BDSM murder

on Friday the 13th…

Louis Ray Perez, Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino and Jessica Lynn Lopez were found guilty of murder, kidnapping, torture and attempted sexual battery by restraint.

Killdore-trioJurors found true that a ‘special circumstance’ allegation that Brittany Killgore’s murder happened during a kidnapping. Perez, Maraglino and Lopez were also found guilty of kidnapping, torture and attempted sexual battery.

Further, Perez and Maraglino were convicted of conspiracy to kidnap.  The victim knew her killers and was familiar with the residence where she died.

The term BDSM is formed by joining the term B&D (bondage and discipline) with S&M (sadism and masochism). When we have a BDSM case that involves a murder, we have to take away the notion of this being sex-role-play. Murder is about a desire not being met and sex is never the driver.  The sexual act is the manifestation of the motivation in many cases, yes… but not the motive. This murder is about power-play.

It will only be when we select the relevant asteroids in our astrology profiling enquiry, that we will be able to see which deviant behaviour meets the desire of each of the characters. Astrology-wise it’s all about Scorpio energy and the ruling planet for Scorpio; Pluto.

  • The basic asteroids that I will use are Sado#118230 (sadism) Devience#21419 (deviance) Bondar#13693 (bondage) Then when it comes to the Master-Slave relationship present in this group Masterman#21561 and Slaven#14708.
  • As for bringing in further participants we have a man who would take ‘lovers’ and form a ‘harem’, if he could.  I use those words in particular as there are asteroids that apply; Lovas#73511 and Harem-ari#1372.
  • Victim: Brittany Dawn Killgore – DOB 28 March 1990 Missouri
  • Incident: 7:30pm, 13th April 2012 when the victim went out for the evening in the company of Louis Perez
  • Location peer group den: 317 East Fallbrook Street, Fallbrook, CA

Found guilty

  • Louis Ray Perez: DOB 6th August 1966  (life without parole)
  • Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino: DOB 27 May 1975 (life without parole)
  • Jessica Lynn Lopez: DOB 13 April 1987, CA

7:30pm, 13th April 2012 – Fallbrook, California

SMeventclick on charts for full size

  • Exact the ascendant, transiting Saturn is partile/exact asteroid Sado 27:14°Libra in the heavens – Grim Reaper and Sadism at the door.
  • Asteroid Bondage 1:24°Leo conjunct the Midheaven – time and place are set for the BDSM event to take place.
  • Asteroid Brittany#51599 at 26:41°Capricorn and the orbiting Moon (needs) 2:36°Aquarius are at the IC; mirroring Bondage.
  • Sun 24°Capricorn is just setting at the Descendant – illuminating Saturn-Sado at the ascendant.
  • Mars 3:41°Virgo is opposite Neptune 2:27°Pisces – mirroring the fantasy in action.
  • Mars also forms a Yod formation (a powerful conduit of energy) with the Moon (needs ritual) as well as asteroids Slave-Lovas –  a dangerous mix of emotions likely.

In the 7th house of public relationships, Asteroid Ceres 1:42°Taurus is symbolic of the Goddess of Agriculture;  ‘what you sow, you will reap’ – i.e. harvest time.

  • Ceres is square the Midheaven and therefore asteroid Bondage – plus
  • Ceres is square the Moon 02:35°Aquarius – this appears to indicate the the idea of bondage was not alien to anyone in this case; even Brittany Killgore.

The victim – Brittany Killgore

We make no moral judgement on deviant behaviour; whatever floats your boat, reader.  It is only when it turns to violence and murder that we weigh-in. Offering this natal chart is as a study only; as part of the learning process for future reference.

BDKillgoreThis natal chart is heavily weighted in one hemisphere – like a ship without a rudder, which is unfortunate if one wants, or needs to be self-motivated; hence they can easily be led astray by desire – theirs, or others.

We view the horoscope from the perspective of potential deviance. Brittany appears to have a favourable outlook of the Harem concept, albeit karmic curiosity in all likelihood.  It is when we check the tension in her natal horoscope, that this becomes sinister.

