High Court Hearing


Astrology and science were as-one until enlightened inventors made improvements to the telescope.  Science was then able to discount that the constellations of the zodiac were fixed in space as was believed in medieval times; that they are in direct motion within our solar system.  Their orbit around the Sun, in fact, takes about 24,000 of our Earth years. That is about two thousand years per zodiac sign; e.g. Age of Pisces; Age of Aquarius etc.

Have you ever wondered why the zodiac symbol for Pisces (two fishes) is associated with Christianity? There’s your answer.  At the time of Jesus, it was the Age of Pisces.

Astronomy separated from astrology in the name of progress, leaving astrologers to work with the zodiac fixed in time and space; relegated as a medieval art form. As a result, astrology charts are referred to as models of reality, rather than reality itself.

We elect to use the modern astrology method by which we retain the planetary tension in real-time astronomy, however we elect to use the medieval zodiac as our backdrop rather than use mathematical equations which none of us would be able to get our heads around.  This allows us to use the wisdom of the medieval texts of astrology for interpretation.  I like to call it ‘bending the space-time continuum’.  😉

But I digress…  The death of Allison Baden-Clay on the night of 19-20th April 2012 in Brisbane, Australia led the way to the last four years of a focus on domestic violence in the country of my birth.  This case has also0 been what stirred me to start this blog; adding to the voice of the growing ground-swell.

Did you kill your wife Allison?”GBC-ABCimage
“No, I did not.”

“Did you fight with her on the evening of the 19th?”
“No, I did not.”

The trial-by-jury delivered its verdict  on 15 July 2014; a murder conviction of Gerard Baden-Clay; husband of the victim; his wife. Gerard Baden-Clay was sentenced and incarcerated.

On 8th December 2015 the outcome of an appeal by the convict, created a public uproar when the sentence was downgraded to manslaughter.   The people of Brisbane rose up to protest, demanding an appeal by the State Government.

When the result of a trial by a jury is downgraded; treated as ‘legal hubris’ the populace feel the flush of  a slap in the face. Arrogance of the court system is how this is perceived when the outcome is appealed so easily, by anyone with a purse of gold.  

Appeal against downgrading of a murder conviction – the timeline

  • 8th January 2016 – the Queensland Court delayed the re-sentencing of Gerard Baden-Clay until the appeal against the downgrading of his murder conviction goes before the High Court of Australia.
  • 1st February 2016 – State DPP outlined the crown’s summary of argument and why the High Court should return the murder conviction.
  • 22nd February 2016 – lawyers for the defense lodged their High Court submission in the legal wrangle over his downgraded murder conviction.

High Court to hear the case in Brisbane, 10:15am 26th July 2016

 We, as astrologers, cannot bring a woman subjected to the ultimate act of violence back to life, however we can study the heavens; in particular the patterns of tension created at a particular time and in a particular place. Having the freedom of opinion, and without prejudice., we interpret from classic medieval texts.

In horary astrology, the outcome of a court case can be found at the IC; the end of the matter.  The IC is at the bottom of an astrology chart, however in real terms on a map of the territory, this is due North.  i.e. where the ecliptic crosses the meridian in the north of our planet, Earth.

At this time and at this place, (in Brisbane, 10:15am 26th July 2016) – when we turn our eyes heavenwards and due north; the Immum Coeli/IC will be at 10:02ºCapricorn.  None of the planets in our solar system are exact this place in the sky.  Pluto is close at 15:46ºCapricorn, however the asteroid Niobe#71 is exact North, orbiting at 10:31ºCapricorn against the backdrop of the zodiac.

We look to Greco/Roman mythology to guide us to the interpretation of the ancients:

highcourthearingThe tragic tale of Niobe centered on the consequences of hybris, a strange concept in the Greek antiquity, which said that if you act with arrogance towards the Gods, then you will be punished. Insolence is another word that fits with this concept.  Actually Niobe’s story is a classic example of the wrath of gods against human weaknesses and has been beautifully narrated in Homer’s Iliad.

fates-1The other Greco/Roman mythological characters that must be considered in an astrology enquiry of this magnitude, are those of the Fates; Klotho (spinner of the thread of life), Lachesis (she who measures the length of cord; a mortal life) and Atropos (the cutter of the length of cord; death)  See Plato’s Myth of Er for the legend.

