerful public figure.  Mars=Mercury/Ascendant – action man talks about and has a lot of ideas about – himself.  Do any of those examples sound like anyone we know?  Of course, they’re the midpoints of Gerard Baden-Clay – his view of the world, which is not necessarily ours.

At five minutes to midnight, on the night of the murder the midpoint picture was different.

Sun=Moon/Jupiter  This event was emotionally highly charged;  pride was an inflated issue; opinions were a sensitive subject.  The Sun gives us the ‘pride’; the Moon tells us that there is an ‘emotional charge’; Jupiter expands what it touches, ‘inflates’ as well as bring the focus onto ‘opinions’.   Midpoints give us a story.

  • When I consider another example, which was not present on this particular night – Venus=Mars/Neptune, we could have seduction on the agenda, as the focus with lots of ‘fairy dust’ (Neptune) being thrown about excessively; ‘porky pies’ by the truckload or liquor plied – anything to ease the way for a little romance, shall we say.  However in another situation there could be a very different interpretation.

I am reminded of a sculptor who lived long, long ago on the island of Cyprus.  His name was Pygmalion. A very sensitive and moral chap who was horrified at the rough and tumble of his fellow creatures; the sinful lives and general wickedness by both men and women. He was a dreamer, an artist and steadfast in his moral high ground. We might consider him overly restrained by today’s standards; committed to retaining his innocence until wedded bliss.

Unfortunately as the years passed, he never met a kindred spirit to share his life. He dreamed his dreams of love lost and in the long evenings he chiseled away at wood and stone, making toy soldiers, flutes and things that took his fancy, to while-away the long nights. His little pieces were more of a hobby, more pleasurable than his daily chore of sculpting grand statues and the like.

One day he picked up a piece of ivory while rummaging in his sculptor’s store and put it in his pocket. Pygmalion took it home and under a crescent moon one evening, as Venus shone brightly in the sky, he picked up the smooth piece of ivory in his hands and began to imagine what it might reveal to him.

As he worked with his tiny chisels, he felt a tingling in his fingers. His senses became more alert. Pygmalion knew it was a special night. He could feel the presence of the Goddess.  His pulse quickened and his heart rate increased; his blood pressure levels probably jumped a few points and goodness knows what was going on in his hormone storage tank.

The planets had aligned, his time had come, for before he knew it a form was shaping in his hands.  As he worked, he released a beauty from the bone, more beautiful than any he had created before in wood, stone or ivory.

Not a flute as was his want to carve, but the woman of his dreams. Her shape was womanly, her legs were lean and with her face revealed, his spirits soared and love swelled in his heart. He put her down. He picked her up. Was she flesh or bone? Her skin was milky white, the color of the Moon. She remained cool ivory in his hands. Placing her gently by his pillow, he dreamed sweet dreams, that night.

Pygmalion’s days passed, his daily routine became the dream and each evening he hurried home to be in reality, with his ivory-skinned beauty.  He whispered to her. He caressed her. He bought home little gifts to her each night – shells from the beach; a flower whose perfume had attracted him; a feather dropped from heaven that day; the first rays of sunshine after rain.  Each and every night he held her in his arms, with no response. She remained cool ivory in his hands and many, many nights he prayed to Venus, that love might join him in his lonely existence.

As the annual feast day of the goddess drew near, Pygmalion made pilgrimage to Venus’ shrine. He threw himself before her; lay prostrate before her statue; pleaded for her help. In his despair he even offered his life if need be, for the cause of love. The temple maidens hid from view.  Venus was obviously busy elsewhere.

However duty calls, as it is want to. Her diary opened at our page, Venus, by her presence, heard Pygmalion’s plea. He must have struck a chord or the right note in his wailing, for Venus was stirred to action.  The temple flame flickered and rose as if in answer to his prayers. He felt his beating heart flutter even more than usual so, with hope eternal in his breast, he paid homage to the Goddess of Desire then rushed home to his delight.

Taking his ivory beauty to his chest, he felt her warm beneath his touch. She had a pulse; her body swelled to meet him; she moved her limbs, her arms, and her body; her face gained color. Ruby lips smiled up at him, returning his embrace. Pygmalion had whistled up his living doll.   Now that m’dears, is Venus in action – Venus=Mars/Neptune.

