A Serbian delivery

In order to view the possibility of a live baby being stolen at the time of delivery, we can use astrology profiling and classic interpretations of tension in astrology charts to investigate any tension in the mother’s chart that would indicate a criminal act by others.

  • Incident: A hospital birth ~8pm, 16th March 1970
  • Location: Pancevo, Serbia-Montenegro (Yugoslavia)
  • Mother: born 13th June 1949 – Kumanovo, Macedonia

pancevoThe method we use is to generate two charts, snapshots in time and put them together in what is called a bi-wheel.

When we interpret the asteroids we use the Greco-Roman mythology system as that is what was used for the naming many of the asteroids by astronomers.

A natal chart is a freeze-frame in time of planetary positions in the heavens on the date of someone’s birth.  As we are not aware of the time of birth of the mother, we use noon for our calculations in order to maintain a mid-range Moon position.  This will not affect our enquiry as we view her nature through the lens of the birth.

As for ethical considerations, if a delivery is of a still-born child, it is considered as not yet alive i.e. taken breath. As such we cannot expect to see death indicators, if a still-birth is the determined outcome.

Asteroids included in our enquiry:

  • Ceres#1 – goddess of the harvest; seeds of doubt
  • Chiron#2060 – psychological indicator of wounds we carry with us
  • Dejaniera#157 – abduction
  • Eris#136199 – trouble and strife
  • Ixion#28978 – a second chance, forgiveness
  • Juno#3 – a partner/male
  • Lie#26955 – lies
  • Moirea#638 – the fates
  • Mony#7782 – money
  • Nessus#7066 – betrayed trust
  • Pallas#2 – inner warrior
  • Pholus#5145 – regrettable events
  • Swindle#8690 – theft involving money
  • Vesta#4 – confined space (womb)

Please note that astrology is a pseudo-science; is not recognised by the courts in western society.  We seek out potential weaknesses created by transiting aspects as well as in the natal horoscope of characters.  This is not analysis of a horoscope; we seek weaknesses not strengths, or attributes of people.  That said, we begin.

delivery-astroclick on chart for full size

This Astrodienst chart is a snapshot of the heavens at 8pm over Pancevo on 16th March 1970.  This time could be considered to being as close to relevance as we could expect; the asteroid Child 19:27°Aries is at the descendant (departure).

An astrologer reading this chart for a mother whom has lost her child at such a birth-time (whether by still-birth, or theft) would indicate that there will likely be other opportunities for children as Ixion 4:38°Scorpio is conjunct Jupiter 5:01°Scorpio in the 1st house

The realms of possibility/houses of the chart:

Other weaknesses in the heavens are identified, before we bring the mother into the picture.  Note: The following will ALL require tension between charts and planets in order to have significant meaning in relation to our enquiry.  Do not jump to conclusions.

  • Planet Neptune is in the 2nd house; relates to self-worth, plus at 0:50°Sagittarius – opinion will affect self worth of the mother if there is any tension to this planet.
  • Mony is in the 3rd house 19:59°Capricorn. Again as the cusp of this house is Sagittarius – opinion will play a large part in any discussion in relation to money changing hands. 
  • 4th house; the home/heart contains Pallas 23° nudging Swindle 25:56°Aguarius – a sense of suspicion in relation to a swindle is possible.
  • Pholus 29:09°Aquarius is also in the 4th house close, but not enough to create full tension, to opposing Pluto – this could create regrets into not having a home delivery.

The 5th house relates to one’s children, friends and loving support.  Anything in the 5th house can be offered as a loving act and not necessarily factual. It’s a place of compassion – particularly so when we see Pluto (God of the Underworld) holding up the mirror in reflection.

  • 5th house asteroid Lie at 5:44°Pisces remains unaspected, while Juno 8:11° conjunct Dejaniera 9:57° leaves room for a suspicion (of abduction) by friends/family – Lunar north node is in conjunction at 11:46°
  • Also in the 5th house 19:20°Pisces Mercury (communication) conjunct 19:50°Ceres seeds of doubt sown. 
  • Sun nudging a square Moon aspect – possibly revealing an an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Lastly but not least in the 5th house is the 25:47°Sun (date on the calendar) – an anniversary will not be forgotten.
  • 6th house in a situation such as this would represent either health or moral/ethical considerations.  None of the planetary positions are in direct tension with each other however Chiron 5:40°Aries is opposite Moirea in the 11th house – revealing the open wounds associated with an Aries Chiron .

