A grave concern

An obituary provides us with a timeline with which we can look a little deeper into the murder of a young woman, who had the world at her feet; a murder which raised a public outcry in the city of Melbourne.

I created a page on my blog as the crime made news; as the alleged perpetrator was arrested; the public outrage on social media grew; the peace rally was held.  We all mourned the loss of a beautiful woman.  With respect, I closed the page.   RIP Jill Meagher.

If we can take a step back from the personal, to the horror of the crime, what can we learn from this?  Rather than feeling hopeless, we each have to look inside, to reflect on our own lives.  How can we make sense of it all; make a difference as a result of this monstrous event?

For me, I made the decision to reopen the page and post an ‘astrological post-mortem’, as I now had a firm date of birth for Jill Meagher.  I could at least find where the victim’s Moon was located in her horoscope – bring her home to rest.

The Moon means much to us all.  The Moon is our emotional needs base; it is the Mother.  We need nurturing throughout our entire lives.  I wanted to contribute by giving our ‘discarded colleen’ one last hug from the heavens.

We have the tools of predictive astrology at hand, so from an astrological standpoint, what do we have to work with?

Thanks to a mainstream media obituary, we know that Jill Meagher was born on 30 October, 1982 in Drogheda, Ireland.  We don’t have a time of birth, however we do know that her parents relocated the family to Perth, Western Australia when Jill was 9; that the family returned to Ireland when she was 14.  By 2004 her parents were back in Australia, however Jill remained in Ireland to complete her education; start a career; get married and finally emigrate to Australia with her husband, Tom in 2009.

Now that is a wealth of information, for an astrologer. In fact, it is enough information to create a possible time of birth, a reasonable rectification of a horoscope for Jill Meagher.

Her Moon is in Aries – aha a feisty, driven lass; career minded and certainly a very bright spark.  No wonder she lit up a room when she walked in with that stellium (a whole heap of planets in close proximity).

I have highlighted the stellium in pink – note the planet Pluto in the middle.  Jill needed to prove her worthiness, a recurring theme it seems.  Tom was a good match for her as her Moon is at the cusp of his seventh house, the place of public relationships (such as a marriage).  Nothing in the shadows, with our Jill.

But enough of the person, let us look at the indicators in the heavens at the time of her last sighting ‘the event’, as it was only a few short minutes later that her abduction is alleged to have taken place. We now have Jill’s natal wheel (her birth horoscope) together with Google maps (giving us the cartography).  Putting this together, what sort of an ‘astrological picture’ can we come up with?

For those not familiar with my method of operation, there is detail elsewhere on this blog if you want – forensic astrology is on the navigation menu. 

I basically take the horoscope wheel of a person or an event or a combination of both then flip the wheel vertically to align the astrological ‘north’ to our accepted method of cartography – ‘north’ is always at the top of a map. We then combine the two; see what the heavens have to tell us.  Note the planet Pluto in particular, on this occasion.

Why Pluto? In mythology, Pluto is the God of the Underworld and an indicator of where we meet our maker in astrology.  Saturn and other planets can also play a role, however for us so far Pluto appears to be the director.

I reproduce here an ‘astrological picture’ used on a previous page – a wheel created of a map of the heavens at the time of the last sighting of Jill on CCTV footage.  It is 1.45am on 22 September, 2012 in Brunswick a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. This wheel is superimposed over a locality map of Brunswick with the points of Jill’s home and the site of the CCTV camera connected by a direct red line through the centre of the wheel to her home.  At this point in time Jill was still a missing person and not a known victim of murder.

The position of the planet Pluto has a direct line to Jill’s nearby home. Pluto involved indicates, in astrological terms, that Jill was probably no longer alive.

The second ‘astrological picture also used previously – this time a bi-wheel of a map of the heavens combined with the birth horoscope of Jill’s husband (20 January, 1981 in Dublin, Ireland).

Note: I reproduced the bi-wheel from the perspective of ‘the event’ (CCTV footage) not from the time of Tom Meagher’s birth as it is ‘the event’, which we are investigating, not Tom as an individual.

