Baden-Clay trial Pt.3 – crown v the dock

brisbaneAn Aries Moon in a natal chart always waves a red flag in forensic astrology cases. It’s indicative of someone whom puts themselves above all else in their drive to succeed; numero uno. Be it the centre of attention of a narcissist, or someone whom is top of the tree in their field of endeavour, we note recurrence of an Aries Moon in the horoscopes of many successful people. This is a perfect example before us today.

The Honourable Justice John Harris Byrne, presiding judge in the Baden Clay trial has a chart that we couldn’t resist taking a look at, given that his birth data is on the public record. As our first bi-wheel, we use a mid-range Moon for his natal chart (time of birth not known), however I have no doubt that he was born with an Aries, rather than Pisces, Moon. This is a man whom is top of his peer group.

The trial by jury before Judge Byrne, is for the murder of Allison June Baden-Clay; the alleged in the dock – her husband Gerard Robert Baden Clay. We undertake an astrology enquiry here on this blog from a pseudo-scientific perspective. The interpretation is based on ancient methods, no longer considered to be relevant in a court of law.  All interpretation is from classic astrology texts and presented without prejudice to any parties.

Continuing to use the opening time of the trial, 10am on 10th June 2014 as our perspective to view the planetary tension, we generate a bi-wheel (method). The inner wheel is the clock on the wall when the court opens and the outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens at noon on the day that John Harris Byrne was born.

GBCtrial-judgeclick on charts for full size

Initially, apart from noting the exemplary Moon, we were surprised to see that there are two quindecile aspects present; likely quirks in the judge’s personality. This led us to review John H. Byrne’s horoscope, where we note two peregrine planets (Mars and Pluto).

We have no need to explore this man’s personal character traits in any detail more than that; commenting that he’d not be a man to suffer fools, particularly in the witness box.

The following is the planetary tension between this man and the trial of Baden-Clay, on Day One. Some aspects will change during the period of the trial, due to planetary transits-over-time (particularly tr. Moon) and other tension, particularly that involving the outer planets, will remain for the entire trial.

  • Tr Uranus quindecile natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel – compulsive in relation to acuteness of thought, inspiration, provocative ideas.
  • Tr Venus (pink) quindecile natal (peregrine) Mars – highly impulsive and passionate; unpredictable.
  • Tr Jupiter (green) square natal Sun – ego recognition rewarded
  • Tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Mercury-South Node – operating instinctively (we suggest that this ‘instinctive sense’ is inherent in this man)
  • Tr Moon opposite Lunar nodal axis – building cooperation and harmony in a public venue
  • Tr Pluto square natal Neptune (turquoise) – application and hard work puts a strain on health.

Before we step down from the bench and turn to face the dock, we can undertake a synastry study of these two characters; the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay’s view of the judge. We are reminded that this is a trial by jury; not a ‘judge-only’ trial so no outcome hinges on their relationship; irrespective of any tension in the chart of the accused.

GBC-JHBTheirs is a public relationship, declared in the outer chart by two very obvious aspects:  The IC-MC axis of the accused is conjunct Judge Byrne’s Lunar nodal axis; together with the judge’s natal Mercury (yellow), exact by conjunction with the accused’s natal Venus (pink).  From the accused’s perspective the tension is in the first four houses; all about me, mine and unfinished business in ‘my childhood’.

The driving need (natal Moon) of the accused is in the 5th house seeking love, however he’ll get none from the bench.

  • 1st house accused’s Lunar South Node conjunct judge’s Saturn – there are several levels of interpretation here and all karmic in origin.  We have the judge’s Saturn representative of authority, of a father figure plus of course, symbol for the grim reaper although we can eliminate the grim reaper; there is no death penalty in Australia.
  • A’s. Mars conjunct J’s Saturn – an unsatisfactory ‘relationship’ as far as the accused is concerned – action and control; a stalemate.
  • IC/ 4th house accused’s Venus (pink) conjunct judge’s Mercury (yellow) –  this is quite bizarre to find in this position as it appears to reveal a romantic notion in the mind of the accused.  Does he attempt to seduce by charm?
  • A’s Jupiter (green) conjunct judge’s Lunar South Node – a karmic connection revealed.  These two have faced up before.
  • A’s Neptune (turquoise) conjunct J’s Mars – again an attempt at making a connection.  As this is in the 4th house, I would suggest this is an attempt by the accused to use an army reservist, or ancestral connection.  Either way it involves ‘family’.

