School holidays and sand dunes – Pt.2

continued from Pt.1

wandabeachdetectivesOn January 12th 1965, NSW Police were dispatched to Wanda Beach where they recovered the remains of teenagers Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt; partly buried in the sand dunes. They had been dead less than 24 hours when another teen found their mutilated bodies.  No one was held responsible in 1965, or since.  It remains, a cold case.

By 1973 when the police brief was archived, there were approximately 80 volumes of records; over 10,000 pages with 14,000 persons having been interviewed in relation to the murders.

The crime is one of Australia’s most infamous unsolved murders; so much so that to even mention ‘Wanda Beach’ today, sends flashbacks to baby boomers who remember the story.

On a windy Monday during the summer school holidays, teenage neighbours Marianne Schmidt and Mary Sharrock went to Sydney’s popular Cronulla Beach area with Marianne’s younger siblings. After a picnic, the younger children stayed in a sheltered area and the two 15-year-olds girls were seen talking to a fair-haired youth.

Peter Schmidt, 10, saw his sister and her friend with the teenager. His brother Wolfgang, 7, had also seen them talking to the boy earlier.  Had they gone off into the dunes with this youth, only to be murdered?

AstorErnie Percy took holidays with his family to coincide with yacht races around Australia. The yacht, Astor had won line honours in the Sydney to Hobart race that summer and the National Regatta was hosted by the BBYC.

The family stayed with Derek Percy’s granny; walking distance from West Ryde railway station where the two girls caught the train to Wanda Beach that fateful Monday.  Was Derek on that same train?

It wasn’t until four years later, in July 1969 when Derek Percy was arrested for the murder of Yvonne Elizabeth Tuohy, that he came to the attention of the Wanda Beach murder squad. 

Derek Percy fitted the identikit, something Percy’s fellow school students hadn’t missed.  The boys noticed the resemblance and commented at the time, however their taunting of sixteen year-old Derek Percy in a little country town in northern Victoria was too far from the city to be heard.

The suspects at the time were excluded from police enquiries, although Sydney-sider Christopher Wilder went on to become a ‘spree killer’ in the U.S. in 1984.  We have checked Wilder’s natal chart with the Wanda Beach murders and also exclude him from our astrology enquiry into this case.  There are no forensic indicators to connect him to the crime.

As for Alan Raymond Bassett, initially we were stymied from obtaining his birth data, much to our frustration.  Sometimes privacy laws can be a real hindrance.  Bassett was convicted of the murder of Carolyn May Orphin in Wollongong the following year, 1966.  Police were inclined to dismiss him as a suspect in the Wanda Beach murders.

PS: We now have Bassett’s birth data – charts do not indicate that he was connected to the Wanda Beach murders.  We therefore remove him from our astrology enquiry.

So we continue our astrology enquiry with Derek Ernest Percy and one other predator who was convicted many years later of a sexual crime against a minor – Eric Lowe Porter Woodleigh.  Although not a convicted killer, Woodleigh has to remain in our enquiry due to his likely presence at the scene.

We don’t know a lot about the man, however as he was of an age that could reveal military training, Wedgetailegal checked the military records for WWII. We have no trained killer, or war hero here. Woodleigh enlisted in the army in 1941, but was discharged before he even made it overseas.  Declared unfit – he had syphilis.

Penicillin hadn’t yet made it into general use and so we do not know whether this disease was congenital syphilis, or Woodleigh was infected by sexual transmission. Whether this impacted on his psyche, we do not know.

We’ve seen enough of the result of syphilis when we enquired of the suspects in the Jack the Ripper case, so having the disease probably didn’t help matters, however having contracted syphilis doesn’t make a man a paedophile or a killer.

Woodleigh worked many casual jobs from council cleaner, to bus driver and food vendor – running the Wanda Beach kiosk at one stage. We proposed in Part 1 that Woodleigh was likely the person at the Wanda Beach kiosk who plied Christine Sharrock with the alcohol found at autopsy; in the contents of her stomach.

