Allison, Sun/Moon combo

How does this read for the perfect wife and mother scenario?

Allison June Baden-Clay, wife and victim has a Sun/Moon combo of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo.

The common traits between these two signs of the zodiac, when in harmony, are conventionality, caution, and unpretentiousness. This particular blend focuses the emotional sensitivity of Cancer with the discrimination and practicality of Virgo. Having this combination, Allison would appeal to any young man who had not experienced these qualities in their life. She would have seemed to have such solid control on matters; expressing the ability to reason with particular emotional concern and caring.

She would have learned in her young life to show a smiling positive face to the world, to appear sure of herself. She would have managed her day-to day affairs with a cool, calm and practical head. Given the opportunity Allison would not have made decisions until she had a chance to reflect on any given situation and be certain that she made the right choice.

 Early on in her gentle upbringing, she may have been especially shy and prudent; seemingly unsure of herself. Her confidence would have increased as she matured because of an innate desire to absorb knowledge and master the details of all she turned her hand to.

The Moon in Virgo creates an individual who can rationalise and analyse things very well. This talent not withstanding, snap judgments and hunches could often miss the mark if they were taken without consideration of the consequences. Given time to put her thoughts and ideas into practice, Allison would have been especially skilled at sensing the needs of other people.

Having a natural inclination to serving the needs of the public, she would have handled any position of authority well. Her ease with authority meant that she also liaised well with those senior to her.  She no doubt had great respect for principles, codes, laws and traditions of the land.

She will, without a doubt, trust that the law will not to be an ass on this occasion.

Mercury, heady stuff

How do you tell an accused murderer how to blend his head with his heart?

His emotions (Moon in Sagittarius) are telling him, “It’s all cool, man” and his mind (Mercury in Virgo) is telling him, “Get the details right, don’t miss the detail, man.” It’s all hard left, right, then front and centre.

The heart and the head are at odds (90degrees off in fact – they are in square aspect) irrational at one moment, and logical the next. How to blend the head and the heart is a constant struggle for such an individual.  Makes me wonder if perhaps he might be a tad dyslexic.

The hard aspect of a square of the Moon and Mercury generates irrational and rational thoughts and feelings. This may not be obvious to anyone who doesn’t have an intimate knowledge of the person as it’s pretty much something that takes place “upstairs” in the mind.

Fantasy and reality would tend to blur, when under stress.

Oh what a tangled web he weaves.

Midpoints galore

This person has midpoints galore!  I don’t think we will need to explore beyond the aspects of conjunction in order to get a fair idea of what’s going on under the covers.

There are no less than ten conjunctions between natal planets and midpoints in this chart.

Sun=Mars/Pluto; Moon=Uranus/North Node; Mercury=Venus/Ascendant (nb Asc. is my rectification); Venus=Sun/Moon;Venus=Uranus/Neptune; Mars=Mercury/Asc;Jupiter=Sun/Moon; Uranus=Sun/Venus; Pluto=Sun/Uranus; Pluto=Jupiter/Asc.

I don’t want to try to explain astrology here but give a general outline. So for the interpretation method:

(focus)= (the what and how the focus operates)

ie: Sun=Mars/Pluto reads as the Sun (what it represents is the focus) equals Mars/Pluto (what the focus is and how it operates)

So briefly:

Sun=Mars/Pluto   The ego definition=assertive power surges, can be intimidating or even violent

Moon=Uranus/North Node  The emotional fulfilment needs=an innovative relationship with the public (nb: unfortunately this can also extend to his relationship as an accused murderer fulfilling this need at least as long as a trial, if there is one, is in the public arena).

Mercury=Venus/Ascendant (nb. Asc measurement is by rectification) The communication method used=based on image consciousness to the point of vanity

Venus=Sun/Moon The social and relationship needs=to be in the spotlight/centre stage

Venus=Uranus/Neptune The social and relationship needs=exist in a fantasy/are concealed

Mars=Mercury/Asc  The use of energy=self serving thoughts

Jupiter=Sun/Moon  Public recognition=be in the spotlight/centre stage

Uranus=Sun/Venus  Individualistic expression=illumination of relationships (to be seen to be …)

Pluto=Sun/Uranus The power needs=feelings of superiority/‘above’ the rules’

Pluto =Jupiter/Asc  The power needs=an over-inflated ego


Sun/Moon midpoint

Staying with the natal chart of the accused Gerard Baden Clay and in the realm of the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) there is a midpoint in particular to take note of.

In astrology it is called the Sun Moon Midpoint, a mathematical point midway (or exactly halfway) between the Sun and the Moon in a horoscope.

The Sun/Moon midpoint represents a point of “inner marriage” of your needs and your wants. It symbolises the close personal relationship of these psychological basics. This point is very important in any kind of relationship analysis, as well as the natal chart. This is the strongest point of individual need fulfillment, and thus it has to do with relationships and self-acceptance on a deep level. The Sun/Moon midpoint reveals your motivation, your driver in a horoscope.

Whenever we write of a midpoint of any planets it is indicated by the slash symbol as in ‘Sun/Moon’ or Venus/Moon etc

The accused, Gerard Baden-Clay’s midpoint Sun/Moon is at 02 Scorpio 55.  His natal chart reveals that at the time of his birth Venus was in conjunction with this midpoint as was the planet Jupiter. Now that’s a bunch of info! Straight off the top of my head reads ‘Scorpio – hmmm sex as a driver; this motivator together with Venus – a ‘ladies man’; ditto motivator together with Jupiter = lots of social activity.  My instinct tells me that we are talking about a ‘pants man’ here. Sure that’s easy to say considering the following:

Mainstream media reported:  At the time of the murder GBC had one mistress whom he has promised to leave his wife for, plus at least two other recent casual affairs on record.

To return to the classical astrological interpretations however, Jupiter conjunct Sun/Moon equates with the need to have successes as the focal point. When a person has Sun/Moon together with Jupiter they feel best when able to be directing, leading or guiding others at whatever level and that they won’t be happy in the role of ‘subject’.  So we have an instigator with the motivation of success.

A man with Venus in Scorpio to start with peaks my interest! These men have a strong need to control their partner, although this won’t be immediately apparent, and they may not ever admit to this. Depending on the moment, this male Venus in Scorpio will shoot you one of those piercing glares or totally blow up. Whichever style they choose, a slighted Scorpio lover is not a pretty sight. These people can be jealous of all of your attachments including your children or any other family members, but few will admit it. They’re not afraid of being underhanded in matters of the heart.

As to the midpoint significance, Venus conjunct Sun/Moon, well Venus is the focal point and the midpoint as you know is the fundamental driver. Rather than repeat myself, I think you can form your own opinion by combining the Venus in Scorpio together with Venus=Sun/Moon…  I think this confirms my initial instinct and that is just the Sun/Moon conjunctions. I haven’t discussed any further angles of interest yet!  Stay tuned as they say…