Once the wig goes on, John Byrne is no longer the man; he becomes the crown.

GBCtrial-GBCGerard Baden-Clay is under scrutiny on the opening day of his trial for murder, after some odd two years on-remand in the Arthur Gorrie Correction Centre.  We suggest that the lack of Christmas tree lights is indicative of his ‘emotional self’ likely dulled by inaction.

Day one will be pretty much taken up by the court’s housekeeping, however we can interpret his H-factor into the trial per se.  As the Moon and personal planets of Venus and Mars continue to transit the heavens over coming weeks, the resulting evidence will reflect in his chart by their tension.  Every day the wheel will turn, running the gamut of the accused’s emotions.

  • Gerard Baden-Clay’s natal Saturn is exact at the MC – as previously discussed in Part 1 – conjunct transiting Juno; protector of families and children.

With natal Saturn in this position it reveals several issues of interest to us, as astrologers. The classic interpretation is a major change in the family; death concerns within the family circle and an extremely important time in life development.

Interpretation of this aspect can also follow that the accused believes that he has authority as the head of the family.  This aspect can be construed to be a particularly arrogant position. This is where interpretation enters the realm of neurosis.

With a Saturn retrograde in his natal chart, indications are that the accused lacked male mentoring during childhood development (discussed in great detail in previous posts), resulting in the boundaries between gender roles being blurred.  We are not aware of the results of any psychological assessment while the accused was on-remand in order to know if any therapy has been undertaken in this regard.

Saturn at the top of the chart in the current climate; opening day of his trial, can also indicate that this man is more concerned with authority, than justice.

  • Transiting Moon (us the people) is in quindecile aspect to this natal Saturn.  With the reaction being in the accused’s chart, we can suggest that he is well aware of the public’s perspective and considers their interest, obsessive.
  • Transit Sun opposite natal Moon – the date on the calendar projects his needs onto the agenda.

 The trial is expected to take up three to four weeks of the court’s time.

Note: family members charts in relation to the trial

Baden-Clay trial Pt.1 – the asteroids

All rise… The Queen of Heaven has entered the courtroom

In ancient Roman society, the Goddess Juno had a variety of roles and functions.  Apart from being wife of Jupiter, protector of women and children plus adviser to the people; especially concerning whom and when to marry, she is also known as the Queen of Heaven. You may know her better if I were to change from Latin to Greek. Juno is also Hera, sister and long-suffering wife of the philandering Zeus.

JunoIn her role as advisor to the people of Rome, she was locally known as Juno Moneta. According to legend, around the date 390BC, a flock of geese in Juno’s sanctuary raised an alarm that saved the Romans from an invasion by the barbarians. As is the way with the blur between mythology and superstition, it was immediately all-hail Juno and a temple was erected on the site in her honor – Juno Moneta.

Around about a century later, the first Roman mint was built across the street and the first coins were impressed to create a hub of the head of Juno Moneta. Over time, the name shortened to moneta; money, to you and I.   Money, money, money… But I digress.

When we take a snapshot of the heavens over Brisbane, Australia at 10am on 10th June 2014, the asteroid which astronomers named Juno will be directly overhead, mid-heaven at 25°Taurus. Past-present-future; the players are all at the table.  There is no doubt in my mind that this asteroid, Juno will be the focus of this case where Gerard Robert Baden-Clay faces a trial by jury for the murder of his wife, Allison June Baden-Clay.

In terms of astrology, Juno is in some ways similar to Venus, however Venus represents love and attraction at the early stages of romance, while Juno is related to attachment and loyalty; hence the marriage tag. So when I use the word ‘marriage’ I do not necessarily mean that the contract has been signed and registered, rather that a commitment of a romantic attachment and loyalty, is present.

Analyzing the relationship of Juno with other planets in a synastry chart can yield information about how a particular ‘spouse’ will treat us, what things will be hidden and how a marriage will evolve. The natal chart also reveals where caution needs to be taken in choosing a marriage partner.