We are concerned with Klotho in this enquiry, due to the fact that Australian law courts do not consider the death penalty; it is no longer an option.  The length of the cord-of-life, and when the cord is cut is not within the court’s discretion.

  • On 26th July 2016, Pluto 15:46ºCapricorn meanwhile (Guardian of the Underworld in mythology), mirrors the asteroid Fini#795 (the end) at 15:28ºCancer by opposition.  I would suggest that this aspect represents the High Court finding as being the final power of the earthly realm.  The High Court judges will have the last word on the matter.
  • We note that Pluto-Fini are EXACT square to the horizon; Ascendant-Descendant.  As it begins; so it ends.
  • the asteroid Klotho#97 is orbiting at 16:24ºVirgo against the zodiac PLUS exact the asteroid Gerard#1337 at 16:42ºVirgo.   These two asteroids are in the 12th house (incarceration) at 10:15am; the trial opening.

GBCGerard Baden-Clay and The Fates; in particular, Klotho

While we have the Fates on our agenda, allow me to explain the particular significance of Klotho in the life of Gerard Baden-Clay.   Previously I have rectified his birth time from information on the public record.  I may be out by a few minutes for the angles and house cusps, however this next chart will suffice for the explanation I wish to share.

When we discuss Elements of the zodiac (fire-air-earth-water) together with the trio of Modes (cardinal, fixed, mutable)…  in particular, the element of Earth refers to ‘practical matters’ and Cardinal is as the dictionary defines – ‘of the greatest importance; fundamental’.

  • In his natal horoscope, when Gerard Baden-Clay was born in Bournemouth, England, the asteroid Klotho#97 was orbiting across the background of the zodiac at 13:35ºCapricorn in the 5th house of his horoscope.

Note: This is both Cardinal (C) and the element of Earth (E) – see red arrow underneath the wheel.  So where Klotho is located in his horoscope will be both ‘fundamental’ to his life and will be of a ‘practical nature’.

  • As for the position in the chart, the 5th house represents ethics and morals (among other symbolism).  We can therefore suggest that this child will harbor weaknesses in this area of his life.
  • Then when we note the quindecile aspect to the asteroid Fini at 28:03º Gemini in the 12th house of hidden aspects (or jail for that matter), this will be an obsessional matter in his life.  He may even reach the finality of life while in the ‘big house’.

We cannot put this down to, “Oh it’s the Fates and so there is nothing he could do about it.”  I disagree.  The position and tension in an astrology chart reveals the weaknesses in a character; weaknesses that can be overcome if the character is willing. 

Gerard-Baden Clay, Klotho and the High Court of Australia

Rather than put the two charts side by side, we generate a bi-wheel of the two from the perspective of the court hearing.  The natal chart aligns by the zodiac with the transiting bodies in blue text and the natal chart for Baden-Clay is red.

26July-GBC-astro2We know that transiting asteroids Gerard-Klotho are 16ºVirgo and in the 12th house of the High Court hearing chart (incarcerated/hidden).  So when we have the two charts together, we can see the obsession with the natal chart of Baden-Clay; his model of reality.

  • transiting (purple) Gerard-Klotho quindecile natal Pholus/Lunar North Node (purple) in the 5th house (obsession in relation to love lost) at 29:29ºAquarius/2:54ºPisces.  This man; who has been found responsible for the death of his wife, has more concern for the disconnect from his family (Pholus represents shooting oneself in the foot) rather than taking responsibility for his actions – i.e. killing his wife.   This indicates to me that there has been no successful rehabilitation to date.

