Snowy Turner

Work in progress – anything on this page can be and will be changed according to further information coming to light that may change the circumstances of this disappearance..

Born Snowy Velten, this young girl has just turned seventeen. She has left her sweet sixteen behind and disappeared from her grandmother’s life; and home. We are in  East Texas for our forensic astrology enquiry.

Born 8th November 1997, Snowy disappeared on 16 November 2014, ostensibly leaving a note that she was leaving, yet took no personal effects, nor her vehicle and left no explanation.  We are not aware of the time that she left and the fact that her vehicle was left could possibly be because it is not fully paid-for, or registered in someone else’s name.  Nonetheless we can generate a general enquiry using the tools of forensic astrology.

event-SnowyTurnerclick on chart for full size

We have an angle, however we cannot use it as we DO NOT have an event time.  We use noon for our enquiry in order to achieve a mid-range Moon placement.

We have been advised that transiting asteroids include Black Moon Lilith at 28°Leo conjunct the fixed star Regulus – high spirits and independence are highlighted as being risky.

  • tr asteroid Ceres at 8°Sagittarius is conjunct the midpoint of natal Sun/Mars – confidence/overconfidence that she can look after herself.
  • tr Sun conjunct Saturn in the heavens – illuminates ambition   PLUS
  • the same aspect is also the midpoint of natal Sun/Pluto and we all know that when Pluto and the Sun get together we have ‘a blanket over a hand-grenade’; someone who can ‘go off’ at any time. Snowy is likely influenced by this Sun-Saturn transit that let to her ‘having words/gone off’ ambitiously with someone.   PLUS
  • Sun-Saturn transit is conjunct Snowy’s natal asteroid Moira (the fates) – highlighting her ambition as being ‘follow her star’; fated to go now. PLUS
  • Sun-Saturn transit square natal mid-range Moon – ditto ditto ditto…
  • tr Venus (pink) square natal mid-range Moon (blue) – money/lack of and personal needs are in tension
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Pluto – deluded into embarking on a creative enterprise
  • tr Moon conjunct Lunar nodal axis – an emotional departure out into the world; possibly traumatic.
  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Saturn Rx this is a very troubling aspect in forensic astrology.  If we remain positive then it can be interpreted as a jolt to consider freedom and separation from home.

18th December 2014 update: She’s safe. 

snowy turner-safe

I would suggest that once Neptune moves on in the heavens, she will reconnect with family.  All is not lost.


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