Leo and his pride

With Leo as the constellation of stars on the horizon at the time of Gerard Baden-Clay’s birth, his personality was set. The ascendant of his horoscope wheel is 17degrees Leo.  The Sun is the ruler of the zodiac sign of Leo and so the well known traits were there all ready for him to tuck into his old kit bag – a sunny disposition; an upturned round-ish face reflecting the Sun; a mane of golden hair (going bald just would not do for a Leo);  his little chest puffed out with pride. How could it all go wrong?

Lions and Pride, that’s what went wrong.  Leo personalities live with the ‘pride’ image up on the wall. Some discard it all as a lot of old cods wallop; a load of rot. Others have it drilled into them, especially if they have overly-proud parents as their nurturers.

In my opinion, British colonialism has a lot to answer for in this regard…  Pride was exploited to the ‘enth degree. Do I need to make a list of the exploitation of the lion in symbolism? I doubt it.

Maintaining a pride of lionesses – a wife and three daughters could have fulfilled that dream for Gerard Baden-Clay. Was he excessively proud?  Probably.  Spending the first ten years of his life in Africa does not make him a lion. The accused equates himself with the lion a bit too much, me thinks.

Pride and curses and revenge fill many a mythological story of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Let me share Homer’s story about when the Sun became enthralled by Venus, but before I do, a little background:

The planet Venus is that first bright star we see in the sky every evening and also the last star we see before the Sun rises.  We call them the Evening Star and the Morning Star, however in reality both stars are the planet, Venus.

The story is relevant to our purposes here, as the personality of Gerard Baden-Clay is bound up with the Leonine Sun; Venus is his Achilles heel and the planet Mars in the heavens on the night of 19 April, 2012 was in exact alignment by conjunction to his natal Mars.

Mars will be the subject of my next post, but for now though, we have the lion by the tail and there is no way I am going to let go.  And so to the other tale:

As the morning and evening star, Venus was most likely the first and last thing the Sun saw before retiring for the night so who could blame him (the Sun) for blurring the separation at nightfall, taking the vision of Venus with him into his dreams.

The Sun often rose too soon and Venus would have slipped away, sometimes he rose too late to catch sight of her and often he sank beneath the ocean at the end of the day, lingering to look upon her beauty.  The Sun became enthralled by Venus.

One morning as two lovers dallied as they tend to do, the Sun caught sight of their embrace. Revealed, the object of his love Venus, was entwined with Mars, the God of War. Pride raised the hackles on the back of his neck. His mane bristled. The Sun was not going to put up with this – Venus was… a married woman!

We are not told of the affairs of Venus in the modern era, however she was married to the god, Vulcan. We know of Vulcan as the Roman God of Fire (think volcanoes and black-smiths).

The Sun had loved the married Venus from afar, as a gentleman would, whereas Mars had seduced his Venus under the cover of darkness, a cowardly act in the Sun’s eyes. Curses simmered under his fiery breath. His chest puffed out with pride. He became indignant.

Seething with jealousy, the Sun contrived to betray his rival by sending word to the husband of Venus of the affair. Her husband, Vulcan flushed with rage when he heard the news and planned a way to ensnare the lovers.

Vulcan heaved his great anvil into its place, and began to forge a chain mesh with the skill of his blacksmith’s hands. A mesh so fine that not even a god would be aware of its presence.  Vulcan had not wasted his time at Arachne’s feet where he had learned the skill of the weaver.  With the fine net woven and set up to respond to the lightest touch, the slightest movement, Vulcan secured the mesh over the marriage bed. He set his snare.

Casually announcing that he had been called away to Lemnos, Vulcan left his palace only to return by a side door. Venus, in her lust, hastened to send word to her lover, Mars that an opportunity was theirs for a further tryst.  Mars threw caution to the wind and rushed to her embrace.

As the lovers entwined on the marriage bed, the trap was sprung, hauling them both into the air.  Enmeshed Venus and Mars’ coupling was exposed, thus making a fine tale and much merriment for the Olympian theatre.

Venus did not forgive the Sun for exposing her, causing him much unhappiness in the domain of love.

‘Tis not a good idea to mess with the affairs of Venus.

What has all this got to do with Gerard Baden-Clay?  On 19 April, 2012 the Sun in the sky was conjunct his M.C, the mid-heaven of the accused’s birth wheel; directly opposite to his Venus and in hard square aspect to transiting Mars as he rushes headlong towards his fate.

