Peaches and green Pt.3

The Griff carpark

On 27th October 1980, a group of men gathered at a suburban home in Belconnen, ACT for a private function. It was by invitation only, an intimate gathering with the potential to change dramatically the lives of at least one, if not all of them.

They had been invited to the home of a Plati-born Calabrian; a man linked to one of Italy’s most powerful Mafia dynasties; invited to witness a secret ceremony in which a young man, a picciotto was to be formally inducted into the ranks of the Australian Mafia, a commitment from which death is the only escape.

stmichaelInside ’Ndrangheta the initiation ceremony is known as a baptism, and for those involved, it is no less sacred than their affiliation with the Catholic Church of Rome.

Following a house blessing; once all the guests had arrived, the men stood in a circle and the aspiring picciotto was invited to stand in the middle while his sponsor formally introduced him and presented his credentials.

The sponsor next approached the young man, cut the tip of his finger in the shape of a cross and watched as three drops of blood fell onto a small holy picture of St Michael the Archangel.

The newcomer then swore his allegiance to the ‘Ndrangheta and its notorious omerte; the legendary code of silence, before taking the holy picture and his now purified blood and setting it alight. The burning picture was then passed from one hand to another around the circle, and the picciotto was warned if he ever wanted to leave the organisation he would have to piece the picture back together again.

The message was clear: once you join la famiglia, it is for life.

The ritual ended with another significant gesture; the new initiate kissed the cell leader, not on the cheek, as is common in Italy, but on the forehead, as a sign of both respect and submission.

St Michael the Archangel, patron saint of the Calabrian mafia is portrayed as holding the scales of justice, however the ’Ndrangheta interpretation of justice is, that their law is omnipotent; above all others.

donald-mackay-i4Three years prior to this initiation, two supposed upholders of the law, Detective Constable Brian Borthwick and Detective Sergeant Arthur O’Sullivan flew into Griffith, NSW.

It was the morning of 15th July; the date that Donald Mackay was to meet with his fate; murdered.  These two police officers were in town to provide alibis for ’Ndrangheta cell members, not to uphold the law of the land.

Do the family members think having an alibi excludes them from blame?  I would suggest the contrary; that they knew they needed alibis and had prior knowledge of a murder of an anti-drugs campaigner – implausible deniability.

Andragathia is the quality of a man that is brave, noble, and worthy of respect.   Hiding behind alibis, none of the ‘Ndrangheta members on the night that Donald Mackay was murdered, could be called brave, noble or worthy of respect. The only noble beasts around that night were in the newly opened zoo at Dubbo, 400kms away and they were all tucked up in their cages by nightfall.

Apart from those members of the family with watertight alibis and in public places at the time of the murder, there was a light plane that flew in and out of Griffith airport; a flight-plan that remains unaccounted for and so for anyone with an alibi out of town that is not publicly corroborated, as far as I’m concerned – their alibi flies out the window.

Of the names provided to us from the Woodward Royal Commission of Inquiry into Drug Trafficking, we have reduced the number of suspects with the aid of our forensic astrology toolkit. Our tools might be old and not accepted in today’s courtroom, however they do have their place in the conversation.

In our last post Pt.2, the heavens revealed the senior members of the Griffith cell of N’drangheta under the leadership of Pietro Callipari;  ‘ndrina who were involved in the conspiracy to murder an anti-drugs campaigner who had cost them plenty.

Narrowing down even further, we know that the little shoemaker would not be getting sap on his hands.  We can also exclude Franco Barbaro and Bruno Robert Trimbole from those five, as each has an alibi at a public venue.

DM-A.VelardiGambacorta’s chart is not lit up like a Christmas tree anything like Antonio Velardi’s and so we can let him off with a mention and proceed to the next step in our enquiry.  The heavens guide our hand.

Note: Antonio Velardi’s bi-wheel is interpreted in the previous post.

We know that Donald Mackay’s attendance at The Griff hotel was not pre arranged. This indicates that several people would need to be involved in the murderous plot to cover for unexpected contingencies.

