Peaches and green Pt.2


Before we start, I have to let a bent copper, a fat cat and a painters and dockers hit-man off the hook.  Detective Frederick Claude (Fred) Krahe did not kill Donald Mackay at the behest of Francis John (Frank) Nugan, or at least not according to the heavens.  Nor did James Frederick Bazley.

Those three astrology charts were as quiet as church mice on the night when anti drug campaigner Donald Mackay was murdered.  You might note though, that there is a little interaction with the bent copper.

Mackay-churchmiceVenus in pink would suggest that possibly Krahe was slipped the word to get himself an alibi for the night in question and the second bi-wheel Nugan; well he’s obviously well chuffed, Sun conjunct Jupiter. Frank Nugan’s future of notoriety lay elsewhere in the years ahead.

I suggest that dis-onoratable persons of interest were in the shadows, behind The Griff that evening and the heavens will assist us in our enquiry as to who was on the scene; who was behind the scenes; plus those hiding behind alibis.

Our forensic astrology enquiry is not accepted in a court of law; is based on the pseudo science of astrology and can only be taken as suggestion rather than fact.  We poke and prod, ask questions and point fingers, however at the end of the day we are only interpreting what the planetary tensions are at any given time.  Remain skeptical; it is healthy.

Donald Mackay was quoted as having said that he was after just one man in his campaign; unfortunately Saturn, father time; the grim reaper has beaten us to win Mackay’s campaign for justice.  The little cobbler, Pietro Callipari died just a decade after the murder of Donald Mackay.

Donald Mackay had cost la famiglia marijuana industry plenty.  Eighteen months before he was killed, he led the Sydney drug squad to bust a marijuana plantation in Coleambally; 31.5 acres of plants. The street value in 1975 was $25million; today with CPI that’s $100million; a lot of lettuce…

A further bust in Euston in March 1977 emptied their pockets even more.  Donald Mackay was bad for business.  The lights would have been burning late into the night in the basement of the shoe shop in Banna Avenue.

It is somewhat ironic that the little shoe shop in Banna Avenue is now, many years later in different hands; a firearms supplier.

Continuing on from our first post Jerilderie, we suggest that a decision was made not to use an outside hit-man; that the murder and disposal of Donald Mackay’s body should be kept within the family; la famiglia.

search-mackayDonald Mackay was murdered, his body remains missing and no one has been held to account. 

Conspiracy charges led to conviction, but there has been no arrest for murder.

The search continues today for his remains.

From my original list of family members gleaned from the Woodward Royal Commission Inquiry into Drug Trafficking 1977-79, no one person is innocent, however we have to chop down a few peach trees to get to those who have sap on their hands.

young-cobblerSeveral names, which we would expect to be included in the heirarchy, aren’t; they already have convictions on the record and are possibly excluded by the committee in case they drew attention to the scheme.

Some made sure they were seen in public places on that fateful night; some travelled out of town for their alibis and others even took a trip to the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise. The heavens however, have no consideration for alibis.

According to the astrology charts we have to hand, it appears that the upper eschelon; the inner core planning committee is kept to a minimum of four senior members under el padrino, Pietro Callipari.  There are others of interest, however these four members of the cell are jumping up and down for our attention today.

Eldest to youngest: Leonardo Gambacorta, Antonio Velardi, Francesco Barbaro, and Robert Trimbole.  This particular Group of Four may surprise a few people, however that’s how the fates have drawn the lots; how the heavens dictate.  I am merely the scribe.

group-of-4We have generated bi-wheels at the estimated time of murder (method).  The inner wheel on all charts in this enquiry is a snapshot of the planetary positions overhead at 6:40pm 15th July, 1977 in Griffith, NSW –  34S17 146E02. The outer wheels are the birth charts of the persons of interest to us.

We view the tension between the planetary positions and interpret the tension by classical means in relevant terms to the situation at hand.  Notes:

  • The Descendant is at 09° Leo.   A lion in the fight against crime will leave us tonight.
  • Transiting Moon in the inner wheel of each bi-wheel represents the matriarchal system of the Mafiosi in this situation.  Men may sit at the head of the table, however the symbol of matriarchy, rules the system.