My Fair Lady (based on Pygmalion) was a huge hit in the West End, as well as on the screen and think about how many other movies are based on the story of Pygmalion.  Ruby Sparks is about to hit our screens any day now. You can bet Allison loved them all.

  • Allison had Venus=Jupiter/Neptune which equates to a ‘rose-coloured glasses’ event.  Note that Mars is not in the picture (no action) and replaced by Jupiter (inflation).  That gives us the big dream, which remains as a fantasy; not grounded in reality. Allison would have loved the fantasy element of the chick flick. The bigger the better.

Midpoints are our richness, our wealth of character.  Some are of good character and others bring tears to our eyes and much wringing of hands. The resulting meld of two planets; a subtle mix gives us another layer to explore in an effort to understand the behaviour of the accused, together with the sulphurous smell in the atmosphere at the time of the crime.  The midpoints reveal the subtleties, the unconscious desires in all of us.  That someone should peel off the layers, be it an apple, an onion, or the human psyche, what we find can be delicious or distasteful.

Let’s take the crime event (the time of 11.55pm on 19 April 2012) as an example of a planet, which will have any individual’s midpoints interacting with it; then consider the midpoints, which already exist in the horoscope of the accused and interpret astrologically.

There is one point, which leaps off the page.  I duck before the crone pokes me again. At the top of the wheel of the ‘crime event’, the mid-heaven; the Medium Coeli; the MC, we can see that the zodiac is at 02degrees Scorpio.  We note also that the transiting Sun is in opposition to this point.  The Sun is where we can expect it to be as after-all, it is five minutes before midnight.

The MC is an angle (one of the four major angles in a horoscope) as well as the cusp of the tenth house.  This is the point where the focus is on ‘who you are’ or ‘who you think you are’.  The MC represents our most visible achievements in the eyes of society, our public ‘face’ (as opposed to our more personal ‘face’ at the Ascendant), our accomplishments, and our overall sense of responsibility and standing in society.  Basically it’s our reputation.

This is the point in time where Gerard Baden-Clay’s world collided with the real world, in real time. This is where he has made his reputation. Whatever he achieved in his life before this point in time, means nothing, zilch. At precisely 11.55pm Gerard Baden-Clay interacted and changed his reputation (MC) in the following manner.

MC=Sun/Moon  His primary midpoint is the Sun/Moon. There is nothing bigger in an individual’s life than this point interacting with a planetary station. We are not talking character building here in a natal horoscope.  If someone were born with MC=Sun/Moon the individual could look forward to a stunning career and public reputation.

Gerard Baden-Clay was not born with this midpoint, however by the crime that he is accused of committing having occurred at this particular point in time, we can guarantee a public reputation of sorts.  We have peeled off a layer.

  • Astrologically speaking, found guilty, the reputation of the accused will not reach a higher point in his lifetime than this. This is ‘it’ for him, the end of the road in the reputation stakes.

There are more midpoints and I add them, as they are specifically at the same point and add to the weight under the saddle.

MC=Venus/Jupiter  His reputation as a ladies man is overinflated (Jupiter); he is in fact an opinionated (Jupiter) philanderer and with the transiting Sun at the IC (bottom of the wheel), his opinion of himself as a reputable ladies man is highlighted and open to ridicule.

MC=Venus/IC  His reputation as a high roller in the money stakes (the alternative aspect of Venus) is illuminated (by the transiting Sun at the IC). By now the magnifying glass is smoking under the heat.  There ‘aint no money, honey.  There’s no place at the high rollers table for you.

MC=Jupiter/IC   His reputation (again highlighted by the Sun at the IC) is in tatters big time. Inflated, opinionated, this nag is knackered.

MC=Uranus/Neptune  His reputation is fed by the fantasy (Neptune), ‘that things can change suddenly’ (Uranus).  Don’t meddle with Uranus, as it inevitably brings daddy into the picture and we all know who Uranus’ daddy is – Chaos.

  • Is this the point where the accused had, what he thought was an epiphany?  Was he lured by Mammon’s light?