Sabrina Allen

On 1st October 2014, a warrant was issued in Travis County, Texas for the arrest of Dara Marie Llorens; Aggravated Kidnapping – 1st degree felony. She had been arrested the previous day in Mexico after twelve years of moving from place to place in the desperate attempt to keep custody of her child.

Her daughter Sabrina Fair Allen was still only three years-old at the time when Dara’s marriage to Gregory Allen was finally dissolved in December 2000. The courts, in their infinite wisdom, had given sole managing conservation to the child’s father Gregory Allen following the couple’s divorce.

On Friday 19th April 2002 Sabrina was collected for a weekend with her mom, however Dara Llorens did not return Sabrina to her father on the Sunday evening and he appeared to be destined to never see his daughter, or ex-wife, again. This is where the heavens pressed the pause button; the silence was deafening.

As we enter this forensic astrology enquiry; a pseudo science, our first concern as astrologers is for the safety of the child and so before we get too far into this case, we generate bi-wheels (method) to check on her safety and the parent’s statements.  We use classic astrology texts for interpretation and computer software to generate charts.  Names and dates come from the public record.

  • Sabrina Fair Allen was born in Austin, Texas 30th May 1997.  As the time is not known – mid-range Moon is used for our charts.  Click on charts for full size.

#1 The first bi-wheel is at noon on the date of her visitation (actual time unknown).abduction-SabrinaAllen-duo  Sabrina had been living primarily with her father for more than a year. This was to be a weekend with her mom.

If this case were happening in real-time; an amber alert, we would need to quickly assess the emotive reaction of the child; look for forensic indicators.

The indicators are present in the child’s chart, however the grim reaper (Saturn) is not active in the heavens – transiting Saturn is not in tension with any natal planets.  We have no initial fear that she has been killed.

  • tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel square natal Neptune (turquoise) – indicates the intention was abduction at the time she was collected by her mom.  Note the Sun in the inner wheel represents the date on the calendar and natal Neptune; the subterfuge.
  • tr Venus (pink) square natal Jupiter (green) – suggestive of the excitement by the child by the upcoming visit. (Jupiter inflates what it touches)  Was the child looking forward to spending time with young relatives perhaps?
  • tr Mars opposite natal Pluto – PLUS
  • tr Nodal axis quindecile natal Pluto – these are the worriesome tension aspects as the child has no power over what was to unfold.  There is distress present.
  • tr Moon (blue) square natal Saturn – Saturn likely represents the father in this position and the emotional reaction to their separation.

#2 The second bi-wheel is at the time that the child was due to be returned to her father on the Sunday evening, 6pm 21st April 2002.

Sabrina is now almost 5 years-old so she has some independence of spirit and her chart will reflect this.  Again the transiting Moon is in tension; this time with Jupiter.  She is distressed – a generalised stress likely picked up intuitively from her mother, however not deeply traumatised at this time of 6pm on the Sunday evening.  She had been much more emotive in anticipation of being handed over for the weekend on the Friday.

  • tr North node quindecile natal Pluto adds compulsive, obsessive need for the closeness of relationships.  We have no factual knowledge of what her mom has told her as to why she was not to go back to her father. Sabrina may very well be reacting/afraid that her mother will abandon her.

The next step we must take is to check the tension in the charts of both parents in order to corroborate that this is in fact what happened that Sunday night and not something completely different; or sinister.

  • Sabrina’s mother is Dara Marie Llorens born Fayetteville, NC 19th January 1970.  Again we use a mid-range Moon as time is unknown.

These bi-wheels are calculated from the perspective of  6pm on the Sunday evening when Sabrina was due to be returned.  It will reveal both parents’ emotive reaction to the event of the non return of Sabrina.  Chart #1 of the duo of charts below:

We scan the forensic indicators and note Uranus is featuring strongly along with the Moon  – likely indicating unstable mental activity at this time in Sabrina’s mother.  This is to be expected, considering the desperation action she has undertaken by not returning Sabrina to her father. Transiting Saturn is also raising a red flag for use to note.

We know that Sabrina’s chart is okay for this time period and so the tension is internal for Dara Llorens.  If the grim reaper is whispering in her ear (and he is) then it would likely be self-harm she was considering; if cornered.

