Kelsey Berreth

This is a case of a missing pilot; one without a plane. Her name is Kelsey Berreth.

Timeline as per Woodland Park PD, Colorado.

  • 22 November 2018: 12:05pm cctv footage of Kelsey at Woodland Park, CO
  • 25 November: Phone ping 5:13pm from Gooding, Idaho cellphone tower
    Note: text messages were sent from Kelsey’s phone on this date
  • 02 December: 12:37pm Welfare check/MPR Woodland Park, CO.

The following is an astrology enquiry; snapshots of the heavens, at specific times and locations. Any astrology interpretation of these patterns, is considered as psycho-scientific by all courts of law, and can only be considered to be opinion.

Missing: Kelsey Marie Berreth DOB 15September 1989
POI: Patrick Michael Frazee DOB 19April 1986

Asteroid Phaeton #3200 is regularly used in astrology as indicative of a mode of transport. Be it a bicycle, aeroplane, or space shuttle. Other symbols of flight include the planet Jupiter, which is the natural ruler of the zodiac of Sagittarius, and the 9th house.

A snapshot of the heavens 22nd November 2018 in Woodland Park… it’s a Jupiter day; Sun in the opening degree of 0:25°Sagittarius.

  • At the time of the cctv, both Sun and Jupiter are in the 9th house under direct tension from transiting Mars 4:15°Pisces.
  • Jupiter is at the midheaven (timing in any chart) and also quindecile (obsessed by) asteroid Phaeton 17:54°Taurus.
  • The Sun is quincunx (disregard for consequences of one’s actions on this particular day) tension with the planet Uranus 29:25°Aries – indication of sudden changes of behaviour.

A confident interpretation would be that Kelsey’s career could very well be on her mind.

The negative aspect of any change in behaviour at this time is Arabian Part Fortuna at 11°Leo is opposite Black Moon Lilith at 12°Aquarius – nudging the ascendant. The outlook/destiny of an incident relating to this time-in-space is not auspicious.

  • There is also a potential troubling aspects of transiting Venus (in 8th house; endings) 26°Libra quincunx Juno Rx-Moon-Narcissus in Taurus, as well as the second quincunx to Chiron 25°Pisces – fear of creating trouble and strife in a relationship as a result of jealousy/possessiveness. It is 26:18°Sagittarius; Ixion (murder flag) that enters the picture at this point, firstly quincunx Narcissus (self-interest), nudging Pholus (where mistakes are made), and square Chiron. Malefic indication is present; a second warning of trouble.

Natal chart for Kelsey Marie Berreth – potential weaknesses in horoscope. Note we do not have a birth time, so Moon is mid-range for the date of her birth. This is unfortunate for an astrology interpretation as the pattern in her chart is a fan with the handle being her Moon.

  • Born in the evening would give us an Aries Moon; entrepreneurial and self-focused personal needs. Her Moon mirrors Mars-Nessus-Sun in Virgo.  This is a lady who needs a career.  An Aries Moon will always project personal needs.
  • Having Saturn-Neptune Rx conjunction in Capricorn hints at an element of martyrdom – with asteroid Martir also conjunct Alekto 1-2°Sagittarius, the anger that goes along with this conjunction of self-control is evident.
  • Saturn opposite Jupiter and quincunx Phaeton Rx, give us the strong connection to flight; likely inspired by a male mentor.

Note: Before we include the natal chart for Patrick Frazee – an aside of the synastry/ potential relationship between the two natal charts is needed.

This synastry chart reveals the potential conflict with this couple relates to security; zodiac of Cancer.

  • Natal chart Kelsey: 15:23Cancer, Chiron = fear of security matters.
  • Natal chart Patrick: 16:04Cancer, Pallas = partnership – in this case, the co-parenting arrangement between the couple who do not live together)

Note: it is when we check the natal chart for Patrick Frazee’s mother (whom he lives with), we learn that Sheila Frazee’s natal stellium is in the zodiac of Cancer; Jupiter-Sun-Moon-South Node-Mercury-Uranus-Lie – all those eggs in one basket.

This would certainly be a major behavioural mismatch of behaviours between Kelsey Berreth and Sheila Frazee.  this could quite reasonably become a potential breaking point between the young couple.

Natal chart for Patrick Michael Frazee (with a mid-range Moon placement).  This chart reveals a character who has both Sun, Moon plus three major planets in the Fire element with a distinct lack of Air. I.E. – plenty of action, however lacking mental aptitude. Working with animals would certainly fit with these elements as his driver.

Major weaknesses include firstly his Sun-North Node conjunction within one degree and straddling the cusp of Aries-Taurus. This is indicative of an overly close connection between mother and son (his ego and her influence).