Leonardo Gambacorta, ­owner of the property at Coleambally is the eldest of the four under Callipari. It is he who has lost the most after the Coleambally raid.  He casts his vote.

  • Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel has transited to exact the angle of the descendant. Mercury is the communication planet – the message in a gun, death.
  • Natal Saturn, the grim reaper in Gambacorta’s chart is at the top of the bi-wheel conjunct the midheaven; the MC.  His authority over life and death of an innocent man is uppermost at this time.  He would cast the first stone, albeit with el padrino’s blessing.
  • Pluto in the inner wheel transits to conjunct exact his natal Sun.  Power as to whether a man lives or dies is in his hands.
  • Mars (action) is square to Venus (pink) la famiglia the family is united in their resolve.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) is conjunct natal Pluto. La famiglia hands the power to him.

Antonio Velardi lived in Fairfield, Sydney at the time and travelled down to Griffith for the meetings.  He worked closely with Aussie Bob.  His brother Domenico and nephew Frank were to bring ridicule to the family name in the future.

There is a lot of 8th house activity in this bi-wheel.  It can be suggested that the other green stuff, money is very important to this man. That and the laundry business, perhaps.

  • Transiting Sun (orange) tells us that this is the date of the murder.  It is exact conjunct Velardi’s natal Pluto..  The calendar page turned, the fates aligned.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) inflates what it touches and in this case the natal Sun (orange) His chest would be puffed to maximum.  A proud day for the Velardi family would be his thinking.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) is square natal Neptune (turquoise) the family’s business – drug distribution is under tension.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise in the inner wheel) is square natal Mars –  underhanded goings on.
  • The lunar nodal axis has transited to conjunct natal Uranus; this puts Velardi in a public place and subject to sudden changes in plans, cover contingencies.

I suggest that Velardi was not only at the meetings, but also had a bigger role to play in the crime.  I am sure more will be revealed as we proceed with our enquiry.

Francesco Barbaro is the grower of peaches we wrote about earlier.  He is also father of Pasquale, importer of MDMA and cocaine; the same Pasquale who is in jail for 30 years.   He’ll miss your funeral Francesco.  See post – thicker than water.

  • Natal Venus (pink) is at the descendant. Yes well you have brought downfall to the family, Francesco.  Being opposite to the ascendant would also indicate that you have scurried away with your family with a watertight alibi for the night in question. 
  • Transiting Mercury (the hit) is exact conjunct natal Venus (pink).  Venus in the natal chart is either the character’s individual family or money.  Have you agreed to the murder for economic reasons, is that what you are telling us Francesco?
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise in the inner wheel) is in tension with natal Sun (orange) Yes Francesco, you do like what the marijuana production gives you – big house, big car, status in the community,  plenty of the readies in the pocket.

Robert Trimbole – good old Aussie Bob.  We all know who he is – born into a Calabrian family, Bob started as an apprentice mechanic with Pioneer buses in Sydney. A damn good mechanic we are told, however with a wife and four kids, plus a very expensive habit; gambling on the horses, he expanded his business.

The Calabrian mafia-cell in Griffith was still in the fruit and vegetable racket when Robert Trimbole moved back to Griffith with his young bride.  Trimbole is credited with starting the marijuana production and financed much of the expansion in the early years.

He is the junior in years of these four conspirators, however this does not lessen his involvement in the murder of Donald Mackay.  Note the action in the 6th house, this is the house of everyday affairs.  Aussie Bob is Mr Fixit.

  • La famiglia Moon (blue) transits natal Jupiter (green) – flattery works well with Bob obviously.
  • Transiting Pluto (power) square natal Jupiter.  Another chest is puffed out in self-importance.
  • Natal Sun (the calendar) is directly opposite natal Saturn (red) – authority.  Bob is the planner – authority in the 12th house.
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis (publicity and his undoing) is square natal Pluto – ultimately undermining his power base.

As we leave the basement, we need to consider what decisions these four players have made.  We know that Antonio Velardi of Sydney is going to be getting his head together with Trimbole.  No doubt they would have voted to use the boys that they knew best to go through with the actual murder.

Before we consider whom that might be, we need to expose el padrino himself.

event-cobblerPietro Callipari would have made sure that he kept control of the operation. He’s the boss man.  What is in his chart?