Klotho is certainly giving Gerard Baden-Clay a workout. However his inner resolve; natal Pallas 10:08ºPisces, will keep him incarcerated when we note that transiting (turquoise) Neptune is conjunct natal Pallas.   That, together with natal Pluto being quindecile to his Pallas as well, he likely believes that this compulsion (seen as intense resolve) empowers him, when in fact it does just the opposite; dis-empowering his inner strength and creating mental health problems most likely (5th-12th house axis), while he is in jail.

Note also that natal 25:44ºVirgo, Pluto is also in quindecile aspect with natal Chiron (10:04ºAries) further compounding the inner-wound of powerlessness.  This sense of worthlessness lives below the surface of his consciousness; unacknowleged.  Baden-Clay is unlikely to change, sticking to his guns; in denial that the problem even exists.  He can thereby live in a state of delusion, thus maintaining his arrogance.

For other posts in relation to this case see Scout’s Honour   I must admit I have been rather obsessive about this case.  RIP Allison Dickie.


The cookie crumbles

Did you kill your wife Allison?”
GBC-ABCimageNo, I did not.”

“Did you fight with her on the evening of the 19th [of April 2012]?”

“No, I did not.”

A jury of Gerard Baden-Clay’s peers delivered a verdict – guilty of murder.  A year later an appeal to the court downgraded the sentence to manslaughter.  Did this decision, based on the letter of the law, ignore the humanities and social sciences; the origins of the legal system?  Have those within the state system lost touch with reality?

We add to the realm of opinion by creating an astrology enquiry into what appears to be an act of outrage at this time when public opinion is focused on violence against women.  We can’t bring a woman subjected to the ultimate act of violence back to life, however we can study the heavens; in particular the patterns of tension created at a particular time and in a particular place.

We interpret from classic medieval texts, reminding us all that this is a model of reality, not reality itself. i.e. not accepted in any contemporary court of law.

  • Time: 9:30am, 8th December 2015
  • Place: Brisbane, Australia

Heavily weighted to the assertive-defensive hemisphere, this chart lacks consideration for others.  Knowing the delivery from the bench ahead of time, we could have been prepared. However with the gift of hindsight, we continue our interpretation.

R v Baden-Clay QCA15-265 – the downgrading from murder to manslaughter

manslaughter-duoAn Air Grand Trine in this mundane chart for 9:30am (produced from the public arena) reveals the mental energy trapped within the red triangle – asteroid Allison 11:39°Gemini – Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee 11:35°Libra  and asteroid Ceres 11:20°Aquarius.

  • Allison (victim and wife of Gerard Baden-Clay) in the 4th house – is this suggesting that the wife’s place is in the home?
  • BML/mean apogee in the 8th house – death and transformation.
  • Ceres in the 12th house…

 Ceres in Aquarius in criminal profiling equates with avoiding personal contact by evasive action; running away.  So rather than projecting, evaluating, or expressing Aquarian humanities in the astrology houses 1,2, or 3, we can see that it has remained a mental consideration only; in the 12th house of this chart.

In order to process this perceived error in judgement, we look for a release valve for this trapped energy on the opposite side of the chart.  We know that air fans fire, or can extinguish it; that balance is needed.

  • Asteroid Allison in the 4th house looks to 11°Sagittarius (fire element)  – court of public opinion in the 10th house
  • Black Moon Lilith in the 8th house looks to mend that broken link – self worth; value of ourselves is in question in the 2nd house 11°Aries (fire element – action)
  • Ceres needs to escape the mental, hidden closet with a release valve at 11°Leo (fire element) in the 6th house of morals and ethics of everyday life; practicalities. 

So what do we have in the heavens at these three positions?

  • 11°Sagittarius is the midpoint between the Sun and Saturn – the date on the calendar meets Father Time.  It is an illumination of ambition on the public stage for the victim.  Petition, march, protest.  It is a time to express public opinion.
  • 11°Aries in the heavens the asteroid Persephone (named after the Greco/Roman mythological character).  Persephone is the daughter of Ceres whom spends half the year in the Underworld and the other half on the surface – a time for compromise. Is this a face-saving exercise for the authority of the courts?
  • 11°Leo will remain in the shadows with asteroid Aphrodite 11:37° (Greek for Venus/peer group) – a peer review within the legal system most likely.

