Beware the Ides of March

fortune-cookiesJulius Caesar’s fortune cookie warned the Emperor of Rome of impending doom.

She was some cookie and an oracle with great foresight as it turns out, however Caesar was not wary; did not beware and a knife in the back was the result.  Et tu, Brute?

Why bring the Ides of March to the table, MM?  They’re not due until 15th March.

jill_meagherToday, the media informed us of a committal hearing  date being set; a hearing for a vicious crime by a brute of a man with a record of violence against women.  The date of the murder was 22nd September, 2012.

We shared two posts with detailed astrology in relation to the disappearance and murder of this Irish born colleen; the victim, Jill Meagher.

Adrian Ernest Bayley is to face court on 12th and 13th March, 2013 in Melbourne, Victoria; face the court at a committal hearing for the  murder of Gillian Edie Meagher.

Apart from remembering the rape and murder of a beautiful young vibrant woman and the public outrage, do these dates in March ring bells for you?  They sure did for me. 

A second brute will be before the courts in the lead up to the Ides of March.

abcGerard Baden-Clay stands accused of murdering his wife, Allison June Baden-Clay on 19th April, 2012.   Following two failed attempts to get bail, Baden-Clay remains on remand awaiting a committal hearing, set down for three days from 11th March, 2013 in Brisbane, Queensland.

That these two committal hearings fall on the same dates, is that a coincidence?  I don’t think so… 

I just have to have a look to see what the heavens have to say about this.  What is so eventful about these particular dates?

I know with certainty from the statistics on this blog alone, that people from all over the world are checking in for news in relation to the murder of Allison June Baden-Clay and Gillian Edie Meagher.

I doubt there is a country in the world at the moment, where the focus is not on the administration of justice; of fairness of some kind. Why is there more interest in justice being served at this time than any other?   Is this a global trend or will the pressure ease with time?

We know that both of these cases have been high profile media events with public outrage and grief shared across social media.  The desire for Justice is high on the agenda.  From experience, we know that in astrological terms, the planet Jupiter is symbolic of Justice. So what’s going on with Jupiter at the moment?

The planetary symbolism lasts as long as the planet is in aspect.  Jupiter is a little farther from the Sun than the inner planets and it naturally follows that Jupiter’s influence lasts longer than say, the planet Mercury or Mars.  Currently Jupiter is transiting through the zodiac sign of Gemini (the planet ruled by Mercury) and Mercury equates with communication.  So it follows then, that communication is the territory and justice is the traveller.

justice-scales:bellsNote that all forms of communication; lies, truth the whole shebang will be on the agenda.

Jupiter is also the inflater, so we’re all communicating; madly talking and shouting about lots of things.  People are currently really getting out there and being vocal.

It must be noted that with Gemini in the picture take all ‘so-called-facts’ with a grain of salt.  Check your sources.  Porky pies abound!

The planet Jupiter has been in retrograde motion as well, which upsets us – the planet appears to be going backward = psychologically, we get rattled.  You can question all you like, “How can a planet that we can hardly see in the heavens, let alone identify, rattle our chains?”

Instinctively (it’s in our psychological dna) we know that planets go forward, not backward and so the slightest movement, that is different from the norm, creates psychological chaos and fear.  This event – the appearance of going backwards – is an optical illusion and so drawing our attention to the fact (here and now) – it is an illusion, Jupiter is not going backwards, should ease the stress somewhat.  We can then rationalise the fear and dismiss it.

The Jupiter retrograde ends at the end of January, 2013 giving us calmer waters ahead, at least psychologically; hopefully it will become a little less manic across social media beyond the end of the month.

Another point worthy of note in relation to Gemini is that whereas in the past openness ruled and people used their personal names on social media, the Gemini effect has provided anonymity; aliases have been popping up all over the place.  People who would not normally be vocal in public are having their say about Justice.

This Jupiter cycle of Gemini traits will continue to peak and wane, according to tension aspects with other planets until Jupiter cruises on into the zodiac sign of Cancer, in July, 2013, however we have two committal hearings on the public agenda before then.  They will be Gemini events of some magnitude.

These two committal hearings will be media events, we can be sure of that.  My curiosity was peaked with the commonality of dates and so I thought I might take a look at what we can expect, from an astrological standpoint.  What tensions might be in the heavens.  How will Justice fare?

In order to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry, we have two events; committal hearings on two days in common.  They are in two different cities within two different time-frames.  We have no need to include the brutes.  This is enough information to get a feel for the air; to undertake a general enquiry of the calendar.

I do not mean to lessen either court case or prioritise either one.  This is a pseudo-scientific enquiry of the heavens. Astrology is not scientific fact and is not presented as being factual.

Utilising superstition and the auspicious number thirteen for our exercise, let’s select a day in common, the 13th March as the event; and the thirteenth hour as the time.

committal-dualAn astrological enquiry is somewhat reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.  Where the clock goes backwards, an astrology wheel goes; moves anti-clockwise Continue reading Beware the Ides of March

A grave concern

An obituary provides us with a timeline with which we can look a little deeper into the murder of a young woman, who had the world at her feet; a murder which raised a public outcry in the city of Melbourne.

