Relisha Rudd Pt.2

Relisha photoEight year-old Relisha Rudd was officially last seen, caught on CCTV entering the Days Inn on New York avenue, Washington DC in the company of a man she called her ‘godfather’; Kahlil Malik Tatum.

We were not privy to the time of this recording and so we were stymied somewhat in our endeavours to have an event time to work with – i.e. undertake a forensic astrology enquiry.  Stymied, that is, until we were lucky enough to get a birth time for the child.

Part 1 of our enquiry looked into the possibility of events on 1st March for Relisha, her immediate family and also Kahlil Tatum.  We were able to interpret the birth horoscope of the child, as well as synastry charts with firstly, Relisha and her mother, plus Relisha and her mother’s current partner, before entering into a study of the synastry between Relisha and her ‘godfather’.

  • Relisha Tenau Rudd (missing girl) – DOB 1:18pm 29 October 2005
  • Shamika Young (mother) – DOB 6 May 1986
  • Antonio Wheeler (mother’s partner) – DOB 21 November 1986
  • Kahlil Malik Tatum (POI) – DOB 6 February 1963

Kahlil Tatum committed suicide before we came into the case to make our enquiry.  We learned that it was taken for granted, understandably so, that Tatum had killed Relisha and had not told anyone where her remains could be found.  By the end of Part 1 of our enquiry, I was not so sure that was the case and so I continued to enquire further of the heavens.

This is what we have learned…

We left behind the date of 1st March 2014 as our primary event and focused on whom might have an emotive reaction to the Amber Alert being released by law enforcement at 8:01am, 20th March 2014.  (Hooray, we finally got an official event time to work with!!)

This amber alert was not sent out until almost three weeks after the child was last seen – i.e. 1st March > 20th March 2014.  Relisha had not been reported missing by her family, but they had another agenda (see Part 1).

We asked ourselves, “Whom might give us an emotive reaction to the police and FBI joining the search for Relisha. I.e. whom would not want to be under the microscope?”

My thought processes went like this – the gun that Kahlil Tatum used to kill his wife and then himself (if it was purchased illegally) would likely be obtained by someone whom had connections to acquire such items; persons with a criminal record.  So we started poking around the family archives. It didn’t have to look too far from the tree – there is no shortfall of possible POI’s within the extended Tatum family.

If Kahlil Tatum had not killed the child as I was thinking, then he would have likely passed her on to relatives in order to keep ‘the matter’ within the family. Blood runs thicker than water.  Could these people also be connected to the disappearance of Relisha Rudd?

  • Rickie Sheridan Lyles (POI) – DOB July 1954
  • Cindy Ilena Lyles (POI) – DOB 1 June 1968
  • Ricky Carlton Lyles (POI) – DOB 10 October 1980

The Amber alert and the Lyles

We know that the first police report went out that “Kahlil Tatum was in the company of Rickie Sheridan Lyles”.  This was later withdrawn by LE, however it identifies that it was R. Sheridan Lyles whom picked up Tatum at 5:40am on 20th March and the astrology confirms this.

This following triplet of charts are from the perspective of 8:01am 20th March 2014. The outer wheels are the natal horoscopes for R.Sheridan Lyles (60); R.Carlton Lyles (34); and Cindy Ilena Lyles (46).  We need to see their reaction to the police coming into the missing person case.  All three are known to police; court records on file.

Amberalert-Lyles-trioThese three appear to have likely been the trio with Kahlil and Andrea Tatum the night before at the Red Roof Inn.  Andrea Tatum was shot and killed during the night, however her body was not yet discovered by police at this time of day and so the trio are supposedly not yet aware of her death.

This 8:01am clock time is the police report in relation to the disappearance of Relisha.  We immediately note that the cusp of the second house (money) is at 24°Taurus exact conjunct the fixed star Algol. Warning bells are ringing immediately.  Every astrologer is aware of this dangerous star and the story of Perseus and the gorgon Medusa. At the very least this is someone losing their head (Kahlil Tatum on this occasion) and at the worst a foreboding of death.

Rickie Sheridan Lyles:

This man’s rap sheet includes child abuse. We crossed two state lines on our journey; following his history with the courts.  He was born in North Carolina. I’m sure the family roots are still there in Buncombe.