Apart from this Air Grand Trine in the mundane chart we have more to interpret. The Sun/Moon midpoint is always the primary focus of a particular point in time where needs (Moon) and wants (Sun) are in tension.

  • Sun/Moon=25:47°Scorpio – in the 10th house i.e. the public stage; handing down the decision by the QCA.

Interpreting through the houses, we note in the first house that 6:06°Pisces Asteroid Antonia (Toni McHugh; the ‘other woman’)  is EXACT asteroid Atropos (Greco/Roman mythology – cutting of a life-line) and conjunct 7:06°Pisces Neptune (hidden aspects; delusion) – we can but wait for this to unfold, as it will. 

Turning to the second chart with this in mind, we can see the dotted line (quindecile) from this first house Neptune (turquoise)  to Jupiter (green) – the decision by the court to transform the guilty sentence.  Neptune is also in square aspect to Saturn (risk of martyrdom).  Is this woman  (Toni McHugh) obsessing and deluded into believing her lover will be released soon?  

Initially I think not, when we see asteroid Lovas in the secretive 14:37°Scorpio reflecting Fini by opposition 13:03°Taurus.  But as we know, individual characters are not yet in this interpretation.

We note the asteroid Lie at 12:36°Pisces at the cusp of the 2nd house (self-worth) is opposite the asteroid Gerard (Baden-Clay) 11:05°Virgo in the 7th house (the husband of the victim) – self explanatory.

  • Chiron 16:59°Pisces square the Sun 15:32°Sagittarius –  Chiron in Pisces is always in crisis. This is a universal level crisis, nothing small ever hits this combination. This is not a day to slip a decision under the table.
  • Lunar South Node 27:53°Pisces square 11th house Mercury (yellow) – friends speak out in public.
  • Vesta 00:38°Aries quindecile 9th house Mars brings a higher meaning to keeping the home fires burning; a woman’s role.  Note: (pink) Venus together with the (blue) Moon (the population) are also in this 9th house in support of a higher cause.

Update, May 2016:  This was not the end of the matter.  We waited patiently along with many, many others until the High Court of Australia announced that they would hear an appeal in Brisbane on 26th July 2016; starting gun at 10:15am…

To be continued…

Baden-Clay trial Pt.2 – housekeeping

 All rise…

justice-scales:bellsIn Part 1, we shared the planetary spread in the heavens above Brisbane, Australia 10am on 10th June, 2014 where the Queen of Heaven presides over the upcoming trial; the asteroid Juno is at the mid-heaven.  In Part 2 we continue to interpret this chart, garnering the symbolism of each of the planets in our solar system in order to create a coherent storyline to our forensic astrology enquiry.

The basis of our enquiry is scientific in origin (the position of the planets orbiting in our solar system as determined by astronomy), however the interpretation of the planetary symbolism plus tension created by their relative positions is considered to be pseudo-scientific and therefore not accepted in a court of law.

GBC-trial-day1click on charts for full size

Bringing forward the same chart from our previous post, we continue to enquire as to the general atmosphere on the opening day of the trial where Gerard Robert Baden-Clay stands in the dock accused of the murder of his wife Allison June Baden-Clay.

We now include interpretation of the tension between the planets as our main focus; fleshing out the bones of the case together with getting a whiff of the air on Day #1.

  • Asteroid Pallas is in the 1st house – the intent of the participants of this trial is to utilise the tactics of wisdom. We also note that Pallas holds up the mirror, by opposition to the planet Neptune (turquoise) in the 7th house of public relationships; those on the stand. Neptune is symbolic of all that is hidden; subterfuge and deceit.

This point in the zodiac is all-important, because 7°Pisces (Neptune) is also the vertex of this chart; the likely turning point of the trial – suggesting that the exposure of deceit will make, or break this case.

  • The planet Mars represents action/the masculine principle and is in the 2nd house of money/personal assets. Mars is also in quindecile aspect with the Lunar Nodal axis (South Node) in the 9th house of higher learning – suggestive of members of the legal teams sharing a karmic connection; by obsession, with ‘the principles of law’.
  • A power struggle is also likely considering that Pluto is in the mix with Mars; by square aspect – offside.