Please be aware that astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law; remain skeptical of all interpretation that follows.  Astrology is subjective, to say the least and our aim is to be as unbiased in our interpretation, as is humanly possible.

Alleged wife-murderer, Gerard Baden-Clay was born with Juno conjunct his authoritarian, Saturn (forensic astrology symbol for death), while his wife Allison, on the date that she was born, had Juno in opposition to her Arabic part of fortune; destiny… Destiny and the grim reaper can hardly be said to be good companions in a marriage, in any language.

BadenClay-asteroidsclick on chart image for full size

When we bring in the third person in the room; the lover/mistress of Gerard Baden-Clay, that’s when we get a whiff of why the Queen of Heaven is interested in this case. She stands for the marriage, rather than the affair. Juno is not pleased.

What prize for guessing the position of the asteroid Juno in the heavens on the day of the mistress’ birth – why, conjunct Gerard Baden Clay’s natal Juno of course. Despite being born in different years, Toni Cheri McHugh has the same destiny connection with Allison Baden Clay as her lover; albeit without Saturn in the mix.

Plus has anyone picked the synchronicity yet?   We are back to the top of the chart for the opening of the trial; Juno at 25°Taurus; what goes around, comes around…

Toni McHugh’s natal Juno is at 24°Taurus48” and Gerard Baden-Clay’s is at 22°Taurus55”; transiting Juno is between the two, plus conjunct both.     We  cannot ignore the significance of Juno’s presence, nor the other major asteroids named after Greco/Roman lords and ladies, it would seem.

GBC-trial-day1Our next horoscope is an horary chart;  a snapshot of the heavens at 10am, Tuesday 10th June, 2014. It shows us a map of the main cosmic bodies orbiting above Brisbane at this point in time – arranged by nature, against the backdrop of the zodiac.

From this we can take a peek into the future and see what the general atmosphere can tell us; in particular with regard to those lumps of rock orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter – mankind and the courts.

Top of the chart 23°Taurus41” is the mid-heaven point circled in red; conjunct the asteroid Juno (Greek-Hera). The other asteroids of Pallas (Pallas-Athene), Vesta (Greek-Hestia), plus Ceres (Greek-Demeter) are present in this chart along with the Arabic Part of Fortune (Destiny) and Chiron (aka Cheiron).  All have their parts to play in this courtroom drama.

  • Pallas is in the 1st house (primary focus)
  • Mars-Vesta and Ceres are in the 2nd house (money/assets/value)
  • Node-Moon and Saturn Rx are in the 3rd house (communication)
  • Arabic Part of Fortune – destiny is in the 5th house (house of entertainment/illicit affairs/children)
  • Pluto is in the 6th house (ethics/morals/health)
  • Neptune-Chiron are in the 7th house (marriage)
  • Uranus is in the 8th house (death/transformation/other people’s assets)
  • Venus and the other half of the nodal axis in the 9th house of higher ruling (the law)
  • Juno is at the mid-heaven (overseeing/the public arena).
  • Sun and Mercury are in the 11th house (judge and jury; mirror of the 5th house activities)
  • Jupiter is in the 12th house (hidden/prejudice matters/jail)

The players are all where they should be, so allow me to introduce the other asteroids whom are joining Juno in this case study.

pallas-coinPallas is in the 1st house of our chart, indicating that the primary focus of this case is ‘wisdom in war’. A military tactician would be very happy to have Pallas in this position of his natal horoscope; granting him the wisdom in warcraft.  We may well note, that we are in for a battle of tactics between the silks, it would seem.

For the mind, Pallas grants intellectual rigor, impartiality and the ability to operate in the physical world. For the field of action, Pallas grants ethics, strategy and the methodology of action. At her best, Pallas is perceived as the fierce protector of truth, logic, freedom and peace. When she is compromised, the other side of the coin manifests – deception, violence, tyranny and war.