We immediately turn to Saturn (father indicator) and note the Saturn is Rx; he would have lacked a male mentor in early life. These two aspects together in the same chart, indicates that his mother has likely taken both parenting roles. Mother has been overly influential in the male’s life.
This can also provide a physical appearance of ‘childlike innocence’ in a a grown-man’s face to the world. However, don’t be deceived by appearances – there is a fire in this man-child’s belly. We can suggest this, as the asteroid Alekto (rage) is also exact his North Node.  A cauldron waiting to overflow…

  • Martir 6°Taurus is in the mirror of Pluto at 6°Scorpio – martyrdom and the perception that it brings power to the individual, is part of the belief system.
  • Venus together with Phaeton 21-23°Taurus are quincunx Uranus with Venus also mirroring Ixion. This combination of aspects could very well be indicative of the outcome of this case, as Ixion can ‘literally’ indicate murder, or at least; murderous rage.
  • Phaeton is quindecile Saturn Rx – therein lies an obsession potentially Kelsey’s career, or vehicles in general.
  • BML/Mean Apogee at 5°Gemini is quincunx Neptune Rx 5°Capricorn as well as Pluto Rx 6°Scorpio. The BML is indicative of the weakest point in a chart; communication on this occasion. This again ties in with the martyrdom comment.
  • Chiron at 11°Gemini is quincunx Mars – fear in relation to words and actions.
  • 16°Cancer Pallas; in this case the co-parenting arrangement and also tight conjunction with his mother’s stellium is square Eris (trouble-making) and quincunx Juno Rx manifesting as jealousy and possessiveness. The lack of communication skills would not work in his favour here. eg – whom to please… his mother, or the mother of his child.
  • Lie-Nessus 21-22°Leo are quindecile (obsessed by) Borasissi – this is where we pull the wool over our own eyes in order to maintain inner happiness. He would tell lies and abuse trust for personal gain.
  • Mid-range Moon is quindecile natal Jupiter-Vesta 12-13°Pisces – this likely relates to his personal belief system/faith/religion.

Note: Moon is mid-range and so could very well be conjunct Lie-Nessus as a personal emotive driver, or the Moon could swing the other way and generate a combined desire at natal 2 Virgo; Ceres (personal appetites).

On 25 November, Kelsey Berreth’s phone pinged in Idaho; not Colorado. If she was still alive at this point, natal asteroid Phaeton was conjunct the ascendant (location). This would indicate her being in-flight. Was she flying over Idaho, or into Idaho, when she turned her phone on to send text messages? EDIT: NO, she was deceased

5:13pm in Gooding, Idaho together with the natal chart for Kelsey Berreth. [edit – this chart is now subjective and cannot be considered as part of any astrology enquiry.]

This result of the astrology led to questions of Kelsey possibly being voluntary missing, with the asteroids of Mors (death sleep) and Hylonome (suicide indicator) changing the picture that we were forming of tension between the snapshots in place and time.

  • The Sun-Jupiter (date on the calendar) was conjunct natal asteroid Martir and the Moon conjunct natal Vertex; indicative of an emotive life-changing event.
  • Transiting Martir conjunct natal North Node – mrtyrdom traumatised
  • Transiting Hylonome conjunct natal Saturn – suicidal concerns in relation to self-control
  • Transiting Mars-Nessus conjunct natal Mors – a drive to take action in relation to a death-wish as a result of an abuse of trust

We had to seriously consider the fact that Kelsey was in danger of self-harm.

It was only in December when the law-enforcement focus was on Patrick Frazee; with an arrest made, that I had to let-go the theory that Kelsey was alive on 25November.; that this astrology interpretation could not be considered to be accurate if Kelsey Berreth was already deceased. A dead person cannot react to tension.

We await further developments and a timeline that is fleshed out; a timeline that we can use for further enquiry.

What a pratt

In my vernacular, a pratt is a derogatory term for someone who has not engaged brain before action or even perhaps a bit dim-witted; not necessarily a person who is intellectually challenged.  Our person of interest today is a natural, you’d have to agree, but let me bring you up to speed.

How it all started is when I was reading through law enforcement media statements on-line.

curiouscatAllowing for differences in urban-speak of media items from other English speaking nations, we filter out unfamiliar terminology or jargon unconsciously.  So unless we are not able to make sense of information, basically we ignore unnecessary names and phrases, unless the curious cat is in the room.

For example, I can remember an American science-fiction paperback where the protagonist, Andrew Libby had a nickname ‘Slipstick’.  My curiousity was peaked at the time, so I referred to an urban-dictionary. In the USA a ‘slipstick’ is what I knew as a ‘slide-rule’; a form of calculator.

…but back to the matter online. Neptune was obviously dancing with Mercury in the heavens, both then and now.  The charge sheet had provided the name of the suspect, Andrew Libby.  Memory bank vault flew open; my attention spiked; reality and fiction blurred.

When I read further that the perpetrator, Andrew Libby’s residential address was listed as Pratt Street, Longford and that he had been arrested for impersonating a police officer, my filofax went into a spin.  Hang on a minute, this has to be a spoof; a fiction, right?

Wrong…   Google Maps confirms the address does exist; multiple mainstream media sources reported the story and the arresting officer on the charge sheet is still with the Longmont Police Department – Detective Rachael Sloan is now Rachael Sloan Stogsdill; since married.  This case has to be for real.

