Baden-Clay trial Pt.1 – the asteroids

All rise… The Queen of Heaven has entered the courtroom

In ancient Roman society, the Goddess Juno had a variety of roles and functions.  Apart from being wife of Jupiter, protector of women and children plus adviser to the people; especially concerning whom and when to marry, she is also known as the Queen of Heaven. You may know her better if I were to change from Latin to Greek. Juno is also Hera, sister and long-suffering wife of the philandering Zeus.

JunoIn her role as advisor to the people of Rome, she was locally known as Juno Moneta. According to legend, around the date 390BC, a flock of geese in Juno’s sanctuary raised an alarm that saved the Romans from an invasion by the barbarians. As is the way with the blur between mythology and superstition, it was immediately all-hail Juno and a temple was erected on the site in her honor – Juno Moneta.

Around about a century later, the first Roman mint was built across the street and the first coins were impressed to create a hub of the head of Juno Moneta. Over time, the name shortened to moneta; money, to you and I.   Money, money, money… But I digress.

When we take a snapshot of the heavens over Brisbane, Australia at 10am on 10th June 2014, the asteroid which astronomers named Juno will be directly overhead, mid-heaven at 25°Taurus. Past-present-future; the players are all at the table.  There is no doubt in my mind that this asteroid, Juno will be the focus of this case where Gerard Robert Baden-Clay faces a trial by jury for the murder of his wife, Allison June Baden-Clay.

In terms of astrology, Juno is in some ways similar to Venus, however Venus represents love and attraction at the early stages of romance, while Juno is related to attachment and loyalty; hence the marriage tag. So when I use the word ‘marriage’ I do not necessarily mean that the contract has been signed and registered, rather that a commitment of a romantic attachment and loyalty, is present.

Analyzing the relationship of Juno with other planets in a synastry chart can yield information about how a particular ‘spouse’ will treat us, what things will be hidden and how a marriage will evolve. The natal chart also reveals where caution needs to be taken in choosing a marriage partner.

Please be aware that astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law; remain skeptical of all interpretation that follows.  Astrology is subjective, to say the least and our aim is to be as unbiased in our interpretation, as is humanly possible.

Alleged wife-murderer, Gerard Baden-Clay was born with Juno conjunct his authoritarian, Saturn (forensic astrology symbol for death), while his wife Allison, on the date that she was born, had Juno in opposition to her Arabic part of fortune; destiny… Destiny and the grim reaper can hardly be said to be good companions in a marriage, in any language.

BadenClay-asteroidsclick on chart image for full size

When we bring in the third person in the room; the lover/mistress of Gerard Baden-Clay, that’s when we get a whiff of why the Queen of Heaven is interested in this case. She stands for the marriage, rather than the affair. Juno is not pleased.

What prize for guessing the position of the asteroid Juno in the heavens on the day of the mistress’ birth – why, conjunct Gerard Baden Clay’s natal Juno of course. Despite being born in different years, Toni Cheri McHugh has the same destiny connection with Allison Baden Clay as her lover; albeit without Saturn in the mix.

Plus has anyone picked the synchronicity yet?   We are back to the top of the chart for the opening of the trial; Juno at 25°Taurus; what goes around, comes around…

Toni McHugh’s natal Juno is at 24°Taurus48” and Gerard Baden-Clay’s is at 22°Taurus55”; transiting Juno is between the two, plus conjunct both.     We  cannot ignore the significance of Juno’s presence, nor the other major asteroids named after Greco/Roman lords and ladies, it would seem.

GBC-trial-day1Our next horoscope is an horary chart;  a snapshot of the heavens at 10am, Tuesday 10th June, 2014. It shows us a map of the main cosmic bodies orbiting above Brisbane at this point in time – arranged by nature, against the backdrop of the zodiac.

From this we can take a peek into the future and see what the general atmosphere can tell us; in particular with regard to those lumps of rock orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter – mankind and the courts.