As the synapse between thought and action, Pallas is an integral part of our conscience; the capacity to translate into action what we know to be true. It is said that Mercury, compromised by Pallas, reveals one whom lacks the capacity to apply thoughts into real life. And further that Mars, without the favour of Pallas, is described as a dumb brute.  From this, we can accept that we sure would like her on our side, rather than in hard aspect in our horoscopes.

Pallas is compromised in this chart by opposition to Neptune (turquoise), indicating deception likely within the 7th house – those on the witness stand.  But that aside, generally speaking with this 1st house position, the focus of the case will be the gaining of wisdom of the subterfuge and war within 7th house matters; primarily, a marriage.

vestaChanging our focus to the 2nd house, there are many goddesses for us to look at in our all-important quest for love and money, however Vesta is not one of their ilk. She was not allowed to fall in love, since she was committed to the endless tending of the flame; the very existence of Rome rested in her hands. It was said that if the eternal flame went out, Rome would die.

Vesta is the guardian of the hearth and home; keeps the household alive, safe and well. She is the divine representation of the flame inside ourselves, the one that gives us our spark of life. Vesta is the flame of our ambitions, along with our desire to keep surviving in a difficult world. She is the joy we feel when we accomplish a goal, or make our dreams – realities.

As for the trial and our current chart, Vesta’s role in the 2nd house will be in the realm of money, personal assets as well as value of oneself; insurance policies etc. We further note that the asteroid Ceres is tucked up close, conjunct Vesta; their energies combined in the 2nd house.

ceresCeres was thought to be a planet when she was discovered in 1801. Later classified as an asteroid, only to be promoted to the new dwarf-planet status along with Pluto in recent times. Being in conjunction with Vesta, Ceres will carry a weight of influence over her fellow asteroid by her enormous presence, however the Keeper of the Flame will not be compromised by Ceres.

Think ‘cereal’ and you’re in Ceres’ realm.  From there it’s just one step to connect food and survival; droughts and plagues, feasts and famines.  When in the zodiac sign of Libra, Ceres is socially sensitive in relation to survival and then when we place her in the 2nd house – her field of operation becomes ‘personal assets related to survival’.  Again we are pointed towards ‘insurance policies’ with the added impetus now on self-survival – ‘life insurance policies’ and cashing them in.

Note: If imbalances in the trial are to occur as a result of 2nd house matters (eg. life insurance), it would likely be when a witness is so other-directed from the bench, that he/she places being socially accepted above a need for self-determination.

The 5th house Arabic Part of Fortune; destiny, likely doesn’t need input here apart from an explanation of the method of calculation, however we can leave that to others to seek further knowledge of elsewhere.  At 27°Sagittarius we must note that the destiny of this trial (Arabic Part of Fortune in the 5th house) is exact by conjunction with the Vesta-Venus position in Toni McHugh’s natal chart (highlighted in the first set of charts – pink).

We can explore the significance of this later. It is enough to say that Toni McHugh’s destiny and the trial’s are bound together; in conjunction.

chironThe asteroid Chiron has loomed large in this case in previous posts on this blog in relation to the Baden-Clay family, in particular the relationship between Gerard Baden-Clay and his father, Nigel (see post 26th October 2012).

Asteroid Chiron was not named until 1977, despite being around as a blip on the radar screen for more than a hundred years. This asteroid is located in a different area of the heavens from the main asteroids; is among the Centaur group between Jupiter and Neptune (rather than Mars and Jupiter). So he’s not likely to casually cross paths with the previously discussed goddesses. If he connects with them during this trial, it will be for a specific purpose for us to take note of.

We note that 7th house Chiron is compromised right from the start of this trial, squared by the 11th house Sun. There are bound to be ‘friends’ whom will be thrown to the wolves; made to be scapegoats in an effort to deflect blame.  We must note also that the following is likely to be witnessed outside the courtroom by those whom follow the case, just as much as by those involved.

If Chiron works against and overwhelms the Sun in a chart, the result can be depression and loss of confidence. Expecting failure and because one expects it, one may very likely set up rejection albeit, unconsciously. A sense of being victimised or scapegoated can be very intense; projecting one’s ‘woundedness’ onto others; thereby victimising or scapegoating them in turn.