Venus + Scorpio = Sex

Did I say the ‘S’ word?  I sure did.   We’re talking Venus today. The gorgeous sexy, feminine Venus and she’s loaded as well.

In Gerard Baden-Clay we have an individual with a very busy mind and a dreamer as revealed by his Sun/Moon combo and Mercury.  Now we know what’s on his mind – sexual fantasy. Well I guess he’s in the right place, at the right time, right now – in a correctional facility where engaging in sex is just that – a fantasy.

A lot of people think ‘sex’ whenever Scorpio is mentioned, however Scorpio is no more sexy than any other sign in the zodiac.  Scorpio is about secrets, the hidden side of things and put together with Venus we, with our naughty minds, think sex.  Well Venus in Scorpio is about sex, however it’s also about money and when we put sex, money and power together, we have what drives most of the western world, does it not.

Are we surprised that sex is a motivator for the accused? I don’t think so.  Mainstream media has reported that apart from his very own Venus at home, Gerard Baden-Clay has had a regular mistress for some four years, plus at least three other affairs in recent times.

What is of interest astrologically in his birth wheel, is that Venus is conjunct Imum Coeli – ‘bottom of the sky’ and the lowest point of the wheel. The opposition aspect also comes into play automatically as a result – Medium Coeli (top of the chart/high noon).  Apart from these auspicious angles, Venus is in conjunction aspect with Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

The Imum Coeli is said to refer to our roots and also to the least conscious part of ourselves, our shadow. It symbolises foundations, the need for security and relationships with the home and family life.

The ultimate natural sign for this position in a horoscope wheel is Cancer, another water sign. Thinking in terms of water signs, Cancer is represented by a river –  ‘go with the flow’ is the catch cry for this sign, whereas Scorpio is a pond which, unless it is attended to, risks becoming ‘stagnant.’

An individual with Scorpio at their I.C. has some work to do in their lives, to clean their pond regularly.  Now if ‘housework/cleaning out the pond’ is not your idea of a good time; you are lazy, or believe someone else should be doing all the work, then this is a challenge.  Having the gorgeous Venus in your pond, you’d think would keep your focus, your mind on the job.  She represents money and love – the two things someone incarcerated would lack the most.

Scorpio can be a millpond with lots of activity going on under the surface or if the water becomes polluted or toxic, look out.  This is Gerard Baden-Clay’s shadow.

With Jupiter next door to Venus, there’s a lot going on about sexual prowess, obsession with size (Jupiter is the largest planet) justification for his actions (not getting what he wants and ‘deserves’ at home) and just plain bored with ‘steak and chips’.  If you told me an individual with all this going on was ‘into bondage’ I would not be in the least bit surprised. He probably tells himself marriage is a form of bondage and staying at home cramps his style/self image.

This individual has strayed from all that Venus at I.C. represents – security, love and money.  In another person’s horoscope with this particular combination, the shadow would remain in the realm of fantasy, but not Gerard Baden-Clay.

His mirror, his opposition aspect is up there in the mid-heaven (medium coeli). It beckons. This is how he sees himself, his social status, his career. These are the natural traits of the Med.Coeli and the cusp of the tenth house – 180 degrees from the I.C.

Taurus, the natural home for Venus (shared with Libra), is at his M.C, his mid-heaven. He denies his shadow Venus at the I.C. and looks heavenwards to where he believes Venus lives – in the sunlight. He is delusional.  In a sense Venus has seduced him.  Taurus represents the materialistic side of Venus – love of beautiful things, wealth, of money, to be popular and successful.

This individual believes he IS the man in the mirror. He is in denial of his true Venus.  Image is everything, albeit a mirror image in this case.

How he came to think this way is a combination of nature and nurture – inherent traits (the planetary positions, karma etc) and his upbringing within the Baden-Clay family unit.

A little more on the Venus Jupiter conjunction reveals these two bound together in more ways than one.  With Venus representing money and Jupiter tending to be over-the-top. The credit cards would be charged ‘to the max’; this individual would live beyond his means and with Scorpio in the mix – be very secretive about his level of debt.

I haven’t even mentioned the fact, have I, that his motive for committing the crime, of which he is accused, might be money – Allison’s three life insurance policies amounting to close to one million dollars was up for grabs.