Top of the chart 23°Taurus41” is the mid-heaven point circled in red; conjunct the asteroid Juno (Greek-Hera). The other asteroids of Pallas (Pallas-Athene), Vesta (Greek-Hestia), plus Ceres (Greek-Demeter) are present in this chart along with the Arabic Part of Fortune (Destiny) and Chiron (aka Cheiron).  All have their parts to play in this courtroom drama.

  • Pallas is in the 1st house (primary focus)
  • Mars-Vesta and Ceres are in the 2nd house (money/assets/value)
  • Node-Moon and Saturn Rx are in the 3rd house (communication)
  • Arabic Part of Fortune – destiny is in the 5th house (house of entertainment/illicit affairs/children)
  • Pluto is in the 6th house (ethics/morals/health)
  • Neptune-Chiron are in the 7th house (marriage)
  • Uranus is in the 8th house (death/transformation/other people’s assets)
  • Venus and the other half of the nodal axis in the 9th house of higher ruling (the law)
  • Juno is at the mid-heaven (overseeing/the public arena).
  • Sun and Mercury are in the 11th house (judge and jury; mirror of the 5th house activities)
  • Jupiter is in the 12th house (hidden/prejudice matters/jail)

The players are all where they should be, so allow me to introduce the other asteroids whom are joining Juno in this case study.

pallas-coinPallas is in the 1st house of our chart, indicating that the primary focus of this case is ‘wisdom in war’. A military tactician would be very happy to have Pallas in this position of his natal horoscope; granting him the wisdom in warcraft.  We may well note, that we are in for a battle of tactics between the silks, it would seem.

For the mind, Pallas grants intellectual rigor, impartiality and the ability to operate in the physical world. For the field of action, Pallas grants ethics, strategy and the methodology of action. At her best, Pallas is perceived as the fierce protector of truth, logic, freedom and peace. When she is compromised, the other side of the coin manifests – deception, violence, tyranny and war.

As the synapse between thought and action, Pallas is an integral part of our conscience; the capacity to translate into action what we know to be true. It is said that Mercury, compromised by Pallas, reveals one whom lacks the capacity to apply thoughts into real life. And further that Mars, without the favour of Pallas, is described as a dumb brute.  From this, we can accept that we sure would like her on our side, rather than in hard aspect in our horoscopes.

Pallas is compromised in this chart by opposition to Neptune (turquoise), indicating deception likely within the 7th house – those on the witness stand.  But that aside, generally speaking with this 1st house position, the focus of the case will be the gaining of wisdom of the subterfuge and war within 7th house matters; primarily, a marriage.

vestaChanging our focus to the 2nd house, there are many goddesses for us to look at in our all-important quest for love and money, however Vesta is not one of their ilk. She was not allowed to fall in love, since she was committed to the endless tending of the flame; the very existence of Rome rested in her hands. It was said that if the eternal flame went out, Rome would die.

Vesta is the guardian of the hearth and home; keeps the household alive, safe and well. She is the divine representation of the flame inside ourselves, the one that gives us our spark of life. Vesta is the flame of our ambitions, along with our desire to keep surviving in a difficult world. She is the joy we feel when we accomplish a goal, or make our dreams – realities.

As for the trial and our current chart, Vesta’s role in the 2nd house will be in the realm of money, personal assets as well as value of oneself; insurance policies etc. We further note that the asteroid Ceres is tucked up close, conjunct Vesta; their energies combined in the 2nd house.

ceresCeres was thought to be a planet when she was discovered in 1801. Later classified as an asteroid, only to be promoted to the new dwarf-planet status along with Pluto in recent times. Being in conjunction with Vesta, Ceres will carry a weight of influence over her fellow asteroid by her enormous presence, however the Keeper of the Flame will not be compromised by Ceres.

Think ‘cereal’ and you’re in Ceres’ realm.  From there it’s just one step to connect food and survival; droughts and plagues, feasts and famines.  When in the zodiac sign of Libra, Ceres is socially sensitive in relation to survival and then when we place her in the 2nd house – her field of operation becomes ‘personal assets related to survival’.  Again we are pointed towards ‘insurance policies’ with the added impetus now on self-survival – ‘life insurance policies’ and cashing them in.

