Eeva Dorendahl

a Finnish inheritance…

Greg Hutchings was battling gastro-enteritis and so he contacted his ex-partner Michelle to change the arrangements for returning their daughter to her mother after a two-week access.  Eeva had been staying with her dadda and grandmother at a pretty little coastal town in northern New South Wales, Australia.

eeva-dorendahlMichelle Dorendahl and Greg Hutchings communicated by email, making arrangements for Eeva’s mother to come to Pottsville to collect the four year-old on Saturday 11th January, 2014. That was the last Michelle heard from the father of her young daughter.

Father and child left the home of his mother Diana Hutchings, setting off on foot ostensibly to meet with Eeva’s mother for an access-handover.

They walked into the summer sun and were not been seen or heard from again, until their bodies were found weeks later under a pandanus tree less than a mile from where they had set out.

Eeva had her own Aussie passport issued in July 2011. A seasoned traveller in the company of her mother, South America in 2013 was their last holiday together.

There may have been fears held by Greg Hutchings that the child was to be relocated overseas, as a second passport issued by the Finnish embassy was apparently in existence.  Plus a family court matter was due to be heard in a few weeks.  (The parents were not legally married.)

I would suggest that anxiety likely played a large part in what was to unfold.  As to whether this alone was the motivation for Greg Hutchings and Eeva Dorendahl’s demise we do not know, however I would suggest it highly likely.  Were Greg Hutching’s fears unfounded?  That is not our call; it was a matter before the courts.

Astrology is subjective; we create maps of the position of planets against the zodiac and as such it is not part of accepted science.  We can ask questions and make suggestions, nothing more.  Astrology is also not recognised in a court of law.  Please remain skeptical of any interpretation.

noon-DorendahlThe bi-wheel (method) has been generated from the perpective of noon, daylight saving time/summer time in Pottsville, New South Wales. The charts are snapshots of the planets positions at two points in time – 11th January 2014 and 17th July 2009.

The inner wheel is the date and time of our selected event and outer wheel is Eeva Anna-Leena Dorendahl’s natal chart with a birth time provided to us by her family.  Her natal chart also has Aries rising albeit with a slightly different layout.

Note the 11th house/returning of love – born with a Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction; the Pollyanna syndrome,  Eeva would have been ‘ever the optimist’.  However a four year-old is not going to have to face the trials and tribulations of Pollyanna yet. She would still be caught up in the magic of an inflated Neptune, fairies and all things fantastical.

When Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron mingle together, we have the makings of a spiritual struggle that can deeply challenge our faith in life. Together, they push us to bridge the gap between our hopes and expectations, between our aspirations and our efforts and between our principles or beliefs and how we apply these in our lives.

Chiron is likely to take the splendid vision of Jupiter-Neptune and force it back down to earth – possibly with a crash. It’s not enough to merely dream and believe in the magic of the Universe under this combination of energies. Rather, we need to examine these against the backdrop of the laws and practical considerations of physical existence and the reality in front of us.

The bi-wheel is not particularly sinister, as we would expect in a bi-wheel of a young child who believes that she is safe, with her dadda.  The big-bells and forensic indicators are not present and without her father’s chart, I was loath to ring alarm bells early as to the potential of her demise.

With a peregrine natal Pluto in her chart, I don’t accept that the transiting Moon is representative of the missing child on this occasion.  I suggest that it will be Mercury for us.

  • Transiting Moon (blue)  in the inner chart square natal Jupiter-Neptune/ the Pollyanna syndrome – we have to ask if she is ‘off with the pixies’ wanting an adventure?
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) quindecile Lunar north node – a visit into the spirit realm.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Mercury (4-10th axis).  Initially this aspect related to communication and Eeva, however we are now in a situation where the child was killed and it therefore relates to the manner of her demise. This will also be the locator angle
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel is square natal Mars – more fairy dust as the eyelids close to sleep.

We wish to comment that the hysteria factor is not present in the child’s chart; there is no indication of excessive emotion connected to her passing-over. The fairy dust settled gently.

MAP#1-PottsvilleGenerating a locator wheel (method) for the Mercury-Mercury opposition aspect, we superimpose a chart over a map of where they were living.  This gives us an angle to follow.

The angle takes us into the sand dunes north of Elfran Avenue where the remains of two bodies were found just before 10am on 28th January, 2014.

Before we generate a second bi-wheel from the same event time, together with Greg Hutchings’ natal chart –  the time of his birth has come to hand from his family and so we can interpret an astrology analysis of the hard aspects in his natal chart.

