High Court Hearing


Astrology and science were as-one until enlightened inventors made improvements to the telescope.  Science was then able to discount that the constellations of the zodiac were fixed in space as was believed in medieval times; that they are in direct motion within our solar system.  Their orbit around the Sun, in fact, takes about 24,000 of our Earth years. That is about two thousand years per zodiac sign; e.g. Age of Pisces; Age of Aquarius etc.

Have you ever wondered why the zodiac symbol for Pisces (two fishes) is associated with Christianity? There’s your answer.  At the time of Jesus, it was the Age of Pisces.

Astronomy separated from astrology in the name of progress, leaving astrologers to work with the zodiac fixed in time and space; relegated as a medieval art form. As a result, astrology charts are referred to as models of reality, rather than reality itself.

We elect to use the modern astrology method by which we retain the planetary tension in real-time astronomy, however we elect to use the medieval zodiac as our backdrop rather than use mathematical equations which none of us would be able to get our heads around.  This allows us to use the wisdom of the medieval texts of astrology for interpretation.  I like to call it ‘bending the space-time continuum’.  😉

But I digress…  The death of Allison Baden-Clay on the night of 19-20th April 2012 in Brisbane, Australia led the way to the last four years of a focus on domestic violence in the country of my birth.  This case has also0 been what stirred me to start this blog; adding to the voice of the growing ground-swell.

Did you kill your wife Allison?”GBC-ABCimage
“No, I did not.”

“Did you fight with her on the evening of the 19th?”
“No, I did not.”

The trial-by-jury delivered its verdict  on 15 July 2014; a murder conviction of Gerard Baden-Clay; husband of the victim; his wife. Gerard Baden-Clay was sentenced and incarcerated.

On 8th December 2015 the outcome of an appeal by the convict, created a public uproar when the sentence was downgraded to manslaughter.   The people of Brisbane rose up to protest, demanding an appeal by the State Government.

When the result of a trial by a jury is downgraded; treated as ‘legal hubris’ the populace feel the flush of  a slap in the face. Arrogance of the court system is how this is perceived when the outcome is appealed so easily, by anyone with a purse of gold.  

Appeal against downgrading of a murder conviction – the timeline

  • 8th January 2016 – the Queensland Court delayed the re-sentencing of Gerard Baden-Clay until the appeal against the downgrading of his murder conviction goes before the High Court of Australia.
  • 1st February 2016 – State DPP outlined the crown’s summary of argument and why the High Court should return the murder conviction.
  • 22nd February 2016 – lawyers for the defense lodged their High Court submission in the legal wrangle over his downgraded murder conviction.

High Court to hear the case in Brisbane, 10:15am 26th July 2016

 We, as astrologers, cannot bring a woman subjected to the ultimate act of violence back to life, however we can study the heavens; in particular the patterns of tension created at a particular time and in a particular place. Having the freedom of opinion, and without prejudice., we interpret from classic medieval texts.

In horary astrology, the outcome of a court case can be found at the IC; the end of the matter.  The IC is at the bottom of an astrology chart, however in real terms on a map of the territory, this is due North.  i.e. where the ecliptic crosses the meridian in the north of our planet, Earth.

At this time and at this place, (in Brisbane, 10:15am 26th July 2016) – when we turn our eyes heavenwards and due north; the Immum Coeli/IC will be at 10:02ºCapricorn.  None of the planets in our solar system are exact this place in the sky.  Pluto is close at 15:46ºCapricorn, however the asteroid Niobe#71 is exact North, orbiting at 10:31ºCapricorn against the backdrop of the zodiac.

We look to Greco/Roman mythology to guide us to the interpretation of the ancients:

highcourthearingThe tragic tale of Niobe centered on the consequences of hybris, a strange concept in the Greek antiquity, which said that if you act with arrogance towards the Gods, then you will be punished. Insolence is another word that fits with this concept.  Actually Niobe’s story is a classic example of the wrath of gods against human weaknesses and has been beautifully narrated in Homer’s Iliad.

fates-1The other Greco/Roman mythological characters that must be considered in an astrology enquiry of this magnitude, are those of the Fates; Klotho (spinner of the thread of life), Lachesis (she who measures the length of cord; a mortal life) and Atropos (the cutter of the length of cord; death)  See Plato’s Myth of Er for the legend.

We are concerned with Klotho in this enquiry, due to the fact that Australian law courts do not consider the death penalty; it is no longer an option.  The length of the cord-of-life, and when the cord is cut is not within the court’s discretion.