6pm-Allenparents-duoThe focus of a point in time is identified by the transiting Sun/Moon midpoint – where their tension meets.  On this occasion it is conjunct the mid-range natal Moon of Sabrina’s mother; Dara Lloren’s personal driving needs.

Her needs come above everything else. When we consider how the following 12 years unfolded, her natal Moon is likely cusp Cancer with security being her uppermost concern.

  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Saturn in 7th house – date on the calendar event in relation to the public relationship/ex-husband PLUS
  • tr Sun opposite natal Jupiter – this is the personal Jupiter receiving the tension so Sabrina’s mother is inflating her self-worth by her control (Saturn) of the relationship; i.e. taking control of their asset (the child).   This non-return of her daughter appears to be more initially about revenge (Scorpio Jupiter) and money (Taurus Saturn) than the child; Sabrina.
  • tr Saturn (grim reaper) is square the Lunar nodal axis – forensic indicator of trauma in a public place.  We do not know where Sabrina and her mother actually were at 6pm that Sunday night, so we are unable to interpret this actual event.
  • tr Jupiter square natal Uranus – inflated tension on the sudden changes in behaviour in this woman; highly erratic.
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Lunar South Node in 12th house/hidden away – obsession with the need to hide the child leads to meetings with unusual people that pays off.

Gregory Allen was born on 30th October 1968. This man has a Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon; both water signs.  He has the ego to resist anything becoming stagnant and the drive to go to great depths for his needs. With natal Mars exact conjunct Pluto in Virgo this man was not going to miss any detail in the search for his missing child.

#2 of the duo (from the perspective of 6pm on the Sunday evening):

  • The trigger is the ascendant at 6°Libra – midpoint of natal Mars-Pluto and Mercury (yellow); communication – he would keep the word out there for as long as it took.
  • tr Venus (pink) opposite natal Neptune – identifies the female abductor
  • tr Mars square natal mid-range Moon (blue) – PLUS
  • tr Moon quindecile natal mid-range Moon – strong drive to fulfill needs
  • tr Saturn opposite natal Venus – likely awareness of the threat of the grim reaper
  • tr Jupiter square Lunar nodal axis – inflated traumatic event

It is not for us as astrologers to make comment on which is better for the child, to be returned to her father after 12 years in Mexico, or that she perhaps would have been better off staying with her mother in-hiding.

What we can do, is interpret the emotive reaction in the astrology horoscope of the child with the aid of solar arc progression theory together with an observation of  the transits at the time of her return to the US.  It may appease some of our personal concerns.

SabrinaAllen-SolarArcThis bi-wheel has the inner wheel as the natal chart for Sabrina Allen and the outer chart shows her solar arc progression to the date when she returned to the US in 2014.  We do not have a birth time and so the houses and angles cannot be taken into consideration.

We could attempt a rectification with natal Pluto arc-ing to the ascendant indicating a sharp cut, however I don’t see the point for our FA exercise.  We leave that to other students.

  • SA Sun now conjunct natal Venus (pink) –  accelerated development towards independence; a birthing of the ‘new Sabrina’  PLUS
  • SA Sun now square natal Lunar nodal axis – thrust into the public arena; the public will invariably take sides (squaring)
  • SA Jupiter (green) now square natal Sun (orange) – inflated sense of self will be challenging
  • SA Neptune (turquoise) now square natal Mercury (yellow) – thinking about what to feel; baby steps into communication with others
  • SA Mars (red) now quindecile Lunar South Node (plus natal Moon) – overly compulsive action in relation to getting to know others; finding her feet with her father and family will be a struggle. It’s a long road to recovery.

1Oct2014-SabrinaAllenThe next bi-wheel is from the perspective of Sabrina’s return to the US with a snapshot of the heavens over Texas; transiting on 1st October, 2014.  We have elected to use noon, as is our want to do.  the outer wheel is the natal chart for Sabrina Allen.

The chart is quite strong and lacks a fearful emotive response.  That is good news for Sabrina’s character.  Perhaps she was born in the evening and is more of an Aries Moon-child; self-reliant.  A nice match with that Gemini Sun.