Have you ever been seduced into the fantasy of getting an easy million dollars?  Buy a lotto ticket…

The law of threes

Don’t you love it when something lines up!  There is much synchronicity in this case, which I look forward to posting.

Part of the reason why Gerard Baden-Clay was not released on bail was the fact (from mobile phone records) that he made a ‘face-time’ telephone call to his father’s mobile phone at 12.30am of the fateful night that Allison was murdered.

The accused very quickly scurried under the shelter of his legal team while his father Nigel Baden-Clay took to a ‘cone of silence’ well before the time of the bail application. As a result of this, I believe no statement has been made as to the detail of this phone call (as to who spoke to whom or the content of the conversation.)

I got to thinking why did the accused Gerard Baden-Clay’s father need to keep silent?

In order to explore this from my perspective, I generated a horoscope wheel of the date of the murder showing where the planets were in the heavens in real time and compared it with the birth wheel of  Nigel Baden-Clay (father of the accused).

Ignoring whether the time of night is correct or not, the planetary positions for the date will be in the same degrees of the same signs. Only the minutes of the Moon on that fateful night will differ.

A synchronicity became glaringly obvious to me, which relates to the timing of the above-mentioned phone call between father and son.

The Law of Threes (Triangulation method)

At the time of the face-time phone call, 12.30am on 20 April 2012, the Sun was at 29degrees Aries (see wheel)

Recipient of the phone call (father of the accused) Nigel Baden-Clay was born when the Moon was at 29degrees Aries (see birth wheel)

The solar progressed Sun (of Nigel Baden-Clay) at 19/20 April 2012 is 29degrees Aries. So how did I calculate this third synchronicity?

When I work with predictive astrology, I use a system called Solar Arc progressions where I add one degree for each year of an individual’s life since birth. Eg: Nigel Baden-Clay was born 10 February 1943 (69 years ago). At his birth the Sun was at 20degrees Aquarius – add 69 degrees and you get…… Allow me to do the math for you (there are 30 degrees in each sign) 20Aquarius to 20Pisces to 20Aries plus 9 = 29 degrees Aries (see more on Solar Arc progressions.)

Before you ask, “What does all this mean?”  My answer is a question in itself, “Is the probability of three cosmic bodies lining up at the same point, at one moment in time and in one individual’s life a coincidence?”

But there’s more. The accused, Gerard Baden-Clay also has a connection with 29degrees Aries, however we’ll save that for another post when we address his connection with the cosmos on the date of the crime

Note: Triangulation of data is an accepted methodology in science (see wiki).  The ‘Law of Threes’ is not scientific in origin.  Some say it is superstition.

For those who are superstitious, it may amuse you to know that my personal Sun is also at 29degrees, although not in Aries. Perhaps that is why I am on-the-case.

Allison, Sun/Moon combo

How does this read for the perfect wife and mother scenario?

Allison June Baden-Clay, wife and victim has a Sun/Moon combo of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo.

The common traits between these two signs of the zodiac, when in harmony, are conventionality, caution, and unpretentiousness. This particular blend focuses the emotional sensitivity of Cancer with the discrimination and practicality of Virgo. Having this combination, Allison would appeal to any young man who had not experienced these qualities in their life. She would have seemed to have such solid control on matters; expressing the ability to reason with particular emotional concern and caring.

She would have learned in her young life to show a smiling positive face to the world, to appear sure of herself. She would have managed her day-to day affairs with a cool, calm and practical head. Given the opportunity Allison would not have made decisions until she had a chance to reflect on any given situation and be certain that she made the right choice.

 Early on in her gentle upbringing, she may have been especially shy and prudent; seemingly unsure of herself. Her confidence would have increased as she matured because of an innate desire to absorb knowledge and master the details of all she turned her hand to.

The Moon in Virgo creates an individual who can rationalise and analyse things very well. This talent not withstanding, snap judgments and hunches could often miss the mark if they were taken without consideration of the consequences. Given time to put her thoughts and ideas into practice, Allison would have been especially skilled at sensing the needs of other people.

Having a natural inclination to serving the needs of the public, she would have handled any position of authority well. Her ease with authority meant that she also liaised well with those senior to her.  She no doubt had great respect for principles, codes, laws and traditions of the land.

She will, without a doubt, trust that the law will not to be an ass on this occasion.