Apparently Andrew Libby had presented at his local movie rental store claiming to be a ‘Porn Inspector’; demanding to see the store’s pornographic videos. He didn’t accept the staff’s protestations that they didn’t stock porn videos, dvds or x-rated films.  He left peaceably enough, though empty-handed.  The staff wrote it off as someone trying it on; wanting a freebie take-out.

0813082porn2aRebuffed, our POI decided to be more resourceful and returned to the store with a metal security officer badge and a better story. Perhaps the tin star was his nine year-old son’s; we don’t know.  The staff, no doubt were amused, at his return.

Libby flashed his tin star, claiming that he worked for the Colorado “Age Verification Unit” and would need all the store’s copies of pornography tapes in order to verify that the performers were of a legal age. Again he went home empty handed.

It was when he strolled in for a third go within two weeks, that store management decided that enough was enough and handed the CCTV footage over to police.  Unfortunately for Andrew Libby, but a bonus for LE, the recorded footage images were clear; he was recognized.  Slipstick had a police record.

A SWAT team and the Sloan Ranger arrived at Pratt Street to arrest the 33 year-old.  There was no resistance put up by Libby, although swords, knives and a gun were found in his mother’s home.  From the list recovered, it would appear that the only thing missing was a weapon of mass destruction.

His nine year-old son was taken into foster care by the Dept of Social Services;  Libby was charged downtown and transported to the Boulder County Jail, Colorado.  The charges stuck.

  • Two counts of impersonating a police officer
  • Possession of an illegal weapon
  • Possession of a firearm owned by an offender
  • Possession of less than an ounce of marijuana
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

We don’t need a calculator to know that having the felon’s birth data, CCTV footage of the video store with the clock time recorded, plus an arrest time some time later, we can now undertake an astrology enquiry.

A passive dope-head on one hand and disciplined police officers on the other – in my book, that’s not a lot of hysteria to look forward to.  We’re not likely to get any unmanageable emotional excesses in these charts.  What could we have though?

CCTV-Libbyclick on image for full size

Surprisingly there is quite a lot going on.  The bi-wheel (method) is generated from the time on the CCTV footage 9:32:56pm; the video-rental store. The outer wheel is the natal chart for our POI.

Hemisphere analysis tells us straight away that with Saturn (red) in the lower half of the outer wheel, that Andrew Libby’s authority is not out in the open; on the table.  The POI’s authority is a fiction; the tin star a toy.

The rest of him is pretty much open (in the upper hemisphere) apart from his emotional need (the Moon) in the 6th house.

Note: We can’t rely on an absolute position for his Moon placement, as we don’t have a time of birth, however the midpoint of noon does reveal that even if he was born at 1am or 11pm, the Moon would still be in the 6th house.

  • Transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel 23°Taurus is in the 2nd house, indicating a financial situation and with a trine (blue line) to the POI’s Venus (pink) in the outer wheel, we have another money indicator.  Desire to rent a video is present but no funds to pay for it, probably.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) is square natal Uranus in 7th house of public relationships – indicating sudden changes to a story.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) is conjunct the Lunar south node. Money and trauma! This position would be his undoing and opposite the other nodal axis – in a public venue.
  • Transiting Mars is square natal Mars – did he think he could push it?
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) inflates what it touches – directly opposite natal Saturn; the POI’s fake authority. Oh dear; he’s a worry.

Note that Neptune is not in the mix here.  It would appear that drugs were not behind Andrew Libby’s action; he wasn’t off his little tree at the time he pinned on his tin badge.

  • Natal Pluto isn’t in tension, so he’s not likely to be on a power trip either.
  • Transiting Uranus in the inner wheel is in the 12th house close to the ascendant, so there is likely to be a degree of mental instability in the mix.

The arrest was more than two weeks later and so the planets have ‘moved along’.  With the inner wheel Sun in the upper hemisphere, the clock time tells us that it was daylight; 10:56 am.


When we use the same method with the time of the arrest as the inner wheel and the natal wheel of Andrew Libby on the outside, we can again see what the heavens might add to the story of this thirty-three year-old man.

It would appear that our POI got a lot more of a buzz out of the trip to the video store than the arrest, judging by the tension in this bi-wheel; between the planets.  But then we would expect that, wouldn’t we, with a SWAT team at the door, our perp would be rather quiet.

This time it is the POI’s Uranus that is around the angle of Ascendant. Even though it is in the 1st house, I would take this as a confirmation of some mental instability in this person.

Saturn is again the protagonist, although this time it is Saturn in the inner wheel; the wheel has turned.   The Time Lord and authoritarian is conjunct Venus in the heavens and on the ground.

Note: Venus on this occasion represents the social group ie the police and they have authority, as we know.  Their badge isn’t made of tin.

  • Transiting Saturn-Venus is square the natal Lunar nodal axis of the POI – the arrest.
  • Transiting Saturn-Venus is square natal Neptune (turquoise) – drug bust.

sheriff-badgeUnfortunately for our perp, he was born with Neptune conjunct the North Node. We can therefore suggest there is probably an inherited propensity to mental instability and/or drug abuse.

Whether Andrew Libby is in the big house or under treatment in a mental institution; only heaven knows.