Sheila Mack in Bali Pt.2

American tourist, Sheila Mack was murdered in Bali; her body stuffed into a suitcase and left in a taxi on the morning of 12th August 2014. Daughter Heather and the teenager’s 21 year-old boyfriend didn’t get far; Bali is a small island.  See Pt 1 where we explored the victim’s perspective of her murder.

barongIt would appear that the symbolic gods are bound to loom large once again as we extend this forensic enquiry. Transiting overhead in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter  are –

  • Bali #770 – 17°Libra
  • Heather #3922 – 16°Scorpio
  • Ixion #28978 – 20°Sagittarius
  • Schaefer # 15412 – 02°Cancer
  • Scheila #596 – 09°Gemini

We continue our enquiry with the first of our persons of interest, the 21 year-old ‘male escort’ (see Pt.1) and boyfriend of Heather Mack.  A young man whom had only joined Heather and her mother in Bali a matter of hours before Sheila Ann Von Wiese Mack was brutally murdered in the night.

TSTommy Schaefer  born 13th July 1993

Note: For this first chart we cannot use the house placements for any interpretation as we are not aware of his time of birth. This does not affect the tension between planets though.

Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon (04°-17° range) gives us a character whom comes across as a very charming, sensitive and adaptable individual. Not necessarily over secretive, nor isolated from his peers, he would be more selective and careful about the company he keeps (likely has underlying agendas as to his motives).

With that Cancer Sun – sincerity and loyalty are two traits that he would  possess and likewise, would require these traits of those closest to him (in our case Heather). That Taurus Moon reveals someone whom is impressionable by appearances of wealth in others, revealing  a strong material side to his nature. He probably wears designer labels at the cost of going without in other areas of his life and thinks that money grows on trees.

  • Saturn Rxgoes without saying; absent male role model in his early development (note: picking a girlfriend without a father indicates cunning)
  • Sun-Mercury opposite Uranus-Neptune – a voice for his peers/age group (that’s the hip-hop star that he was chasing).
  • Mars square Lunar nodal axis – bound to be on the public stage (not how he thought, as it turns out)
  • Venus quindecile Pluto – obsessive intensification of love desires; OTT behaviour in relation to females (potential stalker).

With natal Venus nudging the Lunar South Node as well, this could also indicate the life challenge/karmic element; obsessive/compulsive struggles ahead.  This is the crux of the whole issue for this young man.  Transiting asteroid Scheila #596 will conjunct his natal Venus while the trio are in Bali on 12th August 2014.

We note that Schaefer’s natal Pluto 22° Scorpio is square natal Chiron at 23° Leo – ominous indeed and even more so when we know that Sheila Mack’s Lunar south node (karma) is at 23° Leo. PLUS don’t lose sight of the fact that this 23° Leo is exact the ascendant at 6:45am (our first bi-wheel).

Schaefer-duoclick on charts for full size

As for the bi-wheels (method) we use the same event times as used in Pt.1.

Inner wheels (perspective) are 6:45am (wake-up call booked) and 11:26am (suitcase in the taxi).  The outer wheel for each event is the birth chart for Tommy Schaefer.

Just looking at the first bi-wheel, we see the square in the middle formed by tension aspects.  Tommy Schaefer is ‘boxed in’ by the transiting Lunar nodal axis of the 2-8th house (self-worth – transformation) together with natal Sun opposite Uranus in the 5-11 axis  (giving – receiving creative input; ‘love’).

Translation:  This young man is experiencing a traumatic event with an opportunity to transform his low self-worth; an event that is intensified by his ego position of needing what he perceives as ‘love’. He’s boxed in and is unable to see a way out of his situation.

  • tr Moon (blue) square natal Venus in 10th house – driving need to improve his public image by being co-operative with the victim (I suggest Sheila rather than Heather because asteroid Scheila is conjunct his natal Venus – see asteroids below).
  • tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Pluto – the ability to persuade; attempt to bluff.

With transiting Mercury and natal Pluto both in the Serbian astrologers’ diabolical 22nd degree identifying ‘to kill or be killed’ we have to ask, ‘Is Tommy Schaefer in fear for his own life, or does this aspect identify the killer?’

We immediately note that natal Mars is not in the mix in either of these bi-wheels, so it appears to be the former at this stage of our enquiry.  The fear ‘to be killed’ part lies ahead of him.