The only three natal planets reacting under the tension in the heavens on the date her mother was arrested are Sun (ego wants), Mercury (voice) and Saturn (control) :

  • tr Mars opposite natal Sun – projecting the personality (ego) onto the stage of life as an autonomous being.
  • tr Jupiter square natal Mercury – inflated need to communicate is tentative.
  • tr Venus quindecile natal Saturn – Venus represents the family (her peer group for now). PLUS
  • tr Mercury quindecile natal Saturn – see note.

SabrinaAllenNote: All Sabrina’s actions have likely been controlled by her mother in the intervening years to the extent that there is now a vacuum in her life.  Fears will naturally arise within Sabrina that her father (also symbolised by Saturn) will replace that control over her.

We trust he treads carefully and the teenager receives all the psychological assistance needed.

Her current photo at the time of her return to the US gives us all hope that she will achieve her goals in life.   Sabrina has a long road ahead before she gains full autonomy.  We wish her the very best in life and can only wonder what an amazing story she will have to tell her grandchildren.

William Tyrell

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…  All the states of Australia need to learn from the success of the US system of “Amber Alert”. As far as I know Queensland is the only state that follows the guidelines.  We have another case today where a little 3 year old boy went missing in what is considered a safe environment; a rural setting in New South Wales.

His grandfather died earlier this year and his grandmother needed someone to care for her in the house, so William’s family had travelled from their home in Sydney to stay with her.  William’s grandmother is an active and well-liked member of the tight-knit Kendall community. She had recently been in hospital. 

We begin this enquiry at AEST 11am, 13th October 2014.  It has been one month since this little boy disappeared.  A month, 30 long days later…

WilliamTyrell 10:30am or shortly thereafter, William disappeared from his grandmother’s home in Beneroon Drive, Kendall, NSW on 12th September 2014.  Initially it was thought that he had wandered off into bushland, as he was not familiar with the environment.

Searchers have not been able to find him and now there are those reaching out for help providing us with his birth date – 26th June 2011.  It would be good if we could get his time of birth, but that is unlikely.  We will work with what we’ve got and see what the heavens and three year-old William can tell us.

We generate an astrology  bi-wheel (method) – a snapshot in time of the planets orbiting above at the time of his disappearance and put his natal horoscope beside it to see what tension is in the charts.  This is an effective method that has been accurate many, many times.

Scanning the heavens we look for the asteroids that would identify a predator – Nessus and Phaethon – a vehicle used in an abduction.  They are present; creating obvious tension, so immediately we can confirm that William was likely abducted by a predator in a vehicle.

  • Nessus #3180 is transiting in the heavens at 28°Aquarius on 12th September 2014   – exact conjunct the IC; cusp of the 4th house – home
  • Phaethon #3200 is transiting in the heavens at 23°Gemini on 12th September 2014  – exact conjunct natal Lunar South Node in William’s horoscope
  • Hygeia #10 – conjunct the cusp of the 8th house 9°Cancer on 12th September – death and transformation

An hour later we were able to give feedback.  We knew immediately that, with natal Neptune (turquoise) exact the angle/IC searchers would be stymied.  Neptune at the angle is not a fortuitous indication of finding a missing person quickly; if at all.

With the Lunar nodal axis close to the horizon this tells us several things. Apart from a traumatic situation in a public place, someone has likely slipped the noose of suspicion and not received the attention that they should have in the beginning of the enquiry. I mean no direct criticism by that; more as a nudge to re-check perhaps.

We endeavour to interpret what is in the heavens, without judgement. However, it would appear that the situation and/or persons of interest have been underestimated by those in authority. Astrology is a pseudo science and can only taken as opinion.  Please be aware that a forensic astrology enquiry is not accepted evidence in any Australian court.

When we turn to other transiting asteroids, Nansenia #853 (Nan Senior/grandmother) is exact conjunct William Tyrell’s natal Saturn; 10°Libra. Someone has likely learned of the visit through the grandmother; resident at Beneroon Drive. She may not have even realised it at the time, or was overhead telling someone else of the impending visit.

