Corinne Peters

If Corinne Peters was in the depths of despair in the weeks leading up to her death, she sure wasn’t exhibiting any symptoms of depression. She wrote repeatedly on social media – her excitement about attending the University of Texas; how she’d missed a number of orientations for freshmen, due to her mom’s medical appointments and was now scheduled to attend another session on the day she was last seen.

peters-motheranddaughterCorinne had been driving a new Hyundai Sonata, which was a high school graduation gift from her mom, she’d told friends. In reality it wasn’t even a gift of a car at all.  The Hyundai was an Avis rental; a rental that mom, Jayne had arranged by fraudulent means, using the credit card she held for legitimate expenses as Mayor of Coppell.

The teenager was seen packing the car at 6am that Monday morning, however by 7am, Jayne had emptied the car, plus returned the vehicle to the local car-rental agency.  Corinne was not to go to college. If fact, she hadn’t even been enrolled at any university.

It would appear that Jayne Peters was out-of-control control financially, plus deluded into keeping up appearances in the community. There was no money for Corinne’s college tuition. It was all an illusion that shattered on that morning, 12th July 2010.

It wasn’t until 7:45pm the following evening that a welfare check was made by law enforcement.  They were greeted by a note pinned to the front-door, forewarning them as to what they would find inside.  Jayne had shot and killed her daughter then later committed suicide by the same method; in another part of the home.

It seems that Corinne didn’t question her mom at any stage in the lead up to her murder; after all she was super-mom by all appearances, I guess. So we turn to the teen and her mom’s natal charts.

We are not aware of the birth time of Corinne and so the mid-range in the latter degrees of Sagittarius will suffice for our enquiry. If she were a Capricorn Moon; born in the late evening on the date of her birth, Corinne would more likely to have wanted to be more in control of her own needs, rather than let her mom organise her life to the extent that she did.

Note: A Sagittarius Moon considers higher education as being very important to them; that credentials are everything.

We therefore interpret her personal needs as more related to Sagittarius and the planetary ruler of the 9th house; Jupiter. As long as Corinne’s personal needs were met, she would likely have felt that her Cancerian Sun was secure.

Jayne, however is a different kettle of fish with both Sun and Moon in Pisces; a dualistic personality.  With wants and needs in the realm of Pisces and buled by Neptune as a result, Jayne would kiley spend a lot of time navel-gazing with a tendency to withdraw; even to the extent of being inaccessible to family members.  Yet she could be open and very friendly in a social situation.  That’s what I mean by dualistic.

Unfortunately a Pisces Moon indicates that Jayne’s personal needs are related to respect; needing to be respected in the commmunity.  That would be what likely prompted her to take on the unpaid position of mayor and the inability to size down her standard of living, once she was widowed.

So what was in the heavens that morning between 6am and 6:30 when Jayne emptied the rental car, prior to returning it to Avis? We’ve taken the middle time-slot for the beginning of our enquiry; 6:15am 12th July 2010 in Coppell County – north-west of Dallas, Texas.

615-blogclick on chart for full size

I’ve circled the three angles in this first chart – LHS is the ascendant; rising above the horizon, yet still in the 1st house. At the bottom of the chart we have the IC and cusp of the 4th house; the home.  The third circle is at the mid-heaven directly opposite; what’s overhead at the time bearing down on the situation.

With the gift of hindsight, we can observe the potential tension transiting in the heavens at 6:15am on 12th July 2010 in Coppell County, Texas.

Jayne had provided the means for Corinne to abandon her mom by giving her the car-rental, however that’s not at the ascendant as the final trigger. It was the insecure future in front of Jayne at the ascendant…

Asteroid Skuld#1130 (the future) at 15:03°Cancer EXACT Juno#3 (spouse). Jayne likely holds her husband responsible for the bleak future before her.  I.e. she would project blame onto her spouse, as part of her coping mechanism.

Immediately behind this trigger is the initiation of a New Moon; Sun-Moon conjunction – about to rise above the horizon, followed by asteroid Mary#2779 (Mary-Corinne Peters) then the planet Mercury (a means of communication – in this case a gun), plus asteroid Jayne#22828 (Jayne Peters).  All of this is in the 1st house (ego/physical presence).

  • Transiting Saturn is at the IC at 29:20°Virgo – the grim reaper is at the front-door to the house (4th house).
  • Jupiter-Uranus transit the mid-heaven and opposite Saturn – inflating the madness.
  • Transiting asteroid Medea#212 at 0°Gemini is square BML-Chiron at 0:18°Aquarius – a potential murderous mother-child tension.

Note: Medea, symbolises Filiacide (mother killing a daughter). In Greco/Roman mythology Medea avenges her husband’s betrayal by slaying their children. In our case the perceived betrayal is by her husband having the audacity to die prematurely – i.e. abandon Jayne to her fate and now Corinne is about to leave her as well.

Corinne-duoCorinne Peters

Natal asteroid tension can reveal weaknesses working at a subtle level on the character; the nature element brought forth into the nurturing environment. Some would call this – life lessons.

  • Cancer-Capricorn axis; Lunar nodal axis conjunct Pholus – suggests self-control of public image rather than follow the family line
  • Capricorn Atropos conjunct Chiron – focusing on ‘poor me’ will bring about one’s end.
  • Capricorn Requiem conjunct Juno – seeking emotional support from a spiteful woman only brings regret.
  • Libra Mony conjunct Ceres – either a feast or a famine; suggests save for a rainy day.

Continuing to use the 6:15am perspective, we generate bi-wheels (method) with the outer wheel being that of Corinne’s birth horoscope; a snapshot of the heavens at noon on the day of her birth.

The chart indicates that the 19 year-old didn’t go quietly to meet with her maker, there is compulsive behaviour indicated, together with extraordinary tension according to the astrology; an emotive tug of war in the minutes before sunrise.

  • Natal Mercury (yellow) conjunct ascendant – social attitudes become imperative, on the line
  • Natal Neptune (turquoise) conjunct descendant – highly impressionable
  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – a traumatic karmic struggle for Corinne, circled on the calendar of the heavens.
  • Midpoint transiting Sun/Mars = natal Venus – wanting to make a new start
  • tr Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Saturn – opposing parental authority
  • tr Saturn square mid-range Moon (blue) – ditto
  • tr Pluto quindecile Lunar South Node – compulsively opposing parental perspective
  • tr Neptune (turquoise in the inner wheel) quindecile natal Jupiter (green) –  delusion inflated
  • tr Jupiter square natal Sun – inflated sense of self
  • tr asteroid Medea 0:57°Taurus conjunct natal Phaeton (vehicle) 1:16°Taurus in 11th house – the motive behind the murder. 

Note: This last conjunction is the last straw indicator; why Corinne was killed.  Jayne knew that she was not going to be able to continue financing the rental.  As to whether Corinne knew that the car was a rental or not, I would suggest that she did not have prior knowledge and learned of it that last morning.