  • tr Mars in 3rd house of communication opposite mid-range natal Moon – strong desire to fulfill needs to ‘let-it-fly; disruptive, hyper-activity. Panic sets in…

Transiting midpoints:

  • tr Pluto 11°Capricorn = natal Saturn/Pluto – in first chart, 5th house (supporting friends/lovers) in second chart, the 3rd house (communication) –  taking the authority/power/leadership role.
  • tr Saturn 17°Scorpio = natal Mars/Neptune – in first chart, 3rd house (communication) in second chart, 1st house (self) – being taken advantage of; persevering in spite of fear.
  • tr Lunar Nodal axis 21°Libra/21°Aries = natal Mercury/Uranus – 2nd/8th actions in the first chart and 6/12 in the second chart – quick conferences and likely panic.

Transiting asteroids:

  • tr Heather#3922: 16°Scorpio = Mars/Neptune – ditto with Heather’s input behind his actions (blindly does what the girl wants).
  • tr Scheila #596: 09°Gemini conjunct natal Venus – (see above) attempts to be co-operative are of an obsessive nature rather than conciliatory.

The second bi-wheel reveals more to the story.  This is at the time that the suitcase is placed in the taxi.

  • Natal Moon is at the Descendant – driving need to get out of there
  • Lunar South Node is at the cusp of the 8th house (death) – what went around now comes around – he fails to transform his situation now that he is in a public situation.
  • Natal Mercury/Saturn = Descendant – the heavy responsibility and plans fail.

Summarising: Schaefer already has tension in his own chart with Saturn square Pluto power/authority-over-self struggles  (teenage behaviour not yet matured).  When we put his chart together with Sheila Mack (the victim and view the synastry, we can see that they would never have seen eye-to-eye.

  • His needs (Moon) are inflated by her Jupiter (conjunction)  – inflating his inadequacies.
  • His Jupiter inflates her Saturn – her personal authority threatened
  • Pluto square Pluto – explosive power struggles between them
  • His Sun-Uranus opposition is square her Neptune – his erratic behaviour bewilders her.
  • His Sun is opposite to her Moon – his ego versus her needs.

HMackHeather Lois Mack born 11th October 1995

Noon is used for a mid-range Moon for Heather’s natal chart as well. As a result we again must dismiss the house placements for our first and her natal, chart.

Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus answers her popularity among her peers; a friendly personality and the ability to put her personality across makes people like her very much.  There are clues for us as to her personality traits as this mix tends to look for shortcuts and efficient ways of doing things to avoid wasting energy.

Despite looking for that easy way through life, these individuals have a strong determination to get the job done. Usually in control of their emotional impulses,  aesthetic inclinations are strongly marked, giving them a strong interest in art or music.

The Sun-Moon mix might drive the personality, however it is the tension in the chart that creates the disturbances in her character.

Considering that she had a father at home when she was young (he died when she was ten years of age), I would not have expected to see a Saturn Rx phenomenon in her natal chart.  That now explains why the girl has no concept of boundaries of behaviour – neither parent were good mentors; for whatever reason.

  • Sun square Neptune (turquoise) – indicates aesthetic interests; dance, art etc.
  • Moon (blue) opposite Mars – drives her personal needs.
  • Moon opposite Pluto  – me first; note this is the first of the hand grenade warnings if personal needs are not met.
  • Uranus square Lunar nodal axis – quick to jump into relationships.
  • Saturn quindecile Chiron-Mercury – obsessively authoritarian, disruptive and controlling. 

Heather is likely seeking a greater sense of intimacy through conflict with this Saturn-Chiron-Mercury aspect so strong in her chart.  It also indicates that she would have a tendency to get caught up in co-dependent relationships, or attract abusive relationships from her partners. 

There is certainly a personality disorder/emotional disconnect going on. Note there is also a peregrine Mercury in her natal chart. As for the natal midpoints, we note that this is what she was born with and lives with for her entire life; they are innate in her character. Her life experiences will never be calm waters.

  • Mars/Saturn = Neptune – self-torment about identity; continually feels under threat.
  • Saturn/Pluto = Uranus – attack regardless of potential losses
  • Saturn/Pluto = Neptune – being doubted; unstable due to inexplicable fears

Natal Asteroids:

  • Ixion #28978: 28°Scorpio conjunct Pluto – murderous rages based on power/powerlessness; vindictive.
  • Bali #770:  9°Capricorn = Saturn/Lunar Node midpoint – destiny awaits in Bali.

duo-HeatherAt 6:45am Heather Mack’s natal mid-range Moon was overhead at the mid-heaven and natal Pluto was opposite; at the IC. The date doesn’t have any particular relevance to her emotional state other than the Sun’s energy wasn’t working ‘with her needs’.

The transiting Moon is not in tension with her natal planets either, so why did her abuse escalate to participating, or committing murder? We know in the past her violent acts upon her mother have been a one-on-one altercation. Is it different this time because Schaefer is present?