  • On 26th July 2016, Pluto 15:46ºCapricorn meanwhile (Guardian of the Underworld in mythology), mirrors the asteroid Fini#795 (the end) at 15:28ºCancer by opposition.  I would suggest that this aspect represents the High Court finding as being the final power of the earthly realm.  The High Court judges will have the last word on the matter.
  • We note that Pluto-Fini are EXACT square to the horizon; Ascendant-Descendant.  As it begins; so it ends.
  • the asteroid Klotho#97 is orbiting at 16:24ºVirgo against the zodiac PLUS exact the asteroid Gerard#1337 at 16:42ºVirgo.   These two asteroids are in the 12th house (incarceration) at 10:15am; the trial opening.

GBCGerard Baden-Clay and The Fates; in particular, Klotho

While we have the Fates on our agenda, allow me to explain the particular significance of Klotho in the life of Gerard Baden-Clay.   Previously I have rectified his birth time from information on the public record.  I may be out by a few minutes for the angles and house cusps, however this next chart will suffice for the explanation I wish to share.

When we discuss Elements of the zodiac (fire-air-earth-water) together with the trio of Modes (cardinal, fixed, mutable)…  in particular, the element of Earth refers to ‘practical matters’ and Cardinal is as the dictionary defines – ‘of the greatest importance; fundamental’.

  • In his natal horoscope, when Gerard Baden-Clay was born in Bournemouth, England, the asteroid Klotho#97 was orbiting across the background of the zodiac at 13:35ºCapricorn in the 5th house of his horoscope.

Note: This is both Cardinal (C) and the element of Earth (E) – see red arrow underneath the wheel.  So where Klotho is located in his horoscope will be both ‘fundamental’ to his life and will be of a ‘practical nature’.

  • As for the position in the chart, the 5th house represents ethics and morals (among other symbolism).  We can therefore suggest that this child will harbor weaknesses in this area of his life.
  • Then when we note the quindecile aspect to the asteroid Fini at 28:03º Gemini in the 12th house of hidden aspects (or jail for that matter), this will be an obsessional matter in his life.  He may even reach the finality of life while in the ‘big house’.

We cannot put this down to, “Oh it’s the Fates and so there is nothing he could do about it.”  I disagree.  The position and tension in an astrology chart reveals the weaknesses in a character; weaknesses that can be overcome if the character is willing. 

Gerard-Baden Clay, Klotho and the High Court of Australia

Rather than put the two charts side by side, we generate a bi-wheel of the two from the perspective of the court hearing.  The natal chart aligns by the zodiac with the transiting bodies in blue text and the natal chart for Baden-Clay is red.

26July-GBC-astro2We know that transiting asteroids Gerard-Klotho are 16ºVirgo and in the 12th house of the High Court hearing chart (incarcerated/hidden).  So when we have the two charts together, we can see the obsession with the natal chart of Baden-Clay; his model of reality.

  • transiting (purple) Gerard-Klotho quindecile natal Pholus/Lunar North Node (purple) in the 5th house (obsession in relation to love lost) at 29:29ºAquarius/2:54ºPisces.  This man; who has been found responsible for the death of his wife, has more concern for the disconnect from his family (Pholus represents shooting oneself in the foot) rather than taking responsibility for his actions – i.e. killing his wife.   This indicates to me that there has been no successful rehabilitation to date.

Klotho is certainly giving Gerard Baden-Clay a workout. However his inner resolve; natal Pallas 10:08ºPisces, will keep him incarcerated when we note that transiting (turquoise) Neptune is conjunct natal Pallas.   That, together with natal Pluto being quindecile to his Pallas as well, he likely believes that this compulsion (seen as intense resolve) empowers him, when in fact it does just the opposite; dis-empowering his inner strength and creating mental health problems most likely (5th-12th house axis), while he is in jail.

Note also that natal 25:44ºVirgo, Pluto is also in quindecile aspect with natal Chiron (10:04ºAries) further compounding the inner-wound of powerlessness.  This sense of worthlessness lives below the surface of his consciousness; unacknowleged.  Baden-Clay is unlikely to change, sticking to his guns; in denial that the problem even exists.  He can thereby live in a state of delusion, thus maintaining his arrogance.

For other posts in relation to this case see Scout’s Honour   I must admit I have been rather obsessive about this case.  RIP Allison Dickie.