By now a body had been recovered.  We knew the location of a shallow grave and also the residential area of an alleged perpetrator of the crime, thanks to mainstream media. The Google map again provided the basis for this ‘astrological picture’.  This time the planet Saturn joined us by indicating the direction to the body’s location from ‘the event’ wheel.  Tom’s wheel had input as well, which surprised me at the time, however who am I to question The Fates.  Again follow the red line.

The position of the planet Pluto at the time of Tom’s birth has a direct line to where Jill’s body was recovered.

The third ‘astrological picture’ (my academic needs having input  here – employ triangulation methodology).  We know already that a bi-wheel produced from the perspective of ‘the event’ will have Saturn as a pointer and any secondary wheel will have an input. Rather than repeat this method, I wanted to hear the victim’s voice, Jill herself.  Dare I mention an insight into her karma, the lot Jill Meagher drew as she sat before The Fates; before she came into this human existence.

The position of the planet Pluto at the time of the victim’s birth has a direct line to the location of where her body was recovered.

The heavens have a lot more detail to say about this case, however the courts will deal with that if necessary.  For us this is a record of event to take heed and keep watch for Pluto in the chart of any future missing person.  To keep the light aloft and more if need be.  Thank you Gillian Edie Meagher for lighting our way.

Postscript 20th June, 2013:  Adrian Bayley plead guilty to all charges – sentence 35 years without parole.

Midpoints and murder

Exploration of the subtleties of astrological aspects in the horoscope of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay, our focus remains in the realm of nature, the perspective he brought with him into this life; the lot he has chosen to live. As much as we would like to get to pick the meat out of the bones, it’s not time yet to visit the nurturing aspect, the influence of his parents, siblings or those who were part of his early life.

We need to peel off another layer to discover what the Fates have in store.  They hinted in my last post, rather bluntly I thought, that there was much to be revealed among the midpoints, in relation to the crime and so today we return to the subtleties of these midpoints in the horoscope wheels of the accused and the crime event – that fateful night of 19 April, 2012.

A midpoint is not a physical entity like a planet.  It is a mathematical point of considerable significance in an astrological chart. The use of midpoints historically goes back to around the year 1200 AD when Guido Bonati, a famous Italian Astrologer, used ‘half-sums’ (midpoints) in his interpretations of horoscope wheels.

When an astrologer refers to the Sun/Moon midpoint for example, they are referring to the point halfway between the Sun and the Moon. For example, if the Sun is at 10 degrees Aries and the Moon is at 20 degrees Aries, the Sun/Moon midpoint is 15 degrees Aries.  A midpoint makes contact with a planet in a horoscope; the combined energies of the midpoint interact with the planetary energies.  Eg, if a midpoint makes contact with the Sun and the midpoint is Mars/Pluto.  It is written as Sun=Mars/Pluto.

  • Sun=Mars/Pluto is likely to be interpreted as – this individual takes pride in asserting power; Sun=Pluto/North Node – this individual takes pride in being a powerful public figure.  Mars=Mercury/Ascendant – action man talks about and has a lot of ideas about – himself.  Do any of those examples sound like anyone we know?  Of course, they’re the midpoints of Gerard Baden-Clay – his view of the world, which is not necessarily ours.

At five minutes to midnight, on the night of the murder the midpoint picture was different.

Sun=Moon/Jupiter  This event was emotionally highly charged;  pride was an inflated issue; opinions were a sensitive subject.  The Sun gives us the ‘pride’; the Moon tells us that there is an ‘emotional charge’; Jupiter expands what it touches, ‘inflates’ as well as bring the focus onto ‘opinions’.   Midpoints give us a story.

  • When I consider another example, which was not present on this particular night – Venus=Mars/Neptune, we could have seduction on the agenda, as the focus with lots of ‘fairy dust’ (Neptune) being thrown about excessively; ‘porky pies’ by the truckload or liquor plied – anything to ease the way for a little romance, shall we say.  However in another situation there could be a very different interpretation.