  • tr Mercury (yellow) at the ascendant square natal Moon – driving need to place the call to reception.
  • tr Mercury square natal Mars in 3rd house of communication – identifies Heather as the likely caller to reception booking the wake-up call.
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Sun (orange) in 2nd house – self worth, position in society are behind her actions at this time.
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Venus (pink) in 3rd house – OTT irrational/argumentative

Midpoints interacting with the bi-wheels:

  • Natal Venus/Saturn = tr Pluto – unusually strong tensions towards separation; wasting emotions.  As Saturn is in the 7th house this likely brings Schaefer into the argument as her ‘partner’.  This midpoint identifies that her argument is weak in its construction.

The addition at 11:26 am, when the couple put the suitcase containing Sheila’s body into the trunk of the taxi, provides one particular midpoint of interest to us.

  • tr Moon/Jupiter = natal mid-range Moon – highly excitable; panic.

HMackTransiting asteroids:

  • transiting Bali #770; 17°Libra on 12th August 2014 is exact conjunct Heather’s natal Sun.

Just as the Bali placement at the time of her birth (above) indicated that destiny awaited this teenager in Bali, we now have where the aspect comes to rest; the time and place – Bali, Indonesia.


Sheila Mack in Bali

A 21 year-old advertises his availability as a male escort in Chicago, Illinois; for women and couples…

I’m young, spontaneous, respectful, goofy, sarcastic, extremely out going, immature yet very mature at the same time. I’m an extremely open minded guy and I get it from reading books and being of mixed ethnicities! I love switching things up and there’s no such thing as an awkward moment! Pick me because chances are you won’t ever forget me.

History won’t ever forget Tommy Schaefer, that’s for sure. He stuffed the lifeless body of his girlfriend’s mother into a suitcase and delivered it to a waiting taxi in Bali, Indonesia on 12th August 2014.

Initial indications are that this ‘male escort’ was, at the very least an accomplice to, if not the perpetrator of, the murder of 62 year-old Sheila Ann Von Wiese Mack.

barong1What Schaefer and his teenage girlfriend, Sheila Mack’s daughter hadn’t counted on, was that Sheila had deposited all their passports at reception with instructions that they were not to be released to anyone, other than herself. She didn’t trust either of the pair; with good reason, as it turns out.

This resulted in the young couple ‘doing a runner’ from the hotel and were caught the following day. They’d tried to bluff their way out of the country, to no avail, bringing about their own undoing by their reckless actions.

18 year-old Heather Lois Mack has a history of assault and battery of her mother with 86 incident reports logged with Chicago police over the years.  The first welfare check requested by Sheila Mack in relation to her daughter’s violent behaviour was in April 2008.

Despite ongoing counseling, the teenager continued to be uncontrollable. It would appear that there has been a final assault while mother and daughter were on holiday; an assault that has culminated in the woman’s brutal death.

Sheila Mack died as the result of battery to her head in-general, and her face, in-particular. Now that’s personal and purposeful; face to face and likely armed with whatever came to hand. We are not privy to the finer details, however CCTV caught all the movements outside of their rooms; the in-and-out of doors; using stairwells instead of lifts; suitcases moved from one room; one floor to another and all in the dark of night, or as reported – the early hours of the morning.

The legal system in Indonesia is such that charges are not laid until the trial, which could take some time and so we can generate a forensic astrology enquiry in our time to see what the heavens would reveal of the crime.

Of the events, there are two event times that are likely to be most revealing. We are not seeking the time of the murder; that is subjective and without a clock time of reference for us, although it would appear to have been in the early hours of the morning according to all reports.

Our event times are when someone in Room 317 (the crime scene) rang reception at 6:45am for a 10am wake-up call and the second event is when the taxi-driver turned on his meter once the suitcase containing the body was loaded into the trunk by Tommy Schaefer and Heather Mack; again caught on CCTV.

  • 6:45am 12th August 2014 (10mins after sunrise)
  • 11:26am 12th August 2014

We generate our first charts in relation to the general atmosphere, as is our want. Please note that astrology is a pseudo science and therefore subjective in nature. We interpret without prejudice, through the lens of forensic astrology according to classic texts.

Our first chart is at the time of the phone call to reception, I suggest placed by Heather Mack, with the crime having taken place previously; the body already removed to Schaefer’s room, three floors away. Heather and the boyfriend had their plans in place and were ready to take a nap.

Bali-duoThe ascendant is at the Serbian astrologer’s most ominous degree; murder – 22°Leo. So we have the time as being particularly ominous and the place the St Regis Hotel, Bali. Now if that’s not a place-name fit for a Leonine king, I don’t know what is.

When we look to the heavens at 22°Leo, we are viewing the right knee of the lion in the constellation of Leo; the star Subra.