  • 15:47°Aquarius Asteroid Harem EXACT Lunar North Node – temptation will bring trauma
  • Harem square Black Moon Lilith-Pluto at 16-17°Scorpio – the power concept of being in a Harem is the main weakness in Brittany’s horoscope; master/slave sexual role-play.
  • Harem square the deviance trio in Taurus – Devience-Master-Bondage 13-22°Taurus – all of this deviance aligns to be a subconscious part of her character.  She was attracted to the concept by nature, not led astray as a result of nurturing (or perceived lack of).
  • Mid-range Moon conjunct Pallas is this need to express the inner warrior – female super-heroes likely appealed to her.
  • Sun conjunct Lovas at 8:05°Aries Aries – a vibrant woman whom would be assertive when it came to sexual desires.
  • Master/Slave-Bondage asteroids are at the dangerous 22°degrees Taurus reflect by opposition asteroid Sado 21:52°Scorpio.

I would suggest that the victim went into the inter-active relationship with this deviant group with her eyes open.  What was not on the agenda, nor the astrology indications, that she be required to give-up her life.

The date that Brittany was murdered happens to be the birthday of Jessica Lopez.  Was the evening intended as a birthday gift for the submissive Jessica?  It is when we bring bi-wheels into the story (method) that we can see the interaction of tension.  We view through the perspective of 7:30pm that fateful evening and attach the birth chart for Jessica Lopez to the outside; aligned by the zodiac.

Jessica Lynn Lopez – awaiting sentencing

7pm-Jessica copyNote: We are not aware of the birth-time of Jessica Lopez, however if she were born in the late evening then her Moon would be conjunct by transiting Saturn-Sadism at the ascendant; a need to kill in a sadistic manner. Even though Lopez’ sentencing is still not in, she is no less guilty than her peers, according to the astrology .

  • Transiting Ixion-Pholus (blue) conjunct natal Saturn (red) 21:01°Sagittarius – remorse for the murder
  • Transiting Bondage conjunct natal Bondage 1:25°Leo – self-explanatory I would think
  • Transiting Sun-Vesta-Eris at the descendant conjunct natal Louhi (Louis) – identifying Perez as the person whom ‘struck the blow’ that killed the victim.

Louis Ray Perez – sentenced to life with no parole

Louis copyImmediately we note the kite pattern; a would-be if he could-be.  Go fly your kite mister is the way to treat someone with this aspect – give them a miss from adding to your mentoring list.

  • Sun in Leo at 13:51° – wants to be the king
  • Moon in Aries (mid-range 13:13°) – needs to be ‘Numero Uno’; entrepeneurial.

As for the kite pattern in the horoscope, we can interpret as such because that is how the energy usually works.

  • Top of the kite, with the lightning conductor is Uranus-Pluto bombast at 17°Virgo = power through rebellion.  This bombast is also square to Ceres 17°Gemini – ‘variety is the spice of life’, however we know that this variety needs (Moon) to be his choice.
  • The first of the wing-men on this kite, asteroid Lovas at 21:19°Scorpio-Lunar South Node (bombast) together with Neptune at 19:25°Scorpio tell us that there is a karmic element to his subterfuge kite.
  • The second wing is Mars at 17:45°Cancer conjunct Venus-Deviance (bombast) at 19:35°Cancer inflated further by Jupiter 20°Cancer.  The deviance ‘cult’ is his security.
  • The tail of the kite where the strings are attached is the midpoint of Black Moon Lilith 14:14°Pisces and 25:35°Chiron – this is the weakest part of his character; as if the rest wasn’t enough!  

7pm-Louis copyFrankly this male was born to be a sexual cult leader. Where this cultist flew his kite, killing Brittany Killgore is revealed when we interpret this natal horoscope through the same perspective as above – 7:30pm on Friday the 13th of April 2012.

  • Transiting Bondage conjunct natal 0:25°Leo Mercury (communication) EXACT the MC – Perez ordered the bondage take place
  • Transiting Saturn-Sado (grim reaper in the role as a sadist) EXACT ascendant and natal Ixion (murder by a trap) at 29:15°Libra – self-explanatory.
  • Seond house transiting 6:16°Sagittarius asteroid Louhi (Louis Perez) EXACT natal 6:20°Sagittarius Master‘master role’, Louis Perez controls the act of murder.

I see no need to include Maraglino’s charts.  As Perez’ legal wife, she has also been found guilty and sentenced to life with no parole.