As far as our astrology enquiry goes, we have already compared Woodleigh’s natal chart with that of Derek Percy and interpreted the connection between the two, however we need to enquire of them as individuals in relation to the murders at Wanda Beach.

Wanda-Woodleighclick on chart for full size

When we generate a bi-wheel (method) from the perspective of the event on that Monday 11th January, 1965 and add the natal chart of Eric Woodleigh, we can interpret the resulting tension between the planets.

Note that the inner wheel is the event and the outer wheel is the natal chart of Woodleigh.  Immediately we note that the angles are in play, however the transiting Lunar nodal axis is quiet – that’s one of the main forensic indicators for the trauma of the event; the murder.

  • The invisible man, natal Neptune (turquoise) is at the IC/MC axis – he slipped under the police radar, being ‘behind the counter’ at the time.
  • Natal Lunar nodal axis is at the Ascendant/Descendant – he is traumatised by the event, however not necessarily the creator of the trauma.
  • Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) is conjunct natal Uranus in the 10th house/career – this is a forensic indicator creating sudden changes in this man. We know that the event led to a quick change in career, leaving his address, plus a switch to an alias. 
  • Transiting Saturn is also opposite his natal Moon – the event drove his needs forward at home (4th house)
  • Obsessive behaviour is also present at this point with transiting Saturn quindecile natal Jupiter (green) inflating his sense of authority into the 5th house (his children).
  • Transiting Pluto is conjunct natal Jupiter – look out, kids, the strap is out..
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Mercury (communication) – secrets and alibis in the public sector.

Note that this aspect (Neptune conjunct Mercury) could also be interpreted as the fabulist indicator – where his family believed that their father was the Wanda Beach murderer.  If so, then we can suggest that Woodleigh would have allowed this fantasy (Neptune) to fester and breed for his own agenda.

I’m sure many fathers controlled their children with a similar threat, without considering the damage that they might do to their children’s psyche.

Despite the lack of natal Mars in the bi-wheel – indication of action, we still have to seriously consider Woodleigh as a possible perpetrator of these murders, however there is still the chart of Derek Percy to consider.

We have the advantage of hindsight, having two bi-wheels of Derek Percy/crime events to hand (Beaumont children’s abduction and Linda Stilwell murder) and so we are familiar with Percy’s FA indicators.  If these Wanda Beach murders were his first victims, then there may very well be some revealing aspects and even perhaps the hint of what was to come.

Wanda-PercyWe generate a fresh bi-wheel again from the perspective of the event with Derek Percy’s natal chart as the outer wheel. All angles are in play.

Similarly to Woodleigh, albeit reversed, we have the natal Lunar nodal axis at the Asc/Desc axis indicating trauma for the individual; in a public place.  What is different, is that the transiting lunar nodal axis is also in the mix with this bi-wheel.

  • Natal Moon (blue) at the MC/cusp of the 10th; the career house.  This driving need is Derek Percy’s career. Employment will just be to finance this career. He will spend more time planning expansion of this career, than earning a living.
  • Natal Venus/Pluto= IC – acceptance of the indomitable.

With the Moon opposite this tension, we can interpret this ‘acceptance of the indomitable’ as Derek Percy’s acceptance of his driving need. It is as a love affair brought out into the open – an internal love affair, an art form.

  • Natal Mars is in the action, creating a midpoint at the descendant – Mars/South Node=Descendant – this could be interpreted as meeting with evil (karma) to get the work done.
  • Natal Sun is 22° Virgo square the transiting lunar nodal axis. We note the Serbian ominous 22 ° together with methodical Virgo in tension with the traumatic event itself.  He is likely carrying out rituals that only he knows the meaning of.
  • Natal Sun (orange) is also the midpoint of transiting Mars/Pluto – if that’s not a nod to the underworld of Greco/Roman mythology, then nothing is.

The bodies of the two 15 year-old girls were mutilated. Christine had a fractured skull, likely inflicted when she was run down and Marianne had a stab wound to the heart so there would have been little struggle once the knife was out.  The mutilations were likely a frenzied ritualistic attack; a release of pent-up rage by the killer.