  • natal Sun/Lunar north node = descendant (opposed to the ascendant) – he’s immediately on the back foot and very much so, due to:   PLUS
  • natal Mercury and Jupiter at the IC – successful planning; he was prepared for this, which indicates prior knowledge of the fact that Relisha is missing.
  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) square natal Mars – he was ready for this day.
  • tr Uranus square natal Mercury-Jupiter – sudden inspiration to add to his ‘story’
  • tr Saturn square natal Pluto – this is a dangerous forensic aspect in relation to death; I suspect he expected this missing person report to relate to the death of Andrea Tatum.  This indicates prior knowledge of her death.  Is Relisha dead also?

Ricky Carlton Lyles (son of Rickie Sheridan Lyles):

All his natal planets are on the RHS of the bi-wheel, likely protecting someone else.  If he was involved, we are obliged to ask, “Is he providing an alibi?”

  • Natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel) is at the descendant.  His ego is on the back foot/protected, though not as well prepared as R.Sheridan Lyles; R. Carlton Lyles is still in his thirties.
  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) is the date on the calendar opposite natal Jupiter (green) – this man has likely been on tender-hooks for the last 3 days; running on adrenalin.  PLUS
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Jupiter – ditto …obsessively so
  • tr Neptune (the disappearance of Relisha) opposite natal Venus (pink) i.e. peer group/family – this identifies a close family connection for him involved in the disappearance.  Kahlil is not an immediate family connection.  Is this whom he is covering for?   PLUS
  • tr Mercury (yellow) is the alert for a child – is quindecile natal Lunar nodal axis – again we have a family connection; obsession and closing ranks.  PLUS
  • tr Venus (pink) square natal Mercury in the 7th house – ditto  PLUS
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Uranus – dangerous forensic indicator; ambition and self-control is driving his speech although I would expect there to be changes in his statement to LE.  This is a weak point in his chart.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Mercury – emotional perception; likely following the advice of a woman.  Is this woman Cindy Lyles?  I think so; particularly when we look at her chart.

Cindy Ilena Lyles (niece of Rickie Sheridan Lyles and cousin of Ricky Carlton Lyles):

This woman has Saturn at 22°Aries; duck for cover folks. We have a master controller under our lens; someone whom needs to master their self-control.  She has a criminal record longer than your arm and mine combined; across three states.  If she is not involved in this case of our missing 8 year-old, I’ll eat my Christmas bonnet…

  • Natal Lunar nodal axis is exact the ascendant/descendant and the right way round – Cindy Lyles has a personal relationship with the person named in missing person report; Relisha. It would appear that she has the most to lose by the police being involved. Therein lies my hat.
  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) indicates the date on the calendar opposite Cindy’s Uranus – this has rattled her chains; likely moved her location PLUS
  • midpoint of this natal Mars/Uranus = cusp of the transiting 5th house (children) – a tremendous urge to action. PLUS
  • midpoint of natal Mercury (yellow)/transiting Lunar south node (karmic element) = cusp 2nd house (‘the asset’) would be moved to the 3rd house (siblings)…

Note:  If Relisha is still alive, then Cindy is certainly moving her from one location to another.  I would want to know Cindy’s movements on 20th March 2014; track her phone pings.

  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Venus (peer group – her family) – secrets in the family.
  • tr Venus (peer group – police) opposite natal mid range Moon – interviewed and apparently cooperative
  • tr Venus quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – ego is obsessively inflated likely connected with her statement to LE.  These two aspects keep my attention.  Did LE accept her statement; her alibi perhaps?

Our enquiry cannot end at this point, as we need to learn if these characters have had a connection to Relisha.  The heavens will determine as to whether there have, or not.  Having the child’s birth time means that we should get a good idea if they did; at least according to the astrology text books.

We also must also reiterate at this stage, that astrology is not accepted in any court of law; is a pseudo science and can only be considered as opinion.

Synastry of Relisha and the Lyles family members

Relisha-RSLThe elder first; Rickie Sheridan Lyles viewed from Relisha’s perspective.  His has his natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel) at the child’s descendant; cusp of the 7th house – he is definitely known to her and would be opposed to the child’s presence.

  • She likely tries his patience as his natal Mars is on the cusp of her 11th house.
  • Relisha’s natal Moon (blue) square this elder man’s Mars – she appeals to him to fulfill her needs, however this is not a good aspect to see when we are looking through a forensic astrology lens. PLUS
  • Relisha’s natal Mercury (yellow) is her voice and that is square to his Venus (pink). As Venus is in the 7th house I would suggest this indicates that she communicated with members of his family rather than he.
  • Relisha’s Mars is quindecile Rickie Lyle’s natal Saturn; his self-control.  This aspect is VERY dangerous.  At the least he does not want his house to be her home (4th house).