I am reminded of a sculptor who lived long, long ago on the island of Cyprus.  His name was Pygmalion. A very sensitive and moral chap who was horrified at the rough and tumble of his fellow creatures; the sinful lives and general wickedness by both men and women. He was a dreamer, an artist and steadfast in his moral high ground. We might consider him overly restrained by today’s standards; committed to retaining his innocence until wedded bliss.

Unfortunately as the years passed, he never met a kindred spirit to share his life. He dreamed his dreams of love lost and in the long evenings he chiseled away at wood and stone, making toy soldiers, flutes and things that took his fancy, to while-away the long nights. His little pieces were more of a hobby, more pleasurable than his daily chore of sculpting grand statues and the like.

One day he picked up a piece of ivory while rummaging in his sculptor’s store and put it in his pocket. Pygmalion took it home and under a crescent moon one evening, as Venus shone brightly in the sky, he picked up the smooth piece of ivory in his hands and began to imagine what it might reveal to him.

As he worked with his tiny chisels, he felt a tingling in his fingers. His senses became more alert. Pygmalion knew it was a special night. He could feel the presence of the Goddess.  His pulse quickened and his heart rate increased; his blood pressure levels probably jumped a few points and goodness knows what was going on in his hormone storage tank.

The planets had aligned, his time had come, for before he knew it a form was shaping in his hands.  As he worked, he released a beauty from the bone, more beautiful than any he had created before in wood, stone or ivory.

Not a flute as was his want to carve, but the woman of his dreams. Her shape was womanly, her legs were lean and with her face revealed, his spirits soared and love swelled in his heart. He put her down. He picked her up. Was she flesh or bone? Her skin was milky white, the color of the Moon. She remained cool ivory in his hands. Placing her gently by his pillow, he dreamed sweet dreams, that night.

Pygmalion’s days passed, his daily routine became the dream and each evening he hurried home to be in reality, with his ivory-skinned beauty.  He whispered to her. He caressed her. He bought home little gifts to her each night – shells from the beach; a flower whose perfume had attracted him; a feather dropped from heaven that day; the first rays of sunshine after rain.  Each and every night he held her in his arms, with no response. She remained cool ivory in his hands and many, many nights he prayed to Venus, that love might join him in his lonely existence.

As the annual feast day of the goddess drew near, Pygmalion made pilgrimage to Venus’ shrine. He threw himself before her; lay prostrate before her statue; pleaded for her help. In his despair he even offered his life if need be, for the cause of love. The temple maidens hid from view.  Venus was obviously busy elsewhere.

However duty calls, as it is want to. Her diary opened at our page, Venus, by her presence, heard Pygmalion’s plea. He must have struck a chord or the right note in his wailing, for Venus was stirred to action.  The temple flame flickered and rose as if in answer to his prayers. He felt his beating heart flutter even more than usual so, with hope eternal in his breast, he paid homage to the Goddess of Desire then rushed home to his delight.

Taking his ivory beauty to his chest, he felt her warm beneath his touch. She had a pulse; her body swelled to meet him; she moved her limbs, her arms, and her body; her face gained color. Ruby lips smiled up at him, returning his embrace. Pygmalion had whistled up his living doll.   Now that m’dears, is Venus in action – Venus=Mars/Neptune.

My Fair Lady (based on Pygmalion) was a huge hit in the West End, as well as on the screen and think about how many other movies are based on the story of Pygmalion.  Ruby Sparks is about to hit our screens any day now. You can bet Allison loved them all.

  • Allison had Venus=Jupiter/Neptune which equates to a ‘rose-coloured glasses’ event.  Note that Mars is not in the picture (no action) and replaced by Jupiter (inflation).  That gives us the big dream, which remains as a fantasy; not grounded in reality. Allison would have loved the fantasy element of the chick flick. The bigger the better.

Midpoints are our richness, our wealth of character.  Some are of good character and others bring tears to our eyes and much wringing of hands. The resulting meld of two planets; a subtle mix gives us another layer to explore in an effort to understand the behaviour of the accused, together with the sulphurous smell in the atmosphere at the time of the crime.  The midpoints reveal the subtleties, the unconscious desires in all of us.  That someone should peel off the layers, be it an apple, an onion, or the human psyche, what we find can be delicious or distasteful.