I’m sure there are many redeeming features in this man’s character, however that is not our approach when it comes to forensic astrology; we deal with the hard yards.

GH-natalA hemisphere analysis reveals the spread of planets; this man is naturally defensive – his natal planets are weighted on the right-hand upper quadrant of the chart.

Once again we have a fan layout of natal planets in the chart of a POI – indicating a lack of a motivating factor in his life.  We can suggest that this man’s ideal is not independent living.  He is no Indiana Jones.

There would be times in his life when he could operate independently; ie transits by the personal planets generating temporary motivation plus the social planets of Jupiter and Saturn doing their thing, however the big bells are not going to chime.

  • Greg Hutchings has Saturn (red) conjunct Mercury (yellow) in his natal chart.  Having Saturn connected to a personal planet in hard aspect has a censoring effect on the planet involved. With Mercury in hard aspect to Saturn, whatever the person says and writes is self-censored to some degree. It’s hard for these people to pour out their emotions, no matter how emotional or needy they feel on the inside. This is because they are always aware of what others might think of them with what they say. 

This emotionally-driven man is hampered by his struggle with communication.  The unfortunate planetary aspect in his chart would give an inkling to health problems with digestion, extending to irritable bowel syndrome and even skin eruptions in the case of some sufferers.  Blocked energy will out, whichever way it can.

  • As for the highlighted pink Venus conjunct Lunar nodal axis –  this is suggestive of a person who is very aware of a sense of  ‘destiny’. 
  • When we put this Venus-North Node interpretation together with the Sun (orange) opposite ascendant – we can see how a sense of self/ego overrides any personal drive.  Destiny or as some would call it fate, can be a cop-out to NOT take responsibility for one’s actions.  That is not what the human experience is about when analysed from a spiritual perspective.
  • Natal Moon (driving need) is flying solo, basically peregrine – this is an overly ‘needy’ individual: a limpet looking for a rock to cling to.

When we state the facts, we have a man who has attained 35 years of age; has no assets, no job, no home, no means of transport; a man who is not a traditional provider for his child and is currently living with his mother.  I would suggest that Greg Hutchings has relied overly on ‘destiny’ to unfold for him, rather than by him.

  • Sun opposite the ascendant is also a person caught up in their personality.  Will the real Greg Hutchings please stand up? The nature is Leo and the personality, Aquarius…
  • Sun square 10th house Uranus (note the hidden aspect of Scorpio in the 10th house).  This man likely bears grudges, particularly in his chosen employment. Has he changed jobs and moved around a lot?  Has his moving on always been someone else’s fault?
  • Sun square Chiron in the 4th house/home and heart.  This is hinting at his lack of ability to provide being a wound he needed to heal.  (Not having been dealt with hints that the lesson will come again in the next trip down to Mother Earth)

The event bi-wheel will likely give us tension to indicate the father’s motivation, plus a suggestion of his emotional state.

noon-hutchingsThese are the charts of the same event time as above, plus the natal chart of Greg Hutchings.  The inner wheel is the event and the outer wheel the natal chart, as is our usual practice.

We primarily have the Serbian astrologer’s input with 8° on all four cardinal angles – a life in danger, driven by Pluto’s symbolism of power and powerlessness.  We are at the gate of Tartarus; the underworld.

  • Transit Sun-Venus (orange-pink in the inner wheel) opposite Jupiter (green) – inflated by the date on the calendar; an auspicious date circled on the calendar.  The date when he must return his little girl to her mother.
  • Transit Mercury opposite natal Jupiter – continuing on from the last interpretation – the anticipation of communicating with his ex-partner likely creates agitation (the Jupiter factor).
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Moon-Mercury-Saturn – undermining his sense of authority;  a driving need. This is in the 5th house – children and the expression of love.  The flow in communication is blocked by his nature.

At the time he was due to return his daughter to Michelle Dorendahl, Greg Hutchings would have surely been in an agitated state, albeit unconsciously and we can suggest that this is a major part of the motivation for what followed on this, the last day of Eeva’s life.

There is considerably more we could interpret astrologically with the knowledge we have to hand, however detail is not necessary.  What I will comment on is that due to the lack of planets in the 12th house, we  can suggest that Greg Hutchings’ actions were not unconscious; he knew what he was doing.

  • Transiting Uranus is at the ascendant, generating sudden changes.
  • Transit Jupiter (green) square Pluto – inflated sense of powerlessness
  • Transit Mars conjunct natal Pluto – death.

Rest in peace, little one.