There are those whose like bent is not checked by the city-gates, but they swagger about in the heart of the capital with droves of beasts; they display mangled limbs at the shop-front, slaughter to meet the demands of luxury, and count it gain to kill. Their temper is equally prone to fitful wrath and ready withdrawal, and guileless are the sentiments of their honest hearts. Manilius, Astronomica, C1 AD.

I have a feeling we will have Cybele in our company again today for this enquiry as Mercury (yellow) is exact the ascendant; the lions will roar. And she is – the asteroid Cybele #65 at 21°44’ Scorpio is in the third house of communication and exact square the ascendant on this date in Bali, Indonesia.

There are no African lions in Bali, their lion is a mythological one and symbol for the eternal good versus evil battle; Barong. The human guardian angel is what animates the Balinese Barong and fights for ‘good’. We could suggest that the timing of that phone call to reception was certainly ominous; if not auspicious, for our enquiry.

  • tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct ascendant – communication is on the agenda; timing of the phone call.
  • tr Mercury quindecile Moon (blue) – driving need to communicate at this time
  • tr Mercury quindecile Neptune (turquoise) – need for subterfuge to be utilized in relation to communication (impersonating the victim perhaps?)
  • tr Sun (orange) square Saturn (grim reaper) – authority is under tension on this date on the calendar.

From the general tension between planets, we can look at a more subtle level; the astrology midpoints.

  • Moon/Mercury = midheaven 29°Taurus (pink) – mental stimulation about personal needs and how to fulfill them. With Taurus in the mix, money is the likely overriding agenda.
  • Mercury/Neptune = midheaven 29°Taurus – in fantasyland; delusion in relation to the above.
  • Moon/Saturn = Pluto 11°Capricorn – the threat of loss is upon them; fear drives the action.

Midpoints end with the planetary positions, however when we continue with the money/assets/self-worth consideration, we note that the symbol for inflation, Jupiter (green) creates a midpoint with Saturn (forensic indicator of death) to the cusp of the 2nd house (money).

The second chart is more than four hours later. Noting the changes that have relevance, the heavens’ starry realm of Menkent; the centaur is at the ascendant 12° Scorpio. Half man/half beast, the mercenary centaur is laden with rabbit and lupus/canine; wolves are now on the run.

  • Mars/Saturn = Ascendant – this is the struggle for advancement; putting the body in the taxi; the beginning of the escape attempt.

When we bring the characters into our enquiry, we gain their insight by the tension in their charts with each of these event times (method). The inner chart is the perspective as our previous two charts; the lens we view through and the outer wheel the natal chart of our human characters.

Mack-S-duoOur first set of charts is that for the victim, Sheila Ann Von Wiese Mack born 10th June 1952. She was born with a Gemini Sun and Capricorn Moon.

This Moon identifies a need to be the leader in her personal relationships. Whether she has the talent for leadership is quite another matter, however that is not our concern.

Under the genial front of smiles and good humor lies a core of steel, strength of purpose and ambition for herself and by association, her daughter as well. Of that we can be sure.  Perhaps Tommy Schaefer wasn’t her idea of a good match for Heather.  We’ll likely never know.

  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Pluto – there’s a day to live and a day to die, we are told. This aspect identifies a potential date with the ultimate loss of power; death.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Lunar South node – there is a karmic element to this ending. It also indicates the traumatic event in a public place taking place.
  • tr Moon and Neptune quindecile Pluto/South Node – fulfillment of a karmic event as a result of obsession; overtaken by utter madness beyond the reasoning mind. Is this derangement as a result of an excessive alcohol intake, or something more?
  • tr Mars opposite natal Jupiter in 3-9th house axis – likely inflated argument a ‘clearing of the air’ has ensued between victim and perpetrator.
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Mars – a test of nerves; driven to obsessive/compulsive action by the victim in an effort to evade her attacker

There is one midpoint of concern; natal Sun/Jupiter = midheaven. This aspect is usually indicative of good fortune. The ‘fortune’ (money) is certainly on the agenda, however the ‘good’ is at the door/ascendant. The fact is that Sheila already lies dead, so if I might suggest, this is the time for her guardian angel to depart the scene with Barong.

By 11:26am the only aspect to add to the victim’s story is the midpoint Mercury/Uranus = natal Sun – ready to go.

barongWe can continue our enquiry on another day, when we look to the charts for the young man Tommy Schaefer; escort and current boyfriend of Sheila’s daughter, Heather Mack plus the teenager’s charts herself.

Exploring the heavens is what we do as astrologers.  The forensic role is uncovering whom is the perpetrator and whom the accomplice and if there is a difference.

There is a death penalty for murder in paradise.

Continued Part 2.