Let’s take the crime event (the time of 11.55pm on 19 April 2012) as an example of a planet, which will have any individual’s midpoints interacting with it; then consider the midpoints, which already exist in the horoscope of the accused and interpret astrologically.

There is one point, which leaps off the page.  I duck before the crone pokes me again. At the top of the wheel of the ‘crime event’, the mid-heaven; the Medium Coeli; the MC, we can see that the zodiac is at 02degrees Scorpio.  We note also that the transiting Sun is in opposition to this point.  The Sun is where we can expect it to be as after-all, it is five minutes before midnight.

The MC is an angle (one of the four major angles in a horoscope) as well as the cusp of the tenth house.  This is the point where the focus is on ‘who you are’ or ‘who you think you are’.  The MC represents our most visible achievements in the eyes of society, our public ‘face’ (as opposed to our more personal ‘face’ at the Ascendant), our accomplishments, and our overall sense of responsibility and standing in society.  Basically it’s our reputation.

This is the point in time where Gerard Baden-Clay’s world collided with the real world, in real time. This is where he has made his reputation. Whatever he achieved in his life before this point in time, means nothing, zilch. At precisely 11.55pm Gerard Baden-Clay interacted and changed his reputation (MC) in the following manner.

MC=Sun/Moon  His primary midpoint is the Sun/Moon. There is nothing bigger in an individual’s life than this point interacting with a planetary station. We are not talking character building here in a natal horoscope.  If someone were born with MC=Sun/Moon the individual could look forward to a stunning career and public reputation.

Gerard Baden-Clay was not born with this midpoint, however by the crime that he is accused of committing having occurred at this particular point in time, we can guarantee a public reputation of sorts.  We have peeled off a layer.

  • Astrologically speaking, found guilty, the reputation of the accused will not reach a higher point in his lifetime than this. This is ‘it’ for him, the end of the road in the reputation stakes.

There are more midpoints and I add them, as they are specifically at the same point and add to the weight under the saddle.

MC=Venus/Jupiter  His reputation as a ladies man is overinflated (Jupiter); he is in fact an opinionated (Jupiter) philanderer and with the transiting Sun at the IC (bottom of the wheel), his opinion of himself as a reputable ladies man is highlighted and open to ridicule.

MC=Venus/IC  His reputation as a high roller in the money stakes (the alternative aspect of Venus) is illuminated (by the transiting Sun at the IC). By now the magnifying glass is smoking under the heat.  There ‘aint no money, honey.  There’s no place at the high rollers table for you.

MC=Jupiter/IC   His reputation (again highlighted by the Sun at the IC) is in tatters big time. Inflated, opinionated, this nag is knackered.

MC=Uranus/Neptune  His reputation is fed by the fantasy (Neptune), ‘that things can change suddenly’ (Uranus).  Don’t meddle with Uranus, as it inevitably brings daddy into the picture and we all know who Uranus’ daddy is – Chaos.

  • Is this the point where the accused had, what he thought was an epiphany?  Was he lured by Mammon’s light?

Hell and high water Pt.2

We know that the body of the victim, Allison Baden-Clay was recovered from under Kholo Creek Bridge prior to this study of Hell and high water Pt. 1 and 2. These two posts are intended to share possible alternative locators, together with their methods of application.  These methods are not presented as being superior to the excellent work of the S.E.S., Q.P.S. or the alert public.

Part 1 revealed the synchronicity of celestial longitude and the arcs within a horoscope indicating the physical location of the victim’s body.  These results are in alignment with the facts of the matter. We now turn our attention to Part 2.

The second part of our enquiry is where we combine cartography and astrology as locators.

Firstly the map-makers:

This begins with a map provided by mainstream media, derived from Google Maps. It shows “A” as the home of the victim and the accused and “B” as the recovery location of the body.

There is a possible route highlighted in blue (created by the media), which the accused may have taken when disposing of the body, however there are other possible routes suggested by the Queensland Police Service.