We know that Trimbole and Velardi would have had their heads together on their trips back and forth between Sydney and Griffith, discussing who had firearm experience and who didn’t; who would be driver or lookout; disposal of the body etc etc.

After considering all the astrology charts and bi-wheels to hand, I suggest that Velardi was included in the final plan in order to keep a steady hand on the young guns; this was not to look like a mafia hit.  It would have been a risk, but someone needed to be at the helm and who better than a ‘ndrina captain.

How many of the Australian mafia were on the ground; in their cars, that night?  Who was in that darkened carpark waiting for Donald Mackay to return to his vehicle?

The local anti-drug campaigner was not a small man.  He was well over six feet tall; 195cm and weighing-in at fifteen stone.  A middle-aged Calabrian with a leaning towards the soft life would be needing a bit of muscle; Camorrista, to do the heavy work.

From the data we have to hand, we have a trio of contenders for this murder. We don’t know if Velardi had any firearm experience, let alone the nerve to murder an innocent man in cold blood, however one on the team did. What is of interest, is that the other two on the team according to the heavens share the same name; Antonio Sergi – born six years apart, 1944 and 1950.

So, which Tony has the perm?  Let’s check the bi-wheels (method).

DM-A.Sergi#3Antonio Sergi ’44 is part of the Velardi-Trimbole team and was living in Diprose St, Fairfield in Sydney at the time of the murder according to the Royal Commission.

We interpret the tension between planets at two given points in time – the day that this person was born and the time of the murder of Donald Mackay.

As to why this chart and bi-wheel is indicating an involvement in the murder of Donald Mackay, only the heavens can say.  The inner wheel is the perspective of a suggested time of the murder, 6:40pm and the outer wheel is a natal chart.

The same perspective was taken in Pt.2 with highlighted yellow, planet Mercury in the inner wheel as the indication/interpretation of an excellent murder – a mafia term.

Note: Mercury is the planet of communication and firing a weapon is a form of communication.

Firstly the primary forensic indicators:

  • Transiting Moon conjunct Saturn – el padrino has given his blessing for the grim reaper to accompany this person.
  • Transiting Sun (the calendar date) intersect the Lunar nodal axis of this person indicating their involvement in a traumatic event and in a public place.
  • Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Pluto – the power of life and death is in the hands of this person.
  • Descendant exact conjunct natal Pluto – the symbol of Tartarus, the underworld stands at the end of a man’s life.

Highlighted turquoise in the inner wheel, Neptune represents drugs; the production and distribution of drugs in this case; la famiglia’s business.

  • Transiting Neptune square natal Mercury-Jupiter.  Traditionally Mercury conjunct Jupiter is someone with ‘a big mouth’.  We can therefore interpret this aspect as his touting himself to be part of the team.

There is one last but not least aspect of note and that is the Lunar nodal axis of the time of the murder, the actual traumatic event is conjunct natal Mars.  According to the heavens, this person could be the shooter.

DM-A.Sergi#2Antonio Sergi ’50 claims to have been in Surfers Paradise, but I have to ask,

 “If Antonio Sergi of Farm 1774, 1775 and born in 1950 was on the Gold Coast then why is his chart so involved with the precise timing of the Donald Mackay murder in Griffith?”

The heavens indicate that he was in that carpark and who am I to argue. We know that this farm had a couple of harvested crops of marijuana in previous years, so he was off to a good start – financially.  Can we suggest that Antonio Sergi had a debt to pay back?