Relisha-RCLThere appears to be considerable interaction between Relisha and Ricky Carlton Lyles as he has his natal Mercury at the top of Relishes chart; her mid-heaven.  I would suggest that they ‘connected’ on some level.

  • Relisha’s Mercury (yellow) is conjunct his natal Mars – this can indicate good rapport when we view from a benign aspect.
  • His mid-range Moon (blue in the outer wheel) and her Sun (orange) are in conjunction as is his Moon and her Jupiter (green).
  • His Sun is conjunct her Lunar nodal axis, which is not necessarily a good thing, as it can be traumatic.
  • Relisha’s Mars in the 4th house is square Ricky Carlton’s Lunar nodal axis – another dangerous aspect.

Relisha-CindyLylesCindy Ilena Lyles and Relisha also had contact as we note the cusp of Relisha’s 5th house (children) is exact Cindy’s natal Venus (family). An overall feel for this interaction of tension is not one of love.

  • Relisha’s Uranus square Cindy’s natal Venus (pink) reveals that Relisha’s entry into this family has created upheaval in the family dynamic.
  • Cindy’s mid-range Moon (blue in the outer wheel) exact conjunct Relisha’s natal Saturn (the child’s self-control) – this is a VERY dangerous aspect in forensic astrology terms.
  • Relisha’s Mercury (yellow) square Cindy’s natal Jupiter (green) – the child’s communication attempts likely aggravates this woman.
  • Relisha’s Moon (her driving needs) are conjunct Cindy’s natal Uranus; another VERY dangerous aspect.  They are not being consistently fulfilled by Cindy.
  • Relisha’s Neptune (turquoise) opposite Cindy’s natal mid-range Moon – the child is totally bewildered.

I took a peek at the synastry chart for Cindy Ilena and Ricky Carlton Lyles and it appears that the cousins are closely inter-connected with both their lives and karma.

From an astrology standpoint:

As we have no further information of any events with clock times following the police report of this missing little girl, we are not able to come to any final conclusions in relation to the search for Relisha Tenau Rudd as to whether she is alive, or not and where she might be located.

I am certain that the FBI are on the case and we have to trust that they will find the truth.

Relisha Rudd Pt.1

Working my way through the information and misinformation in relation to the disappearance of Relisha Tenau Rudd, the further I go into this case, the more complicated it gets.  There have been a lot of red-herrings caught in our net, so we can’t help but get a whiff that something fishy is going on.

wheeler-cashinlapI suggest that the basis of the disappearance and the unfortunate aftermath of a murder and suicide is related more to the lust for money, than the lust for more carnal desires.  But we shall see what the heavens have to say, for that is what we do on this blog.

We turn to forensic astrology for answers in preference to the ‘rational’ mind, our prejudices and preconceived opinions.  Astrology is a pseudo science, not accepted in a court of law and my advice is to read the following with a reasoned mind, plus have a skeptic’s hat firmly planted on your head.

We are in Washington DC, USA:

  • Relisha Tenau Rudd (missing girl) – DOB 1:18pm 29 October 2005
  • Shamika Young (mother) – DOB 6 May 1986
  • Antonio Wheeler (mother’s partner) – DOB 21 November 1986
  • Kahlil Malik Tatum (POI) – DOB 6 February 1963

Astrology note: The planet Mercury (yellow) can identify a child in general and/or communication when we are dealing with a case involving children.  Relisha is 8 years-old and so she would be beginning to be able to reason, despite her lack of formal education.  Venus does not represent a female child on this occasion.

The date we have been given for Relisha’s ‘last sighting’ is 1 March 2014 with a video (possibly untimed) of her entering the Days Inn on New York avenue, Washington DC.  She was in the company of Kahlil Malik Tatum; her ‘godfather’.

There is a significant midpoint in the heavens around noon – Moon/Neptune = Sun ; all in the outer wheel of the first chart (3rd house) and the inner wheel of the second chart 9th house).  This identifies a delicate relationship in negotiation; illuminating the personal assets/value (2nd house) of Relisha. Deception likely…

1 March 2014 – Relisha Rudd and Kahlil Tatum:

1March-duoclick on charts for full size

The first chart (on the left) is from the perspective of the child (we have a time of birth so houses can be used) – method. The inner chart is Relisha’s birth horoscope (reproduced below) and the outer wheel is set for noon on 1st March 2014.  If we ignore the exact placement of the Moon in the outer bi-wheel, then we have an accurate chart to work with. This will reveal Relisha’s emotive response to this date in her life.