We do have a clue as to what this matter relates to, as the challenge comes from the 2nd house Mars. The karmic connection will likely relate to financial matters, plus due to Mars’ close proximity to Vesta and Ceres, housekeeping will probably need addressing, on the first day.

  • The Lunar nodal axis originates in the 3rd house of communication – i.e. communication in a public venue; court is open to the public.

This also relates back by aspect to the wigs and gowns in the 2nd house and the Mars aspect with the Lunar South Node – perhaps there will be a very public spat, although that would be a bit of a stretch for the senior counsel. Time will tell.

  • In horary astrology, the Moon’s placement usually relates to the people and with the Moon being in the 3rd house – i.e. vox populi on this occasion. That’s basically us; you and I. There will be plenty of coverage across all media, no doubt.
  • Saturn is also transiting the 3rd house bringing focus, discipline and hard work in the realm of communication. Steely cold use of fear will likely stimulate the vocal chords of those whom resist speaking out.

wheel-of-fortuneThe Arabic Part of Fortune can only be interpreted successfully when we have a specific clock-time to work with and we do, so we can call upon Destiny for her input. 5th house matters relate to the house of creativity, fun and illicit affairs; the wheel of fortune spins. Gerard Baden Clay’s affair with Toni Cheri McHugh will be exposed within this house.

  • The point at which this Part of Fortune is in heavens on the 10th June 2014, is 27°Sagittarius – exact by conjunction with the Venus-Vesta conjunction in the heavens on the day that Toni McHugh was born. This woman’s future is bound up in the outcome of this trial, as sure as night follows day.

I would even go so far as to suggest that if Cookie doesn’t have immunity against prosecution; together with a possibly guilty outcome of this trial, we could see further charges being laid. Would such a charge be attempted obstruction of justice, incitement to commit a crime, or even  ‘accessory to murder, after the fact’? 

Such is the intensity of the Arabic Part of Fortune, when it appears in an horary chart. We do not take its presence lightly.

  • When we step into the 6th house, we are in the arena of ethics, morals, duty etc. The power broker, Pluto is in the 6th house, plus is in square aspect with Mars in the 2nd house. We’re already aware of the Martian influence, so how does Pluto view the trial as an independent cosmic entity? In the right place at the right time, I would suggest.
  • The 7th house sadly shelters Neptune and Chiron – open wounds, subterfuge, deceit and scapegoats; a sickening mix.

I’ve written quite a lot about Chiron and the Sun lately; creating havoc in the heavens. When the Sun is in hard aspect with Chiron in a natal chart (or horary for that matter) and the Sun (character) is weak, then Chiron is severely compromised; wounds are open.  We can suggest that during this trial it will be a case of the strong standing tall, while the weak fail us, in the witness box.

  • Uranus in the house of transformation; the 8th, will add that buzz of energy as it mirrors Mars-Vesta in the 2nd. We can expect revelations that we haven’t yet heard about in previous hearings, particularly in relation to modern technology.
  • A Taurean Venus i.e. 14°Taurus, opposite the Moon at 7°Scorpio likely relates to money in this instance as Taurus likes to be ‘flush with the readies’ and the comforts of life.  Are we expecting someone to sell their story, or are they sitting atop their high horse?
  • The Sun and Mercury reside in the 11th house mirroring the 5th house matters (eg mistress plus responsibility for Baden-Clay children); a very sober judge and jury.

What does lighten the gloom, is that the Sun is exact conjunct the minor asteroid Nemesis 19°Gemini on the opening day – trial and retribution. This would suggest a successful outcome to this trial.  Plus Mercury at 2°Cancer is exact conjunct  the minor asteroid, Hades.   Hades in conjunction with Mercury – what could this be? Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned perhaps; we wish…

  • Jupiter is in the 12th house just where he should be; hidden. As representative of justice, none of us wants to see any pre-judice. The outcome of the trial remains unknown to us mere mortals.