I mean, what Nan doesn’t share the news of an impending visit by relatives.  With the asteroid Hygeia #10 in the mix (hygiene), I would suggest that if this was the case, then the connection to the predator was possibly in a medical situation, or something similar – related to hygiene.

event-Tyrellclick on image for full size

For those familiar with this blog, you will know from this bi-wheel that we do not have good news; that there is a lot of impulsive, obsessional activity in this bi-wheel. This is not the chart of a child whom has just wandered off.  He is hyper-active.

We also DO NOT have a clear locator angle to share that will help us in locating the boy, plus natal Saturn at 10°Libra (11th house) is NOT under tension to help us in this regard either.  This is not an opportunistic snatch off the street.  We are in a small town and in a dead-end street.  Apart from the residential addresses, there are just bush tracks into the scrub.

Someone was likely watching and waiting.  Would an an off-road vehicle be needed to spirit away this little chap?

A profiler would suggest that a possible abductor would have local connections; within a radius of 20kms (12miles). From what I can see in the charts there is a lot of feminine symbolism. Does this mystery person of interest have a cross-gender conflict?

  • tr Sun/Moon midpoint tells us the focus of the chart.  The midpoint is exact conjunct the cusp of the 8th house; 10°Cancer.  The 8th house is symbolic of death and transformation.

The symbol for a child in forensic astrology is Mercury (yellow).  William has a Sun in Cancer and Moon in either late Aries, or early Taurus. I’ve used a mid-range Moon for the chart (noon). An Aries Moon unfortunately indicates a precociousness; an assertive personality with a need to put self-interests-first.

William would be a fire and water mix with this combination and we all know that fire and water don’t mix well – let alone taking into consideration a demanding 3 year-old’s compulsive drives.  The following is the tension that William experienced according to the planets in orbit in the heavens on that fateful day.

  • tr Sun/Mercury conjunct cusp 11th house at 01°Libra. – new to the community
  • tr Sun square Venus (pink) – at odds with a female. Was he arguing with his sister?
  • tr Sun quindecile natal Uranus   PLUS
  • tr Lunar north node quindecile natal Uranus in 5th house – attraction to an unusual individual; driven by the need for popularity.
  • tr Mercury square natal Mercury – communication needs intensified
  • tr Lunar north node also quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – inflating the above
  • tr Mercury quindecile tr Moon and also natal mid-range Moon – being new to the community, the child is likely experiencing the need to make friends and communicated openly, which under different circumstances he might not have done.  He has likely been told not to talk to strangers… but that ‘me first’ Aries Moon would overrule.
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Mars PLUS
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal mid-range Moon – caught in the middle between his needs and his actions – need for friends and play, won.
  • tr Pluto/Uranus midpoint = natal Neptune – sympathetic understanding of others (don’t tell me it’s the lost puppy routine that pedaphiles seem to like using)
  • tr Pluto/Uranus midpoint = IC cusp of 4th house – lured away from home

21st January 2015 – update:

I have failed in our attempt to locate this missing child with astrology.  In hindsight it may have been wiser if we were to decline to indicate a possible direction when we didn’t have a clear locator angle.  That, or he was moved following death.  From experience we have learned that when a body is moved, we are not able to use our method of location.

NSWPOL believe that William was abducted and taken elsewhere.  A search is in progress of a property in Bonny Hills and hopefully his family will know the result soon.

Ayla Bell – amber alert

“The blood was found adjacent to her father’s bed,” they said.  “There was more than a cupful.”  Justin DiPietro acknowledged the blood find in March, but he denied that his 18month-old daughter, Ayla died in his house.

“It is a fact that her blood was found in my house. Yes, it is a fact that she broke her arm in my house. But, it is not a fact that any of it was intentional. My daughter did not come to her demise down in my house. Nothing bad ever happened to my daughter in my house.”

cherubangelThe following is a forensic astrology enquiry into the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds.  Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law. 

The information in this post is an interpretation of planetary positions and is offered as a suggestion of possible events, nothing more.  This post is based on a report presented at an earlier time.

Ayla Reynolds was reported missing from her paternal grandmother’s house at 8:51am on 17th December, 2011. The toddler has never been located.

There were four adults living in the house at the time.  Three are persons of interest to us; POI’s.  Checking our astrology charts, the fourth – Ayla’s aunt, Elisha appears to have not been directly involved in the child’s disappearance.

