Sierra LaMar discussion

This case has been written up as per links above, however for those interested in the astrology research, read on:

  • Sierra LaMar born October 19, 1996, Fremont, California, USA.  12:00:00PM/Midday has been used to generate her natal chart until a time is rectified.
  • Last sighted on her way to a bus stop in Morgan Hill, CA – 7:15 am on March 16, 2012
  •  Antolin Garcia, abductor.  He was born March 30, 1991, San Martin, California.  Again no birth-time known – Noon chart has been generated.

Note: click on charts for full size

test-Event-LamarChart 1 is a bi-wheel generated from the perspective of the event (the inner wheel) and the outer wheel is the natal chart for the victim, Sierra Lamar (see method)

  • The event ascendant is 24 degrees Pisces 36″
  • The event descendant is 24 degrees Virgo 36″
  • The event MC is 26 degrees Sagittarius 57″
  • The event IC is 26 degrees Gemini 57″


test-Event-GarciaChart 2 is a bi-wheel generated from the perspective of the event (the inner wheel) and the outer wheel is the natal chart for the abductor, Antolin Garcia.

This chart reveals an opportunistic abduction rather than pre-meditated.

The same angles as per the first bi-wheel.



The following chart reveals considerably more about the abduction – it appears to be karmic.

test-Garcia-LamarChart 3 is a bi-wheel generated from the perspective of the abductor (the inner wheel) and the victim (the outer wheel).

Note: the houses and angles cannot be taken into consideration with this bi-wheel as both charts are generated from noon time charts. 

What is of interest to us as astrologers are the planetary tensions between these two persons.



click on image for full size

  • A: Home address for Antolin Garcia
  • B: Home address for Sierra LaMar
  • C: recovered cell-phone
  • D: recovered backpack



  • The red line is a locator angle I have produced from forensic indicators of the bi-wheels at 7:11am.
  • Superimpose this angle over a larger map if need be, with north at the top and see what might lie on the red line.

If we were to produce the locator lines from a 7:15am event, as some would prefer, then the angle differs little over a short distance.  The following map shows the difference.

Note: Red line = 7:11am event and Turquoise line = 7:15am event


Note: If we use ‘The Serbians’ method to identify the terrain where the body lies, indications are that Sierra’s remains are in a wooded area not in water.

When I mention wooded, this does not mean dense forest necessary – trees in close proximity of each other is enough.    

Refer to the inner wheel of the event: Ruler of the 8th house, Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn.

What does Capricorn represent?

  • Tradition, exclusive clubs, institutions
  • Physical body, the knees; the bones > ruins, cemetery, churchyards – old ruins perhaps?  An old farm? 

2 thoughts on “Sierra LaMar discussion”

  1. I will change these charts to an event time of 7:11am as that is the time of a text message sent by Sierra from her phone. Not that the text message indicated anything untoward, but I suggest that it is the trigger for the unfolding of events.
    1. Note that it it brings the ascendant to the dreaded 22 degrees and
    2. It will give us a more exacting locator angle for when we turn to locating her remains.

  2. The red locator line intersects the Hill Country Golf and Country Club Foothills Rd and Maple Avenue, San Martin – the fence line is Mediterranean Cypress pine trees (Taurus) the golf course is called “Institute Golf Course”. (Capricorn)

    What is the history of this land?

    Perhaps the dogs might be called in to check this venue, before we extend our search?


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