Peer group behaviour

In astrology terms, interpretation of peer group behaviour involves the planet Venus together with the astrology axis of 5-11 houses. The planet Venus is always considered to be about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with others. Venus concerns itself with love and harmony in emotional attachments with others. It is therefore the natural planet for identity … More Peer group behaviour


The Greco-Roman myth of Narcissus ends with a postscript following his suicide. The pond is asked if it misses the beauty of Narcissus. It replies that it hadn’t noticed his beauty, as it was busy admiring the pond’s own reflection in his eyes. Focusing on what is right in front of you, is probably the … More Narcissus

Noah Brandon Davis Pt.1

At 11am, 15 August 2014 a Missing Person Report was filed in Ringgold, Georgia. Later that day, Joshua DeWayne Wright made a statement to law enforcement as to what he knew of the disappearance of his sibling; step-brother Noah Brandon Davis. As I write this post, Noah Davis has still not called home, and so … More Noah Brandon Davis Pt.1

Maelys de Araujo

Police sniffer dogs fell ill, after examining the car belonging to Nordahl Lelandais. He had reportedly used a strong detergent to clean it, the day after Maëlys de Araujo disappeared in La Pont de Beauvoison, France.  Now that is something an ex-military dog-handler would do, if he had transported a body in his vehicle and didn’t … More Maelys de Araujo