Note: If imbalances in the trial are to occur as a result of 2nd house matters (eg. life insurance), it would likely be when a witness is so other-directed from the bench, that he/she places being socially accepted above a need for self-determination.

The 5th house Arabic Part of Fortune; destiny, likely doesn’t need input here apart from an explanation of the method of calculation, however we can leave that to others to seek further knowledge of elsewhere.  At 27°Sagittarius we must note that the destiny of this trial (Arabic Part of Fortune in the 5th house) is exact by conjunction with the Vesta-Venus position in Toni McHugh’s natal chart (highlighted in the first set of charts – pink).

We can explore the significance of this later. It is enough to say that Toni McHugh’s destiny and the trial’s are bound together; in conjunction.

chironThe asteroid Chiron has loomed large in this case in previous posts on this blog in relation to the Baden-Clay family, in particular the relationship between Gerard Baden-Clay and his father, Nigel (see post 26th October 2012).

Asteroid Chiron was not named until 1977, despite being around as a blip on the radar screen for more than a hundred years. This asteroid is located in a different area of the heavens from the main asteroids; is among the Centaur group between Jupiter and Neptune (rather than Mars and Jupiter). So he’s not likely to casually cross paths with the previously discussed goddesses. If he connects with them during this trial, it will be for a specific purpose for us to take note of.

We note that 7th house Chiron is compromised right from the start of this trial, squared by the 11th house Sun. There are bound to be ‘friends’ whom will be thrown to the wolves; made to be scapegoats in an effort to deflect blame.  We must note also that the following is likely to be witnessed outside the courtroom by those whom follow the case, just as much as by those involved.

If Chiron works against and overwhelms the Sun in a chart, the result can be depression and loss of confidence. Expecting failure and because one expects it, one may very likely set up rejection albeit, unconsciously. A sense of being victimised or scapegoated can be very intense; projecting one’s ‘woundedness’ onto others; thereby victimising or scapegoating them in turn.

If there is a failure to acknowledge this inner sense of bitterness and wounding, arrogance follows – basking in greater spiritual achievement, looking down on those whom are deemed to be less evolved. Intolerance follows, even cruelty toward those whom inadvertently have reminded the afflicted that they are hurting. And so the wound festers in the darkness. Such is Chiron.

Continued Pt.2

More on bwana

What is a marriage enhancement facilitator?  Nigel Baden-Clay, father of the accused Gerard Baden-Clay prides himself as being just that – big-game hunter, conservationist and marriage enhancement facilitator.  What?  Whose eyes are you trying to slip the wool over?  Big-game hunter and conservationist! That’s got to be an oxymoron before we even start.  Alarm bells are sounding; watch out for the banana skins!

What a gift!  Nigel Baden-Clay has the audacity to refer to himself as a marriage enhancement facilitator. Maybe that’s part of the conservationist tag and I should give him the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps if he put it around the other way – big-game hunter, marriage enhancement facilitator and conservationist, I might have been more likely to be sympathetic to his cause, but no that would be worse wouldn’t it, as it turns out.

I bet some fancy PR person dreamed up that title ‘marriage enhancement facilitator’.  Reminds me of the ‘sanitary engineers’ tag and political correctness gone mad.  In my day they were marriage guidance counselors and garbo’s (garbage collectors for the uninitiated), but hey who am I to criticise some PR person earning a quid.  It’s the inflated egos who actually believe that the title gives them power that are a worry.

Some individuals, given the label, actually believe that they have been given the power to hold over others, rather than be empowered themselves. We already know that Bwana is likely to be a law unto himself.  He would be likely to ‘improve’ on any guidelines he was given.  So let’s unpeel the banana; unpack the label of marriage enhancement facilitator and see how he might have processed it.  Sliced, mashed, or chomped?

I can already see a group of PR people sitting around the table, brainstorming.  The whiteboard is clean and ready to go; butcher’s paper is covering the communal altar; pens and pencils all lined up; electric sharpener at every corner. The facilitator writes the first word on the board – marriage.