The perpetrator learned one thing at the very least, from this event.  He would carry restraints with him next time.  He would undoubtedly kill again, refining his art.

girlfriendsEven without any other data, I have no hesitation in suggesting that Derek Percy is the Wanda Beach killer.  Eric Woodleigh might have been a sexual predator, but he is not even in Percy’s league, as a killer.

Derek Percy died in prison on July 23, 2013; life without parole.

Note for astrologers: Here are the two bi-wheels side by side – in order for you to compare the tension of the event.


School holidays and sand dunes – Pt.1

Having one sexual predator on the beach at the time is one thing; two is terrifying, but we’ll see if we can separate them.  They are operating independently of each other and neither is aware of the other’s intent.  One is particularly dangerous…

wanda-on-downThis is another unsolved crime; a cold case. We are following five children on a sunny Monday during the school holidays; packed off to the beach by train, to give those at home a break.

We all know that there is safety in numbers, and anyway these were innocent times.  It was the mid 1960’s in Sydney, Australia; the big smoke.

Four of the little group had lost their father the previous year and now their mum was in hospital, so their elder brother was left in charge and stayed home.  The last of the group, their neighbour – well she was living with her grandparents, as her mum had remarried since her dad had died.  As a result, the two eldest – at fifteen, were close friends.

But before we go further onto the warm sand, let’s take a look at these two predators’ charts to see what we are up against.  We don’t know the times of their births and so we are not able to interpret the astrology houses or the angles, but we note that there is more than enough for us to breathe a sigh of relief that they never got to work together.

Percy-WoodleighWe use a mid-range Moon generating our charts – midday births and create a bi-wheel of the two natal charts (method).  We view from the perspective of the younger of the two.

The  inner wheel is the younger POI’s natal chart and the outer is a natal chart of the second predator.  We say predators openly, as each were convicted of sexual offences against children during their lives and one, of murder.

Did the other get away with murder on this day?

To suggest that the charts are ominous, is an understatement.  The Lunar nodal axis of each is conjunct the other, but note that they are reversed with South Node conjunct North Node.  Their karma is interconnected.

  • The younger POI’s Mars is conjunct his own South Node (karma) – indicating his own actions bring about his undoing.
  • The younger POI’s action (Mars) stimulates the outer man’s notoriety in the eyes of the public (lunar nodal axis).
  • The younger POI’s Sun (ego) conjunct the outer Saturn (red) – keeping company with the grim reaper.
  • The younger POI’s Moon (blue) mirrors his natal Pluto – the driving need is power (suggesting the powerlessness of his childhood drives his rage).
  • The younger POI’s Moon (blue) mirrors the outer man’s Neptune – driving the outer man’s fantasy.
  • The younger POI’s Saturn conjunct the outer man’s Moon – the outer man’s needs are met by the younger man’s sense of authority; keeping company with the grim reaper.
  • The younger POI’s Venus generates a peer group square to each of their Lunar nodal axis.

This appears to indicate that the younger man is the perpetrator, while the outer man feeds off the fantasy of the younger man’s deeds; any wonder the older man threatened to kill his first wife if she took any of the six children, when she left. But we are possibly getting ahead of ourselves commenting at this point – back to the scene of the crime.

Many beaches on the east coast of Australia are spectacular, with much more than just a strip of sand beside the rolling surf; sand-dunes and rock pools abound.   That’s the appeal for adventurous children – Wanda Beach was perfect.

800px-2007_0806klklk0048When the north-easterlies picked up and whipped the sand, some would retreat into the dunes for shelter; others for lovers trysts.  The little ones usually kept to the wet sand and rock pools.

Nothing changes much. This was such a day, the wind had made the water all choppy and the lifesavers had closed the beach to bathers.

Fifteen year-old Marianne Schmidt and her younger siblings had a picnic lunch while her best friend, Christine Sharrock went off on her own; in all likelihood to the beach kiosk and a friendly face.