Mum, Trista Reynolds lived elsewhere; she must also be included in this enquiry.  However we start with the primary three who were on the scene.

  • Grandmother – Phoebe DiPietro
  • Father – Justin DiPietro
  • Father’s girlfriend – Courtney Roberts

Note the transiting Moon has two roles in this particular case; an individual person’s driving needs and also the missing child indicator. 

911call – Ayla Bell Reynolds – missing child

911-AylaReynoldsclick on charts for full size

Waterville, in the US state of Maine is the setting for this event; 8:51am on 17th Dec 2011.  That is the inner wheel.   The outer wheel is Ayla Reynold’s natal chart (birth time provided).  Bi-wheel methodology explained.

  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Moon – self-focused on her needs.
  • Transiting Sun square natal Uranus – apart from the forensic indicator, this child’s needs are emotionally driven and subject to sudden changes; hyperactive perhaps.
  • Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Neptune – subterfuge, confusion.
  • Transiting Uranus square natal Moon – mood changes; emotional upheaval.
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Saturn.  Sudden changes join forces with the grim reaper. This is the forensic locator angle we will use later.
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Jupiter – inflated self-needs.

We can suggest that this eighteen month-old child was totally involved in her own needs at the time she disappeared; as we would expect of a child of this age. Were the adults putting their needs first?

911- Phoebe DiPietro  – grandmother.

Event.911-DiPietroThe inner wheel is the event 8:51am 17 Dec 2011 and outer wheel is Phoebe DiPietro’s natal chart (birth time unknown – sunrise used).  Phoebe DiPietro is the matriarch.

  • Transiting Moon-Mars conjunct natal Pluto-Uranus – driving need to direct the action from the 8th house of death and transformation.  This woman is calling the shots; the matriarch.
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis square natal Uranus in 8th house – again this is the forensic indication of controlling the action – from the 5-11 axis ‘false-love’.
  • Transiting Jupiter quindecile natal Sun– obsessive controller.
  • Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Sun – this person is the primary communicator; her word is law in this household.
  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Mercury – this person chose the date on the calendar.
  • Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Saturn – this person is the authority behind the subterfuge/disappearance story.
  • Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Venus – highly inflated opinion in relation to money.

Notes from natal planetary aspects:

  • Sun – Sagittarius – opinionated. Moon would be in Leo or very early degrees of Virgo – I’d suggest probably Leo considering the matriarchal indications present in bi-wheels.
  • Mercury exact conjunct Lunar South Node – her lies will most likely be her downfall.  This also suggests psychological issues in relation to the role of a matriarch; stemming from her mother-daughter relationship as a child.  The cycle perpetuated perhaps?
  • Jupiter opposite Neptune and both square natal Moon – inflated secrecy (probably the fantasy that lots of money=success).

911- Justin DiPietro – father

event-dipietroThe inner wheel is the event and outer wheel is Ayla’s father, Justin DiPietro’s natal chart (sunrise birth time used).

  • Transiting Moon square natal Saturn – Moon represents the child in this case, due to her young age.  If she were older the child-indicator would be the planet Mercury.

This is the primary forensic indicator that the child was already dead at the time of the 911 call – father responsible.   Saturn in the 11th house – authoritarian ‘love’.

  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Uranus. 2nd forensic indicator Uranus in the spotlight on the calendar. Uranus in 11th house – sudden changes in ‘love’.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune ‘Disappearance’ factor actually subterfuge 3rd forensic indicator. Neptune in 12th house – abduction story concocted in the mind.  Neptune in the 12th also indicates future incarceration relating to this event.
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis square natal Sun. Ego experiences a traumatic event. Sun in 2nd house – self-worth/value trauma (nodal axis on the 5-11th house axis love given-love received).
  • Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter – sudden changes inflated.
  • Transiting Saturn quindecile natal Lunar nodal axis. Obsessive/compulsive need for authority again relating to 2nd house issues.
  • Transiting Jupiter square natal 1st house Venus.  Transiting Jupiter is in the 3rd/house of communication – has there been a series of phone calls from child’s mother?
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Sun – highlighting driving needs.
  • Transiting Mars quindecile natal Jupiter  – inflated excessive action.