We all know what that means as marriage is such a popular pastime, it’s a given demographic of its own. Most of us do it, don’t we?  There’s a bucket load of customers under that label, marriage; we don’t need to hustle up any more; there’s no need to reinvent the word.   Marriage is underscored with a solid black marker. It stays.

Guidance – we’re not in the Girl Guides anymore, we’re all grown up and besides who wants to be led along by a rope, not me. Sounds too much like the blind leading the blind.  Can’t we come up with something better?   Enhancement is an interesting word. Why can’t we use that instead?  If we put the two words together it opens up a whole new market.  Marriage enhancement makes it to the top of the list.

I look at it for a moment, hmm.  The combination of marriage and enhancement has sexual connotations.  Surely no-one would accept that combination, would they?  That’s just too obvious isn’t it?  Penis enhancement? Breast enhancement?   Some would think  – hey if the marriage is rocky, we just need to improve the sex don’t we?  And the word enhancement is all about size isn’t it?  Oh yes, that will appeal across the board.

We preach quality, but what everyone wants these days is, quantity.  More is better, better, best and more sex sells to every target demographic; hits the bulls-eye.  You’re right.  Keep enhancement – we can always plead innocent and just say we want to make it ‘all better’; be mummy and put on a band-aid.  Or we could even be a tad righteous and say that we will make the marriage ‘get better’, as in healed.  I get my proposal across – marriage enhancement gets the tick of approval. Underscore!

So what else?  Counselor sounds too much like there’s a psychologist involved; that there is something wrong with me. There’s also that sneaky little ‘sell-or’ on the end of the word.  We need to disguise that selling bit. The public is also starting to get wise about accreditations.  You only need to do a weekend workshop these days to hang out a shingle as a counselor.  How about a facilitator?

Now that’s just facile!  I know, but it sounds good and giving someone the title of facilitator gets all those wanna-be teachers in – another lot who haven’t got any accreditation.  Controllers, you mean! Yeah, someone who wants to be out the front as the centre of attention; at the whiteboard with a big stick; probably a bwana type person telling us how to be a success at the marriage game.  I win! Up on the whiteboard and underscored, are the three words Marriage Enhancement Facilitator.

Well that credibility went straight out the window for Nigel Baden-Clay didn’t it. Doesn’t say much for the course he did and claimed to be a director of. There’s another sneaky PR thing.  When you read the word, director you think someone is a director of a company, when in fact it was just another one of those fancy PR titles.  Baden-Clay senior claims to have held a directorship of an Australia-wide public company and religious organisation, which was de-registered in 2004.  I don’t think much of their PR team, so I’m not surprised it didn’t survive.

2004?  That was just in time for Bwana to change his shoes and jacket.  He’d struck gold. Number One son was on the rise and gave daddy a gold jacket to wear.   Onward, Christian soldiers.

Nigel Baden-Clay continued to refer to himself as a marriage enhancement facilitator right up to and including the aftermath of his son’s failure at marriage; beyond his son’s failure at being counseled by a marriage guidance counselor. Even after the murder of Number-One son’s wife Allison; the murder which his son, Gerard Baden-Clay stands accused of.  Have you no humility at all?

You entertained your son’s mistress in your home for four years during Gerard Baden-Clay’s marriage; as he made babies in the marriage bed. How’s that for high moral standards and upholding the tradition of marriage? Did you change the meaning of marriage vows to suit, as well?

After your son’s wife has been murdered you have acted as a go-between for your philandering son and his mistress. They have to ‘lay low for a while’, he says.  Now he stands accused of his wife’s murder. How far are you prepared to go?  Your role as a mentor, one would hope, is over.

How did this man, Nigel Baden-Clay come to see himself as a possible mentor for those whose marriages were in turmoil?  Let’s take a look at his astrological horoscope for clues as he appears to be a classic case for us all to learn from.