I created a page on my blog as the crime made news; as the alleged perpetrator was arrested; the public outrage on social media grew; the peace rally was held.  We all mourned the loss of a beautiful woman.  With respect, I closed the page.   RIP Jill Meagher.

If we can take a step back from the personal, to the horror of the crime, what can we learn from this?  Rather than feeling hopeless, we each have to look inside, to reflect on our own lives.  How can we make sense of it all; make a difference as a result of this monstrous event?

For me, I made the decision to reopen the page and post an ‘astrological post-mortem’, as I now had a firm date of birth for Jill Meagher.  I could at least find where the victim’s Moon was located in her horoscope – bring her home to rest.

The Moon means much to us all.  The Moon is our emotional needs base; it is the Mother.  We need nurturing throughout our entire lives.  I wanted to contribute by giving our ‘discarded colleen’ one last hug from the heavens.

We have the tools of predictive astrology at hand, so from an astrological standpoint, what do we have to work with?

Thanks to a mainstream media obituary, we know that Jill Meagher was born on 30 October, 1982 in Drogheda, Ireland.  We don’t have a time of birth, however we do know that her parents relocated the family to Perth, Western Australia when Jill was 9; that the family returned to Ireland when she was 14.  By 2004 her parents were back in Australia, however Jill remained in Ireland to complete her education; start a career; get married and finally emigrate to Australia with her husband, Tom in 2009.

Now that is a wealth of information, for an astrologer. In fact, it is enough information to create a possible time of birth, a reasonable rectification of a horoscope for Jill Meagher.

Her Moon is in Aries – aha a feisty, driven lass; career minded and certainly a very bright spark.  No wonder she lit up a room when she walked in with that stellium (a whole heap of planets in close proximity).

I have highlighted the stellium in pink – note the planet Pluto in the middle.  Jill needed to prove her worthiness, a recurring theme it seems.  Tom was a good match for her as her Moon is at the cusp of his seventh house, the place of public relationships (such as a marriage).  Nothing in the shadows, with our Jill.

But enough of the person, let us look at the indicators in the heavens at the time of her last sighting ‘the event’, as it was only a few short minutes later that her abduction is alleged to have taken place. We now have Jill’s natal wheel (her birth horoscope) together with Google maps (giving us the cartography).  Putting this together, what sort of an ‘astrological picture’ can we come up with?

For those not familiar with my method of operation, there is detail elsewhere on this blog if you want – forensic astrology is on the navigation menu. 

I basically take the horoscope wheel of a person or an event or a combination of both then flip the wheel vertically to align the astrological ‘north’ to our accepted method of cartography – ‘north’ is always at the top of a map. We then combine the two; see what the heavens have to tell us.  Note the planet Pluto in particular, on this occasion.

Why Pluto? In mythology, Pluto is the God of the Underworld and an indicator of where we meet our maker in astrology.  Saturn and other planets can also play a role, however for us so far Pluto appears to be the director.

I reproduce here an ‘astrological picture’ used on a previous page – a wheel created of a map of the heavens at the time of the last sighting of Jill on CCTV footage.  It is 1.45am on 22 September, 2012 in Brunswick a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. This wheel is superimposed over a locality map of Brunswick with the points of Jill’s home and the site of the CCTV camera connected by a direct red line through the centre of the wheel to her home.  At this point in time Jill was still a missing person and not a known victim of murder.

The position of the planet Pluto has a direct line to Jill’s nearby home. Pluto involved indicates, in astrological terms, that Jill was probably no longer alive.

The second ‘astrological picture also used previously – this time a bi-wheel of a map of the heavens combined with the birth horoscope of Jill’s husband (20 January, 1981 in Dublin, Ireland).

Note: I reproduced the bi-wheel from the perspective of ‘the event’ (CCTV footage) not from the time of Tom Meagher’s birth as it is ‘the event’, which we are investigating, not Tom as an individual.

By now a body had been recovered.  We knew the location of a shallow grave and also the residential area of an alleged perpetrator of the crime, thanks to mainstream media. The Google map again provided the basis for this ‘astrological picture’.  This time the planet Saturn joined us by indicating the direction to the body’s location from ‘the event’ wheel.  Tom’s wheel had input as well, which surprised me at the time, however who am I to question The Fates.  Again follow the red line.

The position of the planet Pluto at the time of Tom’s birth has a direct line to where Jill’s body was recovered.

The third ‘astrological picture’ (my academic needs having input  here – employ triangulation methodology).  We know already that a bi-wheel produced from the perspective of ‘the event’ will have Saturn as a pointer and any secondary wheel will have an input. Rather than repeat this method, I wanted to hear the victim’s voice, Jill herself.  Dare I mention an insight into her karma, the lot Jill Meagher drew as she sat before The Fates; before she came into this human existence.

The position of the planet Pluto at the time of the victim’s birth has a direct line to the location of where her body was recovered.

The heavens have a lot more detail to say about this case, however the courts will deal with that if necessary.  For us this is a record of event to take heed and keep watch for Pluto in the chart of any future missing person.  To keep the light aloft and more if need be.  Thank you Gillian Edie Meagher for lighting our way.

Postscript 20th June, 2013:  Adrian Bayley plead guilty to all charges – sentence 35 years without parole.