  • tr Pluto (12th house) square natal Lunar nodal axis (3-9 houses) – a life-significant relationship is on the agenda.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) (2nd house) square natal Mars (4th house) – plans for her future are likely being discussed in front of her.

I do not consider that her life is in danger at this point, however we will look deeper…

The second chart is from the perspective of noon on the 1st of March looking at the natal chart of Kahlil Tatum and his reaction to the tension on that date, 1st March 2014. We have used noon for his birth time.  Note that the house placements cannot be interpreted due to not having an accurate clock-time for this date, 1st March.

  • We immediately see that boxed-in effect with transiting Lunar nodal axis and natal Lunar nodal axis. This man is in a corner – damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.
  • tr Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) conjunct Sun (orange) – in communication plus likely in the company of the child.
  • tr Venus (pink) conjunct Lunar South node and intersects the axis – money and karma; a traumatic exchange taking place.
  • tr Moon-Sun-Neptune conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – inflating his need to contribute to the discussion  PLUS
  • tr Moon-Sun (blue+orange) opposite natal Pluto – a separation to start anew   PLUS
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) opposite Uranus – socio-familial position is unstable generating irritability.

Considered opinion re interpretation of the second chart:

1. This interpretation could relate to the relationship between Kahlil and his wife as much as our missing girl, due to the fact that he had considered divorce the previous month according to media reports.  This tension (in the second chart) could be in relation to the financial welfare of Relisha; his spending money on her.  The couple were possibly in conflict over his contribution to the child, even if it were a platonic relationship.  At this stage, there is nothing sinister in this chart in relation to violence.

2. This also could be financial considerations being discussed between Kahlil Tatum and Relisha’s mother: plus her partner.  If we had a clock-time, we would be able to tell the difference between 1 and 2, as the house placements would give us the answers we seek.

Relisha Rudd – natal horoscope:

RelishaRuddThis next chart is Relisha’s birth chart; a snapshot of the planetary positions in the sky at the time that she was born.  With forensic astrology, we are seeking out the weaknesses; ‘failure traits’, rather than the assets of her character.

We start with the basics and then flesh out with the input from other astrologers at a later date.

  • Ceres at 12°Sagittarius in the 11th house reveals that Relisha would attract friends who would nurture her, as she’ll not get it at home.
  • She needs to draw on her inner warrior, with Pallas at 17°Scorpio opposite her natal Mars Rx at 18°Taurus in the 4th house (home).
  • Pluto in the needs house (11th) is opposed by Juno at the dreaded 22 degrees;  22°Gemini.  There isn’t much power in this little one’s life.
  • Venus (pink) conjunct Pluto – accepting the indomitable; dualistic in nature. The males Relisha would attract, would want to play like children themselves – suggesting the lack in their own lives of childhood games, or even adult males whom are childless in their own relationship.
  • Sun (orange) square natal Saturn – aware of the importance of the ‘father’ relationship; the benign king, as opposed to the tyrannical ruler (Saturn in Leo).

Relisha-amberalertThis is a chart of the police report of her being missing on 20th March 2014 from the perspective of Relisha’s birth time.   I’ve added this at this point in our enquiry due to the fact that we have two accurate clock times – i.e.for both charts.  The bi-wheel is as we would expect:

  • tr Lunar nodal axis quindecile natal Lunar nodal axis – a public report of a traumatic situation involving Relisha; her disappearance – albeit more than two weeks late – it now becomes an obsessive race against the clock.
  • tr Sun opposite natal Moon (blue in the inner wheel) – the date on the calendar illuminates the personal needs of the missing girl
  • tr Moon (blue in the outer wheel) opposite natal Mars – an emotional plea for secrets to be told.

Synastry of mother and daughter:

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen such a horrendous mix between a mother and daughter; particularly one so young. it’s obsessive and irrational behaviour. I would suggest as a result of the mother Shamika Young’s addictive substance abuse.

relisha-mother With their Sun placements in opposition  (Scorpio and Taurus), we can immediately say that the child mirrors for the mother.  I.e. something the mother does not want to see is her own bad behaviour reflected in her daughter’s eyes. That would mean that she would have to face her failure as a parent and guardian.

The inner wheel is Relisha’s natal chart and the outer; her mother.  We will view the mother’s emotive behaviour with the child; back and forth between the two, as we have Relisha’s time of birth.

