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arabicpartsastrologerIf we consider the belief system – ‘that we draw lots for the type of life we shall live, before we are born’ as described in Plato’s “Myth of Er”, then the astrology system of Arabic Parts is highly relevant to astrology interpretation. This method of interpretation was used extensively in astrology in less recent times.

Finding the Arabic Parts in a chart requires mathematical computation far beyond this little black duck’s abilities. I rely on computer software for the measurement.

As contemporary astrologers, we almost always need a timed birth in order to use the Arabic Parts in a criminal enquiry.  Having a birth time of a character is rare, however all is not lost.  This provides us with the opportunity to use the method of viewing the natal horoscope through the transiting Arabic Parts at the time of an indicent/event in order to note if there is an emotive reaction by the participants in our enquiry.

Let me explain by sharing a recent case example – the challenge we were facing with this case relates to the planet Saturn.

The Family Law Court had made a ruling that the father have custody of his 7 year-old children, with the mother having supervised access. The mother agreed to this ruling at the time, however she then abducted the children at a later date without authority or notification to anyone.

A year later, we were asked to check the astrology; as to whether there appeared to be anything more sinister in the abduction, than a custody dispute.

Note: This age in a child’s development (7-11) in psychological terms, is the beginning of the concreting of the mind; setting their reasoning skills for the rest of their lives and is based on real and concrete experiences rather than on abstractions. By the age of seven the child begins to process the authoritative figure of Saturn; i.e. Saturn in the role of self-control.

We know that these particular children were born with Saturn Rx – lacking a male mentor in their early childhood development; likely with a blurring of boundaries between the role of the sexes. Saturn, as part of that role represents the father in the child’s horoscope. Plus when we are working with crime, Saturn is symbolic of the grim reaper; Father Time – i.e. harvesting of a life.  The quandary was as to which symbolic Saturn was in what symbolic tension. Fraught with danger of mis-interpretation.

Saturn can get rather complicated in such a situation and so we can turn to the Arabic Parts for clarity. It may appear dramatic to the uninitiated, however allow me to walk the path of interpretation. Rather than interact with the young mind, we use the chart of the abductor; the mother.

  • transiting Saturn Rx at the time of the abduction in the 7th house is 22°Scorpio and if that’s not scary enough, the Arabic Parts that are conjunct Saturn in this incident/event are – 24°Scorpio – ‘Death’ (ASC+8th-Moon) and 22°Scorpio – ‘Destruction’ (ASC+Mars-Sun) – PLUS
  • transiting Moon is conjunct the Arabic Part ‘Peril’ (ASC+8th-Saturn) at 7°Gemini in the 1st house.

Rather than jump to conclusions, we need to use our reasoning abilities and look to the Arabic parts as being symbolic. Starting with ‘Death’, apart from the literal meaning, in astrology terms death can also mean that there is no going back, transformation of a situation etc.  So which house/arena of the chart is Saturn located?


The planet is transiting the 7th house; the marriage. So we interpret ‘Death’ as the death of the marriage – there will be no reconciliation. ‘Destruction’ equally interprets as the marriage is destroyed by this action. There is no hope of reconciliation.

click on charts for full size

As for the Arabic part of ‘Peril’ conjunct the transiting Moon (blue) in the 1st house… We know that the 1st house is the opposite house to the 7th so we have the perilous affects relating to the individual whom broke the court ruling. The child’s mother is now a fugitive of the law and in a perilous situation.

If we take this one step further, the cusp of the 7th house is Scorpio; Pluto is the ruler. So any interpretation of the Arabic parts and transiting Saturn can be fleshed out as involving a personal perception of what power means to that person.

This chart is a bi-wheel (method) with the inner chart as above and the added wheel on the outside – a snapshot of the planetary positions on the date that the abductor was born (noon used for a mid-range natal Moon).

event-abductorWhen we turn to the natal horoscope of the abductor, we note that the midpoint of Death-Destruction-Saturn together with transiting yellow Mercury (child) = natal Lunar north node. The family unit is irretrievable.

Not only that, it does suggest that a separation of mother and child will not be considered favourably.  Plus by being in the 9th house, there is the suggestion of the desire to leave the country. That may be rather difficult, as a spouse needs to approve such a move.

When we follow the Arabic part of ‘Peril’; transiting Moon, we note that the abductor has natal asteroid Phaeton#3200 (take my word for this) in conjunction to the Moon plus of course, in the 1st house. We know that the child’s mother abandoned her car locally.  So what means of transport did she use?

Note: What is absent in a chart is as revealing as the tension.

If you haven’t noticed already, the 4th house (home and heart) and 5th (children and giving of love) are devoid of transiting planets. This abduction is not about the children; the victims of the abduction. This crime is about a failed marriage rather than the children’s welfare; despite what the abductor pleads. Love doesn’t come into the equation on this occasion.

event-childWhen we check the twins’ horoscope, fortunately transiting Saturn and the Arabic Parts of Death and Destruction are not under direct tension – unless we widen our orbs to include natal Neptune (turquoise) and Saturn; i.e. the subterfuge and control of the abduction.

What is more troubling is the transiting Moon together with the mother’s choice of vehicle to transport her child creates a ‘Perilous’ obsessive emotive reaction in the children.  What was the method of transport that would create this level of reaction?

To date there has been no resolution.


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