Midpoints-Day1As for Day #1 as an independent day within the trial, we turn to the subtleties in the chart; the midpoints. There are as many as six midpoints involved with the angles in this chart, likely indicative of the formalities of the opening of a trial, however it will be as the day progresses that will hold more interest for us. For that we focus on interplanetary midpoint tension.

There are four issues to address; the Moon, Pluto, Venus and the Sun. We know that the Moon represents the public; Pluto would relate to power issues i.e. ethics etc; Venus in her peer group role would have dual roles – the jury selection as well as representing a group; eg the media and any application they may make on the public’s behalf; release of documents. The Sun would likely be symbolic of the crown; the judge, in his role.

When we refer to the textbook interpretations of these midpoints and then follow with relative interpretation, they share their message.

  • Moon = Saturn/Lunar North Node – appealing to senior persons; qualifying for responsibility.

Apart from the obvious ‘jury selection’, we can suggest that this midpoint could also relate to the public right to knowledge (Moon and North Node) then Saturn brings in the sense of responsibility to the mix. As well as the empaneling of the jury, this is likely the authority to release information in a responsible manner. This aspect is likely an appeal by the media for a formal framework of the release of information in this trial.

  • Pluto = Saturn/Neptune – awareness of potential loss.

With Neptune in the mix we can expect this matter to relate to ‘that which is hidden’. I would suggest this is likely relative to legal procedures and housekeeping taking up quite a chunk of the day.

  • Venus = Jupiter/Neptune – optimistic in relation to tricky legalisms, rumour and scandal.

Again we have Neptune’s ‘that which is hidden’ in the mix. Plus Jupiter would relate to ‘inflation’ i.e. reining-in any excessive release of information. Then Saturn brings a sobering element into the equation. I would suggest that this midpoint relates to interaction with mainstream media, as well as His Honour’s address to the jury.

  • Sun = Venus/Jupiter – goodwill; success.

In all, a successful day I should imagine.  With housekeeping in order, let the trial begin.

continued Pt.3

For previous posts written on this case, the list: Scouts honour, under the stars

Murder gets personal Pt.1

JupiterThe Lunar nodal axis seems to determine whether a murder gets the public’s attention or not.

This case has a broad following because it fulfills cultural notions, as well as social opinions. This is Jupiter at work.

For a case to get up close and personal, we require different triggers.  I have my own signifiers; my signposts,  as do you.  Some of us may have had contact with Allison June Baden-Clay nee Dickie, or her husband or their families; some are locals; some from Brisbane or Queensland or Australia.  The ripple effect travels around the globe.

The connection may be as simple as a woman who has been murdered, a wife or a mother.  To have strong opinions requires Jupiter’s presence and to send it viral we need the Lunar nodal axis input.  To understand what the nodes are, I refer you to wikipedia.

In classic astrology, interpretation of the Moon’s nodes involves karma and the fates, among other matters.  Whereas in forensic astrology, we tend to keep the interpretation to the indicators of a traumatic event, and the public awareness of such an event. Both have their relevant input.

ABCphotoOn 19th April 2012, the night that Allison was murdered, Jupiter was orbiting through the heavens against the astrological backdrop curtain; the zodiac sign of Taurus.

We can generalise and suggest that as Taurus represents material wealth and Jupiter inflation as well as opinion, there was an inflated opinion in the air around money, elitism and all things related to mammon and greed.

The Lunar nodal axis, the public agenda was mirroring Gemini-Sagittarius.  Gemini represents communication and Sagittarius the archer, so that’s about as viral as we can get.

Firing a flaming arrow tipped with opinion into the ether with the added thrust of justice behind it, would be something to behold.  I can’t see that missed by many; Halley’s comet and then some…

To back this up, we need to have strong indicators between this snapshot of the heavens and the personal astrology charts of the victim and/or persons of interest in the crime to determine why this crime in particular, remains high on the public’s agenda.

justice-scales:bellsThis forensic enquiry has been long in coming; I am privy to an excess of information about this case hindering my forming an unbiased opinion. As a member of a jury, I would be classified unfit to serve.

