Sarah Cafferkey

Situated less than an hour west of Melbourne, Victoria, is the pretty town of Bacchus Marsh.  A town with a claim to fame; the birthplace of Australian novelist, Peter Carey.  Another famous novelist, Frank Hardy also grew up in Bacchus Marsh.

An avenue of Elm trees frames our entry from the Western Freeway; an avenue of honour, of remembrance for fallen Diggers.  We will have another reason to remember as we drive down that avenue today, on our way to Bacchus Marsh.

A vibrant young lady, just 22 years of age, walked out the door of her mother’s home for a Friday night out with friends.

Friday evening, 9 November, 2012 was the last time Sarah Cafferkey’s mother was to see or hear from her daughter, ever again.

Once Sarah was reported missing a few days later, friends and family rallied and social media sites were set up quickly.  It had only been seven short weeks since another young lady was abducted and murdered just 50kms away in Brunswick, Melbourne.  Gillian Meagher’s alleged killer is in remand; safely locked up, however the memory is fresh in the public’s mind.

It took seven days before the case was handed to homicide detectives and one day later we read in mainstream media that Sarah’s silver Astra sedan had been located at an unexpected address in a Melbourne suburb.  We are told that there was no reason for her to be in that vicinity; that Sarah had no close friends in Maribrynong whom she might have been visiting.

By this time, the 15th November, I was already in contact with Bacchus Marsh and had been advised of a silver Astra matching the description of Sarah’s car having been seen on several occasions since 9 November parked at a location closer to home, though not in Bacchus Marsh and not 50kms away in a suburb of Melbourne.

The car appeared to be locked, interior lights were on and there was no reason to suspect foul play.  One would imagine Sarah had met up with friends and changed cars; a simple explanation.

In my opinion there was good reason for ‘a person or persons of interest’ to move the silver Astra.  This location gave a very clear indication to anyone finding it, of where she might have gone.

So with that knowledge on board, I considered the information I had been given.  I had the time of the last sighting by her mother 5.30pm on Friday November 9, 2012 and a street location of a parked car, presumably the missing silver Astra belonging to Sarah Cafferkey.  I also had the date of birth of Sarah. I had three pieces of information; for anyone who knows me, I like that triangulation method of three items to compare.  This was enough for me to make a start on an astrology profile.

As is my standard starting ground in forensic astrology, I create a computer-generated bi-wheel of the last sighting of Sarah together with her date of birth.

The first step is to assess whether she is indeed missing or possibly lost to her family forever.

The inner wheel is a snapshot of the heavens at the time she said goodbye to her mother.  The zodiac constellation rising over the horizon at Bacchus Marsh was 16 degrees Aries, the Ascendant; the Mid-heaven was 19 degrees Capricorn.  The outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens on the day that Sarah was born. We do not have the time of birth, however that is not a moot point for us as we are using the time of her last sighting (the inner wheel) as our reference point. Sarah’s horoscope aligns to the zodiac points of the inner wheel.

Using this horizon point and noting the red highlighted areas in the bi-wheel, we see first up that the Ascendant is conjunct to Sarah’s natal planet Mars; the position of Mars in the heavens on the day that Sarah was born was 13 degrees Aries. This young lady has vitality; impulsive by nature and too quick for her own good on occasion probably.

  • Sarah was very strong in her resolve to go out that evening.

Travelling anticlockwise (note the blue line) we see Sarah’s Moon on the cusp of the 2nd house in opposition to her Pluto and intersecting the Sun in the heavens at the time she went out.  Note: this alignment would last the 24 hour period as the Sun only moves one degree per day.

  • Moon in 1st house= reigning need is about ‘me’, albeit a nervous energy.
  • Sun conjunct Pluto= Not a time to tangle with those in charge. Pluto is about power and/or the lack of it.  Not a good time for negotiation of any relationship, romantic or otherwise.

The next significant transit is Mars (blue line) transiting conjunct Sarah’s MC (Mid-heaven).  This equates with impulsive action by her.

Just before the angle of the MC/Midheaven at the time she went out, we see transiting Pluto in the heavens conjunct to Sarah’s Uranus and at the Midheaven at the time Sarah actually said goodbye to her mother, Sarah’s Pluto and Neptune were right there at the door holding the car keys. This does not bode well.

For those familiar with my blog, no doubt you will be hearing alarm bells. We have the God of the Underworld together with that fantasy-driven Neptune at the mid-heaven.

Now if Sarah were going to a hen’s night I would have said this was about a male stripper (fantasy) in a policeman’s uniform (Saturn), but it’s not, so we must look at the reverse.  Unfortunately Neptune is related to more than fantasy; it also symbolises addictions such as alcohol and/or drugs.  The classic interpretation of the midpoint is:

  • Saturn/Neptune=MC interprets as losing touch with reality; blurred boundaries.