  • Highlighted in pink is la famiglia at the ascendant, the family comes first.
  • Transiting Mercury (the murder) is opposite natal Venus.  Is this the payback to the family, a financial motivation?
  • The lunar nodal axis in the heavens is square natal Mercury (communication) as well as natal Neptune (subterfuge).  Is this the heavens exposure of the alibi; an alibi  provided by family members?
  • Transiting Sun in the inner wheel opposite natal Mercury – the date of the murder and also the date in Jerilderie were both on this person’s job sheet.
  • Transiting Saturn, the grim reaper – death (the excellent murder) intersects natal Pluto and Sun.  We can suggest that the murder of Donald Mackay was tied up with this person’s position in the power heirarchy of the family.
  • Transiting Moon (el padrino) creates tension by square aspect with natal Mars.  Is this particular Tony, el padrino’s choice to be the shooter?
  • Transiting Pluto (guardian of the underworld) is also conjunct natal Mars.  The heavens indicate that this person holds the knowledge of where the remains of Donald Mackay lie.

For those who need to ask why James Bazley wasn’t chosen as the hit-man?  I suggest that it simply boils down to the fact that the murder of Donald Mackay was personal; personal for both Peter Callipari and la famiglia.

There is one more issue we must address while we have our toolkit to hand and that is the possible location of the remains of this murdered man, Donald Mackay. Antonio Sergi and Antonio Velardi are hardly going to tell us where his body lies, however we can turn to the heavens for assistance.

When we generate a bi-wheel of the victim himself and the suggested time of his murder we follow our cartography method – flip the bi-wheel and centre it over the location of his murder and let the heavens show us the way.

MAP-DM-GriffithDonald Mackay’s natal chart provides us with two paths, which we could follow:

Firstly the traditional forensic indicator for a location of a body, natal Saturn, which in our case lacks the tension with an event planet unfortunately, apart from being almost on the east-west axis. This would not be our first choice.

Secondly we have the transiting Sun conjunct natal Pluto, the indicator for Tartarus where the body went underground, across the River Styx. (Greco-Roman mythology)  This is the path I would follow.

We have drawn two red lines, locators onto the map of the area, however from experience I would suggest that the more south-westerly of the two would be more likely the indication we are being given.  Unfortunately neither of these lines intersect with Maude Street, Hay; the location of the current forensic search.

I suggest that the remains of Donald Mackay could be located somewhere along this South West direction locator angle.

RIP Donald Mackay


Peaches and green Pt.1


We’ve seen how la famiglia’s thicker than water episode has been a recipe for disaster in recent times; hitting the family’s hip-pocket for well over $10mill.  The tax fraud scam of the previous decade seems to have been cooked by the ATO; that was a big earner for a while.    Going back even further da boyz had the car insurance scam, which brought in plenty of funds as well.

Boy oh boy, the family has been busy; lots of mouths to feed no doubt.

Today however, we go back one more step in a forensic astrology enquiry – back to the seventies, when pot was the drug of choice for the masses.  When peaches were less than 50cents a can and marijuana sold for $30 a bag.  No prizes for guessing what was growing between more than a few of the peach trees in The Riverina.

search-mackayJust this month, the New South Wales police forensic van together with AFP have been out in The Riverina searching for the remains of anti-drugs campaigner Donald Mackay; a man who was murdered in July 1977; family business.

It goes without saying that the Mackay family want his body back, for a decent burial and so we join the fray.

We insert our usual disclaimer here; that a forensic astrology enquiry is not accepted in a court of law; is based on the pseudo science of astrology and can only be taken as suggestion rather than fact.  We poke and prod, ask questions and point fingers, however at the end of the day we are only interpreting, by a classical means, what the planetary tensions are at any given time.

Mackay had brought attention to la famiglia’s criminal activities just when it was all running smoothly; local coppers in their pockets.  Donald Mackay bypassed the local constabulary; went straight to the narcotics squad in Sydney with details of a large crop of marijuana about to be harvested.

grasscastleA raid ensued, followed by a conviction.  Loss of face, loss of money, pride in shatters, members of the family caught out; time for a family meeting.

Grass castles – built from tinned peaches?  Peaches and green, more likely…

La famiglia, an heirarchy…

At the top of this Calabrian Plati family in 1977, there is the mild godfather, the little shoemakerFrom there, the family tree has three branches of interest to us – the growers of the marijuana, production; the distributors of the product and of course the money launderers who turn the illegal earnings into cash bringing it all home to papa, to start the operation again on an even bigger scale.