  • Mother’s Lunar South Node conjunct child’s Jupiter (green) – karmic connection is inflated through the child’s eyes.  “This is her lot in life” is what she would tell herself if she were old enough to understand what it means..
  • Mother’s Sun quindecile child’s Jupiter – mother probably repeatedly tells the child the above
  • Child’s Lunar South node quindecile mother’s Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) – ditto last interpretation
  • Child’s Sun (orange) quindecile mother’s mid-range Moon (blue) – indicating obsessive co-dependency.  Is the 8 year-old child expected to nurture the mother?
  • Child’s Neptune (turquoise) square mother’s Sun – bewilderment by the child at the mother’s personality and needs.
  • Child’s Uranus square mother’s Saturn – mother likely loses self-control this would creates sudden changes in behaviour in the child (2nd house so child’s self-worth is diminished as a result)
  • Mother’s Uranus conjunct child’s Venus-Pluto conjunction – unconditional love by the child to mother’s erratic emotive behaviour
  • Mother’s Pluto conjunct child’s Sun – parental dominance; likely rules with an iron fist.

Synastry of Relisha and Antonio Wheeler:

relisha-wheeler This chart is the relationship (synastry) between Relisha and her mother’s live-in partner; again from the child’s perspective. He is not her biological father.

The photo he uploaded to social media on 2nd March of money in his lap (at the top of this page) says everything…  Venus symbolism represents money on this occasion, of that I am sure.

  • Relisha’s Sun (orange in the inner wheel) conjunct Wheeler’s natal Venus – he sees the child as an asset with a value; costing him money.
  • Wheeler’s Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) is conjunct Relisha’s midheaven. ‘His say’ is uppermost in her life; what he says, goes.
  • Relisha’s Mercury conjunct his Sun – again the dominance, this time – her voice.
  • Relisha’s Venus-Pluto conjunct his natal Uranus in the 11th house (friends and enemies) – he likely has emotive swings in their relationship; again probably drug use behind his behaviour.  He is no male mentor to the child.

Synastry of Relisha and Kahlil Tatum:

This chart is the relationship (synastry) between Relisha and Kahlil Tatum (since suicided); again from the child’s perspective.  At last we have Saturn in the mix, however not in a deadly way.

relisha-kahliltatumKahlil Tatum was born with Mars opposite Saturn; a male mentor. He is likely indecisive in this role as the two planets clash; hot and cold. With his Saturn also in quindecile to his Lunar North Node in his horoscope – Tatum sees this ‘fathering’ as his ‘higher purpose’.  This would explain the handing out of money and gifts to children.  Unfortunately society can turn nasty very quickly and suggest, a predator.

This combination of planets is behind the relationship with Relisha and his actions following her disappearance. The indications are that he likely considered himself to be rescuing her, but was it a case from the frying pan to the fire?

  • Tatum’s Neptune (turquoise) is at Relisha’s midheaven and cusp of the 10th house – a fantasy in his mind, that he is her rescuer; her future.

Note: The classic astrology interpretation: This man is a very important person in Relisha’s life. The child’s identity with her family gets lost due to disregard (by her mother probably) through mother’s use of drugs/alcohol.  She goes willingly with Tatum in an act of emotional defensiveness.  At the age of 8 years-old, her reasoning mind is not mature enough to evaluate the consequences of his, or indeed – her actions.

  • Relisha’s Neptune (turquoise in the inner wheel) intersects Tatum’s natal Mars-Saturn – the child is confused about her identity PLUS
  • Relisha’s Mars in the 4th house (home) square Tatum’s Sun (orange) – Relisha sees this man can provide her with a home and goes willingly.

I would suggest that this man, Kahlil Tatum is probably the source of the money that is in the photo above of her mother’s partner; Antonio Wheeler. That would also explain why Relisha’s mother never reported her daughter as missing and that was left to Family Services to report her missing weeks later.

  • The police report wasn’t filed until 8:01am 20 March, 2014.
  • Shamika Young, “I aint wanna lose my other three kids that’s why I didn’t call police.”

We have generated many charts during the interval between 1st-20th March in relation to Kahlil Tatum.  This man had previously served two long sentences in jail for larceny and burglary.  I would suggest that once he was ‘enlightened’ as to the consequences of his actions in relation to Relisha’s  so-called ‘disappearance’ and the aftermath that ensued, he purchased a gun and killed his wife during the night 19/20th March and later killed himself with the same gun.

As for Relisha, we continue our enquiry in Part 2; all is not lost yet…