If there is a failure to acknowledge this inner sense of bitterness and wounding, arrogance follows – basking in greater spiritual achievement, looking down on those whom are deemed to be less evolved. Intolerance follows, even cruelty toward those whom inadvertently have reminded the afflicted that they are hurting. And so the wound festers in the darkness. Such is Chiron.

Continued Pt.2

Murder gets personal Pt.2

justice-scales:bellsI have set out to write this enquiry a hundred times and ninety-nine times I have put it down.  It all became too personal. I doubted my interpretation of the heavens and put it aside.

I have remained silent through an arrest, two applications for bail; the court going through the motions of holding committal mentions and then the tension of the lead up to a committal hearing.

I have seen many hearts falter and a mass of public outrage. I have seen a lot of people able to offload their own grief and work through life traumas of their own.

Much good has come from the discussion, however things are not looking good for the descendants of the Chief Scout.  As far as legal proceedings go, the master plan is beginning to look not just a bit tatty around the edges, but about to unravel completely.

Lord Baden-Powell’s great-grandson is facing the prospect of being found guilty of a crime of murder. Gerard Robert Baden-Clay stands accused of murdering his wife Allison June Baden-Clay and disposing of her body.

From where I’m sitting, I do not believe that is how the scheme was meant to unfold.

I have considered long and hard before today; as a tertiary trained academic I understand the necessity of testing theoretical evidence, however there is nothing for it but to call it as the heavens dictate.  I am just the scribe and if I have to fall on my sword, then so be it.  But enough of me, the taxi’s meter is ticking.

The following is the second part of a forensic astrology enquiry into the murder and disposal of the body of Allison Baden-Clay.  It is based on planetary positions in the heavens and tension aspects between planets at certain times.  The method has an uncanny reliability to determine perpetrators of crimes, to reveal indications from victims and generally spook the lot of us.

Astrology is a pseudo science, is not accepted in a court of law and can only be taken as question and/or suggestion in any given situation.  Your scribe uses classical astrology interpretation, symbolism and western mythology as the tools of trade.

We produce astrology bi-wheels, which are computer generated from the data of timed events.  Part 1 discussed the role of the accused’s mother, his sister and his lover.

Today we talk about a boy and his father.  Gerard Robert Baden-Clay and his father who was born Nigel Gerard Arden Clay; a man who changed his surname to Baden-Clay in order to ride on the shirt-tails of his maternal grandfather.fatherandson

The bi-wheels are taken from the same perspective as in Part 1; a time of great significance in the murder and disposal of Allison’s body.  We know this as the locator angle from Allison’s bi-wheel drawn up last August; an angle, which connected her home to where her body lay for ten days before being found. We use that same angle here in the charts of two of the men in her life; her husband and her father-in-law.

The natal charts of family members can be found under the navigation ‘wheels’ above for any students or doubters who might like to draw up their own comparisons.  I have no problem with this and they are more than welcome to contribute below.

The first bi-wheel of the following duo is the inner wheel of the event on the night of 19th April, 2012 and the outer wheel is the natal chart of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay.

Event-GBCWe immediately have a locator line indicating the traumatic event in the natal chart of this man.

Note that it is the traumatic event in his life, not the traumatic event of ‘the event’.

The red line intersects his natal Mars, the Mars orbiting in the sky overhead and Neptune’s orbit as well before continuing through to the other axis of the Lunar node.

Note also that the houses involved are the 1st house and the 7th house.  Both are relationship houses; the private and public. The 1st is the house of the ego and the 7th house is the house of marriage and all public relationships.

Note: A mistress doesn’t reside in the 7th house (it’s not an acknowledged public relationship.)

We know that in the natal chart of Gerard Baden-Clay, he was born with Mars in the 1st house and now on this particular night and at this particular time his natal Mars is in the mirror position.  He is on the other end of the stick.

This scenario which is unfolding, is the basis for an extraordinary fantasy; traumatic, yes.  We know from past enquiries in relation to the character of this man that Neptune is peregrine in his chart; that his imagination knows no bounds.

Allow me to set the scene of what is really going on here at this point in time; on this night by sharing some classic astrology interpretation of Mars opposite Neptune.

Put the second Mars input and the traumatic/public event aside for a moment.  Mars is the activator planet, the male principle and Neptune is usually fantasy; subterfuge and even fanaticism.