The red line is my contribution “as the crow flies.”  I have drawn a direct line from the site of the murder to the Kholo Creek Bridge.

The map of the heavens at 11.55pm on the night of 19/20 April, 2012 reveals much as I have detailed in Part 1.

I need to share a little astrology before I continue, call it background information, so bear with me.

An astrology wheel/horoscope is drawn up by tradition with the direction North being at the bottom of a wheel, South at the top, East on the left and West on the right. A topsy-turvy mirror image of the world as we know it according to cartography.

This is totally ‘off the planet’ to us rational map-readers and very confusing when learning astrology, I can tell you.  Please just accept it as a ‘known’ that this is how things are in the world of astrology and the following will reveal itself, as it must.

  • In order to ‘do what I do’ to follow this celestial longitude path, I need to flip the ‘crime time’ astrology wheel vertically so as to have North at the top rather than the bottom. See here for detail.

We need to have both maps ‘on the same page’; for astrology to be in-line with the cartographers map (above).  The two ‘maps’ need to be in the same format in order to work together – the map of the earth and the map of the heavens, in alignment.

  • The next step is to superimpose the inverted crime time map over point “A” with the centre of the wheel exactly over point “A”.

You will note that I have extended the red line over the superimposed wheel to replace the original red line from point “A”, which is obscured.

It doesn’t take too much to see a very different picture once a wheel is flipped.  We have a very clear indicator right up against the red line – the planet Pluto.  Pluto points the way to the body.

Pluto is, as we already know in astrological terms, the indicator of death and so we know for a start that the person at the location is deceased.

Astrology notes:

Looking at the astrology wheel we can see that the horizon line remains intact indicated by the West to East parallel, on an even keel.  The North South axis is slightly askew as determined by the position of the Sun in the sky, the distance from the equator. 

The wheel is computer generated not a manual creation by me. I wipe my brow here in relief and send mental thanks to Dennis Haskell for his software genius, Graphic Astrology for the Mac.

We could also follow the red line through the wheel to intersect with the 9th house cusp – death and transformation, however I don’t see the need.  That can be for others to pursue.  I have made my point and so to my third focus in the triangulation process.

Allison has the last word

If we follow the same process as above to create another combined map – this time we bring Allison into the picture  and we have another point of view – that of the victim.

  • The next step is to flip this bi-wheel vertically (see here for a detailed image) and superimpose this wheel over the cartography map following the same steps as taken above – North aligned to North.

Allison’s voice is coming through loud and clear.

Pluto remains, as detailed above on the red line indicating the direction for us to follow and if we continue the red line north-east we connect to Allison’s birth chart on the outer perimeter of the bi-wheel and there lo and behold we see Allison.

  • Natal Sun at 9degrees Cancer (8degrees55’)
  • Natal Venus 11degrees Cancer
  • Natal Mars at 6degrees Cancer

All three of these planets are lined up directly opposite ‘crime time’ Pluto and in a direct line to the location of the body. 

These three personal planets, together with the indicator Pluto, are directly on the line connecting “A” and “B.”  We can say without a doubt that Allison has her weight (3 planets including her Sun) behind the direction that we must follow to the discovery of her body.

  • Almost as a postscript, although equally important we can use the celestial longitude of 152 degrees once more (see Hell and high water Pt.1). I would like the victim, Allison Baden-Clay to have the last word here…

From the Ascendant at the time of the crime to the Natal Sun of Allison we have an arc above the horizon of 152 degrees, exact to the longitude of 152 degrees – the site of Kholo Creek Bridge where the body came to rest.


Hell and high water Pt.1

Before we leave the company of Pluto, our Greek God of the Underworld, Hades I thought we might toast our feet a little more in these dangerous environs by exploring the position of Pluto in the heavens on the night of 19/20 April, 2012.  The planet Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn for all of that fateful night.

Astrologically speaking, the position of Pluto in a horoscope is an indicator of death, of meeting one’s maker.

From my deductions, Allison Baden-Clay was murdered around midnight on the night of 19/20 April, 2012.  There is no information currently to hand to substantiate this time; no report in mainstream media nor any court documents to clarify my claim, however time and history will determine whether I am correct or not.