We would expect pretty spectacular results for the little cobbler and we are not disappointed.

  • Natal Mercury is at the ascendant – as el padrino, he gives the order to kill Donald Mackay.  He is the top of the tree.
  • Natal Saturn is conjunct the mid-heaven – as el padrino, he has the ultimate authority – note here that Callipari has a Saturn retrograde – this can also be interpreted as, “See Dad, I made it to the top.” 
  • Transiting Saturn (the grim reaper) is conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – l’onorate… silence
  • Transit Moon (blue) conjunct natal Pluto – another power symbolism indicator.
  • Transiting Mars square natal Sun – the order is given by him and no-one else.  Must have been a great ego trip for this little man.

Enough of the scheming.  What of the action?  Where’s the smoking gun?

I’m sorry, but that will require a whole post of its own Part 3, as we continue our search for those who carry the burden of guilt to their graves; guilt of the murder and disposal of the body of Donald Mackay.

Thicker than water

… the next generation.

If he’d stuck to la famiglia, none of this would have happened.  That boy never listened, no matter how often I told him.  And what does he do – he goes into business with that jamook, Higgs. That would never have happened in the old country. Mama, mia!

I know that blood is thicker than water, Francesco, but this is taking things too far, mate. I mean, really…  Let me explain.

It wasn’t a good idea for your son to choose Signorina Barbaro as his wife and potential mother of your grandchildren. What were you thinking?  Did you give them your blessing?

I mean you are his father and also her uncle so the couple are first cousins to start with; her father is your brother is he not?  Plus we know that your wife, Pasquale’s mother is also her daughter-in-law’s aunt; the children’s mothers are sisters. Whoa!

Their mothers are sisters and their fathers are brothers and they are going to have children together… hello???

You are really muddying the waters; mucking up the gene pool, Francesco.  Anyone who keeps a stud-book will tell you this a no-no.  Did the church give special dispensation or did you slip them a fat wad of notes?

Heaven help those who live in grass castles.

grasscastleHalf an hour before dawn on a cold winter’s morning in Tharbogang, outside Griffith, New South Wales, Francesco protested against four Australian Federal Police officers’ entry, “I don’t know anything about drugs. Leave me alone.”

What a joke!  This is the man named in the Woodward Royal Commission as one of the players in the Australian Mafia; a major grower and harvester of marijuana and part of the Calabrian plot to murder anti-drugs campaigner, Donald Mackay some thirty years ago.

Francesco Barbaro was top of the family tree; el padrino, some would say and he claims not to know anything about drugs?

I plan to share that forensic astrology enquiry another day, but for now we have to admit, no, Francesco “Little Trees” Barbaro is not involved in what went down today, as it happens.

His son Pasquale is the villain in the piece this time.  Like father, like son.  You know, the one whose mother and father were a bit thicker than first cousins. How do I know that Pasquale’s old man is telling the truth?  The heavens told me so…

This drug-bust and aftermath is an astrologer’s dream.  Taking a snapshot of the planets orbiting in the heavens at those moments in time, puts a smile on my dial.

Because we use the astrologer’s zodiac as a backdrop in order to measure the tension between these planets, I have to tell you that this is a forensic astrology enquiry, is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law.  The interpretation is from classic astrology and the toolkit is readily available to all.

tinned tomatoesHowever let me begin at the beguine.  We need to travel south from the Riverina to Melbourne and join Customs officers as a shipping container lands on the docks; a shipping container of tinned tomatoes from Italy; the basis for every good spaghetti sauce.

Out with the can opener and lo and behold we have 4.4 tonnes of MDMA, Ecstacy tabs.  The outlay was $10 million for the drug syndicate and the street value; a squillion at a guess.  In 2007 it was the world’s largest haul of illegal MDMA.

AFP did a brilliant sting and replaced the E-tabs with harmless tabs and released the shipment.  It didn’t take long before phone-taps caught the frantic syndicate arguing among themselves both in Australia and overseas.

E-tomatoesBrother against brother; Barbaro against Barbaro.  Pasquale even came close to killing Fedele D’Amico, blaming him for the deal going sour.  Don’t worry Pasquale copped that charge as well, once the whole lot fell over.