“One of the interesting things about this position is that if you are involved in immoral or unethical or illegal activities, guilt has a way of cropping up in unusual ways, and could lead you on a self-destructive path and you might even know that you’re heading that way, yet you compulsively follow that path. Part of you might want to get caught!

You might, for example, know in your mind that doing something is risky, yet you compulsively do it anyhow, perhaps even finding the challenge invigorating… You can be very creative at keeping your motives and personal agenda hidden; in fact, many involved seem, on the surface of things, to be quite passive and yielding.”

This, I believe, is the motivation for what we have before us today in this enquiry; a suggestion that a master plan, a fantasy was concocted.  As to any female complicity, perhaps in the scheming, but not in the crime as far as the astrology indicators tell us, but let me continue.

Staying with the bi-wheel of Gerard Baden-Clay and looking at the inner wheel; the event, we can see that of the forensic indicators present we have only Mars in the action.  When we refer to the outer wheel again – Gerard Baden-Clay’s birth chart, and look to just the main players in forensic astrology, neither Saturn nor Pluto are in tension aspect to the event.

  • We can see that natal Uranus (sudden changes) is mirroring the Moon, the emotional event highlighted in blue.  He would be experiencing sudden changes in mood; argument is in all likelihood ensuing.
  • Natal mid-heaven, the high point of his chart/MC is at the bottom of the event chart (highlighted in red).  His world is totally upside down.
  • Jupiter (green) is at the MC inflating the event and Venus (pink) has orbited to quindecile aspect his Neptune (turquoise).
  • If we nominate the planet Venus as representing his wife Allison, which is what we would do in a forensic astrology enquiry, then I would call this: She is ‘onto him’ and obsessively so; onto his fantasy of a life (Neptune peregrine) and letting  him know about it. 

The planets have lined up for this to be the ‘night of nights’ of a confrontation.gbc-injuries

We can accept the possibility that the confrontation between spouses got physical, because the accused bears the scars of fingernail scratches to his face and bruising to his body. His wife lies dead.  But did he kill her in retaliation?

The forensic indicators aren’t present to identify this person as being  responsible for the murder and neither is the locator angle to the location of Allison’s body.  That red line intersected with the Pluto of the event is missing – see previous post.

The next bi-wheel however, tells a different story.  It has forensic indicators of a perpetrator written all over it.  Here is the master planner.

Event-NBCI share the bi-wheel of the patriarch of this family Nigel Gerard Arden Baden-Clay with the locator angle intersecting the forensic planet highlighted in red – Pluto  and his natal Mars; a locator angle identical to that which is revealed in Allison’s bi-wheel.

The grim reaper of the event (Saturn) holds up the mirror to this man’s natal Moon (blue) with the Sun (orange) highlighting the identification parade.

Even in the middle of the night when things are in the dark in the earthly realm,  the heavens witness what unfoldsThere is nowhere to hide, we must all answer to the karmic cycle of life and death.

  • Natal Saturn (red in the outer wheel) intersects exact the traumatic event (Lunar nodal axis) of the murder with Uranus close on his heels.
  • The only forensic planet not exact is natal Pluto intersecting with the cusp of the 7th house.  I can allow for this not being present as my error in calculation of the time of the event – I’m out by just a matter of minutes.

If our past enquiries give any indication of the accuracy of this method; a method we have continued to use over the intervening months since this murder took place, we have to question as to whether this man is not responsible for the murder and disposal of the body of his daughter-in-law, Allison Baden-Clay?MAP-eventNBC

It would appear to be that he is, if the heavens are to be believed.

click on image for full size

Here is our back-up methodology to confirm the locator angle.

Is this why Nigel Baden-Clay shadowed his son when he was anywhere near the police,  until Gerard Baden-Clay was arrested?  Was the patriarch protecting his own interests?

Once the suicide theory fell apart at the hearing, was the master plan to allow Gerard to take the fall with the case thrown out of court?  After all, it’s just circumstantial evidence; Gerard will be exonerated could be suggested as their line of thinking.

Now that the plan is in tatters, how far will the family loyalty go?