Death penalty in Georgia

A letter from the the US apostolic nuncio, who acted as Pope Francis’ ambassador….
While not wishing to minimize the gravity of the crime for which Ms. Gissendaner has been convicted, and while sympathizing with the victims, I nonetheless implore you, in consideration of the reasons that have been presented to the Board, to commute the sentence to one that would better express both justice and mercy.
lethalinjectionKelly Gissendaner’s date with the death chamber was postponed twice earlier in 2015 for ‘administrative’ reasons.  A last ditch appeal by her family on 29th September only gave the inmate on death-row some five-hour’s reprieve; long enough for the planets to align, as was her fate.
At 12:21am 30th September 2015 in Jackson, Georgia, Kelly Renee Gissendaner breathed her last as a lethal injection took her life.  The Moirai (fates) no doubt, would have been present as she sang Amazing Grace.
DP-KellyGissendaner-blogclick on chart for full size
This is a bi-wheel from the perspective of the time of her death with Kelly’s natal chart on the outside (method).  We need to view her horoscope through a timed perspective, as we are not privy to her actual birth time; just the date.
  • At the time of Kelly Gissendaner’s death, the mid-heaven overhead reveals her natal Sun (what she wants) and the asteroid Douglas EXACT at the diabolical 18°Pisces.  It appears that she got what she wanted; to be reunited with the husband she conspired to murder, Douglas Gissendaner.
Kelly just had to wait for the right timing.  Whether Douglas was waiting could be quite a different thing, but in her mind at least, he was if astrology interpretation is any indication.
  • Transiting Chiron is at this position in the heavens as well; overhead, identifying the open-wound; praying for intervention – Chiron in Pisces.  When Chiron is in Pisces, there is often a loss of faith in one’s belief system, however life and death is always in the lap of Mother Necessity and The Fates – rather than us mere mortals and our religions.
  • Kelly Gissendaner was born with the fates, Moirai 26:58°Aries (red text) conjunct the cutting of the cord of life, Atropos 27:38°Aries; determining her ending was a fated one.
  • Transiting (blue text) at the time of her death, that very same asteroid; Moirai was holding the mirror 27:14°Libra; EXACT by opposition.  Time to go Kelly…
  • The evil star Algol is conjunct Fini#795 at 26:05°Taurus in the 11th house; finality, the end.
In an astrology enquiry and with the gift of hindsight, we can visit the past through the present.
  • Murder of  Douglas Gissendaner: ~11:30pm 7th February 1997.

murderThere are some conjunctions of interest in this chart that would relate back to Kelly’s childhood wounds; unfulfilled desires. I.e. continual need (by her) for her partners to value-her.

  • Saturn-Fini#795 at 4°Aries – end of the line for someone; the grim reaper at the door. ** (pink)
  • Moon-Atropos#273 at 27°Aquarius – need for the life cord to be cut at this time.
  • Venus-Uranus at 6°Aquarius – desire to please the lady ** (red)
  • Jupiter-Ceres#1 at 4°Aquarius – needs to be reassured of love; continuation of above need. ** (red)
  • Mercury-Neptune 28°Pisces (conjunct IC) – fantasy fulfillment ** (red)
  • The ascendant must be noted for the next chart; 26:51°Libra.  ** (blue)

We view from the same standpoint as originally discussed above; the execution, however this time we consider the time that Douglas Gissendaner is reported as being killed.  So we have the perspective of the time of death of Kelly Gissendaner and the time of death of her victim (her lover Gregory Owen did the deed).

death-murder copyHaving two timed events, we have two ascendants and two mid-heavens to consider; something we rarely have in our cases to date. I’ll combine the dual interpretations.

  • The fates; Moirea#638 transiting at 27:14°Libra , at the time Kelly died by lethal injection, are conjunct the ascendant (AC – ** blue above) at the time of the murder of her husband – 26:51°Libra.

Not only an eye for an eye by the law of the land, but it would appear to be so in the heavens; as fated.

  • Transiting Pluto 12°Capricorn EXACT asteroid Pallas#2 (the avenging warrior)
  • 8th house transiting asteroid Douglas#2684 (husband’s name) 5°Aquarius is EXACT midst the ** red above conjunctions.

It’s always about the timing isn’t it…  Now we know why the stay of executions from February-March 2015.

  •  Transiting BML/Mean apogee – asteroid Juno#3 (spouse) at 4°Libra opposite ** pink above; Saturn-Fini#79 at 4° Aries – death of a spouse.

tinfoilhatThere would be much more astrology to interpret I am sure, however our aim is not for overkill. These charts are for the record as an expression of timing and synchronicity of events.

We have no need to attempt to convert anyone to this belief system of astrology.  It is pseudo-scientific and a skeptical hat must remain on one’s head at all times.