It’s my nature and my nurturing, which brings me to this point in time and to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry, no matter how hard I try, I will still filter which aspect I choose to interpret, which call I make. Nevertheless I must take on the task.

Astrology is a pseudo science, does not claim to be scientific in origin and we can only suggest character development and interpret planetary tension by classical astrology guidelines. Anything written here, is done without prejudice to any living person; is also not acceptable in a court of law.

For those who might have been hiding in my broom cupboard for nearly a year, here’s a timeline of events to date:

  • Thursday, April 19, 2012: Gerard Baden-Clay claims he last saw his wife Allison watching television when he went to bed.
  • Friday, April 20: Gerard Baden-Clay reported her missing at 7:15am.  Family cars are impounded and a possible crime scene established.
  • Saturday, April 21: Detectives interview his mistress Toni Cheri McHugh for the first of a total of five statements.
  • Sunday, April 22: Gerard Baden-Clay crashes a borrowed car into a bus terminal at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.
  • Monday, April 30: Police reveal a body has been found under the Kholo Creek bridge, 14kms from the Baden-Clay family home.
  • Police ask for public to come forward with information about the movements of the Baden-Clays’ cars – a white Toyota Prado and a silver Holden Captiva – between 8pm on Thursday, April 19, and 6am on Friday, April 20.
  • Tuesday, May 1: Police confirm the body discovered is that of Allison Baden-Clay.
  • Friday, May 11: Allison Baden-Clay’s funeral is held in Ipswich
  • Friday, June 2: Police interview another female of interest of Gerard Baden-Clay in Sydney
  • Wednesday, June 13: Gerard Baden-Clay is charged with his wife’s murder and improperly interfering with her body.
  • Thursday, June 14: Gerard Baden-Clay faces court for the first time. He is remanded in custody and taken to Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre at Wacol. His lawyers lodge an application for bail on behalf of their client in the Supreme Court.
  • Friday, June 22: First application for bail is refused.
  • Friday, December 14: Second application for bail is refused.
  • Monday, March 11, 2013: Committal hearing commences in Brisbane.
  • Wednesday, March 20: Gerard Baden-Clay is committed to stand trial for the murder and disposal of the body of his wife, Allison-Baden Clay.
  • Trial date has not yet been set.

And so to a forensic astrology enquiry; we jump in boots and all, by creating a number of bi-wheels of all adult persons who might be considered persons of interest, despite their alibi or claim of innocence.

Let’s start with, apart from his wife and victim of this crime, the females in the life of the man committed for trial, Gerard Baden-Clay: his mother, his sister and his lover.

All three have their part to play in the karmic event of this murder and carry the responsibility for the aftermath within their psyche, whether they like it or not.  It’s how their characters stack up, which are of consequence and interest to a forensic astrologer.

Has it developed their character or been to their detriment?

The inner wheel is the timed event, determined in an earlier enquiry as being highly significant in the murder and/or disposal of the body of Allison Baden-Clay. It is a snapshot of the heavens at that time on the night of 19th April 2012; a snapshot of the planetary orbits against the backdrop of the astrological zodiac.

Each of the outer wheels of the bi-wheel is a snapshot in time of the birth dates of the relevant persons of interest.  The following is classic astrological interpretation.

GBC-tri-womenclick on image for full size

His Mother:

  • Her Sun (orange) is at the lowest point in the bi-wheel; we can suggest that this is the lowest point of her year, her annus horribilus.
  • Natal Mercury (yellow), her voice is inflated by transiting Jupiter (green).  Her opinion would have been heard within her family.  She has had a lot to say about this crime and probably continues to do so. When we get to unravel the mobile phone logs this will become evident.
  • Natal Jupiter (green in the outer wheel) is in quindecile aspect by the planet Neptune (turquoise in the inner wheel) in the heavens.  The subterfuge/cover-up is obsessively adhered to.

Note also, that these planets are in the 1st and 7th houses – this indicates that it’s the relationship that is at stake, both personal and public. It would appear that image is everything to this woman.