Notes from natal planetary aspects:

We do not have the birth time so no chart is reproduced here, however we have the planetary aspects.

  • Sun in Pisces with a Moon in Taurus – likes the comforts money can buy
  • Mars conjunct Moon – driving needs never ease off
  • Mars-Moon opposite Pluto – masculine power uppermost.

With the Moon-Mars-Pluto configuration we can suggest that this man is bully and the reverse of the coin; a coward.  The Moon symbolism binds him to “the mother” and the coward would ‘run home’ when threatened.

This male just doesn’t ‘get it’, that kindergarten bullying doesn’t get you anywhere in a romantic relationship.

P.S. – In July 2013 when Justin DiPietro was arrested for domestic violence, we generated his solar arc progressions – Mercury was by then conjunct natal Jupiter at 00° Aries (excessive bullying) and Lunar nodal axis had moved forward to conjunct natal Mars 08°Taurus (physical violence in a public place).

911- Courtney Roberts  – Justin DiPietro’s defacto/girlfriend

911-courtneyrobertsThe inner wheel is the event of the phone-call reporting the child missing and outer wheel is Courtney Robert’s natal chart (sunrise). I would suggest that this person is the most likely to speak up about what she knows. 

If someone is going to spill the beans, it will be Courtney Roberts.

  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Saturn – the grim reaper accompanies this person – this person is involved in the demise of Ayla.
  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Uranus – forensic indication that this person was on the scene.
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Sun – ditto
  • Transiting Mars square natal Saturn – this person is actively involved in some way.
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mercury and opposite natal Jupiter – this person knows what happened, has an opinion about the matter and would be likely to communicate what they know.

911- Trista Reynolds – mother

911-tristareynoldsTrista does not reside at the same address as the child’s father.  We are told that the child was living with her father temporarily giving Ayla respite while she dealt with her own demons in rehab.  Birth time provided.

The first point to note is ‘what is missing’ in this bi-wheel.  Transiting Moon (the child) is not in hard aspect with the planets in this natal chart.  The mother is not on the scene at the time of the crime.

  • Transiting ascendant conjunct natal MC/IC – low point in the home.
  • Transiting Venus square natal Jupiter – possibly inflated financial situation.
  • Transiting Neptune conjunct 1st house natal Sun – this person is aware of the subterfuge.
  • Transiting Uranus square natal Uranus-Saturn conjunction – excessive prevarication.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis square natal Moon – emotional needs traumatised.
  • Transiting Mars opposite natal Moon – driving needs are a priority.
  • Transiting Saturn opposite natal Jupiter  – sense of authority inflates this person.
  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Mars – personality pressured to express itself strongly.

More charts are available for those who wish to study the interpersonal relationships between characters – link.  For the rest of us we can fast-forward to the locator angle and a direction to follow in a search for the mortal remains of Ayla Bell Reynolds; as suggested by astrology.

When you refer back to the chart 911-Ayla you will see that I have a red line running right through the chart from Ayla’s natal Saturn, intersecting transiting Uranus on the opposite side of the bi-wheel.  This is the locator angle we will use for this enquiry, once the bi-wheel is flipped vertically (methodology) and centred over the address, we follow the red line onto a map of the land.

MAP#3-Reynoldsclick on image for full size

Whether the body lies in water, buried in hallowed ground, or under rocks, I cannot say.  What I can suggest is that this locator angle gives a range of where the body lies – nothing more; nothing less.

I have to question as the whether the grandmother Phoebe DiPietro acted as matriarch overseeing the demise of Ayla and yet conveniently not getting her hands dirty; whether Ayla’s father Justin DiPietro is responsible for the child’s demise and whether his girlfriend Courtney Roberts is responsible for disposing of the body.

Code Adam

 Amber alert is the community and nationwide broadcast alert system for a missing child in the U.S. Officially it is an acronym for America’s Missing Broadcasting Emergency Response, however there was a little girl called Amber behind it all.  I hope to write about young Amber another day; Amber Alert.

Amber alert stamp

Given the opportunity, this is one case we would dearly love to highlight, considering that the Texas community worked tirelessly to raise the focus of all missing children.

Some years earlier another family lobbied successfully in their local community in the cause of missing children. Shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, and other retailers have since adopted what is known nationally as a Code Adam.