I have come to this conclusion by viewing the complete picture of the crime as provided by mainstream media together with the natal information, the birth date of the victim.  My observations are made from an astrological perspective, not fact.

According to the Queensland Police Service charge sheet of 20 June, 2012:

“Gerard Baden-Clay allegedly killed his wife at their Brookfield Road home ‘on or about’ April 19, 2012. He has been further charged with improperly interfering with her body at Kholo Creek.”

I interpret this as meaning that the victim was murdered at her home and the body transported by the accused to the area of Kholo Creek.

There is much conjecture as to exactly where the body was transported; whether it was left under the Kholo Creek Bridge; in Little Ugly Creek; below or above the waterline or in a dry creek-bed. However the fact is that the body was not found for ten days after her murder, during which time temperatures reached as high as 29 degrees C  during the day and as low as 8 degrees C at night.

Following eight days in the elements, the heavens opened and a couple of days of heavy rainfall (up to 100mm was recorded) created flash-flooding.  This, in turn, flushed the body out and downstream to its resting place under the Kholo Creek bridge.   About 11am on the morning of 30 April, after the early morning 2.1 metre high tide, a kayaker/canoeist discovered a body, which was later identified as being Allison, under Kholo Creek Bridge, only metres from the Brisbane River.

For an astrologer, the site where a body is found is the focus of an enquiry and the point at which calculations are made for this study.  The exact coordinates of the Kholo Creek Bridge are of particular interest to us:   Latitude 27 degrees 29’ 40”S    Longitude 152 degrees 44’ 51”E

There is a field of astrology, which focuses on the location of persons who have been murdered or are missing.  The method uses the celestial longitude measurements as the main part of deduction, the very same longitude, which we know of in cartography, the study of maps – latitudes and longitudes.

In my view, celestial longitude has turned out to be absolutely correct on this occasion.

You may say, well we know where the body is and that I’m looking at this in hindsight; that we are not tracking the location of a missing body. Yes, I agree with you, however I continue to examine every rock I trip over, as I build the case of revealing the psychological profile of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay.

I’ve used my academic training in triangulation yet again and despite all my efforts I cannot argue with the results.  There are planetary indicators, which are uncannily in line with the theory of celestial longitude ‘pointing the way’ to the body’s location.

Firstly the degrees of arc/longitude phenomenon.

Referring to the snapshot of the heavens just before midnight on 19 April, 2012 reveals the planet Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn;  the Descendant of the wheel is at 7 degrees Leo; the planet Neptune is at 2 degrees Pisces and the Ascendant is 7 degrees Aquarius.

  • The arc above the horizon from Pluto to the Descendant is 152 degrees.
  • We know that the location of the body, Kholo Creek Bridge is also 152 degrees longitude.

As well, Neptune is not far removed from Pluto – under the horizon.  Neptune is at 2 degrees Pisces. Neptune and Pisces both indicate the water as a location.

  • The arc below the horizon from Neptune to the Descendant is 155 degrees.  That is only two minutes of clock time off being an exact 152 degrees.  That’s just a couple of breaths away and near enough for me to be of relevance to our picture.
  • The planet Mars is at 3 degrees Virgo, which brings us to another arc above the horizon to the Ascendant of 7 degrees Aquarius this time  – Mars to Ascendant 154 degrees.  Another cat’s whisker away in real time. The actual coordinates of the dumping site, if we ever do know, will prove interesting.

Meanwhile the planets Pluto and Neptune are situated either side of the Ascendant at the crime time.  This sends us looking for a midpoint picture. The Ascendant is 7 degrees Aquarius which gives us the midpoint picture of Ascendant= Neptune/Pluto.  This is interpreted in astrological terms as:

  • The timing of the murder = use of deception in order to maintain the position of power in a relationship, together with the misuse of power to create dramatic change in the relationship.   Sexual power is simmering just under the surface of this crime.

The keywords to this crime are secrets and power.

Hell and high water Pt. 2 follows…