I propose that both predators were active at this time; one interacting with Christine and the other at the rock pool…

All the children were very familiar with Wanda Beach, as was another fair-headed teenage boy who was likely on the same train travelling with the group from West Ryde station.  At sixteen, Derek Percy was staying with his grannie during the school holidays, just walking distance from the girl’s homes.

Even at sixteen, Derek Percy was a person of interest. The previous year, women’s underwear began to disappear from clothes-lines around Mount Beauty. Derek Percy was rumoured to be the thief and no doubt was; when we know his history.

Before Derek Percy headed up to grannie’s for the holidays, he was seen by two teenage boys when they went for a dip at a local swimming hole. They saw what they thought was a girl, in a petticoat. Then they realised it was Percy in a pink negligee.

“Well, at least it fits,” one joked to his mate. But any humour was lost when Percy began to slash wildly at the clothing, then cut and stabbed at the crotch of a pair of knickers.

One of the boys had a clear view, “Derek’s eyes were full of excitement, a glazed look, but I recall there was something very cold and sinister in the look,” he told police much later.

Derek Percy’s emotions were buried deep in his psyche; guarded already, at that age.  In hindsight we know that he was already writing down his sexual fantasies and was severely punished by his parents in an effort to dissuade him.  Grannie was known to hog-tie him and I suspect he was also literally made to ‘eat his words’.

We have enquired into two cases already where the forensic astrology results indicate that Derek Percy was the likely perpetrator.  He was just seventeen years of age in January 1966 when the missing Beaumont children were abducted from a beach – Australia Day  and the murder of Linda Stilwell in 1968, again at the seaside – Wandering the asylum corridors.

On Wanda Beach, Christine and Marianne, our two fifteen year-old girls were murdered in the sand dunes that afternoon.  One of the girls nearly got away and I’m sure there would have been screams for help; screams that were lost in the wind.  Lost because the girls had wandered too far away from their little group.  With a closed beach and poor conditions, potential witnesses were absent.

It was the perfect scenario for a novice to practice his art; the satisfaction and the fantasy would come later with recall of his murderous deeds.  The act of murder was cold and calculating and I am sure will reveal a very different astrology chart from that of a crime of passion, which relies on excessive emotional input for interpretation.

Attempts had been made to rape both girls, however two teenage girls were more than a handful without some form of restraint and so the perpetrator in all likelihood slit Marianne’s throat, before running Christine down.

Drag marks of more than 35 metres were still present the following day when the bodies were found.  Our killer obviously needed to contain his work-place in order to heighten the pleasure.  There may be indicators present in the charts to identify this idiosyncratic behaviour.

The fair-haired teenage boy was seen to have a sheathed knife at his waist that day, by witnesses; whereas we are told that our second predator carried a satchel at all times, which contained restraints and knives.  This difference may also be significant, as we get further into our enquiry.

It had been many years since our phantom had been a teenager; he was already 44.  His violence and sexual deviance had mainly been contained within the family.  When he was observed in an unseemly manner among children outside the home, police moved him on, or chased him out of town.

We suggest that it was this man who plied Christine Sharrock with alcohol at the Wanda Beach kiosk. He may have had his way with her then; carnal knowledge, however we are not privy to that information.

wandabeachdetectivesAny man who has a wife and children at home would have an underlying sexual agenda going on, if he were to give a fifteen year-old girl, alcohol at a venue outside of her home.  The predator knew her vulnerability.

This is not an alcoholic toast among friends and family – we are at a take-away food stall at a public beach with an under-age teenage girl and a man old enough to fill the ‘father role model’.

Being a regular to the beach during the school holidays, Christine would have known the man from the kiosk and besides, there were other factors that they had in common; or so we are told. He had a son around her age who apparently went to the same school.

We are also told that after the murders, this man packed up his family and moved, yet again. I believe he then went on to use the alias of ‘Lavender’ for a time.

But more on that in Part 2…   We turn to the heavens for answers as to whom of these two POI’s might have murdered the teens.