Adam’s father, John Walsh went even further and for many years hosted America’s Most Wanted; the long running television show. So many lives were directly affected by the disappearance of Adam Walsh, that change had to happen; it did.

Code-adamThe Code Adam sign is displayed in store windows and is what you would hear called over a store’s intercom whenever a child is missing within that store, or if a child is found by employees or security in a shopping mall; a child unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.

The alert sets off the following action – doors are locked and a store employee or security is posted at every exit, while a description of the child is broadcast over the local intercom system.  Everyone hoping that it is a false alarm.

Stepping back in time with me now, picture a six year-old Adam holding his mother’s hand as they enter a department store.  It is summertime and school holidays in Hollywood, Florida. A seventeen year-old lad had been hired to keep an eye out for any mischief in the toy department; essentially security.  This is a day etched in his memory forever as well.

A video game had attracted a group of young lads to the store on this afternoon and so when six year-old Adam asked his mother if he could watch the boys playing, while she looked at some lamps nearby, there was no apparent reason for her not to agree.

Six is an important year in childhood development. This is a time of remarkable change in social and cognitive skills; moving towards independence, both intellectually and emotionally. There is a shift from learning through observation and experience to learning via language and logic. A group of older boys, videos and gaming; fits the bill perfectly for a lad of just six.

Department stores are purposefully designed as the dream home atmosphere.  For shoppers; parents and children, the experience is intended an extension of being in their own ideal home.  It is natural to be lulled into a sense of security.  Psychologically from the shopper’s perspective, store security takes the onus of responsibility and caution flies in the wind; guards are dropped.

Adam WalshLike many phases of child development, the period of a six year-old’s development is characterized by contradictions. At this age Adam would have had his foot more firmly in the big-kid years.

At the same time, he would still have been experiencing the insecurity that comes with stepping into the big wide world without the constant comfort of his parents and home environment.

Group activities appeal quite naturally, in order for the psyche to develop. Adam was already playing baseball.

The six year-old also loves rules.  He’s beginning to learn about boundaries. Rules allay the six year-old’s anxiety, so that they do not have to worry about what they should be doing. Left to their own devices, at this age a child often develops games with extensive rules and rituals.

Adam is the first-born to his parents and still the only child.  No siblings at home, he needs to look outside the family to hone his social skills and this would have been seen as a golden opportunity.

Order is extremely important as well at this age. Order gives the six year old the opportunity to feel secure in what would otherwise be a scary world.  So when the boys’ actions attracted the attention of the security for whatever reason, Adam did as he was ordered, rather than seek out his mother.  The children were put out of the store; off the premises.

Some question why didn’t Adam speak up; tell security  that his mother was nearby, that he was not part of the group. At six, you don’t challenge the rules; this six year-old followed the herd; the security guard was not mature enough to notice that Adam was the odd one out.

The older boys went off to other things and Adam was left alone in the unfamiliar carpark. The safety of the group was gone and very quickly so was Adam; a predator was lurking.  This little boy was lost to his family and once again we have a case where no-one was held to account for his abduction and murder.

The case has since been closed with the likely perpetrator named – Ottis Elwood Toole, a Florida native and convicted murderer.  Toole had confessed and recanted more than once to having killed Adam Walsh before the predator died in jail.  He had been incarcerated following multiple counts of murder.  His partner-in-crime and lover, Henry Lee Lucas also claimed to have been involved.  This has since been dismissed by law enforcement,

There was another serial killer in Florida at the time as well, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer.  Witnesses came forward some years later, claiming to have seen him in the Sear’s carpark on the date Adam was abducted.

Dahmer had since confessed to a string of murders, yet denied any involvement in the disappearance of Adam Walsh.   I suggest that we can settle the matter from the heaven’s point of view as well; add our voice.

We are able to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry into the abduction and murder of this precious child of the Walsh family; their first born.  We have the birth data of both the victim and persons of interest, as well as the location of the recovery of some of the child’s remains.  That will suffice.

Firstly in order to implicate or exonerate, we generate astrology bi-wheels (method) from the perspective of the event and superimpose the natal charts of the persons of interest.  We can identify any tension in these charts and interpret that tension by the standard interpretation of classical astrology.