If we put aside the other members of the syndicate and stick with a couple of Riverina players for our enquiry, we have:

  • the date of the Customs discovery of the first shipment
  • the birth dates of Pasquale Barbaro and also his cousin Saverio Zirilli.

Not knowing the exact time of the discovery by Customs, we must ignore the angles of the bi-wheels, however the planets will tell us whether these two were involved with the importation of these drugs – method.

tomatoesThe inner wheel is the can-opening event and the outer wheel the birth data of our two heavy-weights.  It’s a great day for Customs, Sun conjunct Mercury (orange).  Firstly P. Barbaro in the mix.

  • Lunar nodal axis – the public exposure is exact conjunct Pasquale Barbaro’s planet Pluto, his power base (red).  If that isn’t pulling the rug out from under his feet, nothing is.
  • Sun-Mercury has transited to square natal Venus.

Venus represents the family and the Sun-Mercury conjunction is the day that the date and communication planets got together.  I’d suggest there had to be a tip-off as to why this particular consignment was inspected on this particular day and that it came from within the family – the heavens say so.

As to Saverio Zirilli, his chart is jumping up and down considerably more.

  • Transiting Pluto (red) is square natal Jupiter (green) this fellow’s very cocky about this shipment; the anticipation factor is high.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) inflates natal Mercury – that’s more of the same – he’s verbalising/mouthing-off his anticipation, big time.
  • The Moon (blue) is conjunct natal Saturn – his authority needs are fulfilled.
  • Transiting Mars (action) opposite turquoise highlighted Neptune (drugs) and Venus (‘the family’).  We can suggest that Zirilli believed that this shipment would take him up the family heirarchy

Snakes and ladders more likely, Zirilli…

The information of the first shipment was never released to the media as the undercover operation continued.  The AFP waited and listened until another shipment by the same syndicate landed the following year, this time coffee beans and cocaine; 150 kgs of cocaine.

coffeeThis time we have a clock-timed event, a bust across borders and time-zones.  So how did our cousins handle this event?

  • This time Pasquale Barbaro has Mercury (yellow on the inner wheel), the planet of communication intersecting his Lunar nodal axis.  This is your 15 minutes of fame on the stage Pasquale.
  • Turquoise coloured Neptune (drugs) in the inner wheel is also exact in this conjunction.  A perfect day for a drug bust – Mercury opposite Neptune.

I couldn’t have lined the planets up better myself.  Every planet in the inner wheel has an interaction with another and a story to tell of their own…  the heavens are on the side of the good guys, it seems.

Zirilli is not as cocky as he was, however the bust has still come as a surprise.

  • The time of the bust (the ascendant) conjuncts his natal planet Uranus (red) creating sudden changes. Did he think he was going to get away with it?
  • The Moon is also square natal Uranus.  Needs change Zirilli – change of diet to porridge, mate.
  • Pluto transits to create tension with natal Jupiter (green) – if that’s not a deflation of his balloon then nothing is.

These Riverina boys were off their patch. Pasquale Barbaro had made a very big mistake.  Wanting to be the next el padrino, he had gone into business with the bikie gang founder, John Higgs and not kept the deal within la famiglia.  For that he got 30 years without parole; Zirilli, a slightly lesser charge. One year down, 29 to go Pasquale…

Bust-Barbaro,FAs for Francesco – he spoke the truth on this occasion. The heavens would have us believe that Francesco Barbaro was not involved with the coffee importation and we know he would never do business with a bikie.

It’s just not the way it was done in the old days.

Francesco might be keeping tight-lipped, but this bi-wheel tells us all we need to know…

  • The date of the bust, the Sun (orange) is square to Francesco’s natal Uranus.  There sure are sudden changes within your family today, Francesco.  Your son Pasquale is off to jail.
  • Transiting Mars (action) is exact the midpoint of natal Neptune (drugs) Mercury (communication). You can bet your bottom dollar el padrino had forewarning of the AFP’s visit.
  • The ascendant is also showing us the exact midpoint of Pluto and Venus in Francesco’s natal wheel.  Half an hour before sunrise when four AFP officers interviewed Francesco Barbaro, the family ties were broken; power evaporated in the pre-dawn mist. 

The heavens invariably have the last word – the power of la famiglia has been broken.