Have you ever heard of Chiron?  No, it’s not a planet; not a star either. Depending on which camp of astronomer’s you’re sitting with, Chiron is a planetoid, an asteroid, a comet or all three.

Chiron was not named until 1977 despite being around as a blip on the radar screen for more than a hundred years. In 1988 it suddenly became much brighter and therefore of more interest to astronomers. Then two years later it grew a tail. Have I peaked your interest? Did someone mention size or was it the bit of tail that worked?

Out there in our solar system, there are heaps of asteroids.  We usually only get to hear of them in the movies when the Earth is under threat from an asteroid crashing through our atmosphere and creating terror; one of our primal fears, annihilation.  But that aside, the Main Asteroid Belt is situated between Mars and Jupiter, whereas the Centaur group of asteroids is one more step farther away from the Sun. Their territory is between Jupiter and Neptune.

If you’re on my page, you’ll already be thinking, “Hey that’s not between a rock and a hard place, that’s between inflation (Jupiter) and fantasy (Neptune)!”

To reach the exalted status of a Centaur is beyond 99.9% of the asteroids banging around out there and creating as much impact as they can. In order to be classified as a Centaur, an asteroid’s orbit must cross the orbit of a major planet. Whether a Centaur completes this orbit erratically or not is irrelevant, we’re told.  So they can wobble their way around, that’s okay just as long as they get there.

Funny mob, these astronomers.  They must all sit around reading the Greek myths in their spare time, as that’s exactly how Centaurs behaved in ancient times; a rough and rowdy mob of mercenaries who created as much havoc as they could.  Boozed up on fermented berries and mead, they’d get the wobbles up as well.

In modern times, since we’ve had the technology to follow the paths of these asteroids, ‘2060 Chiron’ was observed to have fulfilled the criteria; ticked all the boxes. In mythology Chiron is the mentor of the Centaurs, so that’s probably how the asteroid was named.  As to the ‘ko’ symbol, that would be in honour of the discoverer, astronomer Charles Kowal.

The last time Chiron came anywhere near a major planet was about 1,300 years ago when it crossed Saturn’s path, millions of miles away from any impact threat. The next intersection is due with Uranus and again the planet will be far away from any threat of contact.  We don’t need to pack our bags yet as the diameter is just 240kms and it travels at less than 8kms per hour.  We have time to turn to astrology.

We can see the symbol for Chiron conjunct the nodal axis, in the zodiac sign of Leo and in the seventh house of the horoscope for Nigel Baden-Clay. The Sun is opposite in the first house and also conjunct the opposite node.

We can see immediately how Bwana was drawn to this ‘calling’. Chiron conjunct the nodal axis is a misguided need (inflated fantasy) to be a ‘healer’ in the public arena; we are in the seventh house of public relationships (marriage) however we are in Leo – that’s risky for a start – a sunny disposition yes, but we have lions and pride going on under the surface.  Look out for the roar, if you don’t do what he says.

Having the Sun-Node conjunction in opposition brings the ego into the fray.  In essence the ego is meant to learn from the mirror that Chiron holds up and heal thyself, however if we are to look at the nurturing aspect of this man, he has not heeded his mentor, Chiron.

In astrology Chiron is acknowledged as the ‘wounded healer’.  As soon as I read the story of Nigel Baden-Clay and the marriage enhancement facilitator tag, I knew that Chiron was bound to be in the picture.  To be a marriage guidance counselor is a healing role and we have a man here who apparently lacks the humility needed to be a healer. That’s Chiron’s job.

Many a person is attracted to that, which they need to learn.  Chiron is the major indicator in horoscopes of such individuals. If you were in his shoes, you would have to ask yourself, why would I, an insurance salesman, be drawn to wanting to be a marriage enhancement facilitator?  That fell on deaf ears; the ego won that round.

Cheiron is a Greek word that translates as ‘hand.’ Think chiropractic, a hands-on therapy or cheiromancy – palm reading; or even as the centerpiece on the logo of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons Foundation.  Yes, Chiron gets around, folks.  In mythology he is half man-half horse. The British Army Veterinary Corps’ badge is also Chiron at his best; a nice twist, I might add – the human-animal mix held in high esteem in a healing modality.