With that knowledge on board, we turn to an effort to locate Sarah. My method of location is as follows:

I basically take the horoscope wheel of a person or an event or a combination of both then flip the wheel vertically to align the astrological ‘north’ to our accepted method of cartography – ‘north’ is always at the top of a map. Why do I need to flip the wheel?  Astrology is topsy turvy – north is at the bottom of a horoscope wheel; east is on the left and west on the right.

We then combine the two – the map and the flipped horoscope wheel; we see what the heavens have to tell us.

Pluto is the planet we look for first. Why Pluto? In mythology, Pluto is the God of the Underworld and an indicator of an occasion where we ‘meet our maker’ in astrology.  Saturn and other planets can also play a role, however for us Pluto already appears to be the director in this case. (Pluto in the heavens as well as Pluto at the time of Sarah’s birth has had something to tell us already above.)

We flip the bi-wheel and draw a red line through the centre of the wheel across the diameter intersecting with transiting Pluto (the inner wheel) at the time of his last sighting by her mother.

This gives us an angle of location. We are purposeful on this occasion using Pluto specifically as the next image will clarify.

Other planets can be used for their specific indications as well, but the KISS principle is where we start.

We then transpose this (flipped) bi-wheel centred exactly over the location of the parked car sighting.  Note that this is not where the silver Astra was recovered by the police the weekend after her disappearance.

This point is where it was allegedly sighted five days earlier according to my information. (The police are aware of this address, it is not exclusive to us, however it has not been reported in the mainstream media to my knowledge.)

We have the red-line already on the bi-wheel and so now we extend it onto the map. Note that the red line continues onto the map and intersects with a known address in Point Cook; the address where Sarah Cafferkey’s body was found in the early hours of Sunday 18 November, 2012.

By now it has been nine long days and nights since that fateful Friday night when Sarah went out to meet friends.

I have another confirmation image to share. When we reproduce the two bi-wheels side by side, both with the red line at the same angle –  note in bi-wheel#1 Sarah’s natal planet Saturn points the way on the red-line and bi-wheel#2 transiting Pluto in the heavens point the way.

On this occasion, Sarah herself has indicated that she is deceased and the heavens have told us where she is to be found.

As I write, we know of persons of interest, POI, and the location of the body.

We again generate bi-wheels with the time of Sarah’s last sighting and the birth details of certain persons; then superimpose the wheels over the location in Point Cook. We have drawn a line from Sarah’s last sighting; her home address in Bacchus Marsh to the address of her body’s location in Point Cook.

When we superimpose the bi-wheels over the location of her body we see very different stories of what shows up on that line.  Immediately on the inner wheel, the location, we have the planet Mercury, the communicator on the green-line. Mercury is symbolic of the means of communication; perhaps stopping the voice of the victim.

It is not our place to speak of how a person meets their demise, we remain with the symbology of the planets and leave the forensics for the professionals.

We now have the birth dates and places of certain persons on interest to this case and so we can generate further bi-wheels.

Bi-wheel#1 was my primary POI in the investigation.  The outer wheel is this POI’s horoscope aligned to the approximate time of Sarah’s leaving home on Friday 9th November (inner wheel). Note: click on any image if you want to see it in full size.

I have eliminated this person as a perpetrator because the planets, which would indicate to us whether this POI was involved in her demise, are not on the line.

What is of interest to us (in the outer wheel) is that, in the horoscope of the primary POI, Uranus and Jupiter are conjunct to the planet of interest in the inner wheel, Mercury.  Jupiter inflates everything it touches and Uranus is symbolic of sudden changes.   Uranus is also an indicator of modern technology.  None of these planets are indications of physical violence.

I suggest that POI #A was in an argument with the victim on the night of Friday 9th November.  Whether this communication was in person, or on a mobile phone, we cannot say, however Mercury and Uranus together could indicate that the communication was via modern technology. 

As to the input to our investigation, astrology indicates that this event is related to the address where the body was found. Indications are that either Sarah and/or POI#A were either in communication about the address in Point Cook or actually at that address.

I have since been advised that Sarah was familiar with a resident of the address where her body was located.

Please note that I am not aware as to whether this is the site of her death or not. My research is aimed at locating a person, not investigating a crime.

Bi-wheel #2 is made up of the same inner wheel and the horoscope wheel for the date of birth of POI #B.

This person of interest is, as it turns out, the person accused of being responsible for Sarah’s death. He was apprehended by police today 20th November, 2012.

Firstly the red line, which would have connected to where Sarah’s car was parked as per above.  Astrology indicates that this POI is not connected to the site initially; that he did not meet with Sarah at the point where her car was left. Due to the fact that this POI has no planets on the line, I suggest that he did not have any contact with the vehicle prior to Sarah’s death.  Time will tell if this is correct or not.

The green line however, which connects from the point of discovery of her body to Sarah’s home in Bacchus Marsh, tells us what we need to know.  The accused has his planet Mars highlighted in red in the outer wheel exactly on the line.  This is the planet of violence in forensic astrology.

Without further birth data for a third person, whom I would like to  include in or eliminate from my investigation, I have to leave the rest of the story to the authorities and the legal system, however I do have a final question.

How did the accused get to move the victim’s car without an accomplice?