Kickbacks here and there and keep what you can in the family.  In all, a very profitable business enterprise.

We are under the three-pronged trident of the Roman god, Neptune. The planet Neptune is symbolic of all that is hidden – addictions, subterfuge, drugs, dreams and movies.  When we are dealing with drugs within forensic astrology, Neptune is always in the picture.

Meanwhile back in the little shoemaker’s basement, as in all meetings there was what-when-where-why-who and how, discussed.  I have an idea of how it probably went down – a heap of schemes then…

Distribution has solid contacts interstate… hmmm that might be a good idea.

“Aussie Bob that’s your department, so why don’t you follow up on that.”

Robert Trimbole duly gets on the blower and rings his southern manager, Gianfranco Tizzone. Tizzone in turn, met with a gun dealer who put him on to a shooter, James Frederick Bazley and together they prepare a contract to kill Donald Mackay.

The next thing we hear is that back in New South Wales, a phone-call was made to Donald Mackay in Griffith attempting to lure him to a business appointment in the town of Jerilderie; a 10:30am appointment with destiny and supposedly, James Frederick Bazley.

We know that Mackay was unable to attend the appointment and sent one of his employees in his place.  The employee was not approached and nothing eventuated.  The contract was not carried out until the planets aligned some three days later – we have the charts to hand.

This is where we are going to spill the tin of peaches; upset the apple cart. We are led to believe that la famiglia accepted the contract from Tizzone and Co, however the heavens disagree; but let’s not get ahead of the story.

Donald Mackay was murdered three days after the Jerilderie incident, in a darkened carpark in Griffith. There were no eye-witnesses, just blood and three .22 spent cartridges on the ground – no body. No-one was charged; corruption continued.

Some years later Gianfranco Tizzone was sprung by the police south of the border with a bale of marijuana in the boot of his Mercedes.  He did a deal with the DPP to get off; spun a tale about the conspiracy back in 1977 between Robert Trimbole and himself – dumping Bazley right in it as the shooter; the murderer of Donald Mackay.

Aussie Bob Trimbole got a tip-off about Tizzone’s confession and did a runner overseas, leaving Tizzone and Bazley to face the charge of Conspiracy to Murder.   Tizzone rolled over as a protected witness, while Bazley was convicted and served time. To date there has been no charge of murder laid at any door, tent flap or grass castle.

Following the recent news of a search for the remains of Donald Mackay, we have come to offer a contribution from our toolkit; a different bag of tricks, forensic astrology – method.

contract-jerilderieWe have three bi-wheels to interpret – the intended victim Donald Mackay and the co-conspirators Tizzone and Bazley. (We can discuss Trimbole and the family separately) The snapshot of the heavens is at 10:30am, the time of the appointment with Mr Adams.  We know now that Donald Mackay is not in Jerilderie, however he is the target of this meeting.

The inner wheel is the appointment and outer wheel the birth charts; both snapshots of the planetary positions at a relevant point in time, taken at specific places in the world.

Chart#1 Jerilderie and Donald Mackay – the Ascendant is the main focus, the timing of the event.  Secondary are any planets in the inner wheel interacting with Mackay’s natal wheel. We don’t have any forensic planets interacting – well he’s not present here, so we wouldn’t expect any.  Today is not his day to meet his fate.

  • Natal planet Sun (orange) is at the ascendant just as we would expect, he is the focus of this appointment.
  • Natal planet Mercury (yellow) is also there – Mercury is the planet of communication. Classically, this appointment is a means of communication – a meeting, albeit not in the usual sense of the meaning.

Chart#2 Jerilderie and Tizzone – we can suggest that Tizzone had prior knowledge of the appointment as his natal Mercury (yellow) is at the Ascendant, nominating the time.

  • Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel represents the contract to kill (a form of communication). Exact by conjunction to natal Mars (red).  This is our first forensic planet in the mix.  Mars represents action.   Tizzone was arranging a contract; the meeting.  This is confirmation of his input to the conspiracy.

Chart#3 Jerilderie and Bazley – we have highlighted the forensic indicators of the Lunar nodal axis and also Mars in the outer wheel (Bazley), however being in the 11th and 12th houses indicate that this is still at the planning stage, no action here today.

  • Mars square Venus (pink) and Moon (blue) represents la famiglia, nothing more.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel is almost lined up with the Lunar nodal axis, but not enough to consider in the mix.

As I suggested earlier, the astrology just doesn’t have Bazley at Jerilderie.  Why?

Bazley admitted to the conspiracy, however he has always maintained his innocence of the murder of Donald Mackay; that he was never in Jerilderie or Griffith on the dates in question.

Don’t throw your arms in the air folks; I’m not about to claim that an innocent man has been imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit – he did conspire to kill as his charge sheet reads.  James Frederick Bazley is no babe in the woods and has a criminal record as long as my arm.  He served his time for the crime.

Where the cart went off the rails in my opinion, is that it has been assumed that Bazley was guilty of the murder of Donald Mackay because Tizzone said so.

I suggest that Tizzone protected la famiglia by telling the big porky pie about how Bazley did it; about the trip to Jerilderie and the second trip to Griffith, then adding the bits about which route Bazley took back to Melbourne, where he dumped the body and the gun etc. – none of which has come to fruition.

Tizzone was not a member of the inner family of Calabrians, however he was smart enough to divert attention away from la famiglia; to protect his own hide.

When I dug deeper, I found that the NSW investigating officer who came onto the scene some time later; Frederick Parrington, tends to lean towards the thinking that Bazley didn’t murder Donald Mackay.

I suggest that the murder was an inside job.  That second meeting with la famiglia would have discussed the involvement by outsiders. Tizzone, although he was close to Robert Trimbole and also ‘Ndrangheta, he was not Calabrian.  As for Bazley, well he was a Painters and Dockers hitman; not exactly a grower of peaches.

Was the decision made to keep it in the family?

We have the birth data on some thirty individuals to hand, compliments of the Woodward Royal Commission into Drug Trafficking 1977-79 and Wedgetailegal’s research – that’s a desktop of charts to generate, however the pile is reducing, as we get closer to the crime.

peachy_cobblerUnder the guidance of the heavens and their charts, we have been able to generate the Plati hierarchy under Pietro Callipari.

From this we have determined that the pressure for the murder of Donald Mackay came from the money-laundering side of the table with distribution in support.  Production had their say as well completing the triad before the little shoemaker gave his blessing.

As to who drove down to Jerilderie posing as Mr Adams, we know that it has to be someone who would know the difference between the dominant public figure of Donald Mackay and his salesman, Bruce Pursehouse, of that we can be sure.

distribution-JerilderieHere are three more bi-wheels of a trio of la famiglia members together with their investment in what went down at Jerilderie.  Comparing this group with the trio above, it is pretty obvious that these characters are considerably more involved with the event than the first three, you have to agree.

For those wishing to test their skills at interpretation  – here is the key and click on image for full size:

  • Red for the forensic planets – serious crime indicators
  • Pink for Venus – la famiglia
  • Green for Jupiter – inflates whatever it interacts with
  • Turquoise for Neptune – the drug factor
  • Yellow for Mercury – communication in whatever form
  • Orange for the Sun – the date on the calendar
  • Chart#4 Jerilderie – Robert Trimbole
  • Chart#5 Jerilderie – Antonio Velardi
  • Chart#6 Jerilderie – Antonio Sergi (1950)

I have no need to draw up maps from Jerilderie to Sydney or to Griffith to check locator angles, we have more than enough in front of us with the murder of Donald Mackay to interpret.

If you are disappointed because I haven’t interpreted the last three charts, don’t fret. I am quite sure that these characters will come up in our next post, Peaches and Green Pt.2  Until then, arrivederci.