Chiron in Aries affects the sense of self. Chiron in this sign  indicates a voyage of self-discovery.  As Chiron deals with healing, so a need to deal with an actual physical injury or a psychological wound that requires introspection of a person’s self-worth.

  • Venus 8:10°Aries is opposite Uranus in the 12th; unsettled mind… while Eris provides the trouble and strife to everything in this house.
  • 7th house Mars EXACT Saturn opposite Jupiter in 1st house – did circumstances mean that a choice needed to be made by hospital staff to save the life of mother, or child but not both?
  • 13:03°Gemini Nessus in 8th house (house cusp Taurus – endings/transformation of betrayed trust in other people’s financial dealings.
  • Moon16:51°Cancer 9th house of higher learning – higher lessons to be learned rather than emotive reactions.
  • 10th house at a public venue; Vesta 11:35Leo EXACT Black-Moon Lilith 11:05Leo – possible loss in the womb/during birth, due to a heart issue/blood loss.
  • Pluto 26:04°Virgo in the 11th house opposite the transiting Pisces Sun – indicative of unexpected outbursts of raw, unsubstantiated emotion possible.
  • 12th house is a confined place, eg the mind and contains 6:03°Libra – Moirea (the fates) conjunct Uranus 7:14°Libra.  An unsettling of mental faculties; fated.

We can bring in to bi-wheels (method) at this point now that we are familiar with the realm of possibilities and reveal what tension may be affecting these possibilities to give us a result.  Inner wheel is the same as above with the outer wheel added; the natal horoscope of mother with a mid-range Moon as birth time is unknown.

midpoints-SerbiaMidpoint subtleties:

  • transiting  Sun/Neptune= natal mid-range Moon – gynaecological concerns.
  • tr Mercury/Neptune=mid-range natal Moon – allowing oneself to be deceived.
  • tr Sun/Neptune= IC – a degree of post-natal depression; need to get out of the house
  • tr Jupiter/Uranus- Ascendant – knowing the best will come of this sad event
  • tr Venus/Mars=descendant (opposite ascendant) – turning to partner for love and support

The delivery and mother

The ascendant and descendant are highlighted in red. This horizon line is rather ironic as in Nikolay’s Serbian astrology method – 22 degrees is the kill or be killed when we are dealing with a possible murder in crime. Again we are reminded of a possible gynecological situation, where a decision had to be made by hospital staff (see above).

birthPancevo-mother-duoFirst chart: We have also highlighted the cusp of the 11th house where self-control (restraint) is needed by the mother in relation to receiving support; albeit well-meaning support from others in relation to the loss of this baby.

  • transiting 2nd house Neptune (turquoise) square natal Saturn (red) cusp 11th house – this aspect supports the previous interpretation.  The veil of mystery i.e. well-meaning subterfuge is utilised in order to raise the self-worth of the mother.
  • transit Uranus in 12th house square natal Venus – seeking a higher meaning for the loss intensifies the emotions plus likely ascerbated by the inability to experience bonding.  The love is trapped in the mind unable to be projected to the baby.
  • transit Venus square natal Venus – a moral and ethical dilemma; looking for resolution.

Second chart: I expect that it will be what cosmic bodies are lacking in tension will hold as much weight in this enquiry, as that which are under tension.  We can see that the tension is related, as we would expect to 5th house (all the mother’s children); 6th house (physical health of mother, ethics and morals).

Firstly what’s not under tension with mother:

  • transiting asteroid Swindle (stolen) in 5th house remains unaspected
  • transiting asteroid Lie (lies) in 6th house remains unaspected

5th house: transiting Sun (blue) has a wide orbit to (red) asteroid Dejaniera (abduction) – this has been considered to some degree by the mother, however the tension is not intense by any means, nor enough to support the idea of abduction.

6th house: transiting Chiron (blue) see quotation above; conjunct natal Black Moon Lilith (mother’s weak point) and asteroid Eris (trouble and strife) around all jumbled up together 5:40°Chiron – 6:27°natal BML – natal Eris 7:25°Eris.  This is all revealing as to the mother’s sense of self-worth in the realm of possibility of feeling guilty in relation to not delivering a healthy baby.


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