What appears to be successful about this method relates to emotional input by victim and or person of interest; their reaction to the event.  As astrology is not a mainstream belief system, we remain unbiased as to the outcome of this enquiry and suggest that all those who read these results also remain skeptical.

Walshevent-AdamWalshclick on image for full size

The inner wheel is the timed event when Adam was abducted and the outer wheel is Adam’s natal chart.  The angles of the combined chart reveal the story.

  • Highlighted in yellow is the planet Mercury, the child indicator outer wheel is conjunct the ascendant; the focus. Inner wheel is conjunct Saturn (red), the grim reaper.
  • Lunar nodal axis  (red) is at the MC/IC axis and conjunct the Sun – the date on the calendar. A traumatic event will take event in a public place on this day and at this time.
  • Transiting Pluto (power) in the 12th house of the mind is sextile Neptune (turquoise).  Neptune represents all things hidden and in this case abduction.  The red line connects these two planets and also the victim’s Sun (orange) in the outer wheel; the midpoint between the two planets.  Adam is the target, the main focus of the abduction.  This would suggest that the predator may have been on the scene and waited until the older boys left the young lad alone.
  • The outer wheel also reveals Uranus (sudden changes) in the 12th house – the mind of the victim; confusion as to what to do.
  • Highlighted in blue, natal Moon (emotional needs) experiences sudden changes from transiting Uranus.  Again confusion, upsetting his driving need for safety.

There is nothing in this chart that we would expect, considering the circumstances.  The six year-old has the majority of planets in the 1st house; a very personal experience.

Walshevent-JeffreyDahlmerOur first person of interest, POI is Jeffrey Dahmer. Considering the inner wheel and forensic planets, we have transiting Pluto in this bi-wheel mirroring the emotional needs of the natal chart (Blue) Moon of this predator.

We know immediately that this POI is not the abductor of Adam Walsh.

  • Turquoise Neptune is square to natal Lunar nodal axis informing us of the publicity that Dahmer gained from the abduction of Adam Walsh.
  • The child indicator (yellow) squares the natal Moon (blue) – awareness of this abduction and murder would highlight Dahmer’s own emotional needs in relation to children.
  • Venus (pink) is the only planet in conjunction. Natal Pluto (power) is aligned. The Venusian aspect of the event feeds the power of the individual.

Note:  There are no females in this case, nor is money the focus.  Venus has another interpretation that I am loath to go into, more than to say that both Dahmer and Toole were flesh eaters; cannibals.

Toole-LucasWe present the two bi-wheels side-by-side of a pair of serial killers; share the links between this pair.  Lucas (on the right) is the elder by ten years and his natal Saturn (red) is exact by conjunction with Toole’s natal Mercury (yellow).  I would suggest that these pair play father and son roles with their fantasies.

We note also that all persons of interest in this case have Saturn retrograde in their charts; male mentoring lacking when they, themselves were children..

The second bi-wheel of Henry Lee Lucas would indicate a lack of input in the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh beyond an aftermath of fantasy between these two killers.  The first meanwhile, implicates Ottis Toole.

  • The transiting Moon (blue) represents ‘needs’ and we know in astrology that ‘needs’ override ‘wants’.  The Moon is conjunct natal Uranus, the forensic indicator representing sudden changes.  Toole’s emotional needs are subject to sudden overriding changes.
  • The MC/IC axis (top to bottom) has the calendar date and Lunar nodal axis of the event conjunct the grim reaper, Saturn in the natal chart of the perpetrator – a traumatic event resulting in death.  The grim reaper accompanies Toole.
  • Venus (pink) in the outer wheel intersects this axis – representing the hunger within this sadistic perpetrator.

MAP-Tooleclick on image for full size

We can go one step further and reproduce the cartography exercise (method) by flipping this last bi-wheel and superimposing it over the location in Vero Beach, Florida. Note the red line connecting  the locations – point of abduction to point of recovery.

This locator angle (red line) intersecting Saturn-Venus-Lunar nodal axis connects the place of abduction with the place of where Adam’s skull was recovered by fishermen more than a hundred miles north of Hollywood, Florida.

John Walsh