Grouping Chiron with the Centaurs was an error in judgment by the astronomers, I believe. It was assumed that because Chiron was half man-half horse, he must be the same as the Centaurs, who are also half man-half horse.   It looks like a Centaur therefore it must be a Centaur.  They skipped the bit about ‘acts like a Centaur’.

Chiron’s origins are far removed from the rough and ready lifestyle of the Centaurs in Greek mythology.  He always held a soft spot for them, however his DNA was different.

Chiron’s origin in mythology is the result of a union between the God Saturn, who was off chasing a bit of tail and a heavenly beauty. This is before Saturn grew that long beard and started wearing hooded robes and carrying a sickle.  He was a young buck at one stage.  He fancied one of Neptune’s daughters, Philyra who was a married woman, but that wasn’t going to stop this chap. He was one of the Gods wasn’t he!

Philyra made a bad decision in her attempt to avoid his advances.  She morphed into a mare and galloped off towards the sunset and freedom.  Not one to let a filly slip through his bit, Saturn did the obvious and morphed as well.  The stallion had his way with her, as you would expect. Just another conquest to him.

Pregnant and outcast by her husband, Philyra did it tough giving birth to a beast. Half man, half horse, Chiron’s only blessing was a gentle nature. His mother loved him still and trained him in the healing arts.

Chiron has the most wonderful reputation as the wise-hearted, most generous and kindest of characters in mythology. He holds the knowledge of herbal medicines, of music and the hunt. Among his teachers were Apollo and Artemis and his oracular skills were widely sought after. When there was trouble at Delphi, the Gods would turn to him. He is known to have mentored Achilles; to have taught Asclepius the skills of surgery and many, many others too. He was kindly to the travelers on the Argo, Jason and the Argonauts. The testimonies go on and on.

Hercules plays a starring role in the continuing saga of Chiron for, during a skirmish with a rowdy bunch of Centaurs – who were all scattering and heading for the hills at the time, Hercules carelessly wounded his friend and mentor, Chiron.  It wasn’t a deliberate act, but unfortunately the arrows Hercules had chosen to use on this particular day were coated with the blood of the monster Hydra and Hercules accidentally wounded Chiron in the knee. Arrows coated with the blood of the Hydra, as we would all know, are bound to cause painful wounds that will never heal.

And being an immortal, Chiron having a wound that would never heal, was a serious problem. He would never be able to heal from the wound caused by Hercules, and being immortal he could never die; caught between a rock and a hard place.

It is always interesting to note that people with Chiron in tension aspects in their horoscopes, invariably have a problem with their knees and suffer joint pain.

Mercury, fleetness of mind

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. In astrological terms, Mercury represents how we communicate, our thoughts, ideas and words.

Gerard Baden-Clay has Mercury in the zodiac sign of Virgo (it’s all in the details, man) and resides in the second house of his chart (the money/values house). It is not surprising that, as a young man, he should choose to study accountancy.

In relation to Mercury aspects in his birth chart Baden-Clay has a quindecile aspect (see the navigation menu) between Mercury (in Virgo) and a minor planet, Chiron (in Aries).  I would not normally bring a minor planet into a profile unless it were in such a position as this.  Chiron is recognised as ‘the wounded healer’ and in astrological terms has strong karmic meaning (the place where we can heal our wounded selves.)

Chiron shakes us according to our character, as revealed through the symbols of the natal chart. A person with strong Mars will more than likely turn to violent action, or aggressive behaviour in order to avoid the truth; someone with strong Venus will smother in pleasure; one who has a powerful Moon may become drug or alcohol affected; Jupiter will turn to gambling; Saturn to overwork and so on for all the planetary types.

Mercury in Virgo would indicate a neurotic obsession with the details of his thoughts, words or ideas. The Chiron in Aries is fiery and associated with Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries. Baden-Clay has Mars in a strong position in relation to his ego, however Mars discussion is for another day.