  • Natal Neptune (turquoise in the outer wheel) is exact by mirror position of Mercury (yellow); planet of communication.  She would desperately not want word to get out. 

We note that Elaine Baden-Clay is not seen out and about much these days, she stays close to home.  That would be part of the ego protection process by the psyche. What isn’t mirrored (public opinion) can be denied.

His Sister:

  • Transiting Sun (orange) is exact conjunct her MC; at the cusp of the career house, this is how Olivia Walton nee Baden-Clay, will be in all likelihood remembered by the public.
  • Natal MC (red) is conjunct by the Sun in the heavens and at the lowest point in the bi-wheel: reinforcement of previous comment.
  • Lunar nodal axis of the event (red) is exact conjunct her natal Neptune (turquoise).  With natal Neptune in Sagittarius, her opinion has a strong leaning to justice.  

This starts to give us an idea of why Olivia Walton has made clumsy public outbursts  as to her brother’s innocence and her recent courting of the media.  Neptune is a fantasy element indicator; no-one is likely to believe her and Neptune at its worst presents as self-delusional behaviour.  Not a good look, Olivia.

Highlighted in yellow is more of the story as to her vocal input.

  • Transiting Mercury is opposite her Sun; this is her 15 minutes of fame.
  • Transiting Uranus (red – forensic planet portending sudden changes) is mirroring natal Pluto (red).  Her personal power base will in all likelihood collapse.  Psychological support for this woman will be needed.
  • The transiting Moon (blue) is also in this picture; highlighting the emotional content of the crime and aftermath.

Again a trial date will give us a better idea of her future psychological state.

His Mistress:

  • This person is answerable to the heavens with red forensic indicators everywhere.  The only one missing is her natal Pluto.  This is not an empowering situation for this woman.
  • Natal Sun (orange) is at the ascendant point. The Sun represents the ego and at the rising point the ego is the personality, the driver.  We can suggest that her ego is the trigger for this event.
  • With transiting Neptune (turquoise) creating tension with her natal Neptune, we have a mid-life crisis taking place in the 1st and 10th houses – her image as a career-woman is at stake

We need to ask what is Toni McHugh’s career-goal?  Is it wife and mother?  I don’t think so.  Her sons are learning by a poor example here.

  • The Moon (highlighted in blue) by transit is mirroring her Uranus; mood swings extraordinaire are taking place.
  • Jupiter (green) transits exact her natal planet Saturn; she has an inflated sense of authority.

(Note: even though Saturn is a forensic planet, on this occasion, I have interpreted the transit in the classical manner as it is an on-going influence adding to the overall picture of her characterisation.)

  • Transiting Venus (representing the feminine and highlighted in pink) is conjunct Toni McHugh’s natal Moon; she is in emotional need of being loved as THE woman in her man’s life (5th house).
  • Transit Mars (red) is exact by square to her planet Jupiter (green); again she is over-inflated in her push for action.
  • Saturn (red forensic planet) is transit exact square to her planet Mercury (12th house); this woman is highly authoritarian in her thinking.
  • Natal Mars (red forensic indicator again) is exact by conjunction to the Lunar nodal axis.  We can suggest that she is the activator of this traumatic event.

Comment:   If I were to make a suggestion from the indicators of this bi-wheel, this woman is at risk of being made a scapegoat for the murder, in order to deflect blame from the accused. I would make particular note of where in the list of witnesses at the trial of her lover, she takes the stand. 

Either way, it would be a gamble, depending on her mental state at the time.  If early, then she could be ‘dropped in it’ by the defense.  If late, the prosecution may be relying on her breaking down under cross-examination and possibly fail.

This woman is highly driven by fantasy (natal Mars-Jupiter-Neptune) and will make an unreliable witness for either the defense or the prosecution. Once we have a trial date, we can explore this further.

I think you will agree with me that both Jupiter and the Lunar nodal axis are running true to form, are they not…

Next cab off the rank, are the male